Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sunday In Syracuse Sports Video Festival

Jim Boeheim Talks About The Importance of 800 Wins

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Doug Marrone

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Bud Poliquin

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Greg Paulus

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Ryan Nassib

SU Women Can Jump

Syracuse University’s Kayla Alexander

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SU Basketball Coach Talks About "Shut It Down"

"Shut It Down" by Syracuse basketball's Rob Murphy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Syracuse Football And Alcohol: The Perfect Blend

Brad Paisley - Alcohol - For more funny videos, click here

For those who have not heard yet, Mike Williams officially informed Syracuse Football Head Coach Doug Marrone that he has left the program (his status with the school itself is still unknown). This is hard news to bare for fans of the program who thought (and many of us still believe) this program was finally headed in the right direction and could even possibly reach a bowl game in Coach Marrone's first year, though it was a long shot. Add into this, the on field problems with turnover and a pass defense with obvious issues and many Orange fans are left wondering what they did to deserve such a kick in the stomach. Do they make enough alcohol to even help tolerate all of this trouble?

We have some fans who think free or discount tickets on fan appreciation day are not worth their time to show support even in struggling times. They also think the wave is a fun idea and booing their own player is appropriate. Heck, just looking around a half empty Dome will make you want to make another beer run out of frustration for the fans who you know would be there if Syracuse was winning.

And then we have player issues to manage. Greg Paulus is making some mistakes that is hurting the team and Nassib is showing promising signs for the future which has lead to a quarterback controversy. Sometimes we have to remember though that we as fans are not at every practice and Nassib looks good in limited reps but it is possible he may not be ready to start a whole game at the most important position of a football team. Nassib has so far shown he has a rocket for an arm and does not have the turnovers Paulus has so one can only wonder if or when the change will be made. Greg has done a lot to help this university and I think even if he is pulled, can still contribute on and off the field to this program, just in a more limited role.

And then we all wake up today and find out the Mike Williams had announced he left the team. I refuse to speculate as to his reasons but past actions whether it be his issues that led him to spend a year at community college or his Facebook remarks could have something to do with it but it could be anything, possibly even a personal issue that none of us are aware of. I know for many, it is hard to take and understand his reasons but maybe in time we will. And regardless, we are frustrated so where do we turn now? Alcohol!

Look, I am not condoning drinking (unless it is responsibly done and you are of age, in which case, feel free to drink up) but to be honest, it is hard to be a Syracuse football fan for the past few year sand not think about it. It seems as though every time we think we see progress, something shatters our hopes and dreams of seeing Syracuse football being respectable again. It seems as though Syracuse fans are finding it harder and harder to support this team and you have to wonder if it is more than just bad football.

I remember being a little kid growing up in the Syracuse area and if someone had tickets to the Dome, that was better than winning the lottery to an Orange fan. Now it seems that the only fans left are the ones who either remain nostalgic about those days, those who want to overpay for beer, or the loyal students who are trying to support their school but somehow are outnumbered because they are the only ones sober enough to wake up before noon to walk across campus (and for those folks, I say thank you for your determination and faith in this program). Could someone please end the pain soon because I refuse to do anything other than bleed Syracuse Orange? The pain not only hurts but is becoming an embarrassing pimple on the butt of college football and as someone so eloquently put it this past weekend, Syracuse is quickly becoming a basketball school and with the rich tradition this program has, that is simply inexcusable and we need to fix it now. In the meantime, alcohol sales in the Syracuse area and anywhere that grads/fans reside will continue to be on the rise. Drink up because even with signs of progress out there for us to see, without Mike Williams, this season has the potential to go awfully wrong and awfully quick.