Friday, May 20, 2011

What If The Government Gave You One Million Dollars?

So today on WBT radio on my way home from work, I heard the host John Hancock bring up a fun scenario but did not hear him elaborate on it much. I thought I would take some time and explore this question but a but further than he did. This is not a sports topic sorry but it is not as though I am blogging sports much lately. So here is the topic but with my curve on the question. On your 18th birthday, the government gives you one million dollars, what would you do with it?

Under my rules, the government gave you a million dollars so you will no longer be allowed any more aid from the government. You can never apply for any food stamps, unemployment or anything else; only tax returns if you paid more than you were supposed to make. You are only eligible for any retirement options that you paid into when you do retire. What would you do?

Would you spend it all on a top college and make sure you secured a job you could make a lot from for the rest of your life? Would you invest it in a business of your own or some form of investment? Would you work a low paying job and use the money to help buffer your everyday costs while putting some away hoping the interest would build up over the years?

What would you do?