Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How About 34 Minutes To Relive The Notre Dame Victory In Light Of Syracuse Football Starting Soon?

Wrestlicious, Coming To A TV Screen Near You This Fall

Thanks to the guys at www.pwinsider.com for this information and finding the video on YouTube. And as someone who enjoys watching women wrestle and loved the old Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling days, I am kind of looking forward to it myself. It says coming this fall and according to the guys at PWInsider, it will start off syndicated, which means hopefully you can find it on some local channel. I remember the 80's wrestling scene and it was at it's best when you had the AWA, WCCW, NWA/WCW and the WWE plus GLOW so another company will not hurt the business, though I would watch for the talented wrestlers to be lured away by TNA and WWE first chance they get.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Contest Corner 3-30

http://www.syracuse.com/contests/marchhoopla/ is not really a sports contest but it's from syracuse.com, called March Hoopla, and features a guy dribbling a basketball so I am counting it. Those of you in Syracuse can qualify and choose to enter for gifts from Driver's Village, Key Bank, China Towne Furniture and Mattress, and Harbor View Wine and Liquors.

http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=37590&p=1 is a contest for wrestling fans near the Philadelphia area who are willing to show up for a ROH taping that can get you on HDNet (If I lived closer, I would do this in a heartbeat).

https://condenast.eprize.net/golfdigestopen2009/index.tbapp is for golfing fans with trips to 2010 Pebble Beach US Open, a foursome in Myrtle Beach(I can personally attest to the fact they have some of top notch courses) and daily prizes of $50 American Express gift card.

http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/kiosk/customerInfo.jsp;jsessionid=HP3RM5ED5Y2KRLAQBBKSCNVMCAEFAIWE?promoType=1&sweepsNotesId=27&successURL=%2Fcabelas%2Fen%2Ftemplates%2Fhome%2Fdoorway%2Dhome%2Ejsp%3Fvendor%3Ddoor%5Fpepsi%5Fsuccess%2Ejsp&cmCat=catalog&cm_ven=catalog&cm_ite=pepsi&_requestid=50100 is a long link but could be valuable to those of you who like Cabela's because they are giving away 50 $1000 gift cards to shop there. So if you are a big time outdoors person whether it be hiking, hunting, fishing or you just like their clothing, check this one out.

http://tsc.nascar.com/mostcolorfulfan/ is for racing fans and is a photo contest to show how big of a fan you truly are with prizes on the line including the grand prize of two tickets to the final race of the year.

http://promo.espn.go.com/espn/contests/fave5/ is for those of you who willing to share who your Fav 5 are and could be worth an NBA jersey, a T-Mobile bluetooth headset or the grand prize of a trip to the ESPN studios for a tour.

http://www.sheknows.com/giveaways/win-200-reebok-gift-card/ is in case I have any women checking out the blog or men looking to try and win something for the lady in their life, it's a $200 gift card to Lady Foot Locker.

http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009/sweepstakes?campaign=DDS_Interc is a link to win a trip to the NFL draft and actually announce a draft pick.

Was Coach Boeheim Not Available? WTF

Sunday, March 29, 2009

CitrusTV Central 3-29 Orange Press Pass

Orange Press Pass: Oklahoma - March 27 | CitrusTV

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Contest Corner 3-28

http://racing.bestwestern.com/2009aprilfools.asp is for NASCAR fans and someone with a great idea for an April Fools prank to pull on a friend or family member that driver Michael Waltrip will assist you with. If he picks your prank, you will win a trip to see a race on April 17th.

http://www.nhl.com/ has a contest where when you vote on the Fan Fav of the week, you will qualify for prizes as well.

http://www.cmt.com/interact/sweepstakes/go-racing/ is also for NASCAR fans from CMT where you can win a trip to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend and get to see the Trick My Truck crew as well. This includes airfare and hotel as well as garage and pit passes plus other bonuses.

http://www.jetblue.com/deals/clippersjazzjetaway/ Jet Blue wants to send you to see the Utah Jazz host the Los Angeles Clippers on April 13.

http://www.gamestop.com/gs/sweepstakes/wwelgd/default.aspx This one is for all of you 80's wrestling fans. They are giving away three prize packs, one for Hot Rod Roddy Piper, one for Hulkamania and one for the Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart.

http://www.pwipop.com/features.php?feature=343 speaking of wrestling, the guys at pwiPOP
associated with www.pwinsider.com bring you a contest to win Wrestlemania shirts and more. Just a quick email with your name and address including zip code and you could be a winner.

http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid67870.aspx for those who ever wanted to smell like Tony Stewart and Brian Urlacher, a free sample of Old Spice Body Wash brought to you by your friends at Wal-Mart.

http://www.amazon.com/2009-Sports-Illustrated-Swimsuit-Show/dp/B001SE8MK2/ref=dv_gw_swimsuitNonCM?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=right-3&pf_rd_r=0N6P5KCQ4H126TFZX69D&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=469618891&pf_rd_i=507846 is a link to a free video of the 2009 SI Swimsuit Edition.

Latest TNA Wrestling Webmatch, ODB against Sojo Bolt, I Love The TNA Knockouts

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Syracuse Crunch Fans, Save Money And Celebrate Syracuse Orange Tournament Run

I just received this email and wanted to pass it along for those of you who may be hockey fans in Syracuse as well as show that there is a show of support for this Sweet Sixteen run.

Crunch to Wear Syracuse Orange Helmet Decals in Support of Syracuse University Men’s Basketball Team

Syracuse, NY (March 26, 2009) – The Syracuse Crunch announced today that in support of the Syracuse University men’s basketball team and their Sweet 16 game against Oklahoma tomorrow night, the club will wear Syracuse Orange helmet decals during tomorrow’s 7:30 p.m. match-up vs. San Antonio.

In addition, any fan that shows up wearing orange will receive a $2 discount off a regularly priced adult ticket (day of game ticket prices still apply).

The Crunch’s next game is Friday, March 27 as they battle San Antonio at the War Memorial at Oncenter at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Crunch office at 315-473-4444, stopping by the Oncenter Box Office, located on the State Street side of the War Memorial or by calling Ticketmaster at 315-472-0700.
Visit us online at http://www.syracusecrunch.com/

Tully's and CitrusTV, These Are Two Of My Favorite Things


I found this item on the CitrusTV website and I am urging those of you who love the Tully's Tenders to stop out on Thursday, April 2nd at the Tullys on Erie Blvd. in DeWitt. Come on, it's Tully's and CitrusTV and you don't have to do anything but show up and tell your server you want to donate 10% of your dinner to CitrusTV and they will handle the rest. Umm, Tully's Tenders!

Syracuse/UConn 6 OT Game Now On DVD, We Need Your Money Now

If you looking for even more souvenirs to celebrate the 6 overtime effort in the Big East Conference Tournamnet game between Syracuse and Connecticut, Syracuse Athletics proud brings you the DVD. http://suathletics.com/buydvd.aspx is the link to help you get over 3 hours of action packed basketball. So if you have the shirt and you have the plaques, what's another $20 to get the DVD? And as a bonus, after every purchase you make, there will be noises that sound something like this coming from the offices at Syracuse University:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If Your Walking In Memphis For The Orange Game, Here Are Some Helpful Guides

I sat here pondering whether I should remake the words to Oklahoma the musical or find some remarks from Sooners fans knocking the Orange when I had a better idea. I am not sure how many actually plan to visit the FedEx Forum in Memphis this weekend for the games but in case someone does, I thought I would add some links to help you out.

Driving and Parking Directions For The FedEx Forum: http://www.fedexforum.com/pages/directions_and_parking/default.aspx

Traffic Advisories For The Forum: http://www.fedexforum.com/pages/directions_and_parking/traffic_advisories.aspx

Restaurant Guide (I hear the BBQ is fantastic): http://www.memphistravel.com/restaurants/

Coupons And Special Offers: http://www.memphistravel.com/visitors/special_offers/default.aspx

Want To Ride The Trolley: http://www.fedexforum.com/pages/directions_and_parking/trolley_service.aspx

And For The After Party: http://www.memphistravel.com/visitors/music_nightlife/default.aspx

And thanks to TNIAAM for pointing out this bit of news for those wanting somewhere Orange friendly before the game starts: http://www.suathletics.com/news/2009/3/25/MBB_0325091522.aspx

And as a side note, the Memphis Grizzlies will be on the road this weekend so you will have to wait until April 1st if you wish to see Hakim Warrick play Etan Thomas and the Washington Wizards while your in town. Here is their site, if you are interested and if you see the main page, they are running a poll about who you would like to see in a Memphis Grizzlies uniform and Jonny Flynn is one of the players listed. http://www.nba.com/grizzlies/index.html

CitrusTV Central 3-25

Though I am trying to phase out of making this more then just a video blog, I will always include CitrusTV videos on this blog because they do provide breakdown on Syracuse sports and it's a chance to get to know the next generation of broadcasters coming from the Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Contest Corner 3-25, SNY/Big East/Elite Eight Second Chance Contest

http://www.snybigeasthoopswiki.com/page/SNY+Second-Chance+Sweepstakes is my only link for today but it's specifically aimed at Big East fans with SNY network. I do not get the channel on Time Warner in North Carolina so I did not see this until I got an email from someone from SNY with details. It is a second chance to pick which teams advance to the Elite Eight round of the NCAA tournament. Grand prize is two tickets to the 2010 Big East tournament with SNY backpacks and hats awarded to winner of each round. Living in NC, it may be a bit hard to make the BET's but I do like the looks of the hat and backpack even if I don't get the channel here (the fact that I am a Mets fan and know they carry their games helps too). I could have done a search for more contests but to be honest, I am running behind today and anytime someone specifically targets me to promote a contest, I figure it is at least worth featuring it. So click the link and good luck, my picks were mostly Big East so I doubt I win anything since I am sure most involved are Big East fans who did the same thing, though I did take Missouri over Memphis.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CBS Sports and Steve Lappas Preview Syracuse/Oklahoma

Contest Corner 3-24

Not sure how many actually care about these but before I do some work on something else I had planned, I thought I would add some more links to other sports related contests. Yeah, maybe one day I will learn how to make the links a bit better but hey, it's for free stuff so that's something good, right?

http://vegas.nhl.com/Enter.aspx is the link to win free roundtrip airfare and hotel costs to Las Vegas for the NHL Awards including tickets to the show and the after party.

http://www.grandslamtennistours.com/win_rg.html is for any tennis fans if we have any. It's a for a trip for two to the 2009 Roland Garros Finals in France.

http://www.cbssports.com/contests is for a general page on CBSSports.com that includes fantasy sports contests as well as other contests such as Member Mayhem, which you submit an essay about your favorite college basketball team and could win autographed memorabilia.

https://sinissanzlist.secondthought.com/sweeps.jsp is for those of you who loves swimsuit models, more specifically Melissa Keller who, if you win, will accompany you and one other person to a regular season game of your choice in either Los Angeles, your hometown or the city of your favorite team (wonder if she would enjoy Syracuse in the fall and whether my wife would enjoy it as well?).

Update: I just found two more you may be interested in attempting.

https://secure.mlb.com/mlb/sweepstakes/y2009/spcom_sweeps_form.jsp for two tickets to opening day of baseball season.

How about free pizza for your gameday?

A TNA Knockouts WebMatch For You To Enjoy

As a wrestling fan and more specifically, TNA wrestling, I thought I would share this video of two TNA knockouts (Madison Rayne verses Taylor Wilde) for you to enjoy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Syracuse Orange Win Despite Playing Like They Were At A YMCA Pickup Game

So the Syracuse Orange basketball team beat the Lumberjackers of Stephen F Austin, in SFA's first ever NCAA tournament appearance, 59-44 and a win is a win, right? This team needs to thank AO, Jackson and Flynn for this win because minus Harris's rebounding skills ( a phenomenal 16 boards for the game), nothing else was helping this team. Andy was shooting ice cold (0-6 from the floor), KO was sick, literally, and did not play and Devendorf has one of the worst games I have ever seen him play ( 3-11 from the field and 1-5 from three point range),though to be fair, I don't always get to see Syracuse games either living in North Carolina and working evenings.

Kris Joseph has a sweet looking three but was making a few, what I call learning mistakes. The syracuse.com basketball group made a great assessment via Twitter that as well wondering why KJ was getting the fire of brimstone for his one or two miscues when Devo had more bad plays then I can count. Devendorf has 10 point still and only 6 turnovers but it looked a lot uglier then that.

Jonny Flynn had 16 points but he also had 7 turnovers, most of which were passes trying to make plays where they weren't inside. He did make some great plays in the first half, especially finding AO and Jackson down inside.

The second half though reminded me of a Y team where the guys had never played together and were trying to feel each other out. They were sloppy, even to the point Coach Boeheim was calling TO's to try and get them to wake up. It looked like even though they were safely up big, they were still trying to force too much.

The Orange were very effective defensively, especially the two big men and kept the Lumberjacks in check, only allowing 2 players into double digits (10 and 12 points, respectively). They also combined to force 6 turnovers and had 11 blocked shots, which may not sound huge but watching the game you could tell it was effective (though the Lumberjacks only shot 25% from the field too). Had this been a better team, this Syracuse team would be walking along South Beach on their way to an airport to fly back to Syracuse.

Next up is the Arizona State/Temple winner and this team will need to wake up now if they want to have a chance in that game. I think a healthy Kristof will help things out a lot because to me, he is a catalyst for this team. He has that intangible to get the rebound, play with fire that can spark the whole team and open up the floor more to others. Yes, rebounding was covered well this game but there is just something about this team that is better when Kristof is in the game. Is it the Waffle's intensity that makes everything better? I don't know but I hope he is better by Sunday because I think we will definitely need him.

So until Sunday, let's enjoy the other action as the Big East teams have shown signs of struggling as well (Villanova knows where American University is now I bet) but still managing to win and represent the league well. I also hope to maintain my 2 losses in my brackets for as long as I can as well. Isn't it amazing how sometimes you can fill out 6 different brackets with some variation and yet only have 2 wrong a piece on them?

For another Orange viewpoint, check out The Orange Report here (his is better anyway but I had started this before I found out he did so I am posting it for the heck of it): http://orangereport.wordpress.com/2009/03/20/sfa-1st-round-analysis/

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Contest Central 5-19

Of course, shortly after I posted the one yesterday, I found some more sports related contests that I thought I would share. I am unsure how many of you out there enjoy these but I m a contest junkie who can easily spend hours filling out the forms if the prize is worth it. It's the reason I am addicted to Powerade after I won a contest of 20 cases and a gift bag when the grand prize was 80 cases and Steve Smith coaching your kid's football team for a day. So I think it's worth it and so i will continue to share these with you all unless you tell me otherwise.

http://adidas.promo.eprize.com/takethedistance/ is a link for a chance to fly away and meet BJ Upton, Ryan Howard, or Justin Upton in Phoenix.

https://www.colorado.com/TripGiveaway.aspx is for those of you who are interested in skiing, dog sledding or well, cooking as well and it's a free trip so that's a plus.

http://www.newbalancegore-tex.com/flash/entertowin/ is for a trip to Jackson Hole, WY for some mountain biking.

http://www.shopaarons.com/fishintrip/ is for those who have begun daydreaming of Florida in light of the game tomorrow and like deep sea fishing though this one is in Panama City Beach and not Miami, sorry.

https://dunkinathome.safeprocessing.com/ for a free sample of Dunkin Donuts cofee. This may not be directly related to sports but as a wrestling fan over the years, I have heard that many of the boys think they have the best coffee for road trips and hey, its a free sample so you win when you enter.

Video Of Devo Talkin Smack Through The Eyes Of Ricky Bobby

As I watched Talladega Nights this morning, I could not help but watch and recall recent comments about Eric Devendorf talking smack to other players and wonder if it was similar to Ricky Bobby in the movie. So here is what I think was said on the floor that night though if the officials will be looking for it, I hope he does not bring it to the NCAA tournament games.

And of course his dancing and love for the ladies here and as a pitch man if he has endorsements.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Want To Watch The NCAA Tournament But No Access To TV?


That's right, don't forget you can stream the games live and for free at the above link. So if your boss thinks making you work this time of the year is mandatory, just open it up on your computer and show him just how productive you can be. Don't forget Friday at noon EST to have it on for Syracuse/Stephen F Austin. And they say the only positive thing on the internet is porn. Go Orange!

Contest Central

Found a few more contests some of you might enjoy.

http://shop.fanhouse.com/Offer/fanhouse_ilovehoops.htm is a chance to win $250 worth of gift certificates to the Fanhouse store.

http://www.gamestop.com/gs/sweepstakes/wiisweeps/default.aspx Gamestop is giving away a PS3 and a Wii for you gamers.

http://www.spike.com/sweeps/mancave/enter Spike TV and the new film "I Love You Man" are giving away a mancave for you to enjoy some Orange sports (a 50 inch flat screen 1080 TV and PS3 console with Rock Band and even a man groomer in case hot women approach the cave).

http://www.condenet.com/promo/mensipodaday/sweeps/mensipodaday/entry/long/ For those looking for an iPod touch, Men's Style is giving away one a day during fashion week (and I have no clue when that is but the prize seems pretty sweet).

http://www.mycokerewards.com/ is also a great place to go for those of you who drink Coke products and Powerade. You get the codes from specially marked lids or cases and enter them in to either save up for a gift or bid on prizes.

http://www.m2omedia.com/danpatrick/ and last but not least, for all you sports talk junkies. Dan Patrick may have left ESPN but he has his own show and website through SI now. He also has Dan Nation which offers prizes by acquiring points you get by listening to his show and then bidding on them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

12 Reasons Why.....#3 Matt Roe Was More Then Just A Great Three Point Shooter

I must start this interview by saying that I am most thankful for this opportunity because this guy was someone I looked up to in my younger days and wanted to shoot the outside shot just like he did. When I asked him to do this, I sort of half expected a blow off but the man was nothing but friendly and willing. He did not hold back when some of this involved personal business but I could not help but feel like that teenage kid again reading his responses. Without further ado,I present to you the man who shot the three with an Orange three on his jersey, Mr. Matt Roe.

12 Reasons Why.....#3 Matt Roe Was More Then Just A Great Three Point Shooter

1. Matt, I have to start by saying it is an honor for you to do this as a lifelong Orange fan. For those not familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I was born in Rochester, NY and have lived in Syracuse since the age of 2. I went to F-M HS. Was lucky enough to play for Syracuse for three years and then transferred to Maryland for 2 years (having to sit out a year).
After college, I tried out twice for the NBA (last cut with Seattle in 1991 and the free agent camp with the Washington Bullets in 1994 but decided to take the guarantee money in Europe. I played 1 year in the CBA for the Sioux Falls Sky Force. I also played six year in Europe (Switzerland and France) and in Israel.
I then was an assistant coach at Fairfield University for three years. I then went into Financial Services as a Financial Advisor at HSBC Bank and three years ago I started my own State Farm agency back in Syracuse, NY. Who says you can never come home??

2. You played for the Syracuse Orangemen basketball team until your junior year. How was your experience on that those teams and if you don't mind me asking, why did you decide to transfer to Maryland?

I don't mind you asking at all. I get that question all the time. I have also heard all the rumors that are entertaining. It is tough on anybody to make a decision like that at 19 years old but looking back- it was not one I would do over again. The bottom line is that I wanted to have a shot at the NBA. Nobody ever thought I could play at a high level Div I program like Syracuse and I did prove a lot of people wrong. The general consensus was that I would not be able to play at the pro level. I was the 4th leading scorer on the SU team behind Sherman Douglas, Stevie Thompson, Derrick Coleman (and also Billy Owens was right there as well and a rising Sophomore). So with Sherman graduating (and he was the one who set me up for the 3's most of the time) and no returning PG, and losing some of my playing time to Dave Johnson at the end of my junior year- I decided to look at other teams. Coach Boeheim always told me I could come back if I didn't like any of my visits. I visited Kentucky, Loyola Marymount, Rutgers and Northwestern. I really had not made up my mind to leave until I got a call from Gary Williams- he had just received the job at University of Maryland. It was a perfect fit for me but I did not know they were about to go on probation. I ended up staying there and averaging about 18 pts a game but we had no exposure and our great PG Walt Williams broke his leg 1/2 into the season. Its funny, the next year- SU really struggled from the 3pt line, had Leron Ellis transfer in and ended up trying Stevie Thompson at the PG position and then moving Michael Edwards there (also Dave Johnson struggled and really did not play much his Sophomore year). I really believe I could have been a "Reid Getty's" (Houston) type of PG for that team and we had a chance to win a National Championship. I cannot change the past, only move forward- but that is the real story.

3. You later played a few years of pro basketball and even did some coaching. Where did you play/coach after you graduated from Maryland and what memories do you have from those days?

Kind of answered that question above. Great memories of Europe playing. Always a pleasure to play the game you love and get paid for it. I coached at Fairfield University which was a struggle for me b/c when you play at a school like SU, you are accustomed to winning all the time. It is tough to coach at a school when you lose more than you win.

4. You are now working as an insurance agent with for State Farm (http://www.mattroe3.com/), how did that come about? Why should someone sign on with you as their insurance agent?

It came about because I love to help people do the right thing and I always wanted to own my own business. With the way this economy has been the past year or so, it seems to be the right move. My job still involves day to day coaching and mentoring with my team of three staff members. I also enjoy financial planning- which State Farm had the #1 rated Mutual Funds by Barron's in 2008.
Why should someone sign up with me- because I am very hard working and I will always do the right things for my clients. We just believe in Superior Service and giving people the best value for their money. It always goes back to hard work for me every time.

5. Those who listen to Orange basketball games may know you also do some work with the voice of the Orange Matt Park. Was that something you always wanted to do or just an opportunity you just could not refuse to do?

Matt Park is one of the best in the business. People have no idea really how talented he is. He makes my job very easy.
For me it was a way to stay involved in my community and a sport I love. I feel very fortunate that Coach Boehiem has given me an opportunity to do the color commentating for the flagship radio station. I am probably the only transfer in the country that is doing the radio for his former school.. Coach Boeheim also was the one who helped me get my first job in coaching with Tim O'Toole and Fairfield so I am very thankful to Coach for that.

6. As a former Orange and someone who watches them play, what are your impressions of this 2008-2009 Orange team? Any guy in particular you just love to watch when the ball is in their hand? I also have to ask, who do you think is the better 3 point shooter, you or Andy Rautins?

I really love watching Jonny Flynn play- he is so competitive. I also enjoy Andy Rautins.
Yes, he is a better shooter than me. He shoots deeper but for my pride I would say the %'s don't lie. But Andy is much more all around than I was- he defends, passes, handles (where my ball handling did not improve until I went over to Europe where you had to create to score 25pts a game).

7. Speaking of Andy, with him on the team now and Brandon Triche coming in next year being local high school athletes and you being one yourself, do you find there is a lot of expectations them to perform and what advice would you give them?

There is always expectations on a local kid. But I firmly believe Coach would not recruit them if he felt they could not play. Andy is very mature for his age and has a great head on his shoulders. I don't know Brandon- but if he is a relative of Howie's- he will be very prepared as well. He seems to have a great feel for the game and plays mature and not flashy or showy. The only advice I would give is to play hard and have fun. College flies by very fast.
I just did an interview with Derrick Coleman in NYC and he is just such a fantastic guy. We have both grown up so much and he is just so into the SU program and giving opportunities to inner-city kids. I got the chills talking to him b/c I was so inspired by him and his great smile and all his memories. He made me feel more guilty about my transfer decision. But for me and him now, it is all about our families and kids. That is what is most important to me. I have a beautiful wife Kristen, six year old daughter Lexie and my son Trevor is four.

8. You played alongside some of Syracuse's biggest names during your tenure on the team. What was that like and do you still keep in touch with any of your former teammates? Any of them clients of State Farm with you as their agent(http://www.mattroe3.com/)?

None of them are clients of State Farm b/c most of them don't live in NY (that is the only State I can write in). Mike Hopkins will be, along with my former roommate and lacrosse goalie Matt Palumb.
As I mentioned, I saw Derrick Coleman and Billy Owens over the weekend at the Big East Tournament. I saw Sherman Douglass a few years ago when Coach was honored by the NYAC in NYC after winning the Championship. Stevie Thompson has come to SU for Exhibition games the past two years. It is hard to stay in touch b/c we all live in different parts of the country.

9. Many Orange fans are very faithful to those who wore Syracuse jerseys and some are not shy about their opinions about the team. Do you enjoy the attention at times or can it be overwhelming at times? What is the best way to approach Matt Roe for a fan interested in a photograph/autograph with you?

Trust me- we all love it- especially when our playing days are over. A lot of people still recognize my name but they don't recognize me now b/c I am bald. It takes people a few looks to figure it out!! But no, anybody can approach me at any time.

10. Do you follow any other sports teams and Orange sports? When your not in the Dome, where are you most likely to see a game? You a homebody or love to interact at sports bars?

I don't go to other sporting events often. I really love watching the games at the Dome. I am really all about work and my family. We spend our summers out on Otisco Lake- boating, fishing, etc. Great way to unwind from work!!

11. Recently Syracuse and Connecticut had a SIX overtime game in the Big East conference tournament. What did you think of the game and is it the best game you have ever seen? What is your favorite memory as a player in a big game situation?

Well, I announced that game (it was my 3rd that day). It was the greatest I have ever seen. I give a lot of respect to the players for their fortitude and to keep coming back every OT except for the 6th and last. That defined HEART and COURAGE to me. The fans were just as great at MSG. Anybody who attended that game will NEVER forget it. Once in a lifetime. The way the fans stood on their feet for each overtime was incredible.
My favorite memory as a player was really not even when I was on the floor playing. Had to be our run in 1987 when we went to the Final Four- but the worst was when Keith Smart hit that jump shot. So it was the highest of the highs and lowest of lows.

12. Your Free Space: Matt Roe, I can not tell you how much I appreciate having you do this for the blog and the Orange fans. Now that I have asked what I wanted to ask, this is your time to say anything you want the fans to know whether it's an opinion on something or pitching State Farm insurance from #3 Matt Roe(http://www.mattroe3.com/). The floor is yours Mr. Roe.

I would love to pitch State Farm b/c all season our radio station has other sponsors and does not allow that but that would probably bore everybody. I will say this though, State Farm except that it is an exceptional company and I love doing what I do as an agent, you would never be disappointed if I was your agent. With that being said, on to hoops and the Syracuse Community.
I just want to thank the ENTIRE Syracuse Community for taking me back with open arms and I am sure some people are upset that I transferred. I have never felt uncomfortable ONE DAY living here. The people of this community have been nothing but supportive for me and my family. It was like I never left and I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.
This community has so much to offer- great fans, great schools and a great basketball team!!Thank you very much for this opportunity Chuck- your questions were very original and I had a very good time going back down memory lane!!Thanks
Matt Roe

I would be speechless except this is a blog and I have to thank Matt Roe again for agreeing to do this interview. And if you did not previously like his transfer, which as a young man confused me, I must say that each one of us should welcome him back into the family. I have heard the games on the Syracuse ISP with Matt Park and Matt Roe and they do a great job. Oh and if your in the market, check out http://www.mattroe3.com/ . If you will excuse me, I think it's time I get some sleep and head to the Y and sit outside the three point line and remember the days when I wanted to shoot them like Matt.

Is Devendorf A Liability Or An Asset? Doub Gottlieb Says He Could Be Both

After reading an article Sean posted over at TNIAAM(http://www.nunesmagician.com/2009/3/17/801490/hate-is-a-strong-word-but) which I also agree is based on someone trying to sensationalize a story, I found another take on Eric Devendorf in the tournament. I was doing my daily read of http://www.fanhouse.com/, which I also have listed under my links area, and found a podcast involving their writers and ESPN's Doug Gottlieb. They have it so that you can listen to the entire interview or split up into six segments. In segment 5, they discuss the Big East, Connecticut and Syracuse in the tournament.

Towards the end of the clip, they discuss the Orange. Doug says this team could be a one and done or a Final Four team and could go either way. He didn't think fatigue would be a factor and talks about when he played against them in 1999 in the tournament. Doug then talks about Eric win it or lose it for a team, "loves taking the big shot but is a turnover waiting to happen" and if he talks trash like he did in the Big East, will be T'd up(given a technical foul) by tournament officials. He then refers to Jonny Flynn as "playing much more unselfish as of late" as well as calling him a "warrior and great kid". He also talks about Arinze Onuaku who he says, "when healthy, can be a beast inside". He also talks about the defense by calling it an "ole hand up hairy defense who can be beaten by a team with a hot hand" who sometimes don't have "respect for their own opponent".

For the link to the entire interview, click here http://backporch.fanhouse.com/2009/03/17/fh-podcast-6-1-espns-doug-gottlieb/ . I enjoyed the interview and the break down including his analysis of why St. Mary was not the best team left out of the field of 65 but in fact it was San Diego State.

Now, normally I would pick apart his analysis and possibly take those comments and call him an Orange hater but if your honest with yourself, isn't he partially correct, especially on the Devendorf parts. Plus, he did prove he can be positive when it comes to breaking down this team in that he said they could go Final Four. I like watching Eric play but sometimes he can be as much of an asset to this team as he can be a distraction. Doug is also not the only to point out in the past few days how much Eric's gestures and smack talking was prevalent during the Big East tournament and could cost this team with the right official just looking for a reason. As much as he has saved this team with his big game three point shots, he has also had some costly turnovers as well.

So which Eric Devendorf will show up in the NCAA tournament? I think it will be both but it's more of a matter of when and where he will bring those aspects of his game into play. He has proven he has all the ability in the world to play at this level whether it is out there to shoot the long ball or even drive to the lane when he has one (or sometimes make a lane where there is none even). And he does handle the ball quite often so turnovers do happen but him and Flynn will both have to be very careful this time around. All it takes is one loss and you are going home for the a few months so everyone has to be playing their best ball of the year or else Stephen F Austin will enjoy taking advantage of it with the winner of Arizona State/Temple waiting in the wings in case they sneak by.

Will Jonny Flynn show the world that he is the best point guard in college basketball? Will AO be that presence inside we will need especially as this team advances? Can Rautins return to that guy who was hitting double digit three pointers or at least hit them in the clutch like he did in that six overtime win against the Huskies? Will the Waffle provide that intensity he brings to this team in the hopes his last game as a Syracuse Orange is in the NCAA tournament finals? And what Rick "Action" Jackson will show up to help the inside game? Tune in on Friday around noon EST to find out and let's hope we see the team that I think can compete with and beat any team in this country. Go Orange!

Coke Zero Contest

I just received an email from a representative of Coke Zero and he wanted to pass along this bit of information:

"There are no video or photo entries for Syracuse on the "March Madabase" -- http://www.tastethemadness.com -- so now is the chance for Orange fans to put themselves in the spotlight (there are entries for conference rivals like WVU and St. John's). All Syracuse fans have to do to enter is upload their most passionate videos/photos supporting their team, and they could be featured in a national Coke Zero TV ad on college basketball's biggest night. As an example, check out this video from fellow Big East school, West Virginia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8wYr3PGA7k "

Now I know many of you are skilled with the videos and photoshops so why not give it a try. This is a chance to have your video shown during the tournament. Go over to http://www.tastethemadness.com/ and submit an entry. I would but as those of you who read this blog knows, my skills are somewhat limited with stuff like that. We have a #3 seed and it would be fun to see it supported by our fan base.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Other Sports Related Contests

I wanted to share links to other contests for you sports fans to enjoy if you want. Some take simply filling out a form while others may take a little more (VitaminWater requires you make a video). Enjoy and good luck.

http://www.ncaa.com/blog/revive.html is from VitaminWater and could be worth a trip to the Final Four in Detroit.

http://www.wweshop.com/sweepstakes.asp?iid=wm25sweepsfi.jpg is for Wrestlemania prizes with the grand prize being a 40' HD LCD TV and other prizes such as a Wii and Wii Fit as well as $250 WWE Shopzone spree.

http://www.kfc.com/pride360/blackhistorymonth/ KFC is giving away a trip to the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

http://rhinolacrosse.com/leviscontest/ hey lacrosse fans, here is a chance to win a trip to the 2009 MLL All Star Game in Denver brought to you by Levi's.

http://www.degreemen.com/Men/V12.aspx NASCAR fans can win race tickets to Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.

http://promotions.cfapromo.com/versus2009/ This one is for MMA fans to win a trip to a WEC show in Vegas in April including meeting fighter Urijah Faber.

http://www.fathead.com/awesome/?cm_re=bottom-_-ad1-_-link1 Fathead is giving away sports team recliners and Dick Vitale items.

http://www.bigleagueclubz.com/register Another All-star game but this time Major League Baseball 2009 in St. Louis from Schlotzsky's.

http://gnc.promotionexpert.com/footballfanatic/index.html GNC is giving away a trip to a pro football game on 2/7/2010 with extra stuff thrown in to help enjoy the day.

http://www.bayeradvanced.com/lowesrose/sweepstakes.cfm And speaking of 2010 football, how about a trip to the Rose Bowl as well?

http://stpauligirl.eprize.net/wingit/index.tbapp Not a sporting event but it involves wings, women and some sporting gifts as other prizes and the grand prize is in Buffalo, NY.

http://www.littledebbiemilesofsmiles.com/ is from Little Debbie and giving away racing stuff as well as gaming systems and televisions.

New Features Note

Just a quick note to let you know that the music player and Fandome videos apparently will play automatically so you can either pause them or in the case of the music player, skip to the next song/Orange clip(I have about 10 clips overall on there).

The Fox Sports widget does allow you to look at both Syracuse basketball and football information. You just click on the bottom SU symbol to switch.

I am constantly trying to find new links and blogs to add to those areas so if you know any other website or blog that is Orange related, let me know and I will be glad to add it.

I hope you all enjoy the new stuff and know, I am not done yet either. I am hoping to find a couple new people to bring back the 12 Reasons Why..... format as well in the near future. Have a great day and Go Orange.

Syracuse/Stephen F Austin Game Links

For those of you interested in being informed about the upcoming game this Friday, you can find and comment on the starting time and other information at TNIAAM here http://www.nunesmagician.com/2009/3/15/798560/time-set-for-syracuse-s-nc .

You can also find some great analysis of Stephen F. Austin on two Orange blogs with the Idiots here http://www.idiotsonsports.com/2009/03/getting-to-know-stephen-f-austin.html and The Orange Report here http://orangereport.wordpress.com/2009/03/16/stephen-f-austin-preview/ .

I was planning to do the same thing but since they beat me to it and I have no problems spreading the love, I thought I would pass these along in case anyone missed them. Oh and don't forget to hound the Idiots while your there about an Orange Snuggie or thong if your a woman because nothing says sexy like 3 Idiots on your underwear.

Memphis Coach Calipari Breaks Down Syracuse/SFA First Round Game

Contest Time

In light of the Syracuse Orange mens basketball team getting a 3 seed and how well they played in the Bg East Tournament, I thought I would have some fun with the NCAA tournament. I will give out a free 32 ounce Powerade certificate and throw in a little something extra as well(winners choice of a 1984 former Orange Gary Anderson sports card or $20 gift card to either Panera Bread, McDonalds or Pizza Hut, sorry I don't have any Tully's gift cards at the moment) to the person who can tell me how far Syracuse advances in the NCAA tournament. Leave your answers in the comment section and also provide a tie breaking score prediction and the team that will beat them in case someone else would also like to predict the same round. At the end of the tournament, I will post the winner's name and you will have to email me to work out the prize details. Good luck and Go Orange!.

syracuse.com With Coach Boeheim's Reaction To The NCAA Seeding

Jim Boeheim: NCAA Tournament

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Look, New Features, Same Orange Chuck

So if you have ever been to this website before, you may have noticed a different look to it. I have decided to try and work harder to provide a better blog for those interested in checking it out. I will do more writing when possible as well as continue to prove some videos from time to time (such as Citrus TV videos which I will call Citrus Corner ). I will continue to do the polls as well because well, I have fun trying to come up with new ideas and each poll will last two weeks because I don't expect everyone to read this blog on a daily basis and give them time to answer. I also have some new features I am hoping to do soon and looking into a couple other possible changes as well. I hope you all like the new look and please, leave your feedback either way if you have an opinion. Go Orange!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Could These Overtime Wins Cost Us To Lose Something Bigger?

As I sit here typing this mentally and even somewhat physically drained, I am left in awe that Syracuse has basically played 3 games in 2 days. It's so great to turn on ESPN and check out sports news websites and see the joy of the Orange being spread across the nation. But with all this attention, I can't help but wonder if its not just fatigue we should be worried about with this Syracuse Orange basketball team but why it may be the catalyst for Jonny Flynn to go pro and cost this team more in the long term.

When you see mainstream national media like Jay Marrioti and Lisa Olson (http://lisa-olson.fanhouse.com/2009/03/14/orange-ironmen-somehow-press-on/) focusing on this team and ESPN Sportscenter continuously referring to Jonny Flynn as possibly the greatest point guard in the nation, you have to think others are watching this as well. When the announcers constantly remark about his endurance and minutes played in an MVP like effort, I get scared because I know this is either catching someones attention or enforcing some NBA GM's instincts that maybe Jonny Flynn is worth a lottery pick.

Don't get me wrong, I wish the man nothing but whatever makes him happy and the best of luck. I just can't help at times but be somewhat selfish that next year, we could be without him when we had the potential for Flynn to mentor incoming freshman Brandon Triche as well as enjoy his hard work in an Orange jersey.

Now I am obviously not an NBA executive nor am I Mel Kiper Jr. who can break down teams and their needs and evaluate where they may be drafted. I am however smart enough to know NBA scouts have to love a team leader who can play major minutes in consecutive days and be this damn good. Watch Sportscenter or the Big East Tournament coverage and see for yourself how much they seem to be pointing out his effort on his way to what should be a tournament MVP.

To add to this speculation, I take you back to an interview with Kevin Maher of WTVH 5 where he was discussing how he had people who would be disappointed if he left the Orange to go pro but also have some disappointed if he stayed. Let's face it, the payday is enough even with taxes and an agent's cut, he could be set for life with some good investments as well as be able to do things for his family many of us wish we could.

Maybe I am just paranoid and living off fumes from all the nonstop action as of late but I can't help but wonder if this does increase his value and in turn, make it more feasible to leave now for the big payday. I love the Orange and Flynn's performance over this season has been comparable to many great point guards we have been blessed to have on the Orange. His name deserves to be mentioned with that of McNamara, Washington and Douglas and he still has two more years of eligibility left. Is it best to leave now while the fire is hot or should he stick around for four years to establish a better resume of work over a longer time frame? My heart says I want Flynn to stay so I can hold my head up high and wear my Orange proudly in ACC country. However my brain is speculating as the Big East tournament finale begins tonight and the NCAA's start next week with Syracuse's seed possibly getting better thanks to Flynn, just what will the future hold for Jonny Flynn.

UPDATE: For those curious, I also posted it on Bleacher Report and it's been my most read article on there yet, even featured on www.CBSsports.com following the Big East championship game last night. Here is the link with some minor changes http://bleacherreport.com/articles/138981-could-these-overtime-wins-cost-syracuse-orange-basketball-something-bigger

Friday, March 13, 2009

Six Overtimes But Orange Beat UConn And Here Is The Proof

I wanted to add something here to mark this very special occasion. I found the video below posted tonight as well as some links to articles about the epic game in which the Syracuse Orange beat UConn in 6 OT's to advance to face West Virginia in the Big East Tournament. Check out the links courtesy of www.fanhouse.com and the video that I am sure will be all over ESPN networks tomorrow.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orange Cheerleaders :)

Syracuse University Coed Cheerleading Team

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Latest Edition Of Ultimate SU Fans Including The Best Looking One Yet

What If We Weren't The Orange Or Playing In The Carrier Dome?

First off, I must apologize as I have not only had computer issues but family issues as well that have slowed down what I thought would be ample time to make a new post. I know this blog is not must read daily (or in some cases ever) but I do like to try and put something new on here when I can.

Now on to my latest thought. I apologize up front if this idea has been used but I don't remember it. Anyway, I was sitting around work and an idea popped in my head. What if Syracuse were no longer known as the Orange or someone wanted to rename the Carrier Dome since Carrier is not exactly a huge force in the Syracuse area anymore as it was when it was named. So I put together my own list of 10 names I would use or at least consider. Feel free to leave in the comment area any ideas you would have if you were asked for ideas. Here is my list for you to criticize as you wish.

Top 10 Names To Replace The Orange:
10. Syracuse Barges
To honor the Erie Canal and so we can hear someone utter the phrase, "Barges, we don't need no stinkin barges."

9. Syracuse Mardones
And we change the fight song to the classic hit Into The Night by Syracuse native Benny Mardones. Ahh, how I miss those slow dances at school when I was a young man in the Cuse.

8. Syracuse Ottos
Then we make it so that everyone must play in an Otto suit, makes things more interesting. And because I love Otto and wish I had been a member of Otto's Army when I was younger.

7. Syracuse Choppers
This will give you a 10% discount at Price Choppers in the Syracuse area with every victory, ticket stub and of course, your discount card. Also could work in the Orange County Choppers and maybe a custom designed bike for seniors/MVP's.

6. Syracuse Dome Rangers
In honor of the mascot who made more laps up and down the sidelines of the Carrier Dome, I lost weight just watching him.

5.Syracuse Fighting Journalists
Don't cross us or we will bury you in the press and write/talk medieval about your ass.

4. Syracuse Heartburn's
You eat at some of the great local places and you will never want to leave. Between Tully's, the pizzerias on every corner and many other great places, you can't lose.

3. Syracuse Sinister Snowman
I know many would prefer the Blizzards but unless Dairy Queen is offering free blizzards with victories, this sounds so much more intimidating. Our snowmen are the ones who will take your pansy little snowman and kick his ass.

2. Syracuse Nationals
In one word, History.

And the number 1 name to replace the Orange if Syracuse chose to do so, The Syracuse 44's.
If San Francisco can have their 49ers to relive their past, we can use our best asset.

Top 10 Names To Replace The Carrier Dome:

10. The Igloo
Sure it's taken but tell those people to stand outside the Dome in the winter and argue we don't deserve the right to use the name as well.

9. Tully's Tender Spot
I know I love Tully's but you have to admit, the name sounds like fun too.

8. The Citrus Cabana
Staying with the Orange theme, we have Citrus TV as well so why not picture the Dome as a cabana to go and get out of the cold.

7. The Pressure Cooker
Playing clips of Pressure by Billy Joel and Under Pressure from David Bowie/Queen loud over the speakers every time our opponents are in a pressure situation.

6. The Sausage Center
Gianelli's is a local favorite and make some great hot Italian sausage so why not a local endorsement.

5. The Hot Haus
If we don't get sausage, let's go for Hoffman's. I personally love their German franks and make sure I bring back packages every time I visit because nobody sells it anywhere near me in North Carolina. Plus, the Hot Haus does kind of have a cool name to it without the sexual innuendos one may read into #6.

4. The Hill
Screw that MTV reality show. We had the Hill long before MTV was cranking out Video Killed The Radio Star.

3. Hollywood Bowl Of The East
Where would Hollywood be without Tom Cruise, Richard Gere and the Baldwin Brothers, all Syracuse natives? Besides, this gives Dr. Gross a chance to get movie stars to sit with him.

2. The House 44 Built
The only reason this is not number one is because I went the 44 route for #1 on the other list and didn't want overkill. We all know the great history with that number and would love anything that helps to remember it. Of course, this could also just be a lovable nickname for it as well.

And the number 1 name to replace the Carrier Dome should SU officials chose to do so, The Syracuse War Memorial.
Yes I know there already is a Syracuse War Memorial but this will probably be the only way Syracuse Crunch owner Howard Dolgon ever gets a new scoreboard and decent upgrades he deserves in the War Memorial.

And those are my top 10 lists, so what do you think?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Honor Of Todays Syracuse/Cincinnati Game

Everybody Wants More Orange Videos

I apologize for the lack of posts as some family situations came up over the past week that not only limited my access to the internet but also gave me little time to do anything else. Here are some videos including the latest Citrus TV and SyracuseNostaligia though to hold you over until I can finally get back to devoting some time to this blog.

A quick look at a young Mike Tirico:

Sports Videos, News, Blogs