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Baseball Tricks By Josh Womack

As a former baseball player, albeit on a little league scale, I have spent a lot of time around players. When we had down time, we would often times work on little tricks to try and amaze the other players but this guy has a trick I have never seen before. Check it out for yourself below and realize this is a AAA player who very well could be doing this on the major league level one day.

Print Journalism Verses New Media: Can't I Have My Cake & Eat It Too?

I have had a debate with some people who's opinion I trust and enjoy interacting with a lot lately about the future of newspapers. Many are laying off or buying out employees faced with a weak economy and even weaker sales. The facts point to a new world in front of us where you can read news for free on the internet, even if newspaper costs are not too bad. I contend they all can exist together and I will spend the next few minutes explaining what I think should happen and could in the end, help save the future of newspapers. Just as a side note, I know I am no expert and have no experience with the industry but I enjoy a good newspaper now and then and have thought upon this subject for a long time now.

First, limit online content that is directly taken from the newspaper. Brief synapsis or links are perfect but otherwise you are giving it away for free. AP stories you can get anywhere but feature articles and local news are your best asset for this purpose. I would however allow it to be free of charge with a newspaper subscription, maybe some password mailed when you verify it with the company. You can also offer exclusive incentives only for those who pay for the service such as certain discounts for local companies or online only features.

Second, in some markets it is probably best to limit the amount of time you put out a new paper in a week. Maybe 2, 3 or even only 5 a week would help a lot more and save everyone time and money and make it more special. You could possibly even do a once weekly local only edition or sports weekly single edition with more extensive coverage and statistical analysis that you do not have the room for in normal paper space. To make it more special, maybe you could explore the costs of a glossy/magazine feel like a Parade type or the type you buy at a newstand, though that may cost too much for what you could charge and be profitable. And extensive puzzle pages and comics never hurt either because I know some who buy a paper for those and classified sections alone.

Last but not least, stop making the Sunday paper so special and spread the love throughout the week. I personally love the Sunday paper myself and it is a tradition but why not allow every issue to feature more coupons/special offers/special editions. You can now charge a little more for a single edition and less for Sunday's to make the paper more cost efficient for the average reader. Most papers charge fifty cents to a dollar for daily editions and a dollar or two for the sunday edition so now charge middle ground, around 75 cents to $1.25 a paper all week long. Readers who buy it indivually may be turned off at first but when they see there is more offered and it is worth the extra money, everyone will come around. I assure you that if you look at it with an open mind and get businesses to support you, this is a great option.

The internet is the future source of news but newspaper is still a tradition many enjoy. Whether it is sitting down with a meal or taking it with them traveling or to read on their work breaks, people are still attached to them. I can verify firsthand family and friends who do not have internet access right now and love walking outside to get their paper and they are willing to pay for it. All we need is a simple solution to appease those who prefer either medium without cutting out the other option completely and I think these are steps that can help but probably not the only answers. I am a simple minded newspaper fan who thinks before shut the doors on the printed version, we should explore all other options available. I grew up in Syracuse, NY with two newspapers and now there is only one, which I have been told are buying out contracts due to losing money and I would hate to see a day when the Syracuse Post Standard is no longer avaliable, no matter how you feel about those who write in it and their opinions. Besides, printer paper is too expensive to use when potty training an animal and I don't have a laptop I can take to the restroom with me when I want something to read.

Orange Videos

Monday, June 29, 2009

Billy Mays:Rest In Peace

I found this video on Hulu and found it a great way to remember how entertaining Billy Mays truly was. He was on the Tonight Show With Conan and seemed very energetic and he was the Billy many of us will remember. As it is now, I want to run out and buy my own button down blue dress shirt with a white tee and grow my goatee into a full light beard. Sham-what?

Orange Nation News Links

First, congratulations go out to Syracuse Orange softball player Jenna Caira for being named to the Senior Women’s National Team for the 2009 Canada Cup, which you can read more about by clicking the link above. Some may ask why I care about softball but I do enjoy the sport as well as anything Orange. I would love to find a way for the Olympic committee to keep women's softball as an Olympic event and it is one of my favorite summer Olympic sports (also love catching college softball on TV from time to time as well).

Jenna is a great pitcher who is just finished her freshman year at Syracuse with 16 wins and 192 strikeouts. You can also find out more about the Orange softball team by checking out Assistant Coach Wallace King on Twitter with the name "CoachKingAtSU".


Mike Waters has a piece after speaking with Eric Devendorf's agent about how they are exploring Eric's future options, which include offers from Europe verses the possibility of a summer league or NBA-D League squad in the hopes of impressing scouts. I personally think Europe would be a great idea for him even though I know he has a family and might think other options are better avenues into the NBA.

Europe pays very well, they have some top notch international talent to get experience with, and NBA scouts do check out Europe from time to time as well or else Ricky Rubio would not be as big of a name already as he is now (Brandon Jennings made some good money over there and he doesn't have nearly the experience Devo has). And as Mike points out so well, D League only pays about $20,000 which unless some NBA scout is promising him a chance to earn an invite to join their preseason roster if he plays well in summer league/D-League, I think you have to make that money that will make you and your family so much better off in the long run and hope you have a good enough agent that he is working with the NBA about bringing you back when he sees an opening. Money isn't the only thing in life but an athlete's playing career is so short in the span of one's life that you should take advantage of it while you can.


Now it seems as though Paul Harris doesn't want out of the shadow of Jonny Flynn. WSTM Channel 3 in Syracuse has a report that says that after a workout with the Cleveland Cavaliers this past weekend, he is now considering playing with Minnesota's summer league team. Maybe he saw that he has a better shot at making Minnesota's NBA team or maybe he misses Jonny that much already, either way something had to have sparked something in him this past weekend to change his mind. I am almost getting to the point with Harris as I was with Devo in that maybe some time in Europe would do him some good as well. If nothing else, this now gives Orange fans a trifecta in Minnesota with Etan, Jonny and Paul all possibly making the roster. I don't follow the NBA much but if Minnesota trades for Carmelo Anthony as well soon, I may just go out and buy a Timberwolves jersey, though not sure which one I would wear.


Sean at http://www.nunesmagician.com/ discusses the early leaks of Syracuse's basketball season for next season. Wow, and I thought I was early with Brian talking about college football. The schedule will not be any easier with match ups against Florida and Memphis on there as well as the whole Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic. I sure hope Triche and Wes are ready for some high expectations because those match ups will probably test them early.


syracuse.com has this great analysis of some Syracuse recruits success in the Under Armour All-American Classic this past weekend. Joe Morasco, Hakeem Lecky, and Joe Fazio (the local product from central NY lacrosse powerhouse West Genesee) were mentioned as playing very well. I love the smell of an Orange dynasty no matter what the sport is.


Brent Axe finally gets to interview Syracuse legend Jim Brown and the link above will take you to the podcast of the interview. I am not just trying to kiss Axeman's butt here because I do think he does some great work but in this interview, I think Jim Brown comes across better then any other time I have heard him speak. Make no mistakes about it, Jim Brown has an opinion and is not afraid to share it and is intelligent enough to support any position (even though he never took a stance on the retirement of #44 in the interview). If you are an Orange fan, this is a must listen to as he also discusses Syracuse lacrosse and the movie The Express.

Jonny Flynn Already Making A Great First Impression And Other Flynn News Nuggets


I found this link courtesy of the Minnesota Timberwolves official website and Twitter account (MNTimberwolves) where they discuss how if Jonny Flynn's height doesn't get your attention, his personality and ability sure will, something Syracuse Orange fans already knew. It is a great read and I personally love seeing anything that portrays an Orange athlete in a positive light. This is exactly the reason many of us fans were selfish and not wanting to let him know because we knew he was special.

In fact, he is so special, he is getting the key to the city of Niagara Falls for being the first Niagara Falls resident drafted in the NBA, which you can read more about here http://www.wivb.com/dpp/sports/nba/Flynn_will_get_Key_to_Niagara_Falls_20090628 . Man, I miss the guy already but know he will do great things in the NBA.

By the way, for those curious about Ricky Rubio, I heard today on Mad Dog Radio on Sirius XM Radio that Minnesota will keep the rights to Rubio for as many years as they like. Rod Thorn from the New Jerset Nets was on there and made that statement so Rubio can not wait out the process. His only options are to play in Minnesota or hope Minnesota is made an offer they can't refuse (and I have heard some of the offers so far and if true, I can see why there has been no trade as of yet). Is Minnesota seriously ready to spend a top draft pick for a guy who may be in Europe for the next couple years, hopefully developing his game? They say yes and there is a chance that they may be willing to do so. Everybody loves his passing ability but it is amazing how many frown on his shooting and defense, which competing point guards would love to play against knowing they can score at will and he can't. At this point, I would count on Jonny Flynn being the starting point guard for the next year or two. Oh and hey Jonny, if you are reading this, Kevin Love is trying to reach you (http://www.idiotsonsports.com/2009/06/jonny-flynn-please-call-kevin-love-asap.html).

12 Reasons Why.....Brian Grummell Is A Great Source Of College Football Knowledge

You may not know the name but by the end of this interview, I would hope you at least appreciate and respect how knowledgeable he is about college football. Sure, I could have asked the ESPN Gameday guys but what fun would that be. I have known Brian Grummell now a couple years and going into http://www.fanhouse.com/ chats during football season is always so much fun because he is not just a fan but knows his stuff as well. I know some of you may not agree with everything he says but I have watched as Brian debates and to me he is one of the best in that he can debate his side without making it personal and back it up passionately while also being that guy you would would probably love to have a beer with while you watch the game.

I also know that this is early for college football previews but since the NBA and NHL drafts have taken place already, it is basically time to start getting amped up about the upcoming season, especially for those of us anxious to see what Syracuse will do this year. While Brian does direct a couple issues in the Orange direction, he also breaks down a lot more then just Syracuse, which I think will help get us all excited for the sport of college football in general.I hope you all enjoy his analysis and without further ado, here is http://www.fanhouse.com/ and www.collegefootballresource.com/ 's own Brian Grummell.

12 Reasons Why.....Brian Grummell Is A Great Source Of College Football Knowledge

1. Who is Brian Grummell and why should people care about what you think of college football?

Going after the ego right away I see. Uhhhmmmmmmmmm, I'm a big college football fan, I write at FanHouse (http://www.fanhouse.com/) as well as my original site College Football Resource(www.collegefootballresource.com/), and chances are I'm not someone most fans are going to find agreement with. More on that later.

People should care about what I think of college football because hopefully they're hopelessly fond of the game (as its presently constituted) in a way I've come to be fond of it and can relate, whatever our disagreements. I get all wrapped up in Saturdays but also the bickering, pageantry and tradition. Its the best game going whatever the difficulties, and I'm someone looking to preserve a lot of what makes it so.

2. What teams do you enjoy following? Any you enjoy rooting against?

Well the diploma says University of Southern California, so that's one team. I'm a sucker for the traditional powers, most of them anyway. I grew up a die-hard Notre Dame kid, but always admired Michigan as well. Some programs can get annoying at times, Texas has probably been on my nerves of late but that's mostly a Mack Brown meets goofy hype thing. By virtue of USC I'm supposed to hate Notre Dame and UCLA, and I can get into that at times but I've come around to really enjoying each school for what they are, be it the rivals or Texas or Louisiana-Lafayette. At the end of the day they're all part of this grand pageant we put on each year, hard to get too worked up about anyone.

3. You and I both support the bowl/BCS system. Can you explain your reasons why a playoff system is over-rated?

I've framed my argument a million different ways but it centers on the notion that college football as its presently constituted is incredible, any move towards a playoff is a game-changer that would severely weaken what makes it so great in the first place, and that at the end of the day any -- and I mean any -- playoff proposal falls on its face as far as delivering what its intended to do in crowning a supposedly legitimate champion.

Look, I just think single elimination especially in a crazy game like football, is an insane way to determine which team among two is superior. Law of averages works in the favor of a superior team, but going with just one game is the worst possible option in trying to reduce noise and randomness and works most heavily in the inferior teams' favor. In theory the most sound playoff or postseason structure is the one where the superior teams most frequently advance. That means play more games.

You look at other sports like baseball and hockey and even they don't seem to get it right a fair amount of the time and they have seven game series to work with. Compared to that, single elimination style playoff football looks downright pointless and meaningless.

This being college football, there's no way a series of games between games is going to happen in the postseason. Given that its an easy call to reject any and all playoff proposals.

4. Do you think all conferences should have title games with the winner getting into the BCS?

Absolutely not. Regular season play is there to determine a champion, the title games are redundant and have greatly corrupted the system. This all started when the SEC went to 12 teams despite college football at the time only having something like an 11 game regular season schedule. How stupid was that? Its made the SEC into the most lucrative enterprise in college sports, but really robbed college football of a certain amount of honor.

5. What is your opinion on the smaller bowl games that many people enjoy mocking even though many watch the games?

They've voted with their eyeballs. There's certainly more than a little dishonesty and mock contempt in bashing the smaller bowls. I personally enjoy them, what else is there to do at that time of the year, with the regular season done?

Just for perception purposes I'd rather not have so many bowl games but as a fan the more the merrier, hard to get too worked up about all of it especially when its a chance to get a second or third or fourth peek at some of the smaller programs I don't see as much of as I'm tuned to say a USC game or Florida/Tennessee or whatever. Its their showcase, they're all having a good time the programs get some nice publicity and everyone ends up a winner.

6. Is the SEC the best conference in college football? And what do you think of the Big East football conference?

Absolutely. It hasn't always been that way and won't forever be that way, but it is what it is right now. More power to them, the fans demand great football and over the last few years with all the good coaches arriving they've certainly had an increasing share of it. The challenge now is for other conferences to catch up, innovate, and carve into that dominance. Can't wait to see how that all shakes out.

I have no complaints about the Big East football conference. Obviously it was odd to see them lose several programs to the ACC, but its been a hell of a rebound. As far as competitiveness top to bottom it's actually started to take on that look the Pac-10 had before Pete Carroll sucked all the oxygen out of the room. It would be nice to see the traditional dominant teams -- Pitt, Syracuse -- reclaim their throne if you will, but their absence has also created opportunities for Rutgers, for South Florida, for Connecticut, to make themselves known.

7. Do you have an opinion of the upcoming Syracuse football season with the firing of Greg Robinson and the hiring of Doug Marrone?

Nothing definitive. Robinson was obviously a failure and while its always painful stuff watching a program split with a coach, its an opportunity to improve and that shouldn't be taken lightly. It looks like Marrone is a Syracuse die-hard, which can be positive and negative. I haven't looked too much into his background but Syracuse has too strong of a tradition to be sidelined like this, hopefully he's the man to revive things.

8. Could you tell everyone a little about the two websites you are associated with, FanHouse and College Football Resource?

FanHouse (www.fanhouse.com) was started a few years ago as a multi-sport place for sports commentary that assembled a ton of excellent sports bloggers/writers to achieve that task. Its undergone more than a few face lifts but continues to churn out much excellent content while pulling in some of the best traffic numbers of all the sports blogs. I stick mainly to the college football side of that, we actually started out with something like 40 writers trying to get a bead on most of the best teams but eventually went through several other models to where we now have some blogger types like myself writing alongside some professional journalists, pundits and whatnot. Its an interesting place, although I'm a college football snob I enjoy a great deal of the content FanHouse produces across all the sports platforms.

College Football Resource (http://www.collegefootballresource.com/)I started around 2004 to be something of a central link depository for the many great college football websites I'd read every day. It never quite accomplished its ambition of being comprehensive (the internet is BIG), but I got hooked on the writing thing and carved out an identity writing on the blog within the site. The college football blogosphere was much more of a Wild West frontier at that time, and I was fortunate to be among the first to arrive and produce content, getting into a few friendly battles with great names like EDSBS and MGoBlog along the way. My friend Chris who runs the Heisman Pundit website shared a lot of my opinions and we had a lot of fun fleshing out ideas and arguments in the earlier days, he got started a little before me and seeing his labors inspired me to make a run at it. Amazingly, its 2009 and I'm still around. Good times.

9. What are your top resources for college football/sports news? Any particular favorite shows, channels, magazines or websites besides your own?

ESPN TV and ESPN.com are obviously ubiquitous and ESPN as an organization happens to do a great job of embracing college football, so they're obviously a major stop for me. I have my favorites among the blogs, just reading content more than necessarily looking for news. The Wiz of Odds does a nice service, putting a ton of time and energy into locating worthwhile content.I don't have any particular favorite shows besides GameDay, although I'm tickled ESPN created College Football Live. The show lacks a certain consistency because every day there's a new face heading the program but its a good 30 minute toes in the water way to get my college football fix on TV for the day.

One thing with me is I tend to bury myself in the Phil Steele preview magazines, it sounds weird but I'll get content ideas just looking at stat and talent trends for teams in there. In the off season its fun to daydream about the endless scenarios possible for each team and the college football world at large, and Steele's is a great avenue for that. He's predicting Temple to be bowl eligible this year, how crazy is that? But that makes me wonder what elite program might not even make a bowl and get embarrassed in comparison. I have a million thoughts like that each day that never find their way to print just from looking at a preview magazine.

10. Any overall predictions for the 2009 college football season? Who is in the championship game?

I have no insight into the crazy things that tend to happen (please no more 2007's!), but obviously its hard to find much to dislike about Florida, Texas, USC, programs like that at least in the early going. I think we're going to be spoiled next year in seeing the senior seasons out of Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. We as fans get wrapped up into our teams and our hatreds sometimes and neglect to appreciate individual excellence from players. Both these guys are the best since Reggie Bush in my mind, in willing their teams across the finish line in games.If not for the Harrell-to-Crabtree play that we'll remember forever, we'd have deified Colt McCoy for his go-ahead touchdown drive that should have put the game away for the 'Horns. And although he was a touch erratic in spots, his overall performance in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State was stirring, capped by the game-winning TD drive. He carried that team against a well prepared Buckeye outfit.And I could easily go Thom Brennaman on you about Tim Tebow the player. Its hard to follow up acts like they had in 2008, but they'll still do something special even if it doesn't quite meet expectations.

Just glancing at things, I'm intrigued by Daryll Clark at Penn State and with their downy-soft schedule don't expect them to fall far from last year's pace.

The Ole Miss hype is off the charts but looking at their schedule I could see them dropping games to Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee and LSU. Their run game doesn't impress me, while replacing Oher and Jerry is no small task. Tread with caution picking them as a top-10 team.

Virginia Tech too, they'll win a ton of games but will have trouble escaping that ACC vortex of bad offenses unless a truly dominant runner emerges.

I actually think this is USC's best shot at a championship since 2006 despite a new quarterback (who may in fact be a true freshman). That defense is going to be typical Pete Carroll excellent, just not 2008 excellent. They'll manage. The problem is of course convincing the public they're better than some teams that will likely have vastly superior offensive numbers to them like the Texas', Floridas and Oklahomas of the world. That and not losing gimme conference games could go a long way in making that happen but I like the overall talent USC will field. Both lines will be excellent, I actually like this group of linebackers better than last year's group, the secondary is amazing, this year is Joe McKnight's time to shine, Johnson and Williams is an excellent receiver tandem, the offensive line may be the nation's best, lots to work with. Plus I get the feeling Pete Carroll's getting frustrated with that endless pattern of beating the tar out of everyone out of conference but muddling through half the conference games. Something has to give. Losing the coordinators is actually an opportunity for fresh blood within the coaching staff which could work wonders.

Georgia will perk up now that the burdens of expectation no longer fall on their shoulders.

Don't sleep on Cal, this is probably their best team since 2004 and they'll be scary if they can find a quarterback with a mean streak.

LSU will rebound in a big way although I don't think their defensive line is anywhere near as good as they're used to having.

Florida State will be back, but not as we remember them from the 90's. They don't really wear that intimidating, speedy mantle well anymore, but they have talent and appear to have found at least a modestly competent quarterback and some nifty runners. Mickey Andrews' defenses have slipped the last three years or so but if the players figure out they have a good team they won't know any better and play a little above themselves. Its the perk of being at a big time program, guys start playing like their bulletproof even when they aren't. Those kinds of teams are scary.

Georgia Tech is likely to struggle out of the gate and people will be eager to write off Paul Johnson's offense as a fluke the way they harassed Urban Meyer at Florida until he was able to transition from Chris Leak to a guy like Tebow who is a good fit for his system. But then, the Jackets will find their way and take down someone they shouldn't (perhaps VaTech in game seven?) once they get their confidence back.

Anyway, I could go on, heh. Hopefully this will suffice.

11. On game day, are you most likely watching games at home, in a sports bar, or at the game in person? Do you have any favorite game day traditions such as a certain routine, food or jersey?

I'd love to watch games in a bar but for work purposes I generally stay at home where I can control the television and what games I'm watching while having constant access to food, power and internet for my computer, and facilities. I'm planning on attending one or two USC games as usual this year though, so that should be a fun getaway, its always a blast tailgating with friends out west and enjoying the campus and gameday atmosphere, all the traditions, seeing Traveler up close before the game, the band, the Song Girls, Tommy Trojan, etc. So much of that is how I got wrapped up in college football in the first place.

I definitely wear the USC gear when I'm at home on Saturdays, I'm pretty superstitious so I have a favorite shirt I tend to wear, might have a hat nearby even if I don't wear it. I'll put the USC decorations and memorabilia around the room. I also have a standing tradition of doing a "toast" with a friend out west before each USC game, we used to do it at games but when I moved east it became a phone call at an appointed time where we'd set some goals and expectations for the game.

I also make sure to watch GameDay. People have soured on the show but its fun, I love seeing all the fans and the sounds and listening to the discussion and watching all the excellent video. ESPN is a lot of things but when it comes to college football coverage they really get it. During the show is usually when I make my TV grid where I write down all the games that are available to my TV channel programming that day, what time each game starts what channel number, and about how long each game should run, get that all marked up with hiliters for easy reference. That helps calm me down and get me focused on what I'll be watching that day, when I'll be watching it, and thinking about something other than USC.Other than that, its a lot of channel flipping, talking to some people over instant messenger about whats going on, calling some people occasionally.And then all bets are off if I'm actually at a game.

There's a ton to do at USC with games so I'm usually all over campus visiting various friends and tailgates, I try to stop by the Tommy Trojan statue on campus like everyone else, the bookstore is unfortunately avoided with everyone and their uncle in there purchasing gear, I'm not much one for greeting the players coming into the stadium (Trojan Walk) but tend to catch the band performing as it walks through campus on the way to the stadium, seeing the Song Girls up close, hearing them play the songs, all that. I'm spoiled a bit in that the main tailgate I go to has four TV's set up alongside the wall of the RV with all the major games showing that day, so I'll usually spend a certain amount of time watching games inbetween the socializing, keeping an eye on things. My friend Chris who I mentioned earlier that runs Heisman Pundit is usually there glued to the TV's, so its nice to talk to him at intervals to trade impressions of whats going on.

12. Your free space: speak your mind here Brian and feel free to say anything you want, especially if I missed something or you just wish to elaborate more. The field is yours.

Thanks Chuck. Hopefully this isn't a waste of you or your readers' time. Its been great interacting with you over the last few years at FanHouse, folks like you definitely add to the fun of my job and its nice knowing someone is out there who agrees with me on occasion, heh.

I really wish the best for Syracuse football. I didn't grow up with Ernie Davis or Jim Brown, but Donovan McNabb, Marvin Graves and Rob Konrad certainly resonated while watching games with announcers extolling the ferocity and pride of the folks inside the intimidating Carrier Dome. Syracuse is good for college football and hopefully lean times haven't eroded the competitive spirit of the program.

I would like to thank Brian for not only his time but what I found to be a very lengthy and detailed response to the questions. If you enjoy college football,I highly recommend joining Brian during the http://www.fanhouse.com/ chats, reading their great college analysis blog style (along with Pitt fan Chas Rich) as well as checking out his personal blog at www.collegefootballresource.com/ .

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Contest Corner 6-28

http://www.syracuse.com/contests/ is for those of you who live in the Syracuse area. They have tickets to the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways as well as tickets to the Empire State Brewing & Music Festival (if that is something you like).

http://www.sportsradio620.com/cc-common/radiobase/contests/ is also for Syracuse area folks who would like tickets to the Camping World Grand Prix at Watkins Glen or how about Syracuse Chiefs tickets for life.

http://www.wfnz.com/pages/136999.php? is for anyone in the Charlotte area who would like a chance at a $50 voucher for a Greater Golf Express Video Analysis or my personal favorite, a 4 pack of tickets, hot dogs and drinks for the Kannapolis Intimidators game of your choice this summer (except 4th of July).

http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/sweepstakes/y2009/scottrade/sweeps.jsp?partnerId=ed-2683397-55428157&source=ed-2683397-55428157 is for baseball fans wanting to win a trip to the 2009 MLB All-Star Game.

https://sigreatestmoment.secondthought.com/ is for you to tell them in 250 words or less about your greatest moment that you accomplished or viewed in sports and it could win you a day with your favorite athlete and your likeness on an SI cover.

http://www.ugo.com/dvd/12-rounds/sweepstakes/ is for wrestling/gaming fans which includes a copy of John Cena's BluRay DVD 12 Rounds, a John Cena replica belt, 80 gig PS3, and WWE Raw verses Smackdown video game.

https://gatorade.tsn.ca/Landing.aspx?lang=EN not sure how far out my readership goes but if you or someone you know is a Canadian resident, this contest is for you.

Gunnin' For That #1 Spot-The Film Featuring Donte Greene

I found this video on Hulu today that some may enjoy watching. It's a documantary shot a couple years ago where they talk about elite high school basketball players together in a tournament. It features former Syracuse Orange and current Sacramento Kings player Donte Greene as well as current NBA players Kevin Love (Jonny Flynn's new teammate), Michael Beasley, Tyreke Evans (who was just drafted to play alongside Donte this year) and Brandon Jennings, who seems to be making more of a name for himself off the court then on it. It's 1 hour and 36 minutes long but if you want to watch to learn about Donte Greene's background or what it was like behind the scenes of this big tournament filmed around the Rucker Park Elite 24 tournament, this movie is for you. Also, it is a great discussion about the history of Rucker Park which anyone who knows basketball and NYC knows about Rucker Park or should. I hope you all enjoy it if you have to time to watch it all.

Anxiety In Sports: Real Or Excuse For Bad Play

In the past couple years, our society has become more accepting of depression issues that for centuries we brushed off with a simple "suck it up and go back to work" mentality. Now many realize these are genuine issues as are such conditions like ADD or ADHD that can impact not just your job but your everyday life. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) describes anxiety as a normal way for one to handle stress and lists the five major disorders related to it as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder). I can tell you first hand as someone who has a history of panic attacks that when you have them, it can be just as scary as any other medical condition so athletes who suffer legitimately from this, in my opinion, are justified to take time off just as any injured athlete should be.

True anxiety is not just your feeling down because you are currently 0-100 at the plate or you are having difficulty finding your shot, though it won't help. Most who suffer from this have been dealing with stress to the point they can no longer take it and break down. It is not a sign of weakness but in fact more of a sign of trying to find a better way to cope. People handle things in a different way and that does not make one person any stronger then the next, just different. Many put so much pressure on themselves or feel worried to let others down more then anything else in life and so when they struggle, it will manifest itself in the form of anger or sadness. Not to mention, we do not know what that person has experienced in their life because many times tramatic experiences can bring this about so unless even if you have walked in their shoes, you still may not truly understand their view.

It has been over ten years since my last panic attack which led to me punching out a Humvee windshield and banging my head constantly on a steering wheel before being carried away. I spent many hours contemplating suicide as a way to handle the stress but never could do it so I just kept absorbing it all until one day, I broke. I endured many different types of counseling sessions and tried many different medications and techniques. It wasn't until 2003 when I lost two people I loved deeply within a week or so of each other that I lost it again only to find one great therapeutic method without medication (though I did need it short term) and that was finding my passion for writing. Sure, I have my moments of anxiety but instead of just bottling it all up, I can write things to help vent. In fact, my book that I had published was taking my story of loss and using my imagination to help me cope. But everyone of us who suffer have different triggers as well as differing methods of handling it and it is a process more then anything to find out exactly what it is that will help prevent your next big attack.

I read this morning this article on Fanhouse http://mlb.fanhouse.com/2009/06/28/cardinals-khalil-greene-sidelined-again-by-anxiety-disorder/ and found it an interesting read as I wondered if people took Khalil Greene's condition serious or an excuse to cover up a bad streak. I don't know Khalil personally so I don't know what is in his head but I do hope this is more then excuse and he is up front and honest in the hopes that not only the fans understand where he is coming from, but others who may have these issues coping with stress do not feel like they are alone or should hide it out of shame. I know sports is portrayed with a macho image and we want our millionaire athletes to be tough skinned and able to handle any pressure but some of the most talented people in this world are still strong but just need a little more help then others dealing with everyday life at times.

I am not writing this to get anyone to send me their sympathy or make excuses for ballplayers who may struggle, I am writing this so that we can all work together to understand that not only is this a problem, but it is also one we can work together and fix but it may take some time. Personally, I would recommend just as Josh Alper did in his piece, they give Khalil a couple weeks to work with someone or various people (I went through four or five therapists before we found something that worked). You can't just take a night off and be all fine, it takes time and finding the right things that will help you better understand how to handle yourself the next time you feel stress coming on. My wife and I are laid off with bill collectors calling daily and everyone around us is stressed due to the economy and in the past, I would be sitting in a doctor's office begging for medications but instead, I know that I need to find my outlet which is escaping for short periods of time into writing or watching something relaxing, avoiding the situation while I consider more rational ways to cope without punching out my computer screen, though the impulses are still there at times.

Anxiety is no joke and it is no game and until you are ready to handle the stress fairly, the disorders will come and go while treating it as though someone is flawed and should be tossed aside because of it must go to the wayside if we want to truly understand this issue. If you feel like your panicking and not sure how to manage, get help because I promise you that just around the corner, if you are willing to accept it and work with it, are answers that will make your life and those around you so much more enjoyable. And if your favorite player or someone in your life is having difficulties, convince them that it is OK and they just need a little help to point them in the right direction, not just suck it up like a real man would do. I wish Khalil and others like him the best of luck finding that new person inside them that will make them happier in the long run.

Why Bobby Lashley Should Either Be In Strikeforce Or Ultimate Fighter

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tony Fiammetta Signs His Contract With Carolina Panthers


Former Syracuse Orange fullback Tony Fiammetta, who was drafted in the 4th round (128th overall), has officially signed his rookie contract with the Carolina Panthers. Carolina drafted two players in the 4th round and signed both at the same time (the other being Texas A&M running back Mike Goodson). No contract details were announced on the Carolina Panthers official website, which is linked above.
He still has an uphill battle since he is facing a local favorite Brad Hoover who has faced competition in the past but remained the teams starting fullback. Unless for some reason, they keep both men and maybe utilize one for special teams or something, which I personally am rooting to see happen. Best of luck to #42 Tony Fiammetta in a Panthers jersey, especially coming from a Carolina fan myself who will enjoy rooting him on.

B.O.B. Cheap Plug Of The Week-Dogs That Chase Cars

For those who have not realized yet, I enjoy many different sports from time to time although my first love will always revolve around the Syracuse Orange. One such sport is golf, though admittedly I can't watch every hole of every tournament. While visiting a website I enjoy for the news and sports chats, http://www.fanhouse.com/ , I met one of their writers named Shane Bacon. I later found out he had his own blog and if you like golf, you will love his site http://www.dogschasingcars.com/ . Shane is a huge golf fan who has even caddied once for the LPGA tour. Please take some time and check it out and I think you will agree, he provides some good, enjoyable coverage of the game of golf.

Stylin' With Coach Q And MMA In Syracuse Videos

I found these two interviews courtesy of www.syracuse.com and wanted to share them with you as a fan of both. First up is Syracuse Women's Basketball Coach Quentin Hillsman, whom I would love to interview on this blog one day, speaking about his sense of style. And then we have Curtis Tillman who owns and operates Curtis Tillman's Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Cicero, NY (in Driver's Village) talking a little about his place and MMA in general.

Joe Buck And Artie Lange Explain Their Sides Of The Joe Buck Show On Mad Dog Radio

I am not sure what you thought of The Joe Buck Show a couple weeks back (I liked the David Wright stuff but I am a admitted Mets Fan) but I found these clips on YouTube of Mad Dog separately interviewing both Joe Buck and Artie Lange. I will warn you though that as most who know when Artie Lange is involved, there is cursing so viewer discretion is advised.

Mad Dog's old partner Mike Francesa offers his opinion of the show and Artie's segment.

My Take On Why Minnesota Drafted Jonny Flynn And Why I Think He Will Be Their Point Guard

Last night, we learned that Minnesota acquired an extra NBA lottery draft pick apparently with the purpose of drafting TWO point guards and they chose Ricky Rubio and Syracuse's own Jonny Flynn. Many people were left wondering if maybe the lack of a head coach caused chaos in the war room and there was a mistake (especially when they also later in the round, drafted UNC point guard Ty Lawson but then he was traded to Denver for some rationality). Well that's OK, they were drafting to trade one of them to possibly the Knicks later, right? As we found out, draft night ended with the Minnesota Timberwolves having two high rated point guards on their team. So what now?

Minnesota has publicly stated that they are very content with both players and not looking to trade either one. Sean over at http://www.nunesmagician.com/ has a great take on this situation here http://www.nunesmagician.com/2009/6/26/926387/jonny-flynn-is-dave-kahns-backup where Minnesota basically is pointing at Ricky Rubio to be their point guard of the future which might help fuel Jonny's fire. I do think that is a great idea but my problem is that after hours of consideration, seeing quotes Sean uses, experts pondering the situation and even Ricky Rubio's reaction so far to the pick, I am writing this to defend another point, I think the true Timberwolves point guard of the future will be Jonny Flynn.

Let's look at a few things here. First, Rubio's father is hinting that Ricky may play another year or two in Spain, possibly not being content with playing in Minnesota (many say his camp thought he had an excellent shot to play in a major market and that is why he entered the draft). Ricky even told a couple teams that if they drafted him, he would not play there anyway and you have to think that though Minnesota was not named, he was still not thrilled with the choice. He is not at the Minnesota welcoming press conference because of a prior commitment when the majority of the other players drafted are in their new city enjoying the attention of the local fans and media. And he can technically sit out for three years playing in Spain before Minnesota loses the draft rights to him making a good living and come back to play for the team of his choosing.

Next, why would the T'Wolves publicly come out and declare a starting point guard the day after the draft without giving them a chance to prove it on the court, feeding the ball to Kevin Love in person? I have an idea, what makes a trade more efficient, playing up a player as essential to the teams future or releasing a statement stating they don't care about him and will take anything for him? I think this is a good old fashioned lesson from Public Relations 101 : Make Your Product More Appealing.

I full expect Minnesota will trade Ricky Rubio but they also know that trading him for nothing when many view him as a talented player is foolish for a team rebuilding around Kevin Love. It may not be today or tomorrow but it will happen when someone offers Minnesota the right piece of the puzzle they need and possibly to a team Rubio will like and not act like a kid (wait, he still is one, right?) but be grateful for the opportunity to play in the NBA.

I don't like drafts because it does limit a persons individual choice to select their work environment but when you willingly enter this, you know the repercussions and therefore must live with it. Not to mention you will become essentially an instant millionaire and in a couple years, becoming a free agent where you can pick the team of your choice. If someone told me I had to go to Minnesota for 2-3 years and make millions to do, I would pack the family and my stuff and personally ride inside a U-Haul all the way there to begin my new career as an NBA player, something many kids on a playground dream about every year. And I fully expect Jonny Flynn to do the same while Ricky Rubio ponders his future in Spain (or maybe another NBA team) and lead the Minnesota Timberwolves into the 2009-2010 NBA season.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Mock Drafts To Enjoy Before The Real Draft

Fanhouse: http://nba.fanhouse.com/2009/06/25/final-fanhouse-2009-nba-mock-draft/

SI.com: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/ian_thomsen/06/24/mock.draft4/index.html?eref=sihpT1

Fox Sports: http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/9719120/2009-NBA-mock-draft:-Version-3.0

CBS Sports: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/draft/mock

Yahoo Sports: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=AhIf32Y9eqNDRQWsIGVG2Qc5nYcB?slug=ys-mockdraft062509&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

ESPN (first 5 picks are free, rest you will need insider access to read): http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/draft2009/columns/story?columnist=ford_chad&page=MockDraft-090625

NBADraft.net: http://cloud1.nbadraft.net/

Coach Boeheim's Turn On Dan Patrick


Dan Patrick is playing the Cuse card leading up to the draft and today featured Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim. Coach B talks about Jonny Flynn being ready for the draft, Ricky Rubio not so much and who he would draft #1 (and it is not an Orange player but in fact, a UConn guy), and even Greg Paulus surprising people on the football field for Syracuse. Now my passion bucket is full of Orange and I am happy.

Some Syracuse Videos For You To Enjoy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Video Prediction Of Where Flynn Might Be Drafted

I found this video on Hulu.com where College Sports Minute predicts Jonny Flynn to go #7 to Golden State in the NBA Draft tomorrow. Some of their picks I don't agree with but I do think if Flynn is still there, Golden State will jump at the chance.

Contest Corner 6-24

http://www.gospeedway.com/texas2step/ is your chance to win a trip to Texas for a two night stay at a Texan Dude Ranch followed by two nights in a Texan style 5 star resort, VIP experience to Texas Motor Speedway, and $2,000 to take along for the ride.

http://www.staples.sharpie500.com/main.taf?p=1 is for a ride in the pace car for the Sharpie 500.

http://matadorsnacks.com/sweepstakes.asp is giving away bikes, PS3's and a trip to the Dew Tour finals in Orlando.

http://www.champssportslounge.com/conversecostar/registration.asp is a trip to LA for two to attend the ESPN The Magazine VIP Party in October.

http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/sweepstakes/y2009/state_farm/index.jsp?mode=sweeps&sf_ref=S00826&partnerId=S00826 is for those of you who like to watch the All Star game Home Run Derby. You register with them and your ball ticket matches one during the derby, you can win prizes that include $100 gift certificates, memorabilia, or tickets to games 3 & 4 of the World Series.

Jonny Flynn Talks NBA Draft on Dan Patrick This Morning


Above is a link where you can read a quick highlight or actually hear the Jonny Flynn interview in it's entirety with Dan Patrick earlier today. In it he discusses his height issue in the draft, which team he would love to be drafted by, Lebron James's role with him entering the draft early, his opinion on who is the best point guard in the draft (himself), and his take on why Coach Boeheim never looks happy. All in all, Flynn comes over very confident but not cocky as well as very down to Earth and a good listen for any Syracuse fan. I still have no idea where he will land, especially since it was reported no long ago that the New York Knicks even just purchased a draft pick for cash, low it was a low first rounder, and I expect more trading before the draft is over.

One Of My Favorite Boxing Videos Ever

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Future MMA/Wrestling Events

For the record, if you are reading this and a TNA Wrestling fan in Syracuse or North Carolina, July is also a big month since they will be in Syracuse, NY on July 12th and in Winston-Salem, NC on July 18th, the night before the pay per view. I also know that the advertised main event for the Winston-Salem show is slated to be Kurt Angle verses AJ Styles.

Syracuse's Etan Thomas And The #5 Draft Pick Traded


The above is a link that SI.com is reporting a trade between the Washington Wizards and the Minnesota Timberwolves that involves both former Syracuse Orange Etan Thomas and the #5 pick in the NBA draft this Thursday. The trade is, the Wizards will receive Randy Foye and Mike Miller while the Timberwolves will get the No. 5 pick, Etan, Darius Songiala and Oleksiy Pecherov which according to the article will now give Minnesota not only three players but also the 5th AND 6th pick. Minnesota must love a couple guys to do this deal because two picks that high will not come cheap plus you just picked up the salary of three players as well. I would expect more trades to come as I have heard from several places that draft pick trades are a hot topic among NBA executives right now who think the draft is top heavy and after the lottery area, the talent pool drops off dramatically.

This Video Makes Me Want To Cry Tears Of Joy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

DBB Sports Daily Break For 6-19-09

My 5 Fathers Day Videos

Is Baseball Actually The Reason Why The NBA And The NFL Will Always Use NCAA As Farm System?

So before I go to my brother's house in a couple hours and enjoy the holiday with my family, I wanted to shed light on a subject I think is not discussed enough, minor league feeder systems verses college athletics. Major League Baseball uses both college baseball and has a very extensive minor league system in place to help scout out talent before they play in the majors, as does the NHL. However, the NBA and NFL do not have anything in place except college, despite such programs as NBA's Developmental League and Arena Football which could be used more for that specific goal. But as I sat here thinking about baseball, it finally occurred to me that maybe baseball's model is actually the reason the NBA and NFL have no desire to expand.

Let's explore the popularity of minor league and college baseball verses that of college basketball and football for our first reason. Yes, the College World Series is a great event and one I enjoy following, though baseball is my favorite sport period so that may be part of the reason I feel that way, but the ratings are nothing compared to the BCS bowl games and March Madness. I have not been to Iowa yet for the CWS but I have been told that experiencing it person, you will grow more appreciation for the sport and I do hope to one day but let's face it, when it comes to viewing and planning your life schedule around it, the BCS and March Madness are more "sick day" excuses then the CWS. I don't have the ratings in front of me but I think it's safe to assume that CWS and even the NCAA Hockey finals fail in comparison to that of football and basketball. And I bet if you look around your office, you will notice more people still sleepy from the night before after basketball and football (and in some cases, watching the feed to games on their work computers or listening on headsets) then you will for baseball and hockey. Is there genuine concern that a minor league system would negatively impact the huge ratings/generous revenue stream the NCAA receives during the football and basketball post season? Would people tune to watch Jonny Flynn in minor league NBA action as much as they did when he helped Syracuse in a 6 OT game against Big East rival UConn? Or would this cause such a split in viewers that it would hurt either from being as successful as anyone would hope?

And what about the cost of such minor league programs? Both baseball and hockey have differing levels of programs that players have to work their way up during their careers. Many of these players do not make much money but the overall cost when you add up how many teams, coaches, scouting, and many other aspects I failed to mention can make it a very expensive venture. Sure, the cost efficient way is to use a college system that is already in place and successful and evaluate them while they are there but what about the cost of the value of our collegiate education system? Do we not in essence devalue the idea of a scholarship and a college diploma when we offer someone such a deal and they barely attend class, sign up for easy classes, or watch as they leave before they get their degree? I understand the lure of a big contract is so great and I would never blame a person for leaving for such reason (and if it were my daughter or son, I would probably tell them to make whatever decision they wanted with my full blessing as long as leaving meant a secure job). But does it not send a bad message to our children that if you can shoot a ball, don't worry about education because the colleges will help cover for you while you develop your game there and screw the kid who worked hard who's jump shot may not be as good but his GPA and SAT scores are impressive enough to qualify? Where do we draw the line at what is the price we will pay for our sports? Obviously, the NFL and NBA are fine using college so we know where their bottom line is but is it really so awful that these kids get at least one year of exposure to college when there is a chance they may not have tried it without sports?

If we are honest with ourselves, we will all realize that cost and ratings are the two biggest factors deterring the NFL and NBA from developing legitimate minor leagues. Football owners are about to lock out players because they do not want to relinquish any more pieces of the profit and both the NBA and NFL draft players straight out of college to contracts that make a veteran player blush and question his worth so why spend more on developing these players?

I love viewing minor league teams in my area because it is affordable and there is something fun about watching a person competing hard knowing they are working hard to make it to the next level (not to mention, right before your eyes could be the next Cal Ripken Jr. or Mario Lemieux and you can say you saw him then and probably get his autograph for free at the games). They are fun affordable games for the whole family but just not for the team owners who are forced to foot the bill to establish a more efficient system even though in all actuality, they do have the NBA D league and football could use Canadian Football and Arena leagues as well, which are already in place.

The bigger question is though, why spend more money to fix what many consider not to be broken? Are the low ratings and lower attendance figures for minor league and college baseball and hockey the real reason we will never see the NFL or NBA allow the colleges to return to their original intent, that of securing a place for those searching for a degree? Or are college sports themselves a crash course that should allow them some form of a degree for finishing since it does prepare them for a profession that can be very lucrative?

I think personally college sports should be for athletes who would love to get an education first and play athletics second and the NBA and NFL should step up and explore more options even if it may cost some more money but then again, I don't have to pay those million dollar contracts so it is easy for me to speculate from my desk. Just ask yourself this, would you watch minor league football and basketball if it was formed or would you stick by your college allegiance and then maybe we know why they could be hesitant to see things from my perspective? Would the Final Four or the BCS championship game still have the same impact if many of those involved in the games this past year were instead in developmental league championships?

Five Fathers Day Videos To Enjoy Repeating In Your Head

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Contest Corner 6-20

http://www.m2omedia.com/danpatrick/ is a link to the Dan Patrick Show's Dan Nation where you can win points for answering questions and listen to show archives. With those points, you can enter raffles for such items as a Wii Fit and a trip to the Chicago Raceway on July 11 to watch the Lifelock.com 400 race with Dan Patrick.

http://www.degreeracing.com/V12/Default.aspx is another NASCAR related contest. Win a 4-day/3-night VIP trip for 2 to Atlanta, to attend a NASCAR Weekend and meet Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Brad Keselowski. Plus there dozens of weekly prizes like auto gift cards, Nascar merchandise & more to be won.

http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/sweepstakes/y2009/gillette/index.jsp is brought to you by Gillete Fusion and is a chance to win a trip for you and a guest to this years MLB All -Star Game in St. Louis.

http://contest.maxim.com/contest/castrolgtx/contest-enter.html?id=31 is for the sports fan who would love to win a trip to Miami to attend the Maxim Big Game Party with round trip airfare and two nights accommodations. This one is sponsored by Castrol GTX Motor Oil so in order to enter, you have to explain in 250 characters (which is over a hundred more then us Twitter folks normally get to enjoy) your sludgiest situation in life.

http://www.am570radio.com/pages/sportslegendschallenge/ I found this one courtesy of 570am Radio KLAC in Orange County, CA that is a trip for you to go to the Bahamas and participate in a poker tournament with sports legends that will get you a seat at a table, airfare and hotel if you win.

http://www.cbssports.com/contests is a page to keep your eye on if you like contests and fantasy sports, which is primarily what the page is right now.

http://www.mycokerewards.com/ is a website for those of you who drinks Coke products which include Powerade and Sprite among others. You save up the points and you can either purchase items if you saved up enough or enter into drawings. Some of the ones up for grabs right now include trip to 2010 Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, Florida, other NASCAR memorabilia, an air hockey table, XM satellite radio with 12 months paid service and 4 gift certificates good towards games or concert tickets.

Fox Sports Jeff Goodman Calls Jonny Flynn Top Point Guard In The NBA Draft

I found this video and thought some of you may want to see it. I don't know much about Jeff but hey, he gives Jonny Flynn a top grade at the point guard position in this draft so that alone means he can't be too bad, right? Even though he thinks Sacramento will take Ricky Rubio with the number 4 pick which some actually have Jonny possibly going that high. He does rate Steph Curry at 3rd best with Wake Forest's Teague being under rated and number 2(I don't remember much about him so I will defer to his judgement, though I love the potential of Curry second only to that of Jonny Flynn). I know many are dubbing this as one of the worst drafts in years (even heard Ryan Russilo on ESPN Radio call it the worst in 20 years) but I like the lottery side of the draft, not to mention I think it is unfair to evaluate such a statement until we have a chance to see these guys play in the NBA. I guess we will know more this Thursday as the NBA Draft will be televised on ESPN for all to enjoy the view of Sir David Stern and his glory.

UPDATE: It would not allow me to embed the video on Blogger but if your interested, here is the link to the video http://msn.foxsports.com/video/NBA?vid=fc5ebb36-8bb6-4509-aa20-d234f0f8a065

Jonny Flynn To The Bobcats Looks Less Likely Now


I found this interesting article this morning over at www.charlotteobserver.com that talks about Jonny Flynn not doing a work out for the Charlotte Bobcats. Bobcats coach Larry Brown says that even though they drafted a point guard first round last year and are likely to resign former Tar Heel Raymond Felton, he would have liked to have had Jonny along with Jrue Holiday (UCLA) and another Tar Heel Ty Lawson work our for the team. Brown says that even though they have the two guards, he would explore the best pick at that point in the draft and not just want they think they need position wise. After looking at mock drafts and everything I have read over the past few weeks, I think it also had something to do with the fact that the Bobcats have the 12th pick and these guys are likely to be gone before that selection.

I know some will make a lot of this fact (or maybe not) but to me, it just does not seem reasonable to work out for every NBA team individually. Though the idea of flying into a fun new city every day may sound appealing to some, I am sure more people have someone strategies their every move as to who they think could draft them and who they think never will. They have pre-draft camps also where everyone works out and you can view them there so these private workouts are not completely needed, even though I am sure most coaches would love to see you you would handle certain scenarios they run. The NBA draft is about drafting who you think has the best talent at your position when you draft and if what Jonny Flynn has done, especially in the past year, is not enough to convince you then with all due respect, maybe you do not need to draft him. I understand you would probably like to also meet the person and judge their character but there is still time for that to be done if you really are interested in the player. I would love to see Flynn in Charlotte because it would actually give me an excuse to go watch this team but I do not blame him for missing out on the workout.