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Student Athletes And Why They Should Be Paid (But Not by Universities)

I have watched over the past couple years while people with experience in business and sports debate whether college athletes should be paid or not. From's Trish Lamonte's article today with a Syracuse professor Syracuse University professor: College athletes should be paid - to the banter of The Sports Debaters The Should the NCAA Pay Athletes Debate – Pay Up « The Sports Debates© , I have been impressed with some of the arguments whether I agreed with them or not. I must admit that having done some research on things, having a daughter myself in college I am struggling to help out, and talking to what I consider a well rounded amount of people, I have come to a conclusion. I think it athletes being paid should be acceptable as long as it is not the university paying the bill.

The most popular of view points will lead you to the debate on the university profiting off the athletes so why not allow those athletes to profit themselves. I have one major issue with this idea in that many leave out the value of a college education in the form of a scholarship that comes with room and board and many other costly essentials. Yes, most universities profit and well from the athletic department but a lot of that profit is in turn used to help improve the facilities and school in general. There are people supporting families who make less in a year then the value of that scholarship so spare me the excuse about the value of that verses the value of the athlete's talent. Professional sports seem to enjoy using college as a minor league venture so ask a minor league player how much they make a year and I bet it is comparable. Not to mention, attending a college should be about furthering your education and getting a degree as well so there is that added benefit because athletics will only last for so long no matter how talented you are.

Now that I have said that, I do think though that limiting a college student from earning money in any form is wrong, as long as the college is not paying for it themselves. I know some people must work fast food jobs or at the local grocery store to earn money to pay for college expenses but there are also other students who have better paying jobs to help them with spare money. I think that we should not limit their potential to make some extra money while in school as long as it does not interfere with their school work or whatever sport they play. To me, limiting the amount is petty and prejudiced because you can bet your butt that if an education major had the same financial opportunities, everyone would be happy for them and not care. Would an art student lose their scholarship if something they created was sold at an auction for thousands or what about a student who programs his own video game that is bought for thousands by EA Sports? So why it is so wrong if an athlete takes a well paying job while they are in school and takes advantages of opportunities presented to them.

This semester, my daughter, who will be a junior in college this fall and I love to spoil rotten, is forced to get loans in her name only to cover her school costs due to me and the wife being laid off recently. She is selling personal items of value, looking for a part time job and finding out how hard it is for many. If a car dealer wanted her to work in his office and pay her $30 an hour, I would gladly shake his hand and thank him for helping her out. College is expensive and whatever she can do legally and morally to keep attending to further her education and career goals, I will fully support. Her brother is high school sophomore who plays football and wrestles so he may have better luck with scholarships but nothing is guaranteed at this point (though being 15, 6'1 and 265 pounds helps). So why should I tell my kids not to take any advantage they can to get the best out of their years in college just because one of their peers might make less or more money then them?

We live in a free and capitalist society and I have no problems watching people try to fulfill their dreams trying to prosper in it. Universities spend millions every year on scholarships and have a right to try and earn a return on that investment. Business owners are out to make a profit and if they think paying an athlete an obscene amount of money to help them out is worth it to them and their business, then why should we stop them? And if we the people dislike this system so much, why are attendance figures, television ratings, and video game sales so high, which whether you like it or not is essentially you supporting the whole thing? Just stop being so restrictive of these young people already and concentrate on more important things like improving that quality of education they are getting and helping to secure the best future they can. Allow them the freedom to make some money while they can just as we allow anyone else out there to do if it were them.

Orange Moment In History Trivia Question

The Carrier Dome was officially opened on September 20, 1980. It is the largest on campus sporting arena and yes, it is named after a heating/air company though it lacks air conditioning itself. Compared to the costs of today's ballparks/arenas, the amount it cost to build it back then might get you a scoreboard and a grassy field of land about that size.

What was the total construction cost and how much of that was a gift from the Carrier Corporation in exchange for the naming rights?

Emptying The Junk Drawer

Three Idiots on Sports
Top 10 Biggest Syracuse Football Wins of the HumpIdiot Era Countdown broken down by the greatest Idiots in Syracuse history.
Are you ready for 4-5 wins (which I agree 100% with), seeing Greg Paulus play and beating Louisville again? Then Brian will support your theory.
Axeman gets Coach Marrone to chat for about 11 minutes of Orange pleasure so go ahead and check it out, you know you want to do it.
Do you like college radio, especially with an Orange twist? Do you have SiriusXM radio? If you answered yes to those questions, then this is the show for you on Saturday nights midnight to 3am EST.
Want a great breakdown of the entire Big East season? Orange fan Dan Kelley has got your back and I highly recommend checking it out as I know he put a lot of work into this article.
Carolina Panthers discuss briefly the breakdown at the fullback position just before they report to training camp which includes former Syracuse Orange fullback Tony Fiammetta.
I just got this contest this morning but for you wrestling fans, this one is worth a trip to Wrestlemania next year.
This is a great organization based in Syracuse and I think it deserves the support of everyone who possibly can help them out.
By the way, for those of you who are wrestling fans, this is a fun website to check out. If you are not a fan, check it out anyway because it is not really about wrestling but run by the real ECW's creative genius Paul Heyman featuring blogs and videos about the business as well as other social settings.
Have you ever wanted to watch models break down your NFL team? Cleavage and football, how can you not love it?
And last but not least, I want to take this space to personally thank the Knights for awarding me a gift package in conjunction with The Bill Engvall Show that got me a ball cap, beach ball, tee shirt, season 1 DVD and a 4 pack of game tickets with vouchers for hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn. Thank you so much and again, if you see a contest centered around a subject you enjoy, it is always worth the minute it takes to fill out the form because you never know what may happen and can't win if you don't enter.

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Contest Corner 7-29

Over the past couple days, I have been lucky/blessed enough to win some more contests so I urge those of you who say that you never win anything to at least try occasionally. Mine is part luck/part entering just about anything I can that is free and within my driving range.

Syracuse University Athletics - Official Blogger Contest
This is for those of you who have not heard about the official football blogger contest Syracuse University is having, which I would apply for if I lived closer to Cuse to make it back for all the home games.

ESPN - Promotions & Contests
If you are curious if ESPN has any contests going on, here is their main contest page which does occasionally feature some fun stuff to enter.

Break in Your Jeans - Rules Fan Forum
OK well this one is not really free because it is for anyone who buys anything from the MLB shop in the next month or so and so I am putting up the link to the rules if you are interested. I will say the prize of world series tickets and free clothes sounds good.

WWE Superstar Merchandise, WWE Clothes, Action Figures & More -
If you are a wrestling fan or want to try for a laptop, give this one a try from the folks at WWE.

2009 Stanley Cup Champions DVD Giveaway - FormSpring
I think this one is self explanatory but if you are a Penguins fan, this looks like a great thing to try.

T-Mobile – LIVE the ROCK LIFE WITH blink-182
You really want me to justify why I put this in when it is not sports related? You could win $20,000, a trip to LA for you and 5 friends along with your own personal table at a Blink-182 show with stage access. Enough said?

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Memphis Clears Up Money By Letting Hakim Warrick Go

The piece above on talks about how the Memphis Grizzlies freed up some money from the cap by letting Hakim Warrick go elsewhere possibly in the hopes of securing Allen Iverson or could be just preparing for a lowered cap in the future. Since he shared time with Darrell Arthur last year and the Grizzlies just got Zach Randolph in a trade recently, this was a position they felt flexible enough to move. Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace told, "We like Hakim and felt he contributed, but we wanted a little more flexibility going forward in free agency."

Warrick averaged 11 points and 5 rebounds a game last season so I think it is safe to assume someone will take a chance on him and offer him a decent deal in the near future. I finished reading that myself and wondered how he would fit on Minnesota's roster or reuniting with Carmelo in Denver (sorry, my mind goes Orange before it goes to reason every time). It is too early to tell who may sign him but I hope whatever team it is that takes a chance on him is rewarded for it in the end. Of course, the picture above is still one of my greatest memories in Syracuse sports history so I will always have great respect for him as a man and as a player so I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up.

12 Reasons Why.....Anish Shroff Has Orange Pride On ESPNews

12 Reasons Why.....Anish Shroff Has Orange Pride On ESPNews

1. Who is Anish Shroff and what great college did you graduate from?

That's a loaded question right off the top, a double barrelled question that's a layup and 60 foot putt all in one.

Let's get the easy one out of the way - I graduated from Syracuse University's SI Newhouse School of Public Communications with a degree in broadcast journalism (royalty check?).

Who am I? That's pretty existential. I'm a sports fan, a double-bogey golfer (on a good day), loyal to a fault (to those close to me), someone who loves to learn, travel, and soak up as much as I can from others.

2. Any great memories of Syracuse you would like to share or places you would tell a freshman they just have to visit?

Like many of our best college memories - mine are a little hazy. But keeping it "professional", WAER was certainly a tremendous experience for me.

I got to call football games at the Orange Bowl (Miami) and Lane Stadium (Va. Tech). I also got to broadcast Syracuse's run to the Sweet 16 through Denver and Phoenix.

I'll remember the floor boards shaking on press row when McNamara hit the three to beat Notre Dame in 2003.

But THE memory was an April night in 2003. Marshall Street may have well been Bourbon Street that night. Embracing strangers, bonfires in the middle of the street, and unrestrained jubilation. I was among the throngs celebrating that 2003 national title.

3. Do you still consider yourself a Syracuse fan and do you follow any particular Orange sports?

Without question, I still bleed Orange. As many of my co-workers will tell you, I'm pretty insufferable to be around when they lose and can be pretty obnoxious when they're winning. I'm working on toning it down, it's not easy though.

Although I'm much louder during basketball season than football season.

4. So how did you go from Syracuse University to the big network in Connecticut and end up on ESPNEWS?

After running the student radio station - WAER, my first job kept me right in Syracuse. I was an update anchor/talk-show host/play-by-play announcer/reporter for WHEN - an all sports radio station.

After only a few months I left WHEN to chase the stars in the sky. My feet, they finally did take root in the earth (but I got me a nice little place in the stars).

I freelanced as an anchor and voice over talent for College Sports TV in NYC. After a few months, I landed my first "real" job. I was Sports Director at KNDO-TV in Yakima, WA.

Yakima was a small town in Central Washington about three hours east of Seattle and four hours west of Spokane. The closest thing we had to pro sports was a Single-A baseball team, a CBA basketball team, and D-II athletics at Central Washington University, affectionately known as CWU (see-woo).

I spent one year and seven months in Yakima, WA honing my craft. All the while I shot, edit, wrote, produced, anchored, reported, and applied my make-up (easily the hardest). Most of the time I did all of these things in the same day.

I left Yakima in March 2007 to work up for a start-up sports documentary company. This was easily the worst decision I've ever made in my career. I rebelled against all my instincts when I accepted the job and paid for it immediately. After about a week, I had serious doubts. After two weeks , I knew I had to get out.

Barely avoiding the career suicide bullet, I landed on my feet in Syracuse, NY. I returned as a sports reporter/anchor for WSYR-TV in my beloved Salt City, I consider it my second home.

I got to cover teams I rooted for (Syracuse football and basketball) and being close to my Alma mater was an added bonus. Plus good things often seemed to happen to me in Syracuse.

I started at WSYR in June of 2007. In October I was offered an anchor job at ESPN.

I remember anchoring the 11PM sportscast on New Year's eve 2007 in Syracuse, then asking our weather guy for the overnight forecast. He told me a snowstorm was on its way. He got this one right. I went home, packed what was left of my belongings, hopped in my car and pedaled forward to try to beat the storm.

I pulled into Connecticut New Year's Day 2008 at 10AM. I started my job at ESPN the next day.
If you're keeping score - from January 2007 to January 2008 - I held four different jobs and lived in four different zip codes. In March of 2007, I had hit the nadir of my career. One year later I was delivering breaking news that Brett Favre had retired (and soon after unretired).

Destinations are great only when the journey was worthwhile. Life's about the journey. It's not about getting from point A to point B. There are no finish lines. Sometimes you get off the highway on exit 7 and exit 7 takes you to route 4 which gets you to Birdbath street which spits you back on the highway. Or sometimes you find what you're looking for on the back roads, and the detour becomes the destination. There is no one way.

I've been at ESPN for more than a year and a half now (an eternity given my past) and anchor regularly for ESPNews.

I feel fortunate to be able to do something I love for a living. I talk sports, read about sports, and watch sports and get paid for it. Most people do this in their spare time. It's a dream I never want to wake up from.

5. What is your opinion on the current state on the mix of sports and social networking sites, blogs, etc.? Do such things as 24 hour news coverage and other internet options hurt newspapers and local news or do you think there is
room for everyone?

I'm not sure to be honest. I'm still pretty new to the whole social networking phenomenon. In fact I didn't jump on it until just this year. But I think we're starting to see some of the benefits.

Take Twitter for example - if not for Twitter we would have trouble getting news out of Iran during their election crisis. Foreign journalists were kicked out and the only news Iran broadcast was from state run media. The 'truth' was being tweeted. That's the awesome power of it.

Now do I care what Shaq's eating for breakfast. Not so much.

As for the 2nd half of your question - I always laugh when I hear the Blogs vs. MSM argument. In the embryonic stages of this divide - it was seen as anti-establishment vs. establishment. But Buzz Bissinger be damned (and Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite sports books of all-time) - blogs are mainstream now. Sure, not all of them report or break news. But many do these days, and I think as the medium evolves, blogs will have to maintain a sense of responsibility. If they don't readers won't trust the source.

I think MSM and blogs complement each other - one primarily reports - the offer offers its take. There's always been room at the table. I enjoy Deadspin, the Big Lead, and Nunes Magician ( as much as I do the NY Times or Wall Street Journal.

6 What do you consider to be the best parts about having your job and what are maybe the least desirable things that you must do? What is the toughest/least appreciated job at the network? And do you have any advice for someone wanting to be a sports anchor or work for ESPN in general?

The best part is being at the mecca of sports. Every resource is at your finger tip, you have no excuse to fail. I read about sports, watch sports, and talk about sports - and get paid to do it.

My advice is don't do it. Yes, you read that right. It's not easy and sure the destination looks glamorous. But the journey is an odyssey.

My first job in Yakima, WA - paid me $20,000 a year. I lived in a small town on the west coast away from all my friends and family. That sacrifice is routine. You can't pick where you want to work, for the most part you go where the jobs are - that's places like Yakima, WA, Bakersfield, CA, San Angelo, TX, Twin Falls, ID - not exactly NYC or LA.

There are a lot of wide eyed journalists who get burned out and spit out quickly in this business - you need think skin, the ability to persevere, and of course a little luck never hurts.

I'd also like to add - you have to have a thirst for knowledge. You'd be surprised how many you run into who "just want to be on TV" and have no interest in reading, expanding their horizons, or even following the news. You have to want it and then work like a yeoman to get better and make it happen.

7. What are your favorite sports, sport teams, and athletes past and present?

Baseball - first and foremost. My first love.

Favorite team - the Yankees.

Don Mattingly my favorite player.

Then college basketball where I bleed Orange.

Growing up, I didn't have cable so I watched a lot of the national teams more than I did the local teams - hence I became a 49ers and Bulls fan. Yes, you can call be a bandwagon jumper. But at least I stayed on!

I did root for the Devils as a Jersey kid but never forgave Lou Lamerillo for trading Claude Lemieux. I guess I still root for the Devils but don't really have an NHL team.

I don't mind the Isles.

It's too bad the Whalers aren't in town, otherwise I'd probably adopt them.

8. If ESPN executives came up to you and presented you with the option to cover any one sporting event in person, which event would you choose and why? When you're not in studio or at a game, are you more likely to be found in a
sports bar or at home analyzing it as though you may have to talk about it on air soon?

Boy that would be tough.
As much as I would like to cover a World Series or Super Bowl of Final Four - I'd probably choose Wimbeldon. I played tennis in high school, love the sport, and that's the apex of it. Having read Days of Grace and Levels of the Game - it's probably the one sport that inspires my imagination more than others. Watching a Federer fire from impossible angles, or the overwhelming power of Serena, or the surgeon like precision of Sampras, or the skill of an Agassi return - to see that on Centre Court at the All England Club - that would be a dream.

9. If you could change one rule in any sport, what would you change and what would you hope to accomplish with such a change?

As a baseball fan - interleague play has run its course, I'd shorten it.

The unbalanced schedule isn't fair either especially if you have a wild card. I'd make it more balanced.

Start playoff games earlier so you don't alienate a generation of fans, and here's a novel thought, how about the team with the best record gets home field advantage in the World Series?

10. In honor of one of your co-anchors on ESPNEWS Jonathan Coachman and his past work with WWE, what would be your wrestling name if you went into professional wrestling? Do you think professional wrestling and MMA have a place in sports media?

I'm not sure - I've had a variety of nicknames - in college it was the Sherrif. At work I get "The Shroff" or "Hasselshroff" or most recently "Blueberry Pie Guy"

MMA has its own place, whether traditional media likes it or not.

11. Were you an athlete in school or work with any of the school sport teams or were you just a good student who had a passion for sports? Did you always know you wanted to get into sports broadcasting?

I played sports growing up - baseball and hoops primarily. I got to be OK at baseball. I played some tennis in high school. It would've been great to run down fly balls as the Yankees' CF - but that wasn't going to happen so I picked the next best thing.

Sports allows you to experience such polarizing feelings and emotional highs and lows but with no real consequence. You can run the gamut of human emotion and yet emerge unscathed. Hope and Despair, Triumph and Failure - in sports they don't carry anywhere near the magnitude as they do in real life. It's the ultimate escape. I think we lose sight of that sometimes. It's sports, it's fun, let's not take ourselves too seriously.

I really didn't answer your question but yes I knew this is what I'd want to do someday. I always say, it beats having a real job.

12. Your Free Space: This is your area Anish to say anything you wish to say. Whether it is to elaborate on one of those topics we already discussed or maybe a topic I never brought up, your choice. And you go in three, two,.....

I'll make the bosses happy... Stay current with ESPNews :)

I would personally love to thank Anish Shroff for taking the time to do this and sharing his views/stories. I always wanted to interview an ESPN anchor with Syracuse ties on here and Anish granted me that wish. He was entertaining and informative and it is nice to know he bleeds Orange and supports Orange blogs, well OK even if it is just but honestly, don't we all read that one? And it is always great to relive the 2003 Syracuse NCAA Championship moments, especially with those who had a first hand view of the celebrations on campus.

By the way, in my opinion, bandwagon jumping is more picking the winner every year or more successful franchise lacking true passion to be supportive of them even in hard times so I would not consider Anish to be that. And I heard about the blueberry incident but also heard that he made up for it by bringing in a blueberry pie the next day.

Thank you again Anish and I hope you all enjoyed this chance to learn a little bit more about him and watch ESPNews whenever you get the chance. GO ORANGE!

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Syracuse Basketball Videos-Coach Boeheim, 1954 NBA Syracuse Nationals, and Jonny Flynn/Rick Jackson Music Videos

Boeheim back on Team USA

Contest Corner 7/23

Syracuse University Athletics - Win a Trip with the Orange to PSU
My first has to be Orange related since I found one BUT you must be a Syracuse football season ticket holder to be eligible. Nice way to give something back to the faithful but damn the luck of the rest of us who are either out of state or can't afford them.

The “One A Day® You Make the Call” Promotion
This one is for those of you who like baseball or just want to see the Fall Classic as it can win you a trip for four to a World Series game or even a $100 gift card to the MLB shop.

If you have a golfer in your life or you are one, this contest is a chance to play at one of five top courses and win brand new clubs from TaylorMade.

Have you ever seen a toolbox fridge and wanted it or maybe a tailgating size grill? This and more is on the line from the people at Redhook beer, if you are of drinking age of course.

The Bill Engvall Show Bowling Sweepstakes
And my last one for today involves bowling, which some consider a sport and others a recreation but since ESPN shows it, I choice to go with the sports side even. Either way, it could get you free stuff like balls, shirts and hats and you even get a Brunswick discount just for entering.

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Jonny Flynn Gets Ranked #2 Rookie In Summer League

Rookie Rankings: How they stack up after Summer League - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

So after such depressing news on the state of Syracuse football, I figured I would balance it with positive news on Jonny Flynn. They discuss the players who performed well last year in the NBA Summer League including Donte Greene, who was one of the top scorers with 22.6 points per game. And then they break down the top this year with Jonny Flynn coming in second to Blake Griffin. Flynn finished averaging 15 points and 7.4 assists in Vegas and seemed to impress many people, including his shooting ability which many viewed as his weakness (even though those of us in Orange Nation remember well times where he had to score to keep us in games). We here at the Big Orange Bloggers wish him nothing but the best of luck in his NBA career.

One question for you all to end this on and I will leave it at that. Rubio who?

Maxim Says We Are #1 (Worst BCS Team)

I hate preseason polls and I especially hate this one, though it is more of a list I guess. They point to the 10-37 record over the last 4 seasons as the reason the Syracuse football program is the worst team in the BCS. That's right, we are worse then #3 Duke and #2 Washington State.
And for those of you who want more of a Coach Robinson connection to the story then that, you should note that Michigan came in at #10, his new place of employment as defensive coordinator.
I still think this team wins at least 4 and possibly as many as 6 this season but can you really blame people for piling on with the record we have had over that time frame. Syracuse University Athletics - 2009-10 Football Schedule just look this over and see what you think.
In related news, thanks for Live315 on Twitter for the link, College Football Future Odds at, The Leader in Sportsbook and you too can see the over/under on wins for this season (3.5) as well as notice Syracuse is not even listed as a contender to win the BCS title champion.
At first I was hesitant to use Twitter but it has so many resources, now I can't imagine what I did without it, not to mention the ability to be able to come up with 140 characters of sarcasm better then I can blog topics.
Photo courtesy of Maxim Magazine.

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Orange In The Summer League-The Final Days In Vegas

For those of you curious about the stats for Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris in their last two games in Las Vegas for the NBA Summer League for the Minnesota Timberwolves, here they are. Minnesota finished the session 1-4 with their only win against Washington on 7/17.

New Orleans Hornets 100 - Minnesota Timberwolves 96

Paul Harris did not play in this game
Jonny Flynn - 24 points (7-10 FG, 4-5 Three Point, 6-6 FT), 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 6 turnovers in 25 minutes.

Chicago Bulls 93 - Minnesota Timberwolves 85

Paul Harris - 6 points (1-4 FG, 4-5 FT), 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block, 1 turnover in 20 minutes.
Jonny Flynn - 7 points (3-10 FG, 1-4 Three Point), 7 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 4 turnovers in 23 minutes.

Jonny Flynn Videos

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McKenzie Brothers 101

I have talked to some people lately who are either too young to remember them or do not appreciate their humor so I am going to feature a best of clips post right now. Most of them are only a minute or less but well worth watching. I loved these guys back in the day and they made me want to be Canadian, until I realized my passion for the Orange and it evened itself out. So enjoy the laughs and I will be back soon with more actual sports related stuff again soon.

Fan Video Of A Real Syracuse Based "Become Legendary" Moment

How many of you have sat and watched an ad by Nike where a plant manager in Syracuse, NY discussed why he has no employees named Ray or Raymond? If not, here it is for you to see:

Well apparently a couple fans who remember a better Syracuse memory, and one that actually had an impact on Syracuse, set out to make a better commercial. YouTube user name lswmovies put together one we can all enjoy and even have some pride in. Ah Kansas and that block by Hakim Warrick, I remember it well. Heck, I am still trying to remember specifically what game it was that made me want to hate Ray Allen like that to be honest with you. Check it out for yourself and enjoy reliving the moment. And if anyone knows where Syracuse Manufacturing is located, can you send them my resume (I have no version of Ray in my name).

Contest Corner 7/18

This contest is for the avid golfer who wants a new bag filled with the same line of clubs the winner of the Deutsche Bank Championship uses.

Discovery Channel :: Discover Baja Sweepstakes
At first this one looks like more of a vacation, which it is, but it looks awesome and comes with a round of golf and scuba lessons while staying at a golf resort in Baja California, Mexico.

Sharp Aquos The Official HDTV of Major League Baseball Sponsorship
Though also not really much of a sports contest, this is brought to you by a MLB sponsor and can lead you to winning a large screen TV to watch your sports on.

Craftsman Full-Speed NASCAR Sweepstakes - Register
In what is almost becoming a sure thing, I have another NASCAR related contest that can get you a VIP Racing Experience.

Affliction Trilogy Sweepstakes
This is my favorite of the bunch as it can win you a trip to an Affliction sponsored card with VIP access as well as gift cards toward some gear.

Watch & Win with the PowerBlock PowerblockTV
For those of you who are like my son and love to watch Spike on the weekend with their Powerblock show, this is a link to their contest page that right now includes one for $20,00 worth of power tools and another for a custom Chip Foose Mustang.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Free Stuff: Win prizes on
And last but...well just last I guess, I have the page for those of you who live in the Syracuse area to find out any contests is holding. Often times you can find stuff for anything from free dinners to sporting events within the area and is at least worth a look now and then.

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Orange In The Summer League 7/16 & 7/17

If you are interested in a breakdown of the point guard play, check out this link: Point Guards in Vogue at Summer League and if you want to listen to free radio play when the Timberwolves play, click here: TIMBERWOLVES: Summer League Central 2009


Toronto Raptors 84 - Milwaukee Bucks 83
Demetris Nichols - 3 points (1-3 FG, 0-1 Three, 1-1 FT), 5 rebounds, 4 turnovers in 16 minutes

Houston Rockets 92 - Los Angeles Lakers 77
Darryl Watkins - 7 points (3-7 FG, 1-1 FT), 1 rebound, 2 steals, 1 turnover in 16 minutes


Sacramento Kings 84 - New York Knicks 71
Donte Greene - 5 points (2-8 FG, 0-2 Three, 1-3 FT), 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 turnovers in 22 minutes

Minnesota Timberwolves 89 - Washington Wizards 82
Jonny Flynn - 21 points (7-11 FG, 7-7 FT), 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 turnovers in 29 minutes
Paul Harris - registered 3:48 of playing time and tallied only 1 personal foul as far as stats

Andray Blatche - 11 points (4-15 FG, 0-1 Three, 3-4 FT), 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, 1 turnover in 28 minutes.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Orange In The Summer League 7/15

For the record, I did not see anyone with Syracuse ties for the 7/14 games at first but I forgot all about the Syracuse area man (Henninger High School before transferring to South Kent) who did not attend college playing for the Washington Wizards by the name of Andray Blatche so I will add him to the mix, especially since he is playing some good ball right now.

Washington Wizards 96 - Cleveland Cavaliers 93
Andray Blatche - 21 points (8-13 FG, 5-7 FT), 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, 7 turnovers in 34 minutes of play.

Denver Nuggets 77 - Washington Wizards 70
Andray Blatche - 27 points (11-21 FG, 5-7 FT), 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 2 turnovers in 34 minutes.

D-League All Stars 105 - Sacramento Kings 89
Donte Greene - 8 points (2-6 FG, 0-1 Three Point, 4-4 FT), 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block, and 3 turnovers in 17 minutes.

Houston Rockets 87 - Portland TrailBlazers 82
Darryl Watkins - 3 points (0-2 FG, 3-4 FT), 2 rebounds, 1 block, 1 turnover in 7 minutes

Toronto Raptors 74 - Phoenix Suns 73
Demetris Nichols - 1 point (0-3 FG, 0-1 Three Point, 1-2 FT), 1 rebound, 2 assists in 15 minutes

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Emptying Out My Junk Drawer

Instead of making a few posts based on some stuff I found over the past few days, I decided to just send you the links and let you tackle them whenever you have time. Don't worry, there will be some Summer League - Vegas Summer League action to report on soon enough and I am also sure I can come up with a few other things but for now, this will have to suffice.

Let's start with a couple posts from ESPN's Big East blogger Brian Bennett that give Syracuse some mention including their practice starting date and a couple potential big time players for the upcoming season.
Big East fall practice start dates - Big East - ESPN

Home-run hitters in the Big East - Big East - ESPN

The Sports Debaters break down why they think the Big East should not be getting an automatic bid into the BCS bowl games. Obviously I disagree because I think the markets represented help with the ratings, it is just as good as other conferences within the BCS system and I also think the Big East conference as a whole is improving, especially with Syracuse possibly heading in the right direction. However, I do think everyone is entitled to their opinion and here is their well researched though incorrect version.
The Big East in the BCS Debate – Big East, or Big Least? « The Sports Debates©

Our friend A_E_M has a great column up on the Jimmy V foundation which I think does some great work and is one time I watch ESPN and wish I had a lot of money for one of those prize package deals. Check out a great column from A_E_M even if he is a Tar Heel fan in Syracuse, the opposite of yours truly who is an Orange fan living in North Carolina.
Don’t give up, don’t ever give up! The 5th Corner

Speaking of bloggers, how about everyone's favorite Idiots doing some rambling of their own, only they have a better knack for sarcasm then I do.
Three Idiots on Sports

This is an old interview by now but for those who may not have read it yet, meet your new Big East Commisioner John Marinatto.
New Big East commissioner John Marinatto discusses BCS, expansion - Stewart Ma

I accidentally left this off the contest list so I will throw it in to here. This one will possibly lead you to getting some junk mail about Chevy vehicles but if you think the prize of a new Camaro is worth it, it is free and good luck.
Win Dale Jr's Camaro

I found this for anyone in the Charlotte area who wants to help support college football in this area as UNC-Charlotte is taking up donations/seat purchases now to help fund the new stadium for when they start the football program. Maybe once they get started, we will see a match up with Syracuse one day down the line.
Charlotte 49ers Football - Purchase a Seat

If you missed one of my favorite groups moe's appearance in Syracuse, you can check out their stuff here:
Internet Archive: Free Download: moe. Live at Chevrolet Court-NY State Fairgro

And last but not least, for those of you in Syracuse who enjoy MMA. WIXT 9 does a little piece on where you can possibly go to watch the fights as well as discussing MMA being sanctioned in the state of NY, well until the Senate decided it is so much easier to spend tax dollars at home then some pesky work sessions helping the state.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Orange In The Summer League 7/13

Here are the statistics for the games earlier today in the NBA Summer League that had Syracuse Orange players on their roster according to the NBA Summer League website Summer League - Vegas Summer League .

NBA D-League All Stars Defeated The Minnesota Timberwolves 96-91
Jonny Flynn - 12 points (4-9 from the field and 4-5 on the free throw line), 14 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 6 turnovers in 32 minutes of play.
Paul Harris - 7 points (3-7 field goal and 1-3 three pointers), 3 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 blocked shot in 15 minutes of playing time.

Toronto Raptors Beat The Portland Trail Blazers 92-87
Demetris Nichols - 4 points (2-6 from the floor and 0-1 from three point range) and 3 rebounds in 24 minutes.

Here is a link to some video of Jonny Flynn also since I can't get it to embed properly: Summer League: Jonny Flynn - NBA Videos and Highlights

It Is MLB All Star Time But Is It Time For Changes Too?

I am watching the MLB Home Run Derby on (well listening to it as I type) and wondering among all the hype and chatter if the MLB needs to make some major changes. Should the MLB tweak the whole experience? My answer is, without question, please.

First, let's explore the Home Run Derby. I enjoy the game itself though I was also a fan of the old school series as well (yes I am a purist who still loves to see a good long ball every now and then). But at times it does drag on so I have some suggestions. How about if you go four pitches without swinging, that is an out? What if they did individual brackets and start with 8 outs first round, 6 in the second, and then 4 in the final round? I love watching the young kids chase the balls in the outfield but what about some models or Playboy bunnies out there as well? Could they please find a way to use Erin Andrews more and keep her on camera and not just when you feel the need to do what usually amounts to an eventful interview? And last but not least, why not feature the top four leaders in home runs in their respective leagues and offer incentives to appear and fines for those with no logical reason to stay out? Those are just some thoughts to ponder.

Next, what about the All-Star game itself which I think needs more serious changes. For instance, let's change the name to MLB Fan Fest and accept the fact that fans are simply going to vote for who they like and not the best player at a particular position. The game is supposed to be a game of the best baseball has to offer for the fans to enjoy representing their respective leagues but many are skipping out on the game or injured if voted in anyway so let's just embrace it as a showcase for the fans and who they want to see. I understand that players travel a lot and want to be at home with their families but this game is supposed to be a reward for the fans and a show of appreciation for their hard work and staying out of it unless injured (or certain personal reasons) is just silly. If a player was suspended for cheating in any way during the season, they should not be eligible for the game at all. And could we please do all of this on the weekend starting with future's game on Friday?

AND STOP THE NONSENSE NOW WITH THE ALL-STAR GAME BEING THE INDICATOR FOR HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE OF THE WORLD SERIES! The home field advantage should be a badge of honor for a great season, not decided in one game to make it have the air of importance. Since when did taking away the importance of a whole season amount to something less valuable then the outcome of one game? The game has it's own historical value and the fans still see a great showcase of talent so stop with this "it has to feel important" vibe. Players get bonuses based on it and fans get to see their favorite players, that is reward enough. If you want people to appreciate it more, find better ways to get players involved either by offering all expense paid trips for the families involved or fines to those who sit it out because they need the rest (especially since most only play a couple innings anyway and most pitchers only pitch one inning). If you want the fans to care about both, keep them separate and with their own significance. Trust me, more fans are outraged by this preposterous idea then thrilled that it makes the game "matter". Some ideas do grow on you in time but this idea just proves to be worse as years go by.

Baseball used to be America's pastime and now many think that it's time has past. I personally love the game and just want to see it prosper but I think changes need to be made. I am not writing this to personally attack MLB Commissioner Bud Selig either because I do believe his intention was purely to help make the game better for fans and find him to be one of baseball's most purest of fans. I just think before we see this game diminished any more then it is in the eyes of many sports fans, there needs to be changes made to preserve the great tradition that is the all-star break. MLB Fan Fest Weekend could be one of the greatest displays of fan appreciation in sports so why not just embrace it for what it truly is and maybe make a few tweaks here and there to help improve the entire experience for the players and the fans?

Can't We All (MMA, Boxing, & Pro Wrestling) Just Get Along?

Over the past 40 hours or so, I have heard a lot of feedback (including the link above) on Brock Lesnar and his post-fight "antics" and even commented some about them here yesterday. Some have called him a poor sport and bad for MMA while others hail him as a breath of fresh air. I personally did not agree with the Bud Light remark and maybe the wife line was a bit out of reach, though with all do respect, he does have one hell of a hot wife many would love to do as he said he might do in the former Sable aka Rena Mero as seen in Exhibit A:

That said, I think I have to agree with some I have heard and state that he may be the best thing for MMA right now.

However, one thing I have also noticed in this backlash is a certain general lack of respect from many fans of one form of fighting to other forms as well. Why is it so hard for some MMA fans to think that boxing and pro wrestling backgrounds automatically make a guy not up to their standards? And why do many wrestling fans look down on MMA and boxing? And why do so many boxing fans think MMA is not as skilled as boxing and wrestling it too fake to tolerate? As a great voice of our time, Rodney King, once said and I quoted in the title, "Can't we all just get along?"

First, let me explore the professional wrestling side since I have the most experience in this field with over 30 years of being a fan. Yes, matches are scripted and predetermined which very few debate anymore though asking the wrong person could get you the Dr. D David Schultz/John Stossel treatment as seen here:

Then again, I recommend you avoid the word "fake" anytime discussing this sport because whether you like it or have no respect for it at all, wrestlers work very hard and many suffers injuries weekly that they work through that most of us would be home for months trying to rehab if we suffered it. It is a different sport that focuses many times on entertainment and showmanship but it can also be entertaining if you allow yourself to watch. WWE likes to say they make action movies and sometimes, that is what wrestling is, a weekly action series. But when did it become so hip to simply bash wrestling to make yourself look more sophisticated. If you don't like it, that is fine but why can't some just keep it at that and not belittle something others seem to enjoy. After all, I don't like seafood but I don't refer to my wife as a loser because she wants to go to a seafood restaurant.

Boxing is a sport that has been successful for years and like wrestling, tends to go in cycles depending on what or who is involved at the time. Their buy rates have been known to be tremendous and you can usually find some good fights every week between ESPN, HBO, and Showtime. Witnessing firsthand the Pacquiao/Hatton experience between the fights, fan support, and action surrounding the fight, I can attest to the fact that boxing still has many fans who are as passionate about the sport as ever. For those who think boxing lacks name recognition, I ask you to check out Sugar Shane Mosley, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and the Klitschko brothers. There are also many talented boxers who you may not know by name but if you gave them a chance, would impress you with their fighting ability. Not every weight division will bring a household name every year but take into consideration, it is a sports that has carried on for centuries and even former presidents took part in the sport. And yes, some crooked individuals over the years have promoted the sport or participated in it but judging a whole sport by a few bad apples would leave no sport to watch at all with that criteria.

MMA is the baby of the three, having only been around for a few years but growing in popularity every year. UFC alone has grown from no holds barred cage fights into a multi-million dollar company being sanctioned by many state athletic committees with gyms growing everyday for wannabe fighters to learn the ropes. Many naive critics, including politicians, still refer to it as human cock fighting, but I refer to them as ignorant so I guess we are even. StrikeForce is a growing company and Affliction has run a couple entertaining pay per views to help spread the amount of access an MMA fan can get, not to mention groups like the WEC and others who can provide some top notch fights from time to time. I know some are bored when the matches get to the ground and pound portion as I have heard the critiquing, but the more you understand about the sport, the more you will appreciate all aspects of it including the ground game. Brock Lesnar is the perfect example because his last fight with Frank Mir was a loss after dominating the whole match when Mir got a hold of him leg and forced him to tap out. Sometimes, just when you think it might look boring, one punch or hold out of nowhere and the match is over and could provide one hell of an exciting finish (ask Bisbing about Henderson's right hand for example). There is a strategy/game plan in all matches and one mistake could cost you the match and it requires a lot of hard work and months of preparation before a match takes place so it is not just two guys punching each other until one falls down. In fact, many MMA fighters are skilled in martial arts,wrestling, boxing and other backgrounds that make them all around successful in the business.

The truth is, all three have their positive and negative aspects of the sports but none of them are nearly as bad as their most negative of critics like to make them out to be. I personally find myself to be a fan of all three and depending on the upcoming event, such as the August StrikeForce fight with Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg or wondering if Pacquaio boxes Mosley, Cotto, or Mayweather next, I become a huge fan of the event. I don't feel a need to simply be a part of a growing sports or get lost in the history of the other, I enjoy a good show no matter who is putting it on. Sure, I have my favorites like StrikeForce, TNA Wrestling, and Manny Pacquiao but I am looking for the best show without labeling a whole sport as boring or stupid.

There is room out there for all three to be successful even in this economy, as noted by the early reports I have seen that UFC 100 did possibly exceed 1.5 million in buy rates. I personally think all three charge too much for their pay per view shows but they will never lower it due to the costs to run them and successes like this but I will not let that make me be any less of a fan, I just look more forward to the free shows. So I content we all just get along and help keep all three prosperous and relish in the personalities that help make it a more exciting business. So stop jeering Brock Lesnar just because he is a former pro wrestler who happens to be successful quickly in MMA and embrace him for wanting to be the best at what he does and a champion. Don't mock boxing for being boring and for the lack of big name fighters especially when statements like that make you appear to be ignorant about the sport. And don't mock MMA because your guy went to their sport and dominated it because it will not happen every time, it just so happens that Brock Lesnar is a beast of nature with a great work ethic and God given size to help dominate a fight. All three sports require a lot of training, hours a day in a gym, and skills unmatched to be successful and I think maybe if more people gave all three a chance, we would all benefit from watching some great fights/shows together. Or maybe I just have a bit too much hippie in me who wants us all to get along and watch all of them prosper together and be one big, happy family. I am a fan of all three and I think if more people went into them with an open mind and some respect, they would be as well.

Orange News Links-Radio, Recruits And Rookies(And Another Kind Of Links)

Fresh faces: Syracuse - Big East - ESPN
is a break down of three players who could inpact the Syracuse Orange football team this season.

Donnie Webb (PSfootball) on Twitter
OL/DL Robert Welsh of St. Anthony's on Long Island has made verbal commitment to sign with Syracuse (taken directly from Donnie's Twitter page).

An interview with Syracuse recruit C.J. Fair - Orange Basketball Blog
is a link to an interview with Syracuse basketball recruit C.J. Fair courtesy of Flagarant Foul.

A Program Note -
is a note by Axe to remind his listeners that not only has he just realized his schedule has prevented him from updating his blog recently but his vacation will also prevent him from doing that as well as his radio show. Have no fear, Syracuse Orange Basketball beat writer Mike Waters will be filling in for him during his vacation so drill him with all your Orange related questions or you can check out the other Orange friendly sports talk guy if you are in the North Country or just want to listen to his podcasts, which is how I listen to it by clicking below.
Sports Fix

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse NBA Summer League Update
is my favorite idiots giving you a better breakdown on Flynn and Harris in their Summer League debut then I did (mine was more just stats and video) with a nice picture of Kevin Love's twitter that he sent watching Flynn play.

G & L Meats > Home
And just as a side note, I figured I would send you a link to a great sausage company in Syracuse. I know I love to give Tullys, Powerade, Sami's Pizza in Bridgeport, NY (or if in North Carolina, he has one in Selma area off 95 or if in Charlotte area, try Brooklyn Boys) and Hoffman's Hot Haus some love on here when I can but this is another great Syracuse food essential for those in the area. You can check them out at the Fair next month and I highly recommend that if you do go, stop and give them a try(and you thought I was done with my cheap plugs for the day, ha).

B.O.B. Cheap Plug Of The Week-Three Idiots On Sports

So I have been busy lately and honestly forgot to do one of these columns lately but what a way to bring it back with these guys. Champ and Russianator do great work over at T3I (as did Boss before he went MIA due to lack of time to commit to the blog) mixing Syracuse sports with mainstream stuff as well. If you are looking for politically correct, these are not the guys you want to read but if you have an open sense of humor and love stuff like "Ebay Item Of The Week" and "Fat Guy Friday", then the Idiots are for you. They also have in the past featured chats during Orange games (which I have attended numerous times), retrospective of the 80's, and you can also find some Eagles news as well since they seem to be fans of them for some reason (well, at least they have Donovan McNabb, an all time Orange great). I highly recommend you check them out if you don't already either by clicking the link above or in my blog links area.

Contest Corner 7-13

Charlotte Knights Family 4-Pack Ticket Giveaway FreeStuffCharlott
For anyone who may read this in the Charlotte area, I won a set already and you can too. Contests
Is for my Syracuse area racing nuts with tickets to the Dirtcar All-Star Weekend July 17-19

Powerade Sweepstakes
I love me some Powerade and it was contests like this that got me hooked but this is mostly for those with children as the grand prize is a hitting clinic with the Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard

Palermo's Pizza
This one is for those of you who support their racing team or simply would love a chance to win a brand new Vespa or bike and since I love pizza of all sorts, I thought I would give this some love and biking is healthy too.

Nascar Toolbar - Insider Landing Page
Is for you NASCAR trivia buffs who want to win some great prizes and gets you access to videos and driver stats.

Enter For Your Chance To Meet Richard Petty at the Sprint Cup Texas Race
Is for those of you NASCAR fans who want the chance to meet Richard Petty and attend the November 8th Sprint Cup Race in Texas and other prizes as well.

Channellock The 89 Rescue Tool
This one is for the NFL fans who would love the chance to attend the Hall of Fame game and enshrinement in August and other Rescue Tools.

Nissan Master the Shift - Nissan Altima Sweepstakes
Want to win a Nissan Altima or weekly outdoor gifts like bikes and kayaking gear? Then click here and enter.

CrocsAVP Tour
Do you love beach volleyball and Vegas? Then why have you not signed up for this trip yet?

Keystone Light
Clicking this link can get you two tickets to see your favorite baseball team including airfare, hotel and some spending cash.

Golf Digest - Humana Sweepstakes
If you ever wanted to have a Golf Digest ranked teaching professional help you to improve your golf game, enter here. This contest includes a hotel room and airfare as well.

09 Kalitta Contest - Rocky Boots
And last but not least, one more trip to Las Vegas for the NHRA Nationals this time. Hey, as someone who has been to Vegas recently I can testify to the fact that these trips are worth it.

Orange In The Summer League 7/11 And 7/12 Weekend Wrapup

Above is a highlight video (thanks to a tip from Orange fan Alexander_O on Twitter) of some of the NBA Summer League action but if you want just the stats, I have that for you, according to the official site.

Sacramento Kings lose to Golden State Warriors 98-95
Donte Greene - 12 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal, 2 turnovers, 5-17 from the field and 1-2 from three point range in 28 minutes.

Toronto Raptors lost to Detroit Pistons 91-87
Demetris Nichols did not play for Toronto at all

Houston Rockets bat Dallas Mavericks 98-95
Darryl Watkins- 1 point(1-2 from free throw line), 1 assist, 1 turnover in 3 minutes of play

Houston Rockets defeated Minnesota Timberwolves 79-65
Darryl Watkins- 2 points(1-1 from field goal range), 1 assist in 4 minutes for Houston

Paul Harris- 5 points, 2 steals, 1 rebound, 1 block, 1 turnover, 2-5 from field goal range, and 1-2 from the three point line in 8 minutes of play.
Jonny Flynn- 11 points, 7 assists, 1 rebound, 1 steal, 7 turnovers, 3-10 from the field, 2-3 from three point range, and 3-4 with free throws in 28 minutes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Take On UFC and Dana White Following UFC 100

I am going to start this by openly admitting that I did not order UFC 100 due to lack of a financial situation that would allow me to do so and the high price tag. I will also openly admit that my blog tends to be more friendly in regards to StrikeForce and Affliction then UFC which has little to do with me hating UFC and more to do with trying to help build up MMA into more then just UFC as an option. That said, I have seen video clips on You Tube and the post fight press conference on UFC's main site and read many articles since the conclusion of the show and enjoy following the sport so I am not clueless to what happened. After all of that, I will have to say, UFC 100 is probably their most successful show to a mainstream audience I have ever seen but I think it is fair to say I think there is still room for improvement.

First let me start with the face of UFC, Dana White. Dana deserves all the credit in the world for saving UFC and quite possibly MMA and has helped make UFC not only a brand name but loaded it with a long list of creditable fights and fighters. Dana is brash and passionate and to me that is fine. I don't mind that Dana's cursing at times could make a sailor blush, in fact I think it shows a passion and fire inside him that is good for the sport. I don't have some ideal about how a company should handle itself in the public eye because I think all companies are different.

My only issue with him is actually a trait I understand business wise and that is his desire (or seems that way at times anyway) to make the business about his ideals only and UFC being the only name brand in MMA. The business can only be better with competition for both fighters and fans because competition fuels different ideas and brings about some of the best work in people. I understand he does a great service by putting good free fights on television but it is also amazing how often that occurs when a competitor is putting on their show, hoping to draw away from their audience. Dana wants MMA to grow, he should help and not try to fight against rival companies. He doesn't have to be ringside on Showtime at a Strikeforce crowd but he should at least work to not run shows on the same nights that they do or belittle other people's shows or women in MMA doing more then holding a card in a bikini or not giving someone like Bobby Lashley a shot when all he wants is the same chance Brock got with much of the same background.

Next, I would like to discuss Brock Lesnar. I saw his post fight antics and his apology at the press conference and I am willing to give him a break on this one. I do enjoy some great sportsmanship in any sport and it is very nice to see it in one the nature of MMA but I also do not judge someone based on one occurrence. The guy just had the biggest win of his MMA career (though beating Randy Couture was huge too) and he is probably tired of the lack of respect given to him due to his time spent in WWE. It is fine to mock his career choices but when he wins and laughs in your face, many are up in arms about it. Yes, the lines about his wife and going against a big time sponsor were stupid but we all make mistakes and it is more about how we learn from them then anything else. I believe his apology to be sincere and have no issues with him trying to laugh it off as well. I still don't understand how so many people hate this guy just because he is so successful just starting out against some top names in the sport. And sometimes when people jeer you like that, you will lash out when emotion gets the best of you.

Understand, UFC is not my enemy but there is more out there then UFC at times as well. Groups like StrikeForce and Affliction have been known to put on some great cards, including ones coming up like the StrikeForce card featuring Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg and one for Affliction with Fedor Emelianenko. I won't pay for a UFC pay per view nor will I for a wrestling one either, despite being a fan of them but that has more to do with my belief that those costs are way too high a price to pay. I do though enjoy the Ultimate Fighter series and try to catch UFC when they are Spike for free but paying that much is just crazy. UFC though does put on a good show and just because I don't promote them on my blog does not make me naive to what they do, it just means I enjoy rooting for the underdogs in this case. I think specifically StrikeForce is doing great things though I will admit that it is also convenient for me since we already have Showtime and I enjoy watching them grow. I do hope however that UFC starts learning to play nice with other MMA companies and maybe then, I will also learn to respect them more as well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mad Dog Is Unleashed And Biting His Own Staff

Courtesy of MeganCassidy on Twitter, a Syracuse woman also in North Carolina now, I found this video via a link to Deadspin about Chris MadDog Russo going off on everyone at SiriusXM's MadDog Radio. I listen to the channel regularly and I find his claims unfounded though since he runs the channel, I guess he can do as he pleases. Is the stress getting to him because their numbers are not what he had hoped for while WFAN's numbers according to Deadspin and Newsday seem to be "holding steady" without him? Probably but I will give you the link and the video for you to decide for yourself. Someone apparently angered a rabid dog so I guess now we will see what he has planned, which I hope will not effect two of my favorites on the station, Gary Williams (formerly of WFNZ in Charlotte) and Bruce Murray (formerly of Mike and Murray on SirusXM) among others.

Syracuse In The Summer League

I figured since I don't do much on here, I would at least try to help update you on what is going on in the NBA Summer League which started last night and will continue in Las Vegas until July 19th. The link to the website for it is and they even have a feature where you can watch the games online, though for the cost of $14.99. If you can do it within the next few hours, you might catch the Kings (with Donte Greene) playing the Warriors at 8pm EST and the debut of Minnesota's summer team featuring Flynn, Harris and maybe Etan Thomas at 10pm EST against the Houston Rockets (with Darryl Watkins on their roster). So here is what I found earlier today.

Sacramento Kings lost to the Detroit Pistons 86-77
Donte Greene had 11 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal,and 2 turnovers going 3-9 from field goal range and 0-2 from the three point line in 28 minutes played for the Kings.

Houston Rockets beat the Golden State Warriors 73-69
Darryl Watkins went scoreless in two attempts with 3 assists, 1 rebound, 2 steals, and 5 turnovers in 15 minutes of play playing for Houston's summer team.

Toronto Raptors lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 85-84
Demetris Nichols finished with 7 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist while going 1-4 from field goal range, 0-1 from three point land and 5-6 from the free throw line in 14 minutes of play for Toronto's' summer team.

Today's action featured Toronto playing Detroit already in progress and as of this writing, Detroit was winning 49-44 at half time and Demetris Watkins had yet to see any playing time for Toronto.