Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exposing Syracuse Bloggers And Twits

My name is...well let's just say my name is Greg for now. I have hacked into this account and I am writing this because of stuff I have read over the past couple years on these "blogs" and "tweets". These Syracuse "fans" displaying nothing but their arrogance when we know they have skeletons in the closet as well and frankly, I am sick of it. Let's see how they like being called out while in the public eye and get a dose of their own medicine.

My response to this blatant and uncalled for exercise in ego is to one by one, call them out. I will research all of you within the Syracuse community who dares to snub your nose at others and expose them for the frauds that they are. Today, I plan to start with this genius who calls himself "Orange Chuck" which to me resembles the lack of imagination and intelligence that his blog shows on a regular basis.

After interviewing a few solid sources and reading this crap he refers to as a blog, it is my contention that this person is actually a high school freshman (and not even an intelligent one at that) who works part time as a busboy at the Tully's in Liverpool, NY and not the 37 year old North Carolina resident he portrays online. Have you read his stuff? He is probably in a 6th grade level English class struggling to get a D for a grade.

I can confirm as well that pictures he post online actually belong to his father that he found posted on a dating website called He constantly mentions Tully's in the hopes that one of his managers will see his determination and promote him to a waiter position. Even pictures of him eating a delicious Tully's Tenders Platter was merely his father there to support him on his first day of work there he hoped to use to make your mouth water so bad you would have to stop in for your own plate. And whilst on the subject of his father, I may also point out that his father is a janitor at one of the adult bookstores in the Syracuse area who is under investigation for making more of a mess than he actually cleans daily.

So as you can see, he is a fraud and I refuse to sit idly by while this perpetrator judges others while living these lies. Please take these facts into evidence the next time you read one of his blog entries or see him post anything online.

And as for the rest of you out there with your blogs and your Twitter pages, I have not forgotten about you either. I will surpass whatever lame passwords he uses (OttoLikesThe69, what the hell kind of pass word is that anyway?) and post other investigative findings I have on them here as well. I already have a few items on some but I am awaiting confirmation of my sources before posting them.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Boy Who Lost His Smile Retires A Gentleman

I understand not everyone who reads my blog likes wrestling. I also know others have at least in the past enjoyed it as much as I have. There have been many top names in this business who made it a pleasure to enjoy being a fan. For many years, there was one I did not like or respect and his name was The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. My how the years have changed us both.

To be fair, I was a major Bret Hart fan. I liked the Rockers and my naive nature at the time made me blame Shawn for the breakup. I never liked some of what DX did during the attitude era, though the crotch chop was fun. There was never anything about what I saw of him or what I read about him that made me even want to care about him. How could anyone like what they saw? I remember hearing a story about an altercation he had in Syracuse many years ago with some Marines and my first instinct was to wonder what he did to deserve it.

Times changed though and maybe it was his overall behavior change while still keeping some of his juvenile sense of humor. Maybe it had something to do with being Born Again and accepting Jesus into his life and changing things in his life. One thing is for sure though, as time passed, he became someone you wanted to see in the ring more and more.

The Undertaker is a phenom and his 18-0 at Wrestlemania is a great record but the truth is, Shawn over the years became Mr. Wrestlemania. His Iron Man match with Bret Hart made 60 plus minutes of in ring action one of the best matches in history. His match with Stone Cold with Mike Tyson as referee was spectacular, which in of itself is a feat considering it is a known fact that at the time, Shawn's back was so bad he needed time off after to let it heal. And there are last year and this years matches with the Undertaker which, for someone as talented as Shawn, is one great way to end a career.

My point is, Shawn earned my respect and until someone from WWE blocks the access to the videos I posted below, you can see why the guy who once was rumored to have taken some time off because he did not get his way or would not lose to certain individuals, left a gentleman who wrestling fans not only should respect but appreciate as well. If you want to become a wrestler, emulate Shawn as much as possible. The guy took the concept of a ladder match and made it so legendary that it has become a part of wrestling culture, trying to see who can use it to have a great match. He is no longer just some punk kid who craved the spotlight but will go down as one of the greatest performers in the history of the business and a Michael Jordan of the WWE in that one day, you will be in awe of his work and brag to your children that you saw Shawn master "skinning the cat" in Royal Rumbles and tell great stories in the ring.

Thank you Shawn. I may not have always been your biggest fan but in time, I became one. Whether it was me who changed or you, I respect you and thank you for the great moments you gave us as fans. May you enjoy your retirement and you and your family live a great and blessed life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top 12 Reasons To Celebrate Syracuse University's 140th Birthday

For those who don't know, today is the 140th birthday celebration of the greatest university known to man kind, Syracuse University of course. In tribute to the Orange in which I bleed, I compiled a list of the 12 reasons you should love this school.

Top 12 Reasons To Celebrate Syracuse University's 140th Birthday

12. Nobody knows business like Whitman's School Of Management
11. Football may have struggled recently but we have a rich history and are now on the right track with Coach Doug Marrone
10. Sean Keeley, Brian Harrison and The Glaude could kick your school blogger's butt and yes, all three are SU graduates.
9. Your school closes when the weather man predicts snow in his forecast. At Syracuse, if you can open your door, class is in session.
8. Remember the name Sidearm Sports because it is the perfect example of why your school is trying to catch up to technology while Syracuse's iSchool is leading the way.
7. Syracuse is not just a one sport school and as proof, has won championships in several sports ( 2003 and 1926 men's basketball, 1959 football team, 14 lacrosse championships and many more with more to come).
6. Newhouse has produced so many great voices in the media that it would take all day to list them.
5. That is a Syracuse Law graduate one heart beat away from the presidency.
4. Coach Boeheim has the greatest men's basketball program in the country and Coach Q is establishing the women's team into a contender.
3. Dino's, Tully's, Chuck's, Faegan's and Zebb's make being at Syracuse a better environment, especially on game days.
2. The list of athletes that attended Syracuse include names that have revolutionized sports like Brown, Gait, Monk, Freeney, Pearl, Davis and the list is endless.
1. 44 is more than a number, it is part of Syracuse tradition and just the mention of the number give a Syracuse fan goosebumps of joy and make you proud to bleed Orange.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What We Learned On Twitter Today-March 21, 2010 (Debut Edition)

I see the poll voting is obviously going in a certain direction and since I want to true make this something everyone will enjoy, I will use this column to make an initial practice run on how to set this up. I am sure that in time, I will do my best to make improvements when needed or recommended but I just want an idea of where to take this. Please let me know either via email at, send me a message on Twitter or comment on these columns if you have any questions or ideas. And now, the debut of What We Learned On Twitter Today.

OK class, in light of Syracuse stomping Gonzaga today, I wanted to try and debut this thing on a positive note. Many among the Syracuse Twitter family were very vocal about their excitement.

Take for example, Assistant Coach Rob Murphy who said: @robmurphycuse Great Win today Cuse! Salt Lake City is the next stop for the "Shut It (cont)

Or what about one of our players DeShonte Riley's post game quote: @DeeRiley33 Sweet 16 baby! Good win fellas. Thanks everybody for the love and support(as well as the hate). I really appreciate it!

And then among the fans side of the Twitter family, we had our buddy Paulie tweeting about how some with Gonzaga thought Syracuse was a bit soft and wrote: @PaulieDars I hope someone asks Sacre how "soft" that avalanche of points that SU dropped on him feels.
UPDATE: If you are curious as to the reference for Paulie, here is the tweet: @Syracuse_Live: (Charlotte Observer) NCAA: Gonzaga's Sacre calls Orange 'soft':
And @pjaschultz sent me this addition to the quote: @sdrosenb: sacre blue!?! Wes Johnson in the HOUSEE!!!!! #SU #SHUTITDOWN

Pat, the man behind the Giant Boeheim head attended the game in person in Buffalo and had a dealing with the fans I can't stand to sit near (and I would put into the #13 slot from my D-Bag list I previously made) when he shared this piece of info: @pmanley Love when people tell me to sit when I stand to cheer an exciting play

We also had references to potential future Rautins children with this tweet from Brian at @BH_Orange44: All the ladies nearby are now preggers thanks to Andy.

Then of course, we have the initial tweet from someone tweeting on behalf of Syracuse's opponent in the Sweet 16 round and keep in mind that when the crap flies, this was the first shot heard: @ButlerBasketbal Syracuse it is. We never liked orange anyways.

In response to some general tournament issues, we had Alex, who apparently avoided a bum/store manager fight today at least enough to share this gem with us in reference to The Office: @Alexander_O Andy Bernard's bracket must be looking great in The Office's pool.
If you have never seen the show, here is a quick example of his reference:

And Stewart Mandel from SI gave us this sound bite which had me almost in tears laughing about the matchup of Cornell and Kentucky: @slmandel Seriously, Kentucky-Cornell would be fascinating. Three future lottery picks vs. their future financial advisers.

Of course, Syracuse grad Bill Voth added this comment which added joy to my heart living in ACC country: @billvoth Maryland gets buzzer-beaten and now Duke's the only ACC team left.

And last but not least, let me leave you with a fun NASCAR related quote. I know many of you are not fans but some are and I am becoming more and more of a fan everyday. Brittney Cason, who is a great writer for the Charlotte Bobcats website as well as Charlotte's edition of Creative Loafing and contributor on Speed Network shared this nice quote following Jimmy Johnson winning today at Bristol: @BrittneyCason At this point I wouldn't be surprised if drivers tried to sue #JimmieJohnson for being a monopoly like businesses did Microsoft! #NASCAR

And that class is what we learned today on Twitter. I hope to make them bigger in the future but I will need your help as well. If you see something you think would be funny posted in a future segment, please either RT it with my name (@OrangeChuck) included in it, DM me the message or email it to me and if it measures up, I will be more than happy to add it and maybe even credit you for the find. I think we could have some fun with this thing and hope you all enjoy it. Class dismissed!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Top 12 Wrestling Catch Phrases Utilizing Syracuse Basketball References

Some of who use Twitter may remember a week or two ago, I had an idea for a list of matching up wrestlers and Syracuse Orange players names. I could not really do but maybe a top 3 so I just brought it up on Twitter and had fun with it there. I did however find a fun swerve with mixing wrestling and SU basketball by utilizing catch phrases instead. So I now present to you, the top 12 Syracuse Basketball Wrestling Style Catch Phrases.

Top 12 Syracuse Basketball Wrestling Style Catch Phrases

12. To be the man, you have to beat Brandon.
11. Everybody has a price for the Athletic Director Dr. Daryl Gross
10. Wes is just That Damn Good
9. Quote the Boeheim, nevermore.
8. G-Mac is the whole f'n show.
7. The limousine ridin, Kris Jo flyin, wheelin and dealin son of a gun
6. Can you smell what the Scoop is cookin? (yeah thats hot)
5. Beat him if you can, survive if Andy lets you.
4. What you gonna do when AO goes wild on you?
3. And that's the bottom line because Coach Boeheim said so.
2. Jonny Flynn can go whooo! all night long.
1. Syracuse Basketball: The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 20 Syracuse Themed Names For A Potential Blog

I was wondering a while back about renaming the blog but decided against it because not only do I like the name but it would also change the URL address and I have messed around with this blog enough trying to figure it out. Part of me wanted some catchy fun name but I also never could really settle on one that I liked. However, recently I started a list of one's I would consider and after I realized I had like 20 of them, I figured I would share them with you and see what you thought. If you wish to start a blog and steal an idea, feel free with my blessing. If you have any ideas, leave a comment here or on Twitter and let's see what the funniest ones are. Here is my list for your entertainment, at least I hope.

Top 20 Syracuse Theme Names For Your Blog:

20. A Little Bit Of Tenderness: Tribute To Tully's Tenders
19. Syracuse: So Close To Everything That Every Game Is Home Field/Court
18. I Want To Be The Lone Ranger When I Grow Up
17. SU: Where Traditions Are Retired Or Sold To The Highest Bidder
16. McPherson's: Over One Million Fans Pleasured And Still Counting
15. The Orange F'n Show
14. Nobody Puts Duany In A Corner
13. GMac Is Not Over Rated/Gmac Is Worth At Least 10 F'n Games
12. Powell Be Thy Name/The Secret Of Nims
11. When You Want News Done Right, Do A Newhouse Grad
10. Devo Is My Baby Daddy
9. Keith F'n Smart Haunt My Dreams
8. Seikaly: A Greek God Among Men
7. Joe Morris: Real American Hero
6. Doug Logan Bleeds Orange
5. U Conn Handle 6 OTs
4. Warrick's World: The Shot Block Heard Around The World (Echoing In Kansas)
3. Gaitway To Heaven
2. Real Men Do Winters In Syracuse
And the #1 name I would pick if I rename this blog today:
1. Boeheim Is My Buddha

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bored Of Just Your Office Bracket Contest? Try These.

Are you like me and love filling out brackets this week and can fill out about 100 and still want more? Well below is a link to all of the contests that I can find so that we can enjoy the chance not only to win with that perfect bracket but have fun filling them out for prizes. If you know more, please email me at and I will add them as I check them out. Oh and check out this link for those of you in the Syracuse area who want to take advantage of some bargains in the name of the tournament Syracuse Convention & Visitors Bureau

$10,000 College Basketball Bracket Challenge - Build and Track Your 2010 NCAA contest and the greatest of all contests


Applebee's® College Basketball Bracket

ESPN - College Hoops Pick 'em - Game Home

ESPN - Hardcourt Challenge - Game Home

FOX Sports College Basketball Bracket Challenge - Game Home

Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports on Facebook

Fantasy Home USA Today

PC Pitstop's March Madness 2009 Contest: Home

It's Madness - Bracket Picks.. NBC Sports

Games -

Bodog Bracket Buster Contest

NCAA Basketball Tournament - March Madness - - College - Sports

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 12 Syracuse Inspirational Thoughts/Mantras

To get us all pumped up for post season action, I thought I would help provide some inspirational material to remember. Here are 12 (well 14 actually, this list involves 2 ties) and if you are feeling down, just keep these reminders in mind.

12. If the left hand don't get you, Rick Jackson will.

11. (tie) Dome Sweet Dome and Syracuse, NY; Debunking the myth of global warming since 1825.

10. Ooh yeah, thats hot (which apparently can apply to any situation).

9. Point Guards; Activate.

8. You won't like me when I'm angry. AO Get Angry.

7. It's not trash talking if you can back it up with a long range three.

6. If at first you don't succeed, I will bury my foot in your ass when you come back to the bench.

5. When all else fails, shut it down.

4. Hancock International, this is KrisJo. Am I clear for takeoff?

3. What Would GMac Do?

2. Give me victory and give me Wes.

And the #1 idea I actually left up to Twitter and my favorite two were actually submitted by @PaulieDars and I can't decide between the two so I will use both (and the fact that @cusechic04 agreed with one and we are playing Georgetown tomorrow night, proves I am justified in my theory)

1. When life gives you lemons...I give them back and ask for an orange instead & When life gives you lemons...I promptly throw them at Georgetown fans when they play the Orange.

And let me leave you with this video, which I think was supposed to be someone taking a shot at Syracuse but I loved it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Be Proud Orange Nation; Stop The Hate

It seems as though many Syracuse fans have become accustomed to finding the negative in every situation. Win or lose, I constantly hear and see on message boards and other social media outlets all of these negative comments and personal attacks on people that would lead me to pull out my own hair in frustration, if I had any left that is.

I understand that Syracuse sports have struggled at times in some areas but in general, Syracuse has one of the best athletic departments as a whole in the country. Even when they do struggle, why is it that some prefer to attack them when they are down instead of trying to show faith that it will turn around? Sadly, these are also some of the loudest when we win and their inconsistency has a negative impact on the fan base as a whole.

Now, I could choose to hammer them for being too negative and post lessons on how to handle it but I would rather I give you reasons why you should see the positives in following the Syracuse Orange. Yes, I see the world through orange colored glasses and I love the view but if you call yourself a fan, shouldn't you? Let's just review why I think you should keep the faith no matter the result of one game or even one season.

Let's start with the favorite target of many, the Syracuse football team. This team is rich in tradition and has produced many great NFL players and some who excelled at the college level enough that we as fans will never forget their names. Granted, last year this team finished at 4-8 and that is not an ideal situation for anyone. However, they did accomplish some achievements that we as fans should be proud of under Coach Doug Marrone's first year as head coach. My favorite was the win over Rutgers 31-13 and the huge smile that win put on my face. Sure, we lost to Louisville by one point in an ugly game that we should have won and lost to Minnesota when we had a chance to win that as well but that just means we were in them and one right bounce and this team finishes 6-6 and possibly goes to a bowl game. Let's also keep in mind that in comparison, Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez was 3-9 in his first season and suddenly that does not look so bad (Syracuse was 1-2 against Big Ten teams and could have easily been 2-1 if you want to compare how they may have done in similar conferences). And to show a lot of heart and not give up as Mike Williams left the team and Greg Paulus struggled at times at QB shows me this is a team to follow and be proud of. And just think, we may have lost Arthur Jones and a good senior class but we still have DC3, Nassib and of course, the man who will shut it down on the football field, Shamarko. For the record, two weeks from tonight, Spring practice begins and September 4th, the season starts at Akron so let the excitement build as well.

I know for many outside of Syracuse, lacrosse is not a big time sports program. But this is Syracuse and it is part of our tradition. Syracuse lacrosse means legends in the sport like Brown, Simmons, Gait, Powell, Desko and so many others that have made a major impact on the sport. This season, the men return to the field as defending champions again after one of the greatest endings of a national championship game in any sport. The women's team is coached by one of the greatest to ever play the game, the former Orangeman great Gary Gait who is building a perennial powerhouse and establishing themselves as a top tier program in the country. We may have lost Katie Rowan off the field (she is a volunteer assistant coach this season though so that can only help) but we still have Quillinan, Ladouceur, and a freshman with a last name Orange fans should recognize in Nims, whose father Tom played there and some brother named Kenny did as well (who have three national championships already in the family).

And yes ladies and gentlemen, we have basketball as well. On the ladies side, we have Coach Q (@CoachQAtSU on Twitter) who has this team on a positive track, finishing this season 22-10. True, we are losing Nicole "Slinky" Michael and Juanita Ward as they are seniors this season but we still have talented players like Erica Morrow, Tasha Harris and at center, a freshman with skills, Kayla Alexander. This program is showing signs that they can be a tough team to beat in the Big East and be a school those who want to play against UConn can come to show off their skills.

And last but not least, let's talk the favorite it seems among most, the men's basketball program. You know, that team that was picked by many to finish 6th at best in the Big East by many experts and yet, finished 28-3 in the regular season to win the Big East Season Title outright. They had a few bumps along the way and lost to Pitt at home and Louisville swept them and lost some meaningless preseason game as well. However along the way, they also swept Georgetown (which makes this Hoya Hater proud), defeated UConn, and crushed Villanova before a sell out crowd at the Carrier Dome, after which earned them a #1 ranking for the first time in years and even after that last loss to Louisville, remain among the top 3 in the country in the polls. That means only two other teams in the country have better records than them and that means hundreds of other teams were not as good. Many fans and media alike have tried to point to weakness in schedule (due to UNC and Florida having down years) and scheduling no real road games but I would ask what they were smoking if you do not consider wins at Washington DC, South Bend and Morgantown, WV real road wins (and the Florida win was in Tampa which last I checked was closer to Gainsville than Syracuse and even in a down year, is still not an easy win). And despite finally telling the critics who have said that for years some crow to taste, Syracuse proved it belongs to be mentioned as one of the best in the country and if you do not believe me, ask Coach Bobby Knight. Did I mention that this team has Andy Rautins, one of the best 6th men in the country in KrisJo and a contender for national/Big East player of the year in Wes Johnson? And one other thing, this team has been blessed for 34 seasons now to be coached by a Hall Of Fame guy who not only played here but has a record of 827-291 and never coached a losing season in his spectacular coaching career, one James Arthur Boeheim II.

In all fairness, I understand at times that we as fans get frustrated when we expect great things out of our teams but we have to remember that these are our expectations and these players are humans who make mistakes as well. Teams and programs go through times of struggle but nobody will ever consistently be undefeated from year to year. So why do we even try to put that type of pressure on a team that we love to support like the Syracuse Orangemen?

Pointing out flaws in their game does not make you a bad fan and neither does feel dejected after a loss but cursing out players and coaches, saying they suck and having that "sky is falling" mentality does not make you a supportive fan either. Sometimes we just need to step back before over reacting out of frustration and realize none of us are perfect and the reason we enjoy watching it is to find pleasure in something.

So be proud Orange Nation and support those who do their best to represent you and our university proudly. I was born a Syracuse fan and raised in SU country and I will be damned if one game or play will stop me. It is my whole hearted intention to include these words among my last spoken on this Earth, "GO ORANGE!" although I promise my family I will also do my best to include my goodbyes to you as well. When I die, it is my wish to be buried in my Syracuse #44 football jersey with a smile on my face in an orange casket with a Syracuse game playing in the background as people visit my services. So don't be afraid to shout Let's Go Orange, blast Shut It Down on your speakers and show your pride in our colors no matter what the end result may be that day because we all win for supporting the awesomeness that is the Syracuse University Orangemen/Orangewomen.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Top 12 Signs You Might Be A D-Bag

In light of a recent online journalist who got his jollies by taking an inaccurate and offensive remark about one of our female fans, I decided to use my love for lists to help you spot a d-bag when you see one. I asked for people on Twitter's helps so this is an interactive list so let's see if you agree. Please feel free to add more if you can think of them.

You Might Be A D-Bag If:

12. If you drive in a lane that has signs for miles that it is ending and you wait until the end of it to get over when you had the chance earlier and cut someone off when you do, causing a chain reaction of slamming breaks and backed up traffic.

11. If you use Twitter regularly but do not understand that an RT is a repeat of someone else's post and personally attack the person who repeated it and not the original poster.

10. If you are a male and the tip of your shoes come to more of a point than those on your woman's shoes ( @obscuredv1sions ).

9. If you are apparently amused by making rude comments about a girl because your big, bad feelings got hurt even though I would bet you have been told worse.

8. If you have a faux hawk, Abercrombie and Fitch wardrobe, in home tanning bed, Jason Mraz hat, pink polo shirts, and wifebeaters in a dozen colors ( @goonerink ).

7. If you ignore it when guys make a comment about you and several guys repeat it but save your offensive and sexist remarks for the one girl who says it.

6. If you bring up your pecs in casual conversation ( @obscuredv1sions ) or like to wear shirts that are 2 sizes too small to show them off.

5. If you wear sunglasses inside or at night ( @MBorkowski ).

4. If you spend more time spray tanning and gelling your hair than you spend doing your job ( @smbedoya )

3. If you are a Georgetown Hoya fan and love John Thompson II and III( @andcksays / @pjaschultz ), posters of them on your wall moves you to number 1 automatically.

2. If you are given a chance to apologize on a well listened to radio program and instead choose to respond as though you are an elementary student by essentially saying, "But she started it".

1. If you have a national media outlet with access to thousands of fans and you utilize your space to mock fans who disagree with your opinions.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Pizza Is My Choice For A Game Day Meal?

I did a list not long ago on my favorite game day pleasures. Many people were shocked that I selected pizza over Tully's Tenders (and I did not do so for shock value either), I do love those awesome Tenders but I have a bigger weakness most of the time for pizza and always have (plus I do not live in central NY anymore so it's a bit hard to get my Tully's fix on a whim). Maybe it is the Italian side of me but as my family will agree, I could do pizza 3 meals a day every day and still love it.

Frozen pizzas (though I prefer DiGiorno's if I do), Pizza Hut, Cici's Pizza Buffet and especially those with NY or Brooklyn style recipes. Sami's Pizza in Bridgeport, NY and Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Mooresville, NC are my favorites due to their varieties, the great taste (especially Sami's garlic pizza which will provide an explosion of excitement in your mouth) and they both have pizza ready for you to choose from at the counter that just need a couple minutes to reheat in the oven.

I also like pizza for the convenience. You can not only get an affordable meal for the family but you can also get a great second meal or snack later out of it most times. You can do a buffet for an affordable price (I have enjoyed CiCi's Pizza the last two times I tried it and recommend them), hit up Little Caesar's pizza for as little as $5.55 for a large pie or take advantage of the variety of coupons and current deals being offered such as Pizza Hut's $10 any size, any toppings deal.

For those who don't know, for about 5 years or so, I had a vision of one day owning a sports bar named "The Big Orange Sports Grill And Pizzeria" with the main staples being pizza and wings (with some sandwiches and salads as well but a simple one page menu essentially). Now granted, I have absolutely zero experience owning a business at all and equal amount of talent in a kitchen so it is mostly contingent on winning a huge lottery jackpot and finding someone with some delicious recipes. The facility would be a playground/festival of TV's with a wide variety of styles of pizza and wings to enjoy when watching a game or out with the family.

I remember growing up in NY, mom would send me on on my bike to the local pizzeria and with a smile on my face, balancing the x-large pizza, I came home with the best meal on the planet. Maybe it is just a part of my childhood that I refuse to let loose but I can't help but still be like a kid in a candy store when someone mentions it. I have volunteered to work OT on several occasions when promised pizza as a reward for doing it (the overtime pay didn't hurt either). I love Tully's Tenders and I end up with a smile on my face when I am back in Syracuse eating them but just as much, I look forward to a great pizza whenever I get the chance. Being financially strapped for a while also helps you appreciate just how good you had it when some days you can't even just stop for one slice like you used to and that is a mark of how much I enjoyed eating it every time.

So please keep in mind that when I say that pizza is my favorite game day food, I am not belittling my excitement for Tully's, I just feel like pizza is a part of who I am. I enjoy a variety of pizzas and if you ever try to order a pizza on game day you will see that I am not alone. Pizza is truly about as American as apple pie anymore and...wait, apple pie is awesome too so now I am wondering how long before I post a desert listing.

12 Reasons Why We Should Enjoy Syracuse Being Ranked Number 1

12. Might be just the reason to finally complete the idea of selling Tully's Tenders at the Carrier Dome.

11. Even more opportunities to see Coach Boeheim on national shows getting the love he deserves.

10. 14 years in ACC country and I can now laugh at their insignificance.

9. Guys Like KrisJo, Rick Jackson, and Andy Rautins getting more attention for their hard work.

8. Wes gets more love and we get to hear 20 different ways to pronounce Onuaku.

7. Another reason to blast Shut It Down on your radio/ipod or download it as a ringtone (if anyone knows a cheap way to do that on a Verizon LG Touch, please let me know because K$isha was fun for a minute and free but I need something Orange).

6. SU being #1 means Georgetown, UConn, UNC, and Duke are not.

5. Huge payoff for the true fans who stood behind this team and the school even when it looked like it might be a long season and still believed in them.

4. Overshadows the whole Seton Hall-Rutgers nail biting rivalry.

3. Another great T-shirt idea

2. This late in the season, we have a legit shot at being the number one overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

And the #1 reason is: knowing somewhere John Thompson II is sitting in a room with his blood boiling because not only are we #1, we did it by taking Georgetown out to the wood shed for a butt whipping twice in one season.