Sunday, January 31, 2010

Syracuse Fans: This Is A Final Four Team So Be Proud

While reading Brent Axe's (@AxemanBlog on Twitter) recent break down of the DePaul game on SU-DePaul Recap The Axeman - Brent Axe -), I was reminded how many negative fans we and other teams are dealing with on an every day basis. I understand constructive criticism when they make mistakes but some people are just so negative in nature that they have the "sky is falling" mentality every time something gets a bit too tough (thanks to @SUMeg06 for giving me the perfect analogy). The following is a comment someone left and if I thought this was just one person's view, I would ignore it but I know there are more like this. Let me know what you think about what "hoopsphreak" had to say for himself and ask yourself, is this constructive or just simply finding the negative in one of the greatest basketball seasons in SU history:

"Bottom line - this is NOT a final four team. It might have been earlier this year, but not now. Talent is there, no doubt, but discipline and motivation seriously lacking lately.
"Time for JB to show some real Hall of Fame coaching ability.
"Fire up Wesley - make him a leader. AO - get the lead out or get the HELL out! Defense wins and rebounds rule.
"C;mon 'cuse - kick it into overdrive and show what you really have."

So am I wrong to read too much into that statement? Was this person simply trying to help point out the team's fault in the hopes that people will see it and adjust? To me, this looks like the comments of someone who is either bitter or expects perfection every time out.

Can someone please show me 4 teams who have demonstrated that they are that much better than Syracuse and have never had let down games? Let us not forget, they may have struggled but it is still a win in the end and a road win at that. I will say that right now, Kansas and Villanova are both playing great basketball right now and Kentucky looks like they could be a top contender as well but that is it and I think on any given night, this team could beat them as well. This team is a top 4-5 team and could potentially be #1 in the country at any time (as well as #1 in Orange hearts).

Why be so negative when we have so much to be proud of?

Every team struggles from time to time and this struggle still resulted in a road win which when it is all said and done, will be all that matters. Be proud to be an Orange fan (even though we should always be proud of our program). They have potential NBA lottery draft pick, ESPN Sportscenter top 10 play contender, and spectacular shot blocker Wes Johnson. Andy Rautins has great defensive skills and can light up a team by himself on any given night. AO and Rick Jackson are talented big men who can dominate inside. Kris Joseph is in my opinion the best 6th man in all of the NCAA. And how can you not be proud when you have a Hall of Fame coach like Jim Boeheim who not only delivers on the court but makes press conferences worth watching whether he is talkative or not. We are one F'n Keith Smart shot away from having two championships and some programs in this country would trade us in a heartbeat to have the program we have at Syracuse. Not to mention, we have some of the most dedicated fans like Michael Borkowski (@MBorkowski) who showed us his exceptional artistic skills with the drawing below:

My point is this, enjoy the ride and stop trying be a Negative Nelly. Rants like the one above accomplish nothing but prove ignorance and the fact that you are either a bandwagon fan or think everyone should be a perfect as you. This team is 21-1 and if you are looking at only the pre-season game, the Pitt loss and this close game as reasons to support your view of why they will fail, please jump off the bandwagon now because the true fans do not need your support and neither does this team. We need people like those who showed up at the Georgetown game and made me proud to bleed Orange. Thank you for those who have pride and are not afraid to show it. I appreciate those who point out issues they have but remain supportive that this is one of the best teams in the country regardless. And to those who think this is a sign of the apocalypse, either learn to have faith and be supportive when we struggle or find a new hobby because we are not all as perfect as your expectations apparently (and neither is any other team in college basketball). This team has the potential to win it all and I plan to enjoy the journey with them.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

12 Reasons Why The Sports Fix Should Be Live Streaming

There has been a debate off and on for a while now about a Syracuse friendly show, Matt Mc's Sports Fix having the ability to do online streaming. The host, Matt McClusky, has a very good show but the problem is, unless you live in the Watertown, NY AM region or download his podcasts later, not enough people can hear how good his show is. So in his honor, I made a list of 12 good reasons why they should start streaming their channel online. These are in no particular order because many are just as good as the other but all very valid (or at least I think so).

12 Reason Why The Sports Fix Should Be Live Streaming Online

12- The ability to appeal to a broader audience base in other cities or states. This would also open it up to more guests who may be more attracted to a bigger audience. There are people spread out all over this country who were either raised in the area, stationed there or went to school there who want to keep up with things. The fact that part of Matt's show pertains to Syracuse sports means it will appeal to Syracuse grads who I assure you are spread out all over the country and even the world and would stream his show if they could.

11- You now allow for deployed service members at Fort Drum or local businessmen traveling the ability to follow the station and not miss out. I can tell you first hand as a veteran, nothing feels better when you are away from home than a familiar show that reminds you of home and keeps you up to date on what is going on. How can you say no to our men and women in uniform? Are you a communist sympathized or something?

10- You can include live links into social networking to allow viewers to tune in, especially if you update periodically throughout the show and the subject is something they like.

9- The ability to expand show topics since you will have more people listening. I know Matt can handle more subjects as well as educate the listeners by bringing in guests in many different sports.

8- Many company computers allows access to online audio streaming but do not allow radios in the office. So if I want to listen to the show at work, my only chance is to go to the website and stream it, with headphones on of course so the boss won't know.

7- The entire station will benefit, not just The Sports Fix. If I like to listen to Matt's show, there is a very good chance I will listen to other programming as well since I know the streaming works with his station. I would be more tempted to check out other programming as opposed to switching back and forth between stations, especially if at work and too busy to change it at the moment.

6- Now that you have a broader audience, you can now appeal to more advertisers. You can be see as an avenue for national companies (or those hoping to expand in the future) and even online companies more.

5- Allows the better real time debate and participation with the show. This also will allow for more opportunity for breaking news in other areas and others to consider you a reliable source since you now have a bigger audience.

4- Open up options for live remotes which will allow more people to interact with the show. I know that in the Charlotte market, I have seen many who like to show up for such events whether it is for charity or just for something fun but it makes them feel like a bigger part of the show. By streaming online, people may be able to make travel plans in advance to join if they may be out of the listening area for AM radio but close enough to make the drive.

3- The ability to market and possibly even add affiliates to those who carry the show. Doesn't everybody win when people realize how good Matt is and other stations want to carry his show as well? More money, more advertising revenue.

2- People in Kentucky will finally get to participate and see what kind of sweet nicknames they can find for Matt. Ah, that Fab Melo will forever haunt their dreams.

1-Merchandising! How can you not want to see that face above on t-shirts and bumper stickers all over this great country of ours? A campaign centered around the slogan "I Need My Sports Fix". The women will go wild and the guys will want to be him. Not to mention, WNER plastered next to his face (heck, put it on his forehead if you want).

My Top 12 Game Time Refreshments

I have composed a list of the things I enjoy most when there is a good game on TV whether it is SU or the Super Bowl. Some may not agree but again, this is my top 12 so it is fine if you don't.

12- Mozzarella Sticks
11-Popcorn with extra butter
10-Thick, juicy, quality well done cheeseburger with mushrooms
9-Kielbasa with macaroni and cheese
8-Pringles or Doritos (depending on my mood or which is on sale)
7-Orange Powerade
6-Friendlys Strawberry Ice Cream ( I love the chunks of strawberry in it)
5-Corona (Budweiser or Labatts works as well depending on where I am)
4-Hoffman's German Franks
3-Mountain Dew (though if they kept Throwback Pepsi around, might be a toss up)
2-Tully's Tender Platter
1-Pizza and wings (either Sami's Pizza in Bridgeport, NY or Brooklyn Boys in Mooresville or sometimes Pizza Hut Meat Lovers or Supreme)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Fired Up Orange Fans, Georgetown Is In Our House

Orange fans should not need to be pumped up for Georgetown playing in our Dome on OUR court and making as much noise as they can. In the event some think this is just another gave, I give you some inspirational videos to show you the importance of Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry and why this is more than just a regular season game. This is why players come to wear the Orange jerseys and Orange fans wear their Shut It Down orange shirts with pride. This is as big as it gets, this is Syracuse and Georgetown and we will not just sit idly by and let this be another game. We will walk around and carry the big stick and remind those Hoyas who the hell we are. We are Syracuse and this is our house. Now let's get going and show Georgetown who the hell is running this place and why the Carrier Dome was nicknamed the Loud House and was once the most feared place to play. GO ORANGE!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Before And After Marquette Game Syracuse Videos

Before, courtesy of Citrus TV:

After, courtesy of
Syracuse vs. Marquette Basketball: Players Jardine, Rautins and Johnson

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monday January 25th-Otto And the Syracuse Orangemen Do it Doggie Style And Screw The Hoyas

That right Orange fans, at 7pm EST on Monday the 25th, the Syracuse Orange will return to the Carrier Dome (broadcast on ESPN as well as streaming on Orange All Access, which you can find on where they were victorious today against Marquette (for a great breakdown of the game check out Axe's take here ). Obviously this is a day that will be remembered for all who attend. Georgetown is the most hated rival for many Orange fans but I ask one thing while we kick their butts on the court and bend them over like only certain officials have been able to do with Syracuse (oh and please stop the LeMoyne references because it was a practice game that counts for nothing). Please let's not have a repeat of this:

This was an embarrassment to Orange fans everywhere. If there was ever a team I disliked and who's players even when they went pro hate to succeed, it was Georgetown but we have to use better tactics to defeat them and have our heads high. We should not sink to their depths of ignorance as I am sure some of them were anything but innocent. I also understands sometimes heated discussions happen in these games and it comes with the rivalry involved but there is nothing worse than tuning into ESPN and the highlight they comment on the most is this display of ugly sportsmanship, well the lack thereof.

Orange fans, show up and be heard. Bring back the legendary Loud House and have faith in your top 5 team who could possibly be a #1 team in the near future as long as they can keep winning. Wear your Orange (hopefully some Shut It Down gear) and be proud but show them we have class (maybe not Club 44 class but we still have some). I don't mind if Hoya fans are intimidated to come to the Dome but it should be because Syracuse fans are passionate but with morales and because the team on the court will handle its business. STAND UP AND LET PEOPLE KNOW ORANGE FANS CARE AND THIS IS OUR HOUSE!!! Now, enjoy the victory for a few hours but remember, Monday is a day where legends are made in a rivalry that may not be big to certain ESPN jackasses but is huge in the hearts of Syracuse and Georgetown fans. Go Orange!

My Syracuse/Marquette Preview

Syracuse beats Marquette. That is all. You may now proceed to the real blogs.

Hermie Sadler Talks To TNA's Traci Brooks About Her Disability, Being A TNA Knockout And Her Chest(But Mostly The Chest)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who Would You Put On A Syracuse Shirt as The Best Ever?

While on Twitter tonight after watching Syracuse defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 84-71,a discussion broke out between myself and @cusechic04 about a possible idea for Holy Shirt (or someone to produce). I mentioned that the best bleed Orange in reference to Wes and she thought something like that belonged on the shirt. I added how awesome it would be if the front said "The Best Bleed Orange" and on the back was a list of the best players in Syracuse sports history, kind of like those tour shirts you see at music concerts.

So let say they decided to make a shirt, what names would have to be on the shirt? Should it be exclusive to one sport? Would 20 names be enough? Or should it be specialized for just an elite few like have the back look like a jersey with one name and their number? What do you think and if you think various names/sports, who do you think has to be on the shirt? I personally like the list and could think of almost 20 names just from basketball history alone but think it would be better with a mix of sports. Here is my list and tell me what you think(in no particular order of course).

Donovan McNabb
Don McPherson
Art Monk
Ernie Davis
Jim Brown
Floyd Little
David Bing
Pearl Washington
Derrick Coleman
Sherman Douglas
Carmelo Anthony
Jonny Flynn
Wes Johnson (yes, already)
Gary Gait
Paul Gait
Jim Boeheim
John Desko
Roy Simmons Sr.
Roy Simmons Jr.
Dick MacPherson

Sunday, January 17, 2010

TNA Wrestling: Just Another Wrestling Organization Or Total Nonstop Action?

On January 4th, TNA Wrestling started a new era with Hulk Hogan in charge. He talked about how he was going to change TNA for the better and give wrestling fans who were bored with WWE's product an alternative. He talked about how TNA talent would have to step up to prove they belong and brought in names like Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Orlando Jordan, The Nasty Boys and Sean Morley along with reuniting "the band" aka The Outsiders with Sean Waltman. Tonight, TNA debuted a new entrance ramp that goes all the way to the ring and switched from a 6 sides ring to a four sided ring. I must admit that I enjoyed the previous TNA product so I may be biased and I am not a huge fan of change but I must say this, so far the changes TNA made have not built my interest but actually made me care less about the product.

TNA had carved it's own identity for over 5 years now and the 6 sided ring added a innovative look and provided the talent a chance to do different things. The fans seemed to love it, most wrestlers seemed to love it and yet, new management must not. So I see they already have adapted the Vince McMahon theory of wrestling where you know more than the fans about what we like. Bring back the 6 sides and some originality to the product.

I know WCW eventually caught WWE in the ratings and defeated them for several weeks but to me, it seems as though they want to replicate WCW as though they learned from their mistakes. They want to use other people's money to bring in name value even though that locker room is loaded with talent. I mean really, you bring in the Nasty Boys so we can maybe see them stick someone's face in their armpits or Orlando Jordan who was best known for being JBL's lackey just to interrupt the Black Pope during an interview? Oh and what would wrestling be if we didn't have a tease of a strip poker game that involved a former porn star gimmick? I guess maybe we should look for more T&A matches in TNA than allowing some of the most talented female wrestlers a chance to actually showcase their talents.

I know I should give it more time and maybe I am jumping the gun but in all honesty, the only positive things I have seen so far are things that already existed and that was the quality of matches such as Angle and AJ or GenerationMe and MotorCityMachineGuns. Sure, Scott Hall and the Nasty Boys probably got the casual wrestling fans interest but honestly, how much longer can you keep bringing in surprise debuts or depend on guys who in their prime, which was over a decade ago, for the most part was still not all that great (with the exceptions being Flair and Hardy).

TNA's best asset is to be original and stick to great in ring action. I personally would love to see them feature more action with maybe some quick ringside interviews or a more realistic feel (like using rankings to establish contenders instead of soap opera type story lines and interviews that feel more realistic). By trying to compete with WWE at their own game, you are already losing the battle because they have more powerful resources at their disposal and history on their side. Be proud of what TNA stands for and provide the fans the best Total Nonstop Action in the wrestling business bar none and let the fans come to you. I wish TNA the best of luck but I have to admit, so far I am not impressed with the changes that have been made.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank You Contest And Other Contests Links

I am sitting here trying to think of a way to say thank you for all of your support. I have been through some personal issues for a while now and needed some time to think. I also found it hard to concentrate on writing as my mind was preoccupied. So to say thank you for those who stuck around and follow me on Twitter, especially those who helped me win the Twitter Friendly's contest, I am giving out a prize of your choosing. I have been out of work since March so money is tight but what I can offer is your choice of either a 1974 Floyd Little Denver Broncos football card or 2 coupons for free Friendly's prepackaged ice cream. The way to win is simple: simply tweet me (OrangeChuck) and tell me which prize you prefer and your favorite orange thing (besides Syracuse sports). The tenth tweet I get that states both will win the prize of their choice. I may share some choices as I actually enjoy a lot of things not related to Syracuse that are orange. Good luck to you all.

UPDATE: I found a couple winners(@SyracuseSoldier and @ducktape1) to split the prizes with but no worries, I plan to try and do more in the future using Twitter.

I also have included some of my favorite contest links for those who are curious about where I find them. I would also highly advice you to find your local radio/television stations on the internet as many have giveaways or membership clubs that offer contests and all it takes it a simple registration. Also, check Twitter for some of your favorite companies and follow them because many of them use gift cards to help build interest in their product.

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The Anthem That Will Have The Carrier Dome Rocking(Uncensored Lyrics)

Since I do not have access to the Carrier Dome or any video taping equipment, I thought I would just share the lyrics with you that I wrote. If are offended by cursing, then this is not the post for you because I posted the video below as an example of why there is so much. I hope you all enjoy it as I enjoyed writing it.

Also, this is just my first post back as I intend to post occasionally but more often than I have lately, to which I apologize.

I’m At The Dome

Written by Orange Chuck


Aw shit, get your Orange ready, it’s about to go down.

Everybody in the Dome, stand your asses up and stay on your mother fuckin toes.

We running this. Let’s go.

I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Everybody look at me cause I’m hanging at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Take a good, hard look at the motherfuckin Dome.

I’m at the Dome mother fucker take a look at me. Straight hangin at the Dome at Syracuse University. Sportin my Shut It Down tee, better view than at home. You can’t stop us motherfucker cause I’m at the Dome.

Take my picture trick. I’m at the Dome bitch. We eating Dome Dogs cause they so crisp. I got my SU hoodie and my Otto ball cap. I’m rooting for the Orange, you rootin for teams that are whack.

I’m sittin in the student section, cheering loud and shit. Wes Johnson’s dunkin, just his style. Receivers beware, Shamarko Gone Wild. And our lacrosse team has championships stock piled. I’m at the Dome motherfucker, don’t you ever forget.

I’m at the Dome and GMac’s in the house and the cheerleaders are getting the crowd pumped up. We got championship trophies, thanks to Warrick and Melo. If don’t like Orange, then you’re sure not me, oh. Get the fuck up, this Dome is real.

Fuck Hoyas, I’m at the Dome motherfucker. Fuck Huskies, I bleed Orange motherfucker. I’m at the Dome with my boys motherfucker. The Dome speakers make noise, motherfucker.

Hey ma, if you could see me now, arms up signaling for a three. Gonna make this the Loud House I guarantee. Like Coach Marrone, anything is possible.

Yeah. Always dreamed I’d be at the Dome. It’s a big Dome in Syracuse, New York. Yeah. Astrodome, look at me, ooh. (All hands in the air). Always dreamed of the day, to the Dome I’d find my way. Believe me when I say, I fucked a Hoya today.

I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Everybody look at me cause I’m cheering at the Dome. (Whooa) I’m at the Dome. I’m at the Dome. Take a good hard look at the motherfuckin Dome.

Shawtay. Shawtay. Yeah, yea, yea.