Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Could TNA Do Better By Going A New Direction?

As a TNA fan, I sometimes wonder how much this company would be if they tried something new. I think they are too similar at times to WWE or WCW but have the potential to be better. The following are the things that I believe will improve the overall product and attract a broader fan base.
The biggest step is to concentrate less on storylines and more on wrestling. Establish a top ranking system for all titles and publish them so everyone can follow along. This also makes the storyline simpler in that it’s about the winning and losing involved trying to work your way to a title shot.
Along those lines, only top contenders should get the title shots which will make the matches more special. I would also make the title matches exclusively for pay per view or on rare special occasions. The champion can still wrestle but his Impact matches will be non-title matches. A non-title match is, in my opinion, one of the most underutilized assets in wrestling today to establish a top contender.
The other thing I find to be not used as much as it should it the time limit draw. This can be used to build anticipation for a rematch while also displaying how competitive both sides were that evening.
Emphasizing rankings also allows for less goofy skits and more concentration on the ring work. You can still show personality using short interviews to build up the match. Now you also have more time saved that can be either for more matches or longer ones. TNA definitely has the talent to make this a huge attraction to fans looking for more action.
I believe these steps will not only improve their shows but give it a more realistic feel. MMA draws millions of fans just to see who the best fighter is and wrestling can do it as well. This also now makes a pay per view more special and might entice more fans to tune in because they can’t’ see title shots on regular television but Impact is still important because you see them earning their shot.
WWE is determined to continue to promote entertainment so I think TNA should concentrate more on the wrestling. There are fans out there that are just waiting for more ring action and this will bring them to the show along with your current fan base.

THE Funniest Sports Comedy Bit Ever

Monday, February 23, 2009

Orange You Glad I Got Videos

Extra, extra, read all about it. I got videos from the WTVH 5 preshow at my favorite sports bar in the world Tully's. I got more Ultimate Fan videos for those who enjoy watching them. How about Coach Boeheim's Villanova post game press conference and I also found on YouTube the last 6 minutes of the Syracuse/Villanova game for those interested in watching their blood pressure rise.

Ultimate Fan

Ultimate Fan

Sunday, February 22, 2009

THE Ultimate SU Fan

Since I have been posting videos of the ultimate SU fan, I had to point out this article to the man who wins the contest hands down. Meet Neil Gold, a 1970 SU grad who has a house in Manlius that is mostly for when he is in town to watch Syracuse games. He owns a business on Long Island and does not live their primarily but I doubt he would have a hard time finding Orange fans who would love to hang out there after a game with him and enjoy all the Orange items he owns.

The sad part is, I have seen many people commenting on this story who really need to get over themselves. The man worked hard to make a business successful and earned the right to live as he wishes. My wife and I are both about to be laid off in a couple of weeks and there are very few jobs out there for us but I am not bitter towards those who did well for themselves and enjoy life. He travels with the team for away games and maybe if some of those who have the passion to dislike this guy gave the efforts they do to show that and put it into something resourceful, maybe their situation would be better off too. I am so sick of this theory of "I have nothing so everyone else should be miserable and be without like me".

Congratulations to you Mr. Gold and your wife and I hope you enjoy the games and thank you for showing the passion in Orange sports that I wish many more would feel as well in the community.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post Standard's Sean Kirst Remembers Syracuse Nationals Owner Danny Biasone On His 100th Birthday

I was looking through the video section of and found this great work by Sean Kirst with an assist by Dolph Schayes (father of one of my biggest childhood favorites Danny Schayes). It talks about the owner of the Syracuse Nationals Danny Biasone, who would be 100 years old this year. For those who don't care about that aspect of history, this is also the man who is responsible for the 24 second shot clock to help speed up the game. The Nationals are an important part of Syracuse history and makes me proud to say I was raised in Syracuse when you see appreciation such as this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Sean Kirst: Remembering Danny Biasone

CBS Sports Previews Syracuse/Villanova Tomorrow At The Dome

When The Orange Prosper, So Do Local Businesses

Found this video interesting, especially as someone who still uses Manny's website to order most of his Orange needs. They have just about anything you want to buy and a bargain basement that can't be beat. Here is the website and below WTVH video.

Orange boost to businesses

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Syracuse Verses Rochester-The Show In The Snow?

First Axe drops word of this on his show and in this column and then I find the video from WTVH 5 that the Syracuse Crunch and Chiefs are in talks to play an outdoor hockey game next year at Alliance Bank Stadium. No opponent has been named (Rochester is my top pick though) or details finalized but I can't help but think it would be a great idea. Yes I know its winter in Syracuse but off the success the NHL has had with these games, why not give it a try? Whats next, Dave Matthews Band playing in ABS this....oh you heard about that already, my bad. Anyway, you have to give the Chiefs staff an A+ for planning top notch events for the stadium in the future. Then again, with the problems Crunch officials are having with the War Memorial, maybe this is just a way to scout out a new home. Just kidding....I think.

Crunch hockey team looks to play outdoor game next season

What Do Tullys, Axeman And Jonny Flynn Have In Common?

Do you give up? This Sunday at noon on WTVH 5 in Syracuse, there will be a pregame show taping live from Tully's Good Times in Liverpool at noon EST. The show will include taped interviews including one with Jonny Flynn about his status next year with Syracuse and a segment or so with the Axeman Brent Axe (who will possibly find it hard to talk with Tully's Tenders in his mouth). Sounds like a great show and dang it if I am not craving those tenders myself all the way from North Carolina. Axe talked some about it on his show today and I was reminded when I found the clip below of the Flynn interview. Enjoy your tenders and I hope you think of me when your eating them. I have got to find a way to get them to open one of those in the Charlotte market someday soon. Maybe I should start a campaign online with a logo like "Will Work For Tully's Tenders". Anyway, those of you still living in Syracuse, be sure to check it out on WTVH 5 at noon or be there and be part of the show and hang out for some tenders and Orange basketball as Syracuse plays Villanova at 1pm EST.

SU’s Jonny Flynn talks about his future plans

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picture This-The Orange Out In Living Color

I just thought I would pass along word of this blog above which contains some great Syracuse oriented pictures including a few from the recent Syracuse/Georgetown February 14th game at the Carrier Dome aka the famous Orange-Out. Great jobs guys. Go Orange!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Turns Out, Good Sportsmanship Does Still Exist

The above link is to an article from ESPN about a high school game and some kind sportsmanship that we see very rarely in sports anymore, though it does happen from time to time. This is the story of a young man who lost his mother recently, told the coach he could not play but later changed his mind and decided to show up. The problem was that the team did not list him on the game roster so if the coach put him in, the team would receive a technical foul. The opposing team, knowing the circumstances then put a shooter on the line who purposely shot the ball a couple feet and missed intentionally in support of a young man trying to deal with his emotions.

I would love to write a long note about how supportive I am about this story and how common gestures like this should be but ESPN did a great job covering it and I have to get to bed shortly because I need to be up by 4am to go to work. So I will simply say, thank you to both teams involved for showing how dignity and compassion can be emphasized over running up scores and finding every competitive short cut just to win, especially to young men and women in school. Many things we learn at a young age remain with us forever and this is the kind of thing that makes you have faith in humanity and still enjoy sports.

Cornell/Syracuse 1987-The Big Red Fight Revisited Courtesy of ESPN

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everybody Must See Orange

It always seems like I have better luck finding videos then blog topics but hey, let's see if you are ready for some more courtesy of and Citrus TV including my favorite all time song with Donte Greene on drums.

Donte Greene plays SU fight song at halftime vs. Georgetown

Orange Men's Lacrosse Team Wins 22-3

Above is a great article by Dave Rahme from the Post Standard about Kenny Nims leading the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team with 8 points in their victory over Providence 22-3 earlier today. Below I have some lacrosse videos courtesy of and Citrus TV to help keep you up with the Orange men's lacrosse team.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ultimate Orange Fans And Victory Videos

Ultimate Fan

Ultimate Fan

Jim Boeheim's News Conference After the Georgetown Game.

Watch CBS Videos Online

UPDATE: How about some Citrus TV Orange Press Pass to add to it?

Syracuse Beats Georgetown So Now It's Time

Granted it took overtime despite what was a double digit deficit with only minutes left in the game but a win is a win. The Orange Out looked to be quite successful despite ESPN occasionally focusing in on a small section of Hoya fans and tolerating Len Elmore try to convince me in the last few minutes whether AO or Jackson should be in the game.

Also, that intentional foul on the Belgian great Kristof Ongenaet was a BS call but may have sparked this team to show some emotion because if this team could hit the boards like they did today for the most part and worry less about making the run down court, we will be in more wins. Great game and I am still wearing my Orange proudly. Go Orange and it time to celebrate:

Videos To Fire You Up For Syracuse/Georgetown Today

Sports Videos, News, Blogs


Here is how we did it in 2007:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is A-Rod A Poster Boy Or Just Another Guy And Why Do We Consider Players Role Models?

I can't escape the news, it's everywhere. So another major league player, who tested on the condition of anonymity, was revealed to have tested positive during a drug test in 2003 along with over 100 other players. So now I guess it's A-Roid instead of A-Rod though then again, who wasn't on the juice or a banned substance back then would probably be a shorter list. On top of all the press, there are editorials blasting him and how the luster and purity of the game is now lost. I contend that the perception of these moralities lies within the individual fan themselves and is the same as it has always been and that such judgements are further proof these players should not be any one's role model.

Every year I hear how these athletes are role models and tarnish the image of the game and a generation of fans. I am calling bull crap on this excuse for those who slip up. I was a young athlete who every year looked forward to baseball season and playing on fresh cut grass surrounding a diamond of dirt that I tried my best to wear home every night. I had favorite players, I watched Baseball Bunch every Saturday and when I could, I watch the New York Mets or whatever game was on to enhance my enjoyment of the sport but I NEVER idolized them to the point that I had to do everything they did on and off the field, I was my own person. When you tell me that a high school kid uses short cuts because he wants to be just like these athletes, I have no problem telling you that I put this more on the coaches and parents for the pressure put on these kids to perform up to a certain level set of them. If this kid had correct guidance and proper models around them, they would see that hard work can also pay off and much can be accomplished with that.

I am not solely blaming parents before people condemn me for such a response, I am blaming all that surrounds that kid and the game itself. From parents who want a big pay day for their kid to coaches who believe in pushing through year round training and nothing less then perfection to a system that promotes power numbers. Ask yourself what is more newsworthy in recent baseball history then home run records being pursued by larger then life athletes? Or who had the most devastating tackle in the last football game? Very rarely do we emphasize the guy who out on the field contributing in other ways. How many times is a highlight reel of a game on sports television shows mostly about those type of power plays to fit it into one minute segment because it's what we crave and have been taught is the best symbol of a great play or players.

So before we put A-Rod up on a plateau to debate his merits of Hall Of Fame credentials, maybe we need to further examine our own standards. Is cheating wrong? Yes it is and there are and should be punishments for those who commit them and are caught. But why do we also put them out there and hanging them publicly for their actions and use them as justification to talk about how society is worse now for it? If you want to buy merchandise or teach you kid to swing a bat like them that's fine but please while your doing that, teach them also about why shortcuts don't always pay off and that there are many in major league baseball and in life who because they chose the high road, were better off for that path. We don't need heroes and athletes to look up to as though they are on a pedestal, we need to find the individual within that child and teach them morale guidelines to make them better people who if they happen to turn out to be star athletes, are all the more blessed for having those abilities.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

OCVTV-Orange Chuck Video TV Should Have Been My Blog Name I Guess

To amp you up for Syracuse Orange lacrosse season, here is an interview with Dan Hardy and Kenny Nims from via You Tube. Maybe one of these days, I will actually write something other then introductions to videos.

Citrus Cuse Countdown 2-5 Edition

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anyone For Some More Citrus? Citrus TV Of Course

Donna Ditota Shows Us Why Orange Women Center Vionca Murray Should Work With Orangeman Center Arinze Onuaku, AO Shooting 84% Would Be So Awesome

Syracuse University's Vionca Murray Shooting Free Throws

SU Basketball Returns To Winning Ways With West Virginia Victory

Syracuse basketball won last night 74-61 against West Virginia at the Carrier Dome, which comes with a loud exhale from Orange fans who were watching this team struggle lately. It was Flynn and Devendorf who again led the way for this team while Paul Harris also returned emphatically despite some foul trouble. AO and Rautins still struggled but I look for them to do better Saturday against Villanova as they get more time to practice after recent injuries. I also think this game showed that Rick "Action' Jackson and "The Belgian Waffle" Kristof Ongenaet can contribute without scoring huge. Now let's get to some links so you can read more about the game.

Axeman discusses Bob Huggins first game against Syracuse in the Carrier Dome:

Mike Waters proves why he is one of the best beat writers in this country (and hopefully refrains from asking Coach Boeheim about AO's injuries that promote Holiday Inns everywhere):

Frank Ahrens on Bleacher Report has this analysis on West Virginia's side of the ball:

And finally for those stat geeks, here is the score box from this game courtesy of those hard working men and women at

TNIAAM has this proof that Devendorf was "dropping deuces" as Doris Burke so delicately put it during the game:

So what did Coach B think of the game:

Boeheim: SU win over West Virginia

How About More Ultimate SU Fans?

Courtesy of and user name slguyder, I bring you the latest round of Ultimate SU Fans which this time around includes members of Otto's Army.

Ultimate Fan

Ultimate Fan

SU Football Coach Marrone Introduces The New Recruits

I personally have little expectations for this class as it is hard to recruit when you only win 3 games last season and your program has been downhill for so long. I also prefer to see how a recruit is measured when the game is played but for those curious, here is Coach Marrone talking about the 2009 recruiting class for the Syracuse Orange football team courtesy of , which if I am not mistaken is the pregame chat he gave before the West Virginia basketball game last night for fans who wanted to see the progress. I will give Coach Marrone an A+ so far in how he has decided to allow the fans to be more involved and informed on what moves he is making.

SU Football Coach Marrone introduces the New Recruits

I also found this video of Kevin Maher and Rishi Barran breaking down the signing day on WTVH 5.

SU football signing day special

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ESPN School, Class Could Be In Session Soon In NYC

Matt Snyder over at has this interesting article about a new idea to start a school sponsored by ESPN to help students interested in the sports business side of the world. Here is the link to read more

I happen to love this idea because as a teen who was awful in school, I wish I had access to something like this to spark my interest in sports and the only class I did well in, math/business. I know there are tech schools and other forms of "magnet" schools but to many kids, this could be the inspiration they need to not only stay in school but aspire to try something they would enjoy. I wish more businesses would offer programs such as this at the high school level so kids can get the exposure and decide whether it's truly what they want to do in life. I don't know what ESPN has in its plans for sure but I hope they work out some kind of deal to help this become a reality and offer it in more schools either through internet or video classes or whatever they can decide is the best option. This could also start a good trend with maybe G4 offering tech classes/video game programming or how about Bravo doing a fashion/beauty school .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Citrus TV-On The Bench 2-28 Edition

For those who don't know, I enjoy the Citrus TV videos and will be posting them on here as often as I can. Here is my latest find, On The Bench.

On the Bench for Jan. 28, 2009 | CitrusTV

Latest Kenny's 2 Pennies Discussing Orange Hoops, The Super Bowl And Phelps With A Bong

Syracuse Will Have To Wait For An Oku Decision

Found this video on WTVH 5 confirming that even though tomorrow is signing day for colleges, top recruit running back David Oku will make everyone wait longer while he decides between Syracuse, Tennessee and Auburn (apparently he likes orange on his jersey). For all the top news, I recommend you follow Donnie Webb here