Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Which Would You Choose, The Better Video Or The Better Song?

So I was researching some videos to possibly do a entry on fun songs that remind me of Syracuse games when I came across a dilemma. Did you know that there are actually two songs titled "Beerrun"? One is a country version with Garth Brooks and George Jones while the other is a comedy version I remembered from my days listening to Bob And Tom in the mornings. The problem is, though I like country music, the Brooks/Jones collaboration does nothing for me but I love the video that YouTube user "royboy1993" did for the song and most resembles my thinking but the other song is a lot better in my opinion with a lame video. Here are the two videos and tell me which do you think is better, the video of the country song or the song with the lame video? You decide.

Better Song, Lame Video:

Better Video, Least Entertaining Song: