Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cincy/Syracuse Post Game Press Conferences Courtesy Of

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Arthur Jones

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Greg Paulus

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Doug Marrone

And the winner of the best costume for the game (besides that of Orange 44 bloggers Brian Harrison and John Brennan dressed as refs), is this guy:
M&M costume on the SU Quad

Cincy/Syracuse Citrus TV Orange Press Pass Game Analysis

Cuse Countdown Talks Today's Syracuse/Cincinnati Game

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Syracuse Basketball Is Back And Here Are The Videos To Prove It

2009 Syracuse University men's basketball's freshmen class

Coach Quentin Hillsman at Media Day

2009 Syracuse University men's basketball Media Day

Syracuse Basketball Midnight Madness 2009

Syracuse University men's basketball 2009: First practice

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Citrus Videos and Some Kenny To Help You Manage Your Bye Week Blues

I found some Syracuse videos to enjoy while surfing so if you wanted more West Virginia game fallout, I got your fix courtesy of Citrus TV and Kenny's Two Pennies. And if you are not a fan of Kenny, you have no sense of entertainment value in your soul and may in fact be soulless altogether.

And if you are a Syracuse student and hungry (even though I did not hear Tully's mentioned), here are some popular ideas courtesy of Citrus TV.

Finally....The B.O.B Junk Drawer Has Come Back To The Internet

I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I am trying to adjust to the school schedule and continue to find a job while also balance the personal life so it gets hectic at times.

I would also like to apologize in advance if some of the links are expired. I have saved some of these for a couple weeks now but just not found the time to post them so some of the contests may be expired but I would double check them because some of these prizes are well worth the time.

NASCAR on ESPN Pick 12 Challenge


ESPN Fantasy Salary Cap


TBS - Hass Avocado "The Big Hit" Sweepstakes

Ford Monsters On Mainstreet Sweepstakes - Enter to Win

Febreze® - The Freshest Game Day Ever Sweepstakes

Bring The Bus Home

2012 Escape Sweepstakes - Official Site of the National Football League

Wiley X HVP Sweepstakes

Mitchell's Fish Market Derby Days Sweepstakes > Entry Form

Service Master Clean Racing Sweepstakes

TradeWinds Resort - Just Let Go Travel

Contests -

McDonalds Monopoly 2009

Here are a couple fun websites to check out also:

Move the Sticks

The Sport Hump...dry and harmless: Your tailgate wants to inappropriately touc

The Big Jab

If you are laid off and looking for a break, here is one example of some companies stepping up to help those of us who are hurting right now. I know K-Mart is not the player it has been in the past due to Wal-Mart's growth but for some, every little bit helps. So if you are working but know someone who is out of work and think could use it, pass this along to them.
Kmart's new recession play: Discounts for the unemployed -- DailyFinance

Funny clip of the week contains some cursing but honestly, it was the best part of watching Lethal Weapon 3 and finding it, I still had to laugh. It is somewhat old school when it talks about cell phones but still amusing and for some, probably still relevant.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Citrus TV's Orange Press Pass With Analysis of Syracuse/West Virginia

I will admit, I did watch the 2nd half of the game but again, I find it unfair to give a fair break down unless I am sitting down with a notebook and can watch the whole game. I think the folks at Citrus TV do a great job so here they are again giving their top notch analysis. Next week is a bye week so enjoy these as you probably will not get anything for a couple weeks. Also this week, courtesy of Peter Chen at, I give you clips of the press conferences. Trying to make this your one stop for all your Orange post game analysis on video.

Syracuse vs. West Virginia Football: Doug Marrone

Syracuse vs. West Virginia Football: Williams and Nassib

West Virginia Beats Syracuse 34-13 And Orange Fans Have Yet Another Bad Day

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Citrus TV Orange Press Pass Breaks Down SU/USF Game

For those who may not know, I live in NC and it is hard for me to see the game. Since my only access to the game is following along with it on Twitter, I think it is unfair for me to give my analysis of the game. Luckily for you though, the future sportscasters of America at Citrus TV do a great job and so I bring you their videos.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stop Leaving Games Early PSA

Syracuse Loses To South Florida 34-20 And My Post Game Thoughts

If You Leave Early In A Loss, Stay Away From The Wins

I am writing this today broken hearted not just because Syracuse is losing a game they could win if not for the turnovers but I am also pissed off at the fan base who I look at as part of my extended family for their actions in "support" of this team. We the Syracuse Orange bloggers, did a PSA the other day on fans doing the wave to support the team. I have heard discussion on how fans love to celebrate with the team in victory, singing with them in the end zone. How can some of these same people call themselves fans when the first site of a loss or bad game sends them running for the doors?

It is like a reflex for people that when times get tough, people split. However, when it's time to celebrate, everyone comes running and this has to stop. This is why fair-weather fans ruin sports because a true fan sticks with their team in good times and bad. You don't leave your wife when had a bad day, you support her and help her to see tomorrow will be better. The same loyalty should apply to your sports teams if you want to consider yourself a true fan. Hell, many times some of these so called "fans" leave with still plenty of time left on the clock and the score is not completely out of hand.

If you are one of these people, do us all a favor and stay the hell at your house next time Syracuse plays (or any team for that matter). We do not need fans like you in our stands representing the fan base. I would rather have a half empty Carrier Dome full of passionately devoted fans who will be loud when they need to and stay even during rough times to show this team some true support.

When you get up and walk out, you are not setting a good example. You are saying that you only like them when they win and screw you when you have a bad day. Yes, I know the past has made being a Syracuse fan rough to tolerate at times but there are signs of progress and fans need to stop looking more for signs of weakness. Stand up and be loud in support of the team. Encourage them to be better and sometimes they may just listen and be inspired by you instead of seeing you run out which will only add to the problem.

I understand the feeling of depression and sorrow following a loss, as any fan should and will do if they truly care enough. However, the sign of a good fan and a fan that the team would love supporting them is to be there even when they fail. This is when they need our encouragement the most and if that is too hard for you, please stay at home and be that person who only wears their Syracuse Orange gear when they win and we can all see through you. A real fan will celebrate with their team when they win and cry with them when they lose, not run for the doors to get to their car so they can be home a couple minutes sooner.

Anyway, I had to rant and if you don't like what I had to say, maybe you should be looking in the mirror and asking yourself why you are a fan of this team. Go support some front runner because things have a way of turning around and when this program does return to it's winning way, you will be the one who looks like a jackass for not supporting them all along.

Be Loud! Be Proud! In Good Times And Bad; True Fans Are The Best Fans To Have.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Syracuse Bloggers Take A Stand, We Will Not Tolerate The Wave

Thanks to Alexander O. for the great editing and Sean over at for putting this together. By the way, I learned a valuable lesson while taping this and that is, do not use cell phone cameras in a room with little light. Enjoy and pass it along because we must educate people on the dangers we face as a nation while the wave still exists.