Friday, January 30, 2009

The Scoop And Wes Show Returns

Thanks to Donna Ditota from , we have the latest edition of The Scoop and Wes Show. This weeks special guest is Jonny Flynn as the guys question him and he states that considers this team an Elite 8 team. We also see the guy breakdown the alley oop and answer some questions. The only thing more fun then this is tracking down Scoop's shirt update on TNIAAM.

The Scoop and Wes Show with Donna Ditota

Citrus TV Post Providence Game Show

This is the Orange Press Pass Providence edition for Citrus TV which I am starting to enjoy more in supporting. There is a problem with the audio at first but give it a minute or two and it picks up. Keep in mind, these are students who will be your future ESPN, Fox or whatever sports network is hiring so much like minor league sports, you can watch them now and say you remember them then. Hey, I still remember with clarity Mike Tirico on WTVH 5 back in the day, now if I can remember what my wife just told me 20 seconds ago, I would be all set.

Orange Press Pass: Providence - Jan. 28 | CitrusTV

Anyone Up For More SU Ultimate Fans? Come And Get It

Courtesy of, here are more fans for you to enjoy and share in the passion.

SU Ultimate Fan

SU Ultimate Fan

SU Ultimate Fan

And Ryan Miller with this bit of comedy courtesy of Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim:

Jim Boeheim's funny comment about Arinze Onuaku's injury - wrong hotel choice

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orange Basketball Free Falling?

Yes, last night was a bad lose to Providence 100-94 so what do we take from it? I pointed out 10 issues in my bleacher report article that I think face this team and many of those same questions remain. Was this a matter of a team who is suffering from fatigue and injuries so this is just a bad time for the team? Jonny Flynn definately did his part last night and you can;t really put any blame on Devo either or Rick Jackson who I think had a great game. Is this a case of the perfect storm for this team that can still be saved or to quote the great Tom Petty, are we just facing watching a talented team begin their "Free Falling"? If you want analysis, Axe is the man for this game right here . Let's hope it's not too late to turn it around but remember this, most times it is the team that is hot at the end of the season and not the beginning that wins it and even teams like Duke and UNC are struggling despite high expectations.

With the Super Bowl only days away, why not this performance from last years game? Enjoy some Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bleacher Report And I

After my interview with Jameson and more research, I decided to join the b/r team. My first post was a wrestling report which is why there is one listed below. My latest is 10 questions about the current Syracuse basketball season which you can find here . I am not proclaiming myself to be an expert but I love writing so I figured I would give it a try. I enjoyed writing this piece and look forward to doing more work in the future on their site. The only downfall, I used my actual name but it's OK, you can't be Orange Chuck all the time (or so my wife tells me).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Syracuse Lost To Louisville 67-57, What Now?

I was going to try and find a video this week instead of the normal links but the guys at 3 Idiots did it better and found an instructional video that on top of defense, the team may want to check out before they travel to Providence this week. Here is the Idiots response: .

I am choosing to find a bright light today and stay positive. The sad part is, to do that, I am actually looking towards the football team. Donnie Webb has confirmed here that the Orange have 4 recruits who have given verbal commitments and a couple more considering. These seem to be legit guys that other top schools were attempting to recruit and we won. This includes a 6'4 220 pound QB and CB Dale Peterman who had this quote and many more for Donnie, "It's where I felt the most comfortable at," Peterman said. "With the new coaching staff coming in, I'm really excited about things. I've got a good feeling they're going to turn thigns around." I higgly recommend checking out Donnie's work on as he proves why he is the top source for Syracuse football information. I can't help but feel optimistic about the upcoming football season now after seeing top websites talking about our recruits. I know some may object to them going after players with verbal commitments to other schools but to me, until it's signed, sealed and delivered, their fair game. Some of these guys, such as Peterman, were originally recruited by the current Syracuse staff so I can't see it being a far stretch to reach out to them and let them know what's going on. Then again, anything that looks like it might help us get more then 3 wins next season and turn things around, I am all for it. I am sick of being the joke and make no mistake about it, wearing my Orange during football season even in ACC country has people laughing. This is a good sign that the recruiting part is down and I just hope he can coach as good as he recruits because I would gladly settle for the lowest bowl game possible then what we have endured the last few years.

Update: Shortly after I posted this bulletin, Donnie has reported two more verbal commitments and a video package of them as well here .

And in case you needed a laugh after today, I found this quick clip which I can't help playing over and over again simply for the last few seconds. I am just not sure what is funnier, the first line or the last. Enjoy this bit of comedy and don't worry, I have faith we will turn this around in time for Providence.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flashback To 1986 With Me

I found this video and had to laugh for many reasons. One, I remember growing up watch Steve as a teen to keep up with the Orange. Two, I don't miss wearing those short shorts that my kids laugh at wondering what we wee thinking (we weren't, that was all we had). And last, seeing some of the guys from that 86-87 team together again bring a smile to my face of an era I enjoyed in Orange sports (but I don't miss the pimples and high school one bit). Thought maybe some of you would enjoy this as well.

Friday, January 23, 2009

1/22 TNA Impact Report

By Orange Chuck
Show Times: 9PM EST Thursday Nights on Spike, 9AM EST Saturday Mornings on Spike

Next TNA Pay Per View: Against All Odds Sunday 2/8 in Orlando

This week’s show starts off with a rundown of tonight’s card by Mike Tenay and Don West.

MATCH#1: 4 Way X-Division Championship Match- Sonjay Dutt (with SoCal Val at ringside), Sheik Abdul Bashir, Chris Sabin, and Champion Alex Shelley

Your referee is Shane Sewell as the match starts off with Sabin and Shelley exchanging chain wrestling maneuvers. Dutt and Bashir wait and attack while they are busy as it appears the strategy is to pair off and try to eliminate the tag team work of the MotorCity MachineGuns. Bashir and Dutt eventually send Shelley outside the ring and attempt to work over Sabin together while keeping Shelley out. After they work down Sabin some, Shelley finally works his way back in the ring. Shortly after that, we see Sharmell walk down the ramp and observe. Shelley eventually rolls up Dutt while Sabin and Bashir fight outside and gets the pinfall.

Your Winner and Still Champion-Alex Shelley

After the match, Sharmell tells Referee Shane Sewell that Booker T wants to see him in his locker room. We then see Main Event Mafia members Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner and World Champion Sting walk towards the Impact Zone as we take our first break of the evening.

Backstage Segment:

Camera show Booker T, Sharmell, Jeremy Borash and Shane Sewell in Booker’s dressing room. Booker offers a seat and JB tries to accept only to find the offer was made for Shane. Shane eventually does as Booker begins by berating Shane for putting his hands on him last week. Sharmell calms him down and Booker remembers his reason for the invitation. It seems Shane will be the referee tonight in his tag team elimination match with him and Scott Steiner facing Eric Young and “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams. Booker wants him to ensure that it comes down to Petey against Booker and Steiner so they can handle their business. Shane refuses to answer the proposal and walks away.

In Ring Segment:

Main Event Mafia members Kurt Angle, Sting, and Scott Steiner walk to the ring. Kurt has the microphone in the ring and talks about last week’s events. He starts by calling out Petey Williams, believing they underestimated him. Then discusses AJ Styles a bit and Kurt’s going through the table. He then discusses the challenge laid out by Team 3D for Kurt to face Brother Devon and Sting against Brother Ray. Kurt states that Team 3D are not match makers and can stick their ideas up their butts. Sting then takes the microphone to inform Kurt that he does not speak for him. They start to discuss it when TNA Management’s James E. Cornette comes out to the ramp and proclaims that he is the one with match making power. He decided that it will instead be a four way match for Sting’s championship at Against All Odds with Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Kurt Angle and Sting. He points out the team work of Team 3D but asks if Kurt and Sting can work together when the championship is on the line as we go to our second break.
The show returns with a recap of Petey and Scott Steiner situation that led to Petey’s beat down and return last week that costs Steiner his match against AJ Styles.

Backstage Interview:

Lauren is with Petey Williams as he talks about looking up to Scott previously but now this is personal. He calls Scott out and ends the segment by referring to him as a female dog when in heat.

Via satellite from Tokyo, we have Team 3D fresh off their victory winning the New Japan Tag Titles in the Tokyo Dome. Brother Ray explains to Mike Tenay how this is a big achievement comparable to a huge title win in Madison Square Garden. Don West then informs them about the 4 way match for Sting’s belt at Against All Odds. Bubba says that is fine, as long as he can get his hands on Sting for doing nothing when he was attacked, he will gladly fight his brother to get that belt. Brother Devon states they have fought before and will again so they are not worried about this one bit. As Tenay asks for predictions on who will win the 4 way, the audio feed begins cracking up and is lost. It is now time for break number 3.

Backstage Segment:

J.B. is in the M.E.M. locker room with Sting, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Sharmell. Sting starts off by emphasizing the brotherhood and respect between the members of the Main Event Mafia and walks off. Scott Steiner calls out Petey for costing him the match last week and walks off. Booker just repeats that it’s about respect as he and Sharmell walk off together.

Rough Cut Segment:

This week they focus on Sojournor Bolt. She emphasizes that she is a wrestler and has worked hard to get where she is. Terry Taylor and J.B. both praise her work previously including her challenge to Awesome Kong. Bolt ends it by challenging anyone who wants to be a wrestler or is one, to come get her.

Match #2: Sojournor Bolt Verses ODB

Bolt is out first followed by ODB but Bolt does not hesitate and attacks ODB before the bell. Bolt dominates for a bit before missing a top rope splash. ODB recovers and takes over for a while. Awesome Kong then charges the ring and attacks ODB with her Kong-torage following behind. However before they can do much damage, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi chase them off.

Winner: ODB by disqualification

Footnote: Check Out TNAWRESTLING.COM For Other News And Videos From The Show And Post Show Video

Backstage Interview:

Lauren has “the governor” backstage as she laughs about the rib they pulled on The Beautiful People who waste little time in attacking her. They throw her all around the backstage area, slamming her into everything they can find. Eventually security tries to stop it but Cute Kip lays into them for touching the ladies. He then stops the ladies himself saying that they did enough damage. Beautiful People let up and we go off to our 4th break.

Match #3: Tag Team Elimination Match-Booker T & Scott Steiner Facing Eric Young & Petey Williams

M.E.M member enter first followed by Petey and then Eric. Booker and Eric start the match off. They go back and forth a bit before Booker tags in Steiner with Eric a bit dazed. Steiner works over Eric for a while, using powerful chops and forearms on him. It is obvious that the game plan is just as Booker laid out, save Petey for last and not let Eric tag out. Eric gains some momentum but Eric is eliminated via pin fall when Booker is tagged back in and hits the axe kick on Eric. We now enter break #5 with it basically being the predicted handicap match of Petey Williams against Booker T and Scott Steiner.


We return to see Petey never really got in much offense as Steiner controlled it during the break and has it now. Petey eventually fights back by trying to literally fight Scott Steiner. Steiner eventually gets the tag to a fresh Booker T. Petey gets in some brief offense but Booker T gains control. After a little break, he tags back in Steiner as the strategy is now to use the fresh man in the ring and wear down Petey. Petey however has Steiner’s number it appears as he gains some momentum. Petey even uses a tornado DDT on Steiner to get a two count. Petey sets up Steiner for a possible Canadian Destroyer but Booker T comes in and breaks it up. Steiner wakes up enough to get Petey to the top rope and slams him off the top rope, attempts a pin but pulls Petey’s shoulder’s up at two. He then tags in Booker who hits an axe kick, pins Petey but also lifts his shoulders up at the two. Referee Shane is chastising them for not going for the win. Booker does another axe kick and this time gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Booker T and Scott Steiner

Following the match, Shane Sewell reluctantly raises Steiner and Booker’s hands in victory. He is seemingly questioning their strategy which Booker does not appreciate and slaps Shane. Shane attacks Booker but it’s just too much as Steiner has Booker’s back and they work him over. Booker snaps and is beating him down as Sharmell and Steiner decide to finally pull him off Shane. Earl Hebner comes to the ring to check on Shane and we hit break #6.

Footnote: Bound For Glory 2008 is now available on DVD

We are back with the history lesson of Abyss and Matt Morgan. Is a potential tag team championship team doomed before they reach their potential?

In Ring Interview Segment:

Lauren is in the ring with Abyss and Matt Morgan. Morgan starts by discussing how he has a temper tantrum problem and asks Abyss to accept his apology. He then states how he thinks they can put all of this behind them and eventually win tag team gold in TNA. He wants to start that road tonight by beating Beer Money in a First Blood Match. Abyss accepts his apology and understands his temper as he has been known to have one as well. He even offers to ask if they offer a 2 for 1 coupon for therapy and he can come with him to his next session. Abyss is happy to have his best friend back and hugs Lauren and then Morgan as we go to break #7.

Match #4: First Blood Match- Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Beer Money Inc.(James Storm & Robert Roode)

Beer Money Inc. comes to the ring, accompanied by Jackie, and with James driving the cooler with wheels (I want one of those things so badly). Morgan and Abyss attack James Storm and Robert Roode at the ramp way though before they can make it in the ring. Storm is paired off with Morgan while Abyss is beating on Roode. Abyss and Roode even take it as high as the last row in the Impact Zone while Storm and Morgan fight around the ringside area and even some in the ring. Roode and Abyss work their way back down and into the ring where Roode tries for a chair shot only to be blocked by the fist of Abyss. Roode then tries a series of punches to the forehead of Abyss to no avail. Abyss slings Roode into a chair in the corner but Roode is not bleeding. Storm and Morgan work their way into the ring. Roode tries to deliver a belt to the head of Morgan but Morgan is fine. Storm tries to hit the Last Call on Abyss but Abyss hits a choke slam instead. Abyss brings in another chair but Beer Money takes it from him and weakens him some. They taunt him with the chair before Morgan steals it from him and then tees on Abyss, forcing him to bleed.

Winner: Beer Money Inc.

As Beer Money Inc. walks off smiling, Morgan continues to attack Abyss. Security tries to stop Morgan who throws them off him shouting, “You did this Abyss”. Morgan gives him one more chair shot before repeating his rant and we see commercial break #8.

Footnote: Against All Odds Sunday, February 8th, 2009 On Pay Per View

Backstage Segment:

Abyss reacts backstage by going nuts and throwing stuff around.

Mike Tenay and Don West discuss the Abyss/Morgan situation and then introduce a video package on the history between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. The video is a reminder of some of the classic matches these two men have had together.

Backstage Interview:

J.B. is with Kurt Angle who proclaims he could have ended AJ’s career before but he felt sorry for him. That is until tonight when he will show him how it’s done, Main Event Mafia style. J.B. brings up the interaction with Sting earlier in the show and Angles stares at him before he walks off with no response and we hit break #9.

Match #5: Tables Match-Kurt Angle Against AJ Styles

Angle’s music hits as we return for our main event. AJ enters next and send Kurt out the ring so he can do his entrance. The match starts and both men vie for an early advantage but it goes back and forth. Kurt eventually lands outside the ring to get a quick breather as AJ looks as though he is considering how to attack him out there. Kurt comes back into the ring only to get tossed out there again and this time eats a flying forearm from AJ off the ring apron. AJ grabs a table and tries to set it up at ringside but Kurt recovers and runs back into the ring as we take our 10th and final commercial break.

Impact returns with Angle in control of the match. AJ tries to fight back but Kurt delivers a release over head suplex. Kurt brings a table into the ring. AJ tries to fight off Kurt but Kurt wears him down and slams his head against the table as it lies on the ring apron. Kurt works him over some more and then sets up the table. AJ blocks Kurt from trying to set him up on the top rope and kicks at the table, knocking it away from him and on its side. The two men exchange punches and end it with AJ dropping Kurt crotch first on the table edge. AJ gains momentum including his flying forearm using the top rope as a sling shot to propel him. AJ fixes the table and attempts to do the Styles Clash on I but a series of reversals forces them away from the table but AJ gets the advantage with the Pele kick. AJ lays Kurt on the table, climbs the ropes only to find Kurt there to meet him and attacking him. AJ fights him off and pushes him away before jumping off the ropes at Kurt only to miss and hit his head on the table. Kurt takes advantage of a dazed AJ and hits the Angle Slam through the table for the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Following the match, Kurt continues to attack AJ including bashing AJ’s ankle in the folding of the steel chair numerous times and an ankle lock. Kurt finally walks off. He stops at the announcing booth and grabs a microphone, trying to intimidate Don West and Mike Tenay. He stands atop of the announcer’s table and states that it will be the end of TNA starting next week. He proclaims, “Look Mom, I am on top of the world” as he stares down AJ intensely lying in the ring and the camera focuses on him to close the show.

Impact Moment Of The Night: Kurt Angle/AJ Styles Tables Match

Memorable Moments:
I thought it was a good show that helped progress the story lines very well. The matches were entertaining but as I mentioned earlier, the main event was my favorite by far. I also recommend just about any time Beer Money Inc. is in front of the camera but maybe that’s just my bias. If you have this on DVR, I would watch all of it if for nothing else then to see where they go with the stories.

Fast Forward Fun:
If your short on time, the backstage segments can be missed and ODB/Sojournor Bolt was so brief, not much developed but me personally, I liked seeing the faces right there to help make the save quickly for once. I think they have some top notch talent in the Knockout division that deliver good matches so I was slightly disappointed here but it wasn’t terrible, just helps to build up the Kongtorage/OBD, Roxxi, and Taylor Wilde feud. You have to wonder though with Roxxi and Taylor also in the mix with Beautiful People, where they will go from here?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Out With Your Orange-Out

The date is February 14th which is Valentine's Day (also my wife's birthday) and there is no better way to say I love you then by wearing Orange This is also the same day that Syracuse has their rematch with Georgetown but this time in the Carrier Dome. The Dome and the Syracuse Orange need our love and support and together we can express that with a customized Orange-Out. This is their chance to redeem themselves for the loss at Georgetown and Orange Nation will be in the stands behind them. Let's ban together to help Flynn, Harris, Rautins, AO, and the rest of the team defeated the same college team that brought us such horrible Orange atrocities as Ewing, Iverson, Mourning, and of course the name of Satan himself, Thompson.

We are the Orange and what a better way to show our support then covering the Dome in our color. Teams don't need inspiration to win but it damn sure gives you a boost of confidence when you know 30,000 fans are rooting for you and showing you how much they want you to win. And not just wear your Orange, be a presence in the Dome. Stand up and be heard and show the country that the Carrier Dome is the proudest home of college athletics. Every time they set to shoot, they will see a wall of orange. No gray and black or whatever dark devilish color those jackass Hoyas wear, all orange.

I also wish there was a way to enforce a dress code so that anyone not wearing orange in support of this team would not be allowed into the Dome. This is our house and you must defend your home at all costs which means those who wish to come into our house must respect it or not be let in. I know there are Hoya fans and Orange haters in the area or traveling to the game but screw them. The guys at and TNIAAM have been campaigning this effort for a while now and I love it. So if you want, check out their websites and show your support and if you are going to the game, your ass better be sporting the Orange. I don't want to hear some pantie waist excuse for why you can't, even in business garb, you can throw an Orange shirt over it for a couple hours to show support for this team. Syracuse is 17-3 overall and 5-2 in conference and they deserve to be shown some love for playing that hard. Sure we can sit here and point out their weaknesses but every team has them and with our support, we can help show this team they have Orange Nation behind them. Syracuse University has decided to jump on board with the movement and so now we must make sure everyone knows about it and can show up accordingly. Tell your friends and every Orange fan who plans to attend this game. I know being in NC I will not be able to make it but I will be wearing my orange at home in support of this team and trust me, I have enough orange to make sure I am covered. Go Orange-Out!

I Needed a Laugh And This Is One Of The Greatest Bits Ever

I have had a lot going on here outside of Orange sports and in case others are like me and need a laugh, check out this video that I am sure will make you bust out laughing till your in tears. It's one of my favorite shows of all time and this has to be one of the greatest clips ever.

Rejuvinating The Orange at Notre Dame Halftime

Courtesy of youtube and, here is the half time speach with Coach Marrone.

Brent Axe And Three Major Orange Issues In Three Articles

While checking out my daily, sometimes hourly reading of, I found Axe has posted not one or two but three articles discussing some very relevant topics in Orange Nation. The First is the anniversary of Pearl Washington's HUGE shot to beat Boston College 25 years to the day. The shot was huge but honestly I don't remember where I was at that moment. I probably watched it at home as we did not attend the games often when I was younger but I do remember seeing the shot played over and over again on the local news and how great it was that he beat Boston College, who back then was hated only second to Georgetown but led to many great games. Pearl was a tremendous player and an Orange great who I remember seeing in person a few years later while in the Dome office area with some family friends and being in awe because even in my teens, I knew the impact he had on this program. You can read Axe's take here .

Number two on his list would be the topic I have covered already on here in my column "I Want My #44 On The Field" and posted a poll about, the Restore 44 movement. Axe believes the number should stay retired but has a post with comments from the leaders of the movement, SU grads Brian Roll and Gregg Matalas. You can also share the comment area and let others know how you feel as Axe seems to have some supporting his side as well. Here is the link fr that one .

And his last article is one that if your in the Dome for this game, and I can't be since I can't afford the trip from NC right now, you had better be wearing Orange and supporting the Orange-Out. Many fans and TNIAAM have been trying to ensure this will happen and the university is finally on board as well to support this effort. Georgetown embarrassed the Orange on their home court and now it's time we show our Orange our support at the Dome and make that building nothing but orange. If it was up to me, I would not admit anyone not wearing orange but my guess is, they will not enforce this. If your a business man, at least grab up an Orange hoodie or larger shirt then normal and put it on when you enter the Dome. There is even a very nice website set up to help get you in the festive spirit here . As for Axeman's article supporting this effort, you can check that out here .


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Beats Syracuse 78-60 So It's Time To Hit The Links

I watched most of the second half of this game and frankly I find it hard to talk about other then the word terrible. Pittsburgh was was just the better team Monday night and so let's just get to the links plus a few additional SU related topics and a Citrus TV video as well with our buddy Jameson Fleming getting some air time.

Axe covers the few sunny and many dark sides of this game.'s Mike Waters and Donna Ditota break down the foul trouble, including technicals in this game.

Bleacher Report's Karl Blankenship has this report on why Panther fans have no right to complain after this game.

CBS Sports has the breakdown from the wire and the stats too.

Orange Press Pass: Pittsburgh- Jan. 19

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orange Women Lose By 52 To UConn And Have A Tough Day

So as I am about to go to bed, I come across this story about the Orange women's loss to UConn by the score of 107-53. Chris Wagner of has the story and pictures from the game. One of the pictures is of Juanita Ward hitting UConn's Caroline Doty with an elbow to the face, which led to a technical foul.

Later, I find a YouTube clip that has Orange women's coach Quentin Hillsman being asked if one of his players, Nicole Michael, intentionally tripped UConn Coach Geno Auriemma. Although Geno states it was probably more of a stepped on shoe incident, as you will see in Chris's article if you click here ,he states that the Orange women were not exactly in the hand shaking mood following the game(so maybe they were just not touchy feely as opposed to trying to trip him up). And below is the video from Jim Clark of Full Court Press asking for Coach Hillsman's comment about the tripping incident and calling the move "bush league" and asking if he would comment on his team's "lacks appropriate respect" and to Coach Hillsman's credit, he did handle the incident without blowing up and attempted to defuse is saying he did not see it and would ask Nicole himself about it later.

I did not see the game but I can believe it to be a bit difficult to swallow a 52 point loss with a smile on your face though I also think there are better ways to handle it then this. Juanita's incident is caught on film but as yet, I have not found the one involving Coach Auriemma and Nicole Michael but I found it worth noting to see where this team goes from here. Is this trying to be more physically dominating and trying to intimidate or just a one time incident where emotions got the better of all involved? Here is the video and maybe someday we will know if Nicole truly attempted to trip him in frustration or Mr. Clark blew the incident out of proportion.

UPDATE: I have found the ESPN clip of the incident and here it is for your viewing pleasure and it does look like she probably went out of her way to get in his way. Here is the video proof, what do you think?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Reno-Orange Connection Victorious

In NBA Developmental League play today, the Reno Bighorns defeated the Utah Flash 117-103. 58 of the 117 Reno points (almost half) came from former Orange players. Leading the way in points again was Donte Greene with 28 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists while shooting 3-7 from three point range. Damone Brown finished up 19 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and was 1-2 from the three point line. Gerry McNamara aka GMAC stepped up from his one point performance the other day to score 11 points, 6 assists, 2 boards, and went 1-4 from downtown in the land of three pointers. With Donte averaging 20.4 points a game, one can only wonder when Sacramento will decide to bring him back up. For the record, GMAC is averaging 7 points and a little over 4 assists and Damone is averaging 15 points and 7.5 rebounds. Next stop for Reno is Tuesday at Bakersfield at 10pm. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date as the season continues on with the Orange trifecta. And by the way, have no fear, I hear the police department there is very good at what they do in Reno and here is picture proof courtesy of and the Reno Bighorns website.

Paul Harris And The BS Technical Foul

I know I should not complain when we win but this call was ridiculous and here is the proof. The last time he did it, I fully understand but this technical foul was a knee jerk reaction called on a guy who had players under him and was trying to make sure they were not under him before he comes back down. Every time I watch it I wonder who was higher, Paul Harris on the dunk or the ref who made the call. You be the judge.

More America's Got Ultimate Orange Fans

For your enjoyment, here are the latest installment of SU Ultimate Fans. God bless America and the Orange.

SU Ultimate Fan

SU Ultimate Fan

SU Ultimate Fan

SU Football Fan

Orange Fans Are Hardcore

I found this video on and I had to post it. I enjoy the Ultimate Fan videos so this fit right in there with it. Is that Jameson painted orange with Otto? If so, I am so jealous. Enjoy.

Syracuse University Orange Fans

Saturday's Standings In The Big East

  1. Pittsburgh 4-0
  2. Marquette 4-0
  3. Louisville 3-0
  4. Syracuse 5-1
  5. Connecticut 4-1
  6. Providence 3-1
  7. Georgetown 3-2
  8. Notre Dame 3-3
  9. WVU 2-2
  10. Cincinnati 2-3
  11. Villanova 1-2
  12. St. John's 1-3
  13. USF 1-4
  14. Seton Hall 0-4
  15. Rutgers 0-5
  16. DePaul 0-5

Orange Take Out Notre Dame At The Dome 93-74

In front of over 30,000 fans, the Syracuse Orange basketball team took care of business and took out the Hoya frustration on the Irish 93-74. So here are the links to keep up with the win for those who were like me and were not able to watch it due to a prior commitment.

ESPN has the stats to prove SU had 6 guys in double figures including double doubles from Harris and Jackson and Flynn one assist short of it. AO also lacked 2 rebounds that would have put him there as well.

Some Sporting News love with a write up on the game.

Bleacher Report points out that the Irish eyes are not smiling anymore's Donna Ditota breaks down the transition advantage for the Orange.'s Mike Waters discusses AO's performance and says "AO's OK".

Coach Boeheim's comments broken down for you from the people at

Axe has not posted his take as of my posting but you can check for that later, I want to leave you with a link to Dr. Daryl Gross appearing on his radio show discussing why he won't unretire 44 and his opinion of the Orange-Out.

And a highlight video of the game courtesy of ESPN.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Andy Is Practicing And Ready For Saturday

WTVH 5 has a video Andy Rautins practicing and running on the knee. So it looks like he will be ready to go. The video states ticket sales are over 27,000 but has said it is now over 29,000 and they expect with walk up traffic to be over 30,000 for the noon game tomorrow. They also state in the video that those attending arrive early and be careful where you park. Go Orange!

Rautins expects to play against Notre Dame Saturday

Reno 911-The Orange Season

For anyone interested in what is going on in Reno with their NBA Developmental League team, the Bighorns lost by one point yesterday to Idaho 98-97. Of Orange interest, Donte Greene led the way with 16 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Damone Brown had 7 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and Gerry McNamara contributed 1 point with 5 assists. And since the Hoyas recently defeated the Orange, you have to wonder how that locker room felt as one of their teammates is Patrick Ewing Jr. who himself scored 13 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. For the game recap, here you go.

12 Reasons Why.....Jameson Fleming Is Proof When You Want The Best, Go Orange

This edition of 12 Reasons Why..... is about a former Orange blogger who has hit the big time. You can find his work on Fox Sports and the blog Bleacher Report (which can be found on my blog list). His work is outstanding and I know he will have a great future in journalism when he finishes college. Ladies and gentlemen, the best kept secret in Orange journalism, Mr. Jameson Fleming.

12 Reasons Why.....Jameson Fleming Is Proof When You Want The Best Journalists, Go Orange

1. For those who have not read your work, what is your background and what great university do you attend?

I'm currently attending Syracuse University and I am a junior broadcast journalism major in the Newhouse School of Public Communications.

2. Where can people find your top notch writing skills on display and how did you get started? Have you always known that this is what you wanted to do?

This is what I've wanted to do since middle school/early high school. I realized my dreams of being a pro athlete weren't going to happen so I got into journalism. My tenth grade gym teacher told me about Syracuse and I fell in love with the school. As for how I got started, I've had an interesting rise through the internet world. My final project for my radio reporting class was on sports blogging which was my introduction to sports blog basically. I was always a frequent commenter on Troy Nunes and then I started writing on the SU student section blog and then moved onto creating my own blog which had a successful run of five months. I then moved onto Bleacher Report where I still am now. Through B/R, I'm a syndicated writer for CBS and Fox Sports. I was also published in ESPN the Magazine through a website I used to write for called You can see my current profile here:

3. So what's a day like in the life of Jameson Fleming? Do you find it a bit tough to balance student life and the writing?

Right now, I don't start class from Monday-Thursday til the afternoon, so you'll find me at the gym playing basketball every morning. I come back, run some errands, send some emails, maybe do a little writing if I have the time. I go to class, come back, get some homework done if I need to and then I watch whatever college basketball is on all night. After that I do any writing and homework I need to, then head to bed. I get up at either nine or ten depending on the day and do it all over again.

4. What are your career goals when you graduate? What would you consider your dream job?

My dream job would be hosting College Gameday for basketball or Baseball Tonight. Those two sports are my true loves. Those are lofty goals, but I've also become very found of the idea of basically being Jeff Goodman for Fox Sports or Gary Parish for CBS.

5. What advice would you give to those who would like to get into the journalism program and/or become a journalist altogether?

Write, write, write. Get at it. Meet people, remain in contact with people and don't burn bridges. You have to always want to know more. You want to find a story in everything. In college basketball, there's 344 teams which means 344 starting lineups, 344 coaching staffs, 344 fan bases. There's thousands of stories in there waiting to be told.

6. If you had one sporting event you could get paid to cover all expenses paid, what would you choose? Do you prefer watching games live in person, alone on television or out with a group of people?

I would want to cover the Final Four. Being in Detroit this April would be a dream fulfilled.

I prefer to watch in person without a doubt.

7. What are your favorite sports, teams and players? Who are your least favorite?

Favorite sports go college basketball, baseball, hockey, football. Favorite pro teams are all Philadelphia teams. Least favorite teams are Georgetown, Dallas Cowboys, Mets, Yankees, Braves, Penguins, UConn.

8. What is your favorite sports movie of all time? Favorite sports memory?

Coach Carter is probably my favorite sports movie. Basketball is also really funny and unique.

My favorite sports memory is a recent one. When the Phillies won the World Series I all but lost it. It snowed that night, so I was outside spraying champagne everywhere and just going nuts.

9. What are your must read websites and must watch television shows/channels? Anyone on a major network that when they start talking or major writer you try to avoid when it's their turn to talk?

My must reads are Bleacher Report (shameless plug), ESPN, SI, StormingtheFloor, RushtheCourt, CollegeHoopsNet, and I check Troy Nunes ( ) probably 50 times a day, constantly paging through the comments and all the fan posts. I watch ESPNU all day practically. I'll throw some ESPN in there, but now that college basketball is in full swing, I'm loving ESPNU. I'll also rewatch games on ESPN360 if I feel I need a better feel of how that team plays.

10. What is your opinion on the current Syracuse basketball team? What do you consider their strengths and weaknesses? How far do you see this team going in the post season?

I pegged SU as a sleeper as well as Wake Forest, Baylor, and UAB (wish I had that one back) from day one, so SU is living up to my expectations. The strengths are obviously this team's incredibly ability to get easy shots and generally its high shooting percentage and athleticism. Its weaknesses are its carelessness with the ball and sometimes lazy defense. This team has the talent to go to the Final Four, but I'm guessing Sweet 16, maybe Elite Eight with the right draw.

11. Where do you stand on the issue of #44 being retired from Syracuse football? Was it a good move or should it be restored to continue the tradition that has carried on for generations?

44 needs to comeback. I didn't follow SU when I was younger, but now that I've been on campus for almost three years I get the tradition. Great men wore that number. Great men should still wear that number. It should be a selling point to running backs for decades.

12. Your Free Space-Jameson, I hope I have given you a chance to pimp out how talented you are but if I have missed promoting any of your work or there is something else you wish to express, feel free to say it here.

I don't have much left to say other than some of plans for the near future. Hopefully I'll be spending the summer in LA interning for Fox Sports, if not I'm not sure what I'll be doing this summer. Hopefully it won't be like last summer where I can I'm the only person ever to serve as a reporter at Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp and as a curator to a museum for Pez Dispensers at the same time.

What I find sad about how much I write about college basketball is I've written Mike Krzyzewski so many times, I don't have to look up how to spell his name.

So even though me and Jameson disagree on a few teams as I am a Mets fan and Penguins fan, we come together mutually for the color of Orange. I wish Jameson the best of luck and hope he becomes very successful as a journalist because after reading his stuff, you will see he has the talent for someone still in college.

Crunch's Mirasty Goes To The Dentist

WTVH 5 had this video in their collection and I had to post it because I found it entertaining and as someone who has dental phobias myself, I can relate to it. Syracuse Crunch enforcer John Mirasty comparing himself to a dentist because he like to take people's teeth out was a great line as well by the way.

Crunch’s Mirasty takes fan to the dentist

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Want My #44 On The Field

There seems to be a great debate going on in Orange Nation about the status of the #44 Syracuse football jersey. Originally, I took no stance as I thought of it as an honor to retire it as tribute to those who have worn it previously. However I must say that after reading more about this issue, I have come to the realization that the best way to honor it is to continue the tradition of passing it along.

This is not an attempt to humiliate Syracuse Athletic Director Dr. Daryl Gross because though I don't agree with everything he has done, I have no personal vendetta against him (besides I am married, I know how to cope with being imperfect which I have been told I do well). It is also not about minimizing the appreciation of the history behind those who have played wearing that prestigious number. It's about how this was an honor bestowed upon a top player in recognition of what leadership on the field is all about. This was Syracuse's way to pay respect to those who wore it before by continuing its own tradition. Nobody expects the new recruit to be equivalent to that of Mr. Floyd Little, Mr. Jim Brown, or Mr. Ernie Davis but simply play hard to proudly represent on behalf of the Syracuse program.

Spare me the speech about how I am ignorant about how great those who once wore this jersey were. I may not be able to rattle off their stats and occasionally I get things mixed up a little bit but I am anything but ignorant to the contributions those men brought to the Syracuse football program. I was raised listening to my grandfather praise the work of the man he referred to as "the greatest running back to ever play the game" and he was referring to the first African American Heisman trophy winner Mr. Ernie Davis. That history and upbringing is why I proudly bleed Orange and wear my #44 Orange football jersey with a smile on my face (my wife also has instructions to bury me in that jersey when I pass away). The man who wears that jersey won't be the next Mr. Ernie Davis but he may set his own record and lead us to a bowl game.

The word legacy is the best word to describe what the #44 and Syracuse football mean together and by hanging the jersey in the rafters, you make it less about the legacy of the number and more about the history only. We once had a proud tradition we called our own that is now and forever more then just another average ritual of every other sports team. The number is still significant and nothing could ever tarnish what it has meant to a school that is so filled with a rich past. However now that number is merely a symbol of the past and no longer the gold standard to which a promising young player can thrive to excel. But hey, the youth don't respect history anyway , right? So let's just put it in a museum somewhere and maybe tear down the Carrier Dome while we are at it in exchange for some fancy suite heavy, expensive, state of the art arena. Because after all, it's not the tradition anymore as much as it about how much we can prosper off of ceremonies and change while leaving history in a bottle somewhere. The #44 is more then memories to many fans, it is you, it is me, and it is everyone who bleeds or has bled Orange. Restore 44 and let us continue to honor the past as we also build on our future.

Hoyas Win 88-74 And Yes I Am Pissed

As opposed to the regular numerous links, I am posting a couple links and a video for you all to enjoy dedicated to that jerk you know who is just looking to rub it in that the Orange lost last night.

Fanhouse's Chas Rich reaction:'s Donna Ditota has an update on Rautins:

Axeman's take on the game with his as always excellent breakdown and quotes:

And if that doesn't work, just do this to them:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't Doubt The Ablity Of Orange Coach Gaits

Below is a video of Syracuse Orange women's lacrosse coach and Orange lacrosse great Gary Gait being coached by his brother Paul getting 5 goals in a losing effort while playing for the Rochester Knighthawks. Though its just a highlight reel from WTVH 5, it's still amazing to see the man can still dominate a game if he wants to do so and you have to wonder what the Orange women players have to think when seeing this effort.

Orange women coach Gary Gait returns to pro lacrosse

Friday, January 9, 2009

Damone Brown and Gerry McNamara Exploring Reno Together Featuring Special Guest Donte Greene

WSTM 3 in Syracuse has comments from Donte Greene confirming his playing a few games in the NBA Developmental League for the Reno Bighorns along with Gerry McNamara and Damone Brown. There is video of them discussing it as well as part of a phone conversation with Donte about playing with Gerry. I just wish they had decided to play for the Charlotte Bobcats so that I could see them play for myself. Is there really much difference between the D league and the Bobcats anyway? I still have Bobcats merchandise I bought from the first season when I thought Jason Hart would be part of the future of this team(and it was orange) and now, it sits at the bottom of the drawer only used when I have yard work (well, what wasn't donated to Goodwill anyway).

Lacrosse Season Is Almost Here And Here Is Video Proof

Our defending champion Coach Desko of the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team recently had Media Day so here are the videos from that and WTVH 5 clip on what they are facing this season with the quality players we lost. I am looking forward to seeing if they can go back to back myself and between this and the basketball team, tis the season to love the Orange.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free ESPN!

This morning, while watching ESPN, I noticed a commercial talking about the ESPN pay per view games being free for a week starting this Saturday January 10th until Friday January 16th. For the record, I am not 100% sure if you have to purchase the package first or not since I can't find confirmation online but it's worth a check. Syracuse was featured as one of the teams so to me, if I would test it out if you want when the Orange play at Rutgers on the 10th at 7:30pm EST. My guess is, this is a teaser to get you to order the package so you can watch the games regularly. The only other SU men's basketball game during that time is Georgetown which is already scheduled for ESPN2 as it is but if you want to catch other games during the week, this is your chance to take advantage of the worldwide leader.

While on the subject, is it true that ESPN360 is free to college students on campus? Man, it seems like everything gets better when your gone(hey, I may have taken it seriously and finished and not joined the Army if they had more fun stuff like this around). Then again, all the posts I was stationed at I have been told have been greatly improved as well so who knows. So hey, if your considering going to college and your not sure, this should help convince that 4 years of free sports is worth it. My daughter is in college and I would tell her but I don't think UNC-Pembroke will be on ESPN 360 anytime soon so she won't care (Go Braves).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Attack Is The New Word For Syracuse Football

Donnie Webb has a great piece up, which you can see by clicking the link above, about the press conference today held to announce Scott Shafer as the new Syracuse Orange defensive coordinator. He talks a little about Shafer's resume as well as the new philosophy of football at Cuse which Coach Marrone says is summed up in one word, "attack". He plans to use that ideal on both sides of the ball so be ready to attack. I like the basic plan and hope this means the end of the west coast plan and just concentrate on playing hard. Of course as a G4 fan, I love the word attack as it gives me the chance to share the love of one of the greatest shows of all time and not just because Olivia Munn is gorgeous either.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update On Donovan McNabb's Status With The Eagles

While surfing this morning, I found this quote by Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie as posted on the Philadelphia Daily News Eagles blog:
On Donovan McNabb: "Donovan has had a very good year, but it also has had its ups and downs. You have to know, in this sport, especially at the quarterback position, you're going to have your ups and downs. Hopefully the ups are predominant, and he's proven with him at quarterback, you have a very good chance of winning and winning big." Lurie added that the Eagles have "every intention of having him back" and that "he's been great to work with."

Is this emotion riding high off the Eagles victory over the Cowboys to get in the playoffs or what they truly feel? I know many in the Eagles fan base think McNabb is playing on borrowed time but have to also consider that not only has he lead this team to another playoff appearance when nobody thought it was possible but what are your quarterback options if McNabb's last snap at QB is during this playoff season. Personally, I would start McNabb at least for one more season while working on your options as to who will succeed him when it is time for him to hang it up. This is coming from a guy who always drafts McNabb in the first 2 rounds of his fantasy draft as well because his numbers are usually impressive and you can always count on at least one or two huge games.

As for those like my buddies of at Three Idiots who are curious about Andy Reid's status, this was also posted:
On Andy Reid: "With Andy's leadership, we were in four straight NFC championship games and a Super Bowl. We haven't won a championship, but the quality of coaching and the quality of the performance of the team has been at a very high level. I think if you know you have really good coaching, you want to surround it the best possible way. That's more where we're at - try to keep improving the team, try to maximize all our resources, and think strategically. It's not about making the coach the target of frustration."

For the full story, click here:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Great Resource To Have

I was told about this website not long ago and forgot about it for the longest time. If your wondering when your favorite college team is scheduled to play and if it will be on television, you can go here and find out. Now, this is national feeds mostly so if your looking for your local channel or whatever, you won't be able to find it here but if its on any of the Fox Sports, ESPN, SNY, or something along those lines, they will have it listed on this site. So if your curious, feel free to check it out for yourself. If you know someone who follows another school, it lists all the schools who have a game on a major network that day so you may even find smaller colleges on there as well. Here is the link and I hope it helps some of you out

Melo Be Like Money

It's the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Denver Nuggets and Kevin Durant gets the Thunder a lead with only seconds left. However an inbound pass to Carmelo Anthony gives the Thunder and their fans a heartbreaking moment. Check out the video as Orange great Melo gets the Nuggets the win.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Cell Phone Ringtone

My Newest Orange Addiction

I have found something very interesting as of late and think it could be the next big reality show for Orange Nation. If you go to and check out their video section labeled, "Your Videos", you will find videos to determine who is the Ultimate Fan. I posted one of these the other day but here are two more examples of the future of Orange Nation for you to enjoy. Go Orange!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Best of luck to all of you and your families and friends and to the Orange, let's hope it's a championship 2009 in 'Cuse Nation.