Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Ode To The #Restore44 Movement

My Ode To The Restore 44 Movement
Orange Chuck

Syracuse fans are on a mission to restore a tradition
We're forming coalitions and signing online petitions
Choosing to no longer be ignored and right a wrong forevermore
Trying to finally restore the prestigious number forty-four

People say, "Yo, Orange Chuck, they retired that jersey!
It's such a great way to honor it; so what's the worry?"
I'd say I love Brown, Davis, and Floyd as much as any fan
But the jersey on the field was how we honored those men

Maybe not everyone who wore it lived up to the legacy
But honestly it wasn't about that but about our history
So let's bring it back so we can embrace OUR tradition once more
Please Syracuse University, do what's right and RESTORE 44!!!!