Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sunday In Syracuse Sports Video Festival

Jim Boeheim Talks About The Importance of 800 Wins

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Doug Marrone

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Bud Poliquin

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Greg Paulus

Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh football: Ryan Nassib

SU Women Can Jump

Syracuse University’s Kayla Alexander

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SU Basketball Coach Talks About "Shut It Down"

"Shut It Down" by Syracuse basketball's Rob Murphy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Syracuse Football And Alcohol: The Perfect Blend

Brad Paisley - Alcohol - For more funny videos, click here

For those who have not heard yet, Mike Williams officially informed Syracuse Football Head Coach Doug Marrone that he has left the program (his status with the school itself is still unknown). This is hard news to bare for fans of the program who thought (and many of us still believe) this program was finally headed in the right direction and could even possibly reach a bowl game in Coach Marrone's first year, though it was a long shot. Add into this, the on field problems with turnover and a pass defense with obvious issues and many Orange fans are left wondering what they did to deserve such a kick in the stomach. Do they make enough alcohol to even help tolerate all of this trouble?

We have some fans who think free or discount tickets on fan appreciation day are not worth their time to show support even in struggling times. They also think the wave is a fun idea and booing their own player is appropriate. Heck, just looking around a half empty Dome will make you want to make another beer run out of frustration for the fans who you know would be there if Syracuse was winning.

And then we have player issues to manage. Greg Paulus is making some mistakes that is hurting the team and Nassib is showing promising signs for the future which has lead to a quarterback controversy. Sometimes we have to remember though that we as fans are not at every practice and Nassib looks good in limited reps but it is possible he may not be ready to start a whole game at the most important position of a football team. Nassib has so far shown he has a rocket for an arm and does not have the turnovers Paulus has so one can only wonder if or when the change will be made. Greg has done a lot to help this university and I think even if he is pulled, can still contribute on and off the field to this program, just in a more limited role.

And then we all wake up today and find out the Mike Williams had announced he left the team. I refuse to speculate as to his reasons but past actions whether it be his issues that led him to spend a year at community college or his Facebook remarks could have something to do with it but it could be anything, possibly even a personal issue that none of us are aware of. I know for many, it is hard to take and understand his reasons but maybe in time we will. And regardless, we are frustrated so where do we turn now? Alcohol!

Look, I am not condoning drinking (unless it is responsibly done and you are of age, in which case, feel free to drink up) but to be honest, it is hard to be a Syracuse football fan for the past few year sand not think about it. It seems as though every time we think we see progress, something shatters our hopes and dreams of seeing Syracuse football being respectable again. It seems as though Syracuse fans are finding it harder and harder to support this team and you have to wonder if it is more than just bad football.

I remember being a little kid growing up in the Syracuse area and if someone had tickets to the Dome, that was better than winning the lottery to an Orange fan. Now it seems that the only fans left are the ones who either remain nostalgic about those days, those who want to overpay for beer, or the loyal students who are trying to support their school but somehow are outnumbered because they are the only ones sober enough to wake up before noon to walk across campus (and for those folks, I say thank you for your determination and faith in this program). Could someone please end the pain soon because I refuse to do anything other than bleed Syracuse Orange? The pain not only hurts but is becoming an embarrassing pimple on the butt of college football and as someone so eloquently put it this past weekend, Syracuse is quickly becoming a basketball school and with the rich tradition this program has, that is simply inexcusable and we need to fix it now. In the meantime, alcohol sales in the Syracuse area and anywhere that grads/fans reside will continue to be on the rise. Drink up because even with signs of progress out there for us to see, without Mike Williams, this season has the potential to go awfully wrong and awfully quick.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cincy/Syracuse Post Game Press Conferences Courtesy Of

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Arthur Jones

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Greg Paulus

Syracuse vs. Cincinnati football: Doug Marrone

And the winner of the best costume for the game (besides that of Orange 44 bloggers Brian Harrison and John Brennan dressed as refs), is this guy:
M&M costume on the SU Quad

Cincy/Syracuse Citrus TV Orange Press Pass Game Analysis

Cuse Countdown Talks Today's Syracuse/Cincinnati Game

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Syracuse Basketball Is Back And Here Are The Videos To Prove It

2009 Syracuse University men's basketball's freshmen class

Coach Quentin Hillsman at Media Day

2009 Syracuse University men's basketball Media Day

Syracuse Basketball Midnight Madness 2009

Syracuse University men's basketball 2009: First practice

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Citrus Videos and Some Kenny To Help You Manage Your Bye Week Blues

I found some Syracuse videos to enjoy while surfing so if you wanted more West Virginia game fallout, I got your fix courtesy of Citrus TV and Kenny's Two Pennies. And if you are not a fan of Kenny, you have no sense of entertainment value in your soul and may in fact be soulless altogether.

And if you are a Syracuse student and hungry (even though I did not hear Tully's mentioned), here are some popular ideas courtesy of Citrus TV.

Finally....The B.O.B Junk Drawer Has Come Back To The Internet

I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I am trying to adjust to the school schedule and continue to find a job while also balance the personal life so it gets hectic at times.

I would also like to apologize in advance if some of the links are expired. I have saved some of these for a couple weeks now but just not found the time to post them so some of the contests may be expired but I would double check them because some of these prizes are well worth the time.

NASCAR on ESPN Pick 12 Challenge


ESPN Fantasy Salary Cap


TBS - Hass Avocado "The Big Hit" Sweepstakes

Ford Monsters On Mainstreet Sweepstakes - Enter to Win

Febreze® - The Freshest Game Day Ever Sweepstakes

Bring The Bus Home

2012 Escape Sweepstakes - Official Site of the National Football League

Wiley X HVP Sweepstakes

Mitchell's Fish Market Derby Days Sweepstakes > Entry Form

Service Master Clean Racing Sweepstakes

TradeWinds Resort - Just Let Go Travel

Contests -

McDonalds Monopoly 2009

Here are a couple fun websites to check out also:

Move the Sticks

The Sport Hump...dry and harmless: Your tailgate wants to inappropriately touc

The Big Jab

If you are laid off and looking for a break, here is one example of some companies stepping up to help those of us who are hurting right now. I know K-Mart is not the player it has been in the past due to Wal-Mart's growth but for some, every little bit helps. So if you are working but know someone who is out of work and think could use it, pass this along to them.
Kmart's new recession play: Discounts for the unemployed -- DailyFinance

Funny clip of the week contains some cursing but honestly, it was the best part of watching Lethal Weapon 3 and finding it, I still had to laugh. It is somewhat old school when it talks about cell phones but still amusing and for some, probably still relevant.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Citrus TV's Orange Press Pass With Analysis of Syracuse/West Virginia

I will admit, I did watch the 2nd half of the game but again, I find it unfair to give a fair break down unless I am sitting down with a notebook and can watch the whole game. I think the folks at Citrus TV do a great job so here they are again giving their top notch analysis. Next week is a bye week so enjoy these as you probably will not get anything for a couple weeks. Also this week, courtesy of Peter Chen at, I give you clips of the press conferences. Trying to make this your one stop for all your Orange post game analysis on video.

Syracuse vs. West Virginia Football: Doug Marrone

Syracuse vs. West Virginia Football: Williams and Nassib

West Virginia Beats Syracuse 34-13 And Orange Fans Have Yet Another Bad Day

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Citrus TV Orange Press Pass Breaks Down SU/USF Game

For those who may not know, I live in NC and it is hard for me to see the game. Since my only access to the game is following along with it on Twitter, I think it is unfair for me to give my analysis of the game. Luckily for you though, the future sportscasters of America at Citrus TV do a great job and so I bring you their videos.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stop Leaving Games Early PSA

Syracuse Loses To South Florida 34-20 And My Post Game Thoughts

If You Leave Early In A Loss, Stay Away From The Wins

I am writing this today broken hearted not just because Syracuse is losing a game they could win if not for the turnovers but I am also pissed off at the fan base who I look at as part of my extended family for their actions in "support" of this team. We the Syracuse Orange bloggers, did a PSA the other day on fans doing the wave to support the team. I have heard discussion on how fans love to celebrate with the team in victory, singing with them in the end zone. How can some of these same people call themselves fans when the first site of a loss or bad game sends them running for the doors?

It is like a reflex for people that when times get tough, people split. However, when it's time to celebrate, everyone comes running and this has to stop. This is why fair-weather fans ruin sports because a true fan sticks with their team in good times and bad. You don't leave your wife when had a bad day, you support her and help her to see tomorrow will be better. The same loyalty should apply to your sports teams if you want to consider yourself a true fan. Hell, many times some of these so called "fans" leave with still plenty of time left on the clock and the score is not completely out of hand.

If you are one of these people, do us all a favor and stay the hell at your house next time Syracuse plays (or any team for that matter). We do not need fans like you in our stands representing the fan base. I would rather have a half empty Carrier Dome full of passionately devoted fans who will be loud when they need to and stay even during rough times to show this team some true support.

When you get up and walk out, you are not setting a good example. You are saying that you only like them when they win and screw you when you have a bad day. Yes, I know the past has made being a Syracuse fan rough to tolerate at times but there are signs of progress and fans need to stop looking more for signs of weakness. Stand up and be loud in support of the team. Encourage them to be better and sometimes they may just listen and be inspired by you instead of seeing you run out which will only add to the problem.

I understand the feeling of depression and sorrow following a loss, as any fan should and will do if they truly care enough. However, the sign of a good fan and a fan that the team would love supporting them is to be there even when they fail. This is when they need our encouragement the most and if that is too hard for you, please stay at home and be that person who only wears their Syracuse Orange gear when they win and we can all see through you. A real fan will celebrate with their team when they win and cry with them when they lose, not run for the doors to get to their car so they can be home a couple minutes sooner.

Anyway, I had to rant and if you don't like what I had to say, maybe you should be looking in the mirror and asking yourself why you are a fan of this team. Go support some front runner because things have a way of turning around and when this program does return to it's winning way, you will be the one who looks like a jackass for not supporting them all along.

Be Loud! Be Proud! In Good Times And Bad; True Fans Are The Best Fans To Have.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Syracuse Bloggers Take A Stand, We Will Not Tolerate The Wave

Thanks to Alexander O. for the great editing and Sean over at for putting this together. By the way, I learned a valuable lesson while taping this and that is, do not use cell phone cameras in a room with little light. Enjoy and pass it along because we must educate people on the dangers we face as a nation while the wave still exists.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Videos That Inspire The Syracuse Football Team

I was sitting here this morning after a long day at Wild Wing Cafe in Charlotte last night watching the Panthers prove why it will be a long season in the Carolinas for us NFL fans when I realized I needed inspiration. So I asked myself, what would inspire the Syracuse football team? Here is what I found.

First, Arthur Jones inspirational piece. This was taped in Syracuse so you have to wonder if he was in attendance as well when it was filmed. This one is for you Arthur:

Next up, Delone Carter, or as his friend like to refer to him DC3. And this is in reference to his running ability and his arm size, nothing else you filthy minded gutter rats you:

#SHAMARKO who I believe could take a licking and keep on ticking:

Ryan Lichtenstein says if this guy can do it, he can too:

Mike Williams, this song goes out to you not just because I hear you are a ladies man but because you be burning the secondaries so somebody call 911:

How about a inspirational speech from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones (and yes, apparently that is the guys name) for Head Coach Doug Marrone:

And finally, Mr. Greg Paulus as the leader of the team searching for inspiration from another great leader:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The 9/24 B.O.B. Junk Drawer

First up, a link to the Tullys website and while we are on the Syracuse topic (since Tullys is the best sports bar in the Cuse), here are some other great related Syracuse items like some good articles:

Tully's Good Times

Sweet Redemption: How Greg Paulus Is Proving The Doubters Wrong Bleacher Rep

For The Syracuse Orange Defense; Derrell Smith Is The Unsung Hero Bleacher R

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse Fans - Retire the Wave

Syracuse University Athletics - "Melo" Opens Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Cen

For those of you who are curious who won the official blogger contest, here it is:
Syracuse University Athletics

And how about some SU radio spots featuring an interview with Delone Carter with a Maine radio station:
The Big Jab

And OCC's communication program online radio station which includes some sports talk: : Onondaga's alternative connection

And for those who use Twitter, check this out if you want a new background: Free Twitter Backgrounds

And of course the contests for those of you who like these things:



Official Ballot 2009 Roberto Clemente Award

NFL The NFL and Frito-Lay are looking for the NFL's "most fanatical family." E

Golf Digest: Golf Digest Magazine

Major League Baseball: Sharp: Hank Aaron Award Registration Sharp

Win a Trip for 2 to the FINAL RACE of the 2009 Sprint Cup Series!

Chili's Tailgate Tour 2009

Penguins Defy Ordinary Season Ticket Sweepstakes - Pittsburgh Penguins - Fan Z

Contests -

And the funny video of the week from one of my all time favorite comedies:

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags For Syracuse Football

No, I am not trying to become the David Letterman of Syracuse/sports bloggers but in light of yesterdays list and a conversation between some of us Orange fans on Twitter, I had another fun way to use it. For those not familiar with Twitter, when you want something to trend easier, you encourage others to hashtag a keyword and if enough people use it, it will trend on everyone's page. So though I am sure we will stick with #BeatMaine to keep the streak going with the current team Syracuse is facing, here is my top 10 list of other Syracuse football related hastags.

10. #KickStrongRobLong

9. #OurMarrone

8. #WhatUGonnaDoWhenDC3RunsWildOnU

7. #ArthurJonesSmellsQBBlood

6. #WWGPD (What Would Greg Paulus Do)

5. #GiveMHellDerrell (contributed by @nunesmagician)

4. #MikeWilliamsLoveTheLongBall

3. #KillEmGillum (contributed by @dkelz1888)

2. #TheLegendOfLichtensteinBegins or #DrLichtensteinIPresume


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why If You Live In Syracuse, You Should Go See The Syracuse/Maine Game Live

I have heard the banter about why anyone should go see the Syracuse football team play Maine and I have to say, I am shocked at how little people care about this game. So in light of all that, I bring to you my top 10 reasons if you are in Syracuse or nearby, you should go to the Carrier Dome for the game this Saturday.

10. The game is at 7pm on a Saturday night, what else could you possibly be doing in Syracuse at that time that can't wait until after the game (with the only exceptions being to watch the game at Tully's or you could not get off of work)? I lived in the area for many years so trust me, nothing else of value is going on except the game.

9. Maine likely won't sell out so you have a better chance to get better seats for your money then the rest of the games this season.

8. Show your Orange pride and you can do it for as little at $15 a seat (maybe less if you ask around and buy someone's season ticket they can't use). They are playing better and deserve the support of the fans and the community.

7. To redeem yourself by wearing Orange if you attended previous games wearing other colors.

6. No fear of our basketball and football teams fighting each other like at other universities.

5. Since it is a 7pm game which means all day tailgating and trust me, there will be some good food and drinks in the vicinity

4. And if that wasn't enough partying and you do not have post game plans, you could always ask around for the best party and hopefully enjoy a Syracuse victory with other intoxicated Orange fans.

3. It's better then watching Rutgers football.

2. Greg Paulus,Ryan Lichtenstein,Mike Williams, Delone Carter, Shamarko Thomas, Arthur Jones, Max Suter, and the rest of this team which is building faith in Orange football once again. Not to mention some of those names will graduate this year so your chances to watch them play are diminishing every week.

1. You have the chance to hang with or at least get your picture taken with the one and only Kenny Haas, who will be at the game this Saturday night (well I am sure he would if you asked). And as Brent Axe stated on his Twitter page (@AxemanBlog), if Kenny has to pay for a beer at all that night, it is a Syracuse fan fail because he is a local celebrity and we need to take care of those.

What SU Football Player Would You Follow?

picture courtesy of

In this day and age of modern technology and social networking, many of us find ourselves following not just family and friends but also people with a celebrity status on some level. Whether it is the stars of the movie The Hangover or Gossip Girls (not that I would follow them), we find ourselves wanting to know more about these people we enjoy watching. Between Myspace, Facebook and Twitter alone, many people are on there to reach out to their fans. So in light of this fact, if you could get one Syracuse Orange player to follow, who would you choose?

I don't have Myspace anymore and rarely use Facebook but I do know some coaches and former players are on Twitter like Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley. I thought Delone Carter (DC3) was on Twitter but apparently I was wrong. Coach Marrone started an account and used it for a bit but then defer to the Syracuse athletics department to handle it. I think Nico Scott is on there but after my experiences with DC3, I am unsure if it is truly him or not (though I do have him listed on the follow list to the left of my main page under players on Twitter).

So let's just say the athletic department polled the fans and asked you, what player on this team would you want to follow? Would you want to live vicariously through Greg Paulus and see how life is with all his expectations and attention? Would you want DC3 to actually be on Twitter this time and tell you about his workout routine or how to make your own running lanes when the line won't give you much? Maybe you would choose Shamarko Thomas to tell you how it feels to be a freshman on campus who can deliver hits that will make a receiver think twice about catching a ball? How about following walk on sensation Ryan Lichtenstein to see how it feels to go from obscurity to the big man on campus after a clutch game winning field goal? Or last but not least, wouldn't it be fun to see Facebook updates and the friends Mike Williams would have in his return to Syracuse and the ladies who love him?

My choice would probably be Lichtenstein because I can't even imagine how much his life has changed in the past few weeks. The girls on campus actually know his name now. The local restaurants recognize him and take a little something off the bill(Tully's, you better take good care of him if he shows up). He went from sitting in the dorm studying or having to talk his way into parties to having an entourage escort him to the best parties on and off campus. Well that and the fact that he played in Monroeville, PA, a town I am very familiar with having lived right down the street for a few years and have a strong affection because of my great experiences there. Not to mention, as a kicker, he has extra time on the sideline to sneak his blackberry down there and maybe Tweet during the games.

Who would you choose?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post Game Press Conferences and The Tie I Want For Christmas

Yes I am getting better at posting videos and less as dependable for writing (though I hope to change that in the near future) but these videos I enjoyed because it not only showed Lichtenstein in his first big time appearance but I loved Greg Paulus's tie and unless Tully's has their own line of ties, this is what I want for Christmas.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coach Doug Marrone Post Northwestern Game Press Conference

Courtesy of the good folks over at, here is the post game press conference for Syracuse Head Football Coach Doug Marrone.

Syracuse win over Northwestern: Doug Marrone

SU Wins, We Must Party Like A Rockstar

Syracuse Beat Northwestern, Roll The Tape Of How The Legend Of Lichtenstein Began

Yes, you read that correctly, Syracuse wins it's first game of the season, defeating Northwestern 37-34 with a winning 41 yard field goal as time ran out. Ryan Lichtenstein will now be a legend on campus, at least for this week, and people may name their children after him as well (either him,Shamarko,or Mike Williams who also had great games yesterday). So let the video clips show the joy that is victory in Orange Nation. And though I considered it, I did not do my best Frank The Tank impression and handled it delicately, unless you consider some of my Tweets which are only words, right?

I ask you to find me a closer view of the field goal then this beauty, though if you suffer from motion sickness or still sobering up, may not be the best view for you at this moment.

If you want to see Northwestern's comeback and the only real clips of Syracuse being the game winning field goal (even though Mike Williams had a record night and they made some other great plays in the game), then this video is for you.

My new favorite source of videos,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The 9/16 Edition Of The B.O.B. Junk Drawer

Of course we have to start with the contests, though the Steve Smith/Powerade one is for those in the Charlotte area but the Bud Light Tailgate thing sounds like fun:
Bud Light Tailgate Approved

Hershey's I'm a big fan

Video Game Trailers for Wii, PSP, Xbox, PS3 & More Upcoming Video Games

Powerade Steve Smith - Coach for a Day

Eckrich - Enter the Promotion


Our buddy Dan Kelly,who is the SU football B/R columnist, has his latest column up:
After Escaping the Lion's Den Syracuse's Real Season is Set to Begin Bleache

A couple videos to enjoy in case you missed them or just want to see them again:
YouTube - 2009 Syracuse Football Open

YouTube - Syracuse Sidelines - Mike Owen Interview

A couple blogs to check out:
Hopeless Walk On

Orange State Online

Have a wrestling fan in your life and want to surprise them with a gift? Check out these:
TNA Calls You!

If these videos of the week don't make you laugh, you have no sense of humor at all:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Coach Doug Marrone's Post Penn State Game Teleconference

Courtesy of the official website for the Big East:

My Wedding Poem For The Syracuse Fan

If you read the previous post, you will see I was in town for my cousin's wedding. I also earlier last week asked for feedback on my using the Syracuse Orange in a poem for a wedding. Well, it turns out they enjoyed it and I am happy to share it with you and show how much Syracuse spirit we had (even though many did not even notice it because it was read and not printed out).
And in case you miss it, just follow the orange letters straight down and yes, this was read at the wedding this past Saturday.

The Tale Of The Bride And Groom
by Orange Chuck

Great people meet every day and fall in love
Obviously blessed from the good Lord above
So the bride and groom's love is no surprise
Young people happily seeing eye to eye
Realizing their goals and fulfilling their dreams
Aware that it will be better together as a team
Celebrating their nuptials for the world to see
United today in front of their family and friends
Some days may be great, some nights tough
Each just proves what your love is made of
Open-mindedness will help you out sometimes
Remember a couple more things and you'll be fine
Always leave the toilet seat down when done
Never ignore your partner and think as one
Good luck to you both, may you be blessed
Every day filled with faith, love, and happiness

Why Tully's Should Be Your Syracuse GameTime Meal Destination?

So as you can see (or those who follow my Twitter know), I was in the Syracuse area this past weekend for my cousins wedding and of course, I had to stop off at Tully's (Tully's Good Times ). The original plan was to go for lunch on Friday until I realized the wedding did not start until 6:30pm so plans were changed and my cousins, uncle, nephew and myself went to Tully's for the Syracuse football game. Despite the score and a couple Penn State fans in attendance, a good time was had by all. So here is why you too should attend a Tully's for your game time experience.

First, the free popcorn at each table as you sit down. No crappy chips or rolls, Tully goes big time and rolls out the great popcorn which you probably will end up needing a refill once you taste it. It can be used as a free appetizer if you are on a budget like I was this past weekend and you will be surprised how full you will get. And do you see those big drinks cups in the background (we had free beer waiting for us for later at the wedding so we drank cheaper stuff for lunch)? Those are not cheap but they are big and come with free refills. We sat there until deep into the 4th quarter (we had the groom with us so we had to leave early) and they refilled without putting any limits on it.

They have a great variety on the menu at Tully's from the wings to the delicious cheese steak sandwich. However, the most popular and delicious plate on their menu is the Tully's Tenders Dinner. This is a great plate that will fill you up if the popcorn didn't already. And if you have a health nut in the bunch but do not want to be left out, have them order the Tully's Tender Salad (which judging by that gut you see up top, is what I may be ordering in the future, have another wedding July 31st, 2010).

And if your wife is stressing that you can watch the game but at home because stuff needs to be done around there or you have to listen while at work, you can always order take out and feel like you are there (though minus the many TVs that show the game for all of Tully's to see no matter what direction your booth/chair is facing).

So if your in Syracuse, or one of the other fine locations that has a Tully's (which you can verify by checking here Tully's Good Times), I highly recommend you check them out, especially on game day. Tully's is a great Syracuse tradition so we must all do our part to ensure it remains that way and not retired like other great traditions have been lately. Go Tully's Tenders and Go Orange!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Video That Should Inspire Syracuse Against Penn State

Any of you on Twitter should know that there is a movement to get the hash tag #beatpennstate going to help trend some optimism for the game this weekend. Well, in memory of the last game, how about a video that was aired on ESPN when Penn State blew Syracuse out last year (hell, Akron beat us too so why are we shocked Penn State did too?). I am posting this video as a reminder of why we need to be better. I would love to play this in the Syracuse locker room and show the players why we have to be better along with the video SU athletics did recently to show that this program has to be better, no excuses.

I know many are picking Penn State to win huge but I can't help but think Syracuse has a chance to come out and make a statement with this game in that they learned from the Minnesota game. LETS GO ORANGE! And if you are on twitter, remember to use #beatpennstate as often as you can. Last week Paulus and Syracuse trended pretty high and let's hope we don't lose that enthusiasm this week.

Coach Marrone's Teleconference With Big East Website

The 9/8 Edition Of The B.O.B. Junk Drawer

Contests for everyone to enjoy, though not many this week:

Head & Shoulders Super Bowl Sweepstakes

RO*TEL® Bowl Bound Sweepstakes

Next up, some great sources for Syracuse stories and videos about this past weekend's game and even a breakdown of the upcoming game at Penn State.

Rising From the Ashes: What Did Week One Tell Us About the 2009 Orange? Blea



Paulus'd: Syracuse Loses A Heartbreaker To Minnesota 23-20 In Overtime - Troy

Well Done, SU Athletics. Well Done. - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Minnesota 23, Syracuse 20, OT - Paulus’s Comeback Game Has Unhappy Ending for

SU coach Doug Marrone laments first loss

SU-Minnesota Recap -

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone talks about team's missed opportunities - syracuse

Orange fans go Tweet Tweet Tweet in the name of Syracuse QB Greg Paulus - Oran

Looking ahead to Penn State: A scouting report for Syracuse football fans - sy

And the winner of funny video of the week is:

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Sign Of The Potential-Paulus To Williams

I have said it a couple times now but I truly think Saturday's game gave Syracuse Orange football fans reason to have hope and I found a video to support this. What is not in the video though are a couple times I noticed WR Mike Williams open but QB Greg Paulus missed him as he was scrambling to the other side of the field. I think if this offensive line can give Paulus a couple more seconds in the pocket and he develops faith they can block for him, we will see even more plays like this.

This is also proof of why many were holding out hope when Mike Williams had his academic issues, he would get them sorted out and be back in an Orange uniform one day soon. He does need to stop dropping some of the passes he did but it was his first game back too, so he is forgiven, for now. Wiliams is a playmaker in that he is one of those receivers who can make a short yard catch and turn it into a first down. Alec Lemon and Donte Davis also looked good, which can benefit everyone by opening up the field, including the running game because now you need to keep less guys in the box to help prevent the pass.

Anyway, enjoy the video and the progress as I am encouraged to see, as of this writing, everyone who answered the poll was heartbroken at the loss but encouraged by the progress of this program.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Citrus TV And Some Pre-Game Videos

Every new school year in Syracuse means there is also new Citrus TV videos to enjoy. They are the student station at Syracuse and though they have more then sports features, this is a sports blog and so I enjoy featuring the next ESPN Sportcasters/MLB Network analysts.

I also found some fun videos on courtesy of slguyder of the pre-game ceremonies for those of us who were not that in person to see more about the spirit and pride the fans had going into this game (and I hope left with, even though I am sure some heartbreak existed as well). I am told the team stopped at the end of the game to sing with the student section and this is another sign of the progress Orange fans should love seeing.

Coach Marrone And Greg Paulus Press Clips Post Game Minnesota

Let me say off by saying this, if you watch these videos and you are convinced still that this is the same old Syracuse losing program, please turn in your colors now because we do not want your sorry asses claiming you knew it all along when they start winning. Coach Doug Marrone and Greg Paulus,in these clips courtesy of, showed class and gave fans hope as well as logical post game comments. They owned up to their mistakes and I think they will learn from them.

Pride is growing again in the program as evidenced by the Carrier Dome crowd and the feeling of those on Twitter and other networks who were cheering their hearts out to support this team. I watched these videos and I am not posting them just because they are Orange related, I am posting them because this shows the kind of heart I want leading my Syracuse Orange. Coach Marrone looked genuinely dejected after this game and I know judging by the progress this team has made and that reaction, he will make corrections and we are in good hands. This team will get better in all aspects and I would like to thank the entire team and staff for inspiring pride in a group of people who lost hope. LETS GO ORANGE!!!!

Syracuse football vs. Minnesota - Doug Marrone

Syracuse vs. Minnesota football - Greg Paulus

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Syracuse Loses But I Still Bleed Orange And Have Faith In Progress

Today, Syracuse football had it's moment to redeem years of frustration and regain a passionate fan base just looking for a reason to come back. The team played a good game despite the scoreboard at the end stating: Minnesota 23-Syracuse 20. At the end, I felt like I was just kicked in the groin from some girl in hard, pointed toed shoes. However I truly think that when it was over and we reflected, we learned Syracuse has a team you can root for.

I am not going to quote you stats because this game was about more then stats, it was about a change in Syracuse football. The Carrier Dome was rocking louder then I have heard in many years and the fans bought into Head Coach Doug Marrone. The defense was aggressive and I saw an intensity on that squad that I longed to see for years. The offense, though it struggled in the second half, showed signs of a pulse.

Yes, Greg Paulus made one major mistake in the end that I am sure ESPN Sportscenter will focus on (along with that snap over his head) but the majority of the game he made some good choices and hopefully learned from his mistakes. His scrambling will help as this offensive line looks like they may struggle yet again but a couple times it looked as though had he stayed in the pocket just a couple more seconds, the plays would have been there for him to make. He had some good game management skills and I think we will all be better for it.

Syracuse was down 14-3 quickly and they could have easily given up but instead they fought hard and got back in this game. Instead of making numerous turnovers, Syracuse actually benefited from many even though two big ones cost them points and the game. Their defense started slow and did give up some big plays but when it counted, they made plays as well. The offense blended in different plays and did their best to ride Delone Carter and though the receivers dropped some passes they have to catch, they also made some good catches as well, including Mike Williams.

So maybe you have noticed my wavering but the truth is, this game gave me reason to be as such. Syracuse lost a game they should have won but they also showed fans they have something they can root for and have faith in once again, even if the ending made us feel dejected again. I refuse to give up on this team no matter the outcome of the Penn State game as well. This team is improved and if you did not see the potential, then I feel sorry for you. This is something to build on and still makes me believe they can win 5-6 wins this year and be better next season.

The Dome was filled with proud Orange fans once again and we should all follow by example and support this team with all our heart and I think in the end, we will be rewarded for doing it as well. "Let's Go Orange" chants were louder then they have been in years and we need to continue that feeling into our everyday life now. Donovan McNabb mentioned during his ESPN press box moment that he will no longer be embarrassed by wearing Orange in an Eagles locker room and we should follow his example. If you are mad or disappointed, then that means you care and that is great, we should be dejected after such a loss. However we must lift our heads up Orange fans, Syracuse football is relevant again and we will return to the proud traditions of the past.

Now here are some links and a video of Greg Paulus first TD pass in a Syracuse football uniform.

Minnesota Topples Greg Paulus, Resurgent Syracuse in Overtime -- NCAA Football

WAER - HOMEPAGE (whom I think have a good post game call in show)

Paulus'd: Syracuse Loses A Heartbreaker To Minnesota 23-20 In Overtime - Troy

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Open Letter To Coach Doug Marrone And SU Football

picture courtesy of

Dear Syracuse Football Head Coach Doug Marrone (and others within the football program),

I am writing to you today as a lifelong Syracuse Orange fan. I am so excited about this weekend and a fresh new start to the program. My hope is that this is the start of returning to a proud tradition of Syracuse football meaning something and being relevant on the national scene.

I do not expect an overnight change into BCS championships but progress would be nice. I am drinking the Marrone-Ade and believe this is the right direction for the program, even if I was sold on Coach Turner Gill at first. I am however drinking it in moderation (well, I may chug it sometimes a bit more then others because I do think 6 wins and a bowl game are long shots but possible) and will continue to do so as long as this team shows signs that Syracuse football is relevant.

I have defended the program when many bashed the Greg Paulus news as media relations citing that we should instead wait until he steps on the field before we make our minds up. I think Delone Carter has the potential this season, if healthy, to continue a great tradition of Syracuse running backs. Despite numerous players leaving the program, I never once questioned your methods because my hope is that the product on the field will support your new direction. I think your aggressive recruiting, especially in New York State, is a great thing because I am tired of losing big name local players to other programs, laughing at SU on their way out.

I am writing this letter today to say thank you and good luck as we begin this journey together this Saturday when you play Minnesota at the Carrier Dome. My only hope is that we play competitively and if possible, give the home fans a win to start off this new era. I also hope if you are successful, the concessions stands at the Dome start selling Orange Marrone-Ade. Thank you again Coach Marrone and Let's Go Orange!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ever Wonder How They Do Hockey Cheerleader Auditions? Check Out The Charlotte Checkmates

The Weekly B.O.B. Junk Drawer

Let's start off with some contests. I think I will probably retire Contest Corner and just continue to include them in the Junk Drawer segments since sometimes it is hard to find sports related contests. By the way,the Wendy's contest requires you have a code first so keep that in mind if you plan to enter that one.

JetBlue 'The Biggest Rivalry' Sweepstakes Fan Forum

Shearer's Chips - Pitt Snack Attack V.I.P. Game Experience

Tyson - Take It To The House

HGTVPro BFL: The Ultimate Pro Football Pick 'em Game:

NCAA® Football Big Score This is the Wendy's one.

Tailgate at Home

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How about some Jonny Flynn and Greg Paulus articles? Good because I have one each.

Rubio to stay in Spain for two more seasons - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Syracuse QB Greg Paulus back on old turf College Football - Hous

A new country station is debuting in Syracuse so since I know I have some country fans who read this occasionally, I thought I would spread the word.

New Country WOLF 105.1 hits the airwaves -

Congrats to a Cicero company (where I went to high school) for getting a big government deal that will help with some more jobs in an area that needs it badly.

Cicero company wins $700M contract to build bomb-jamming equipment for the Arm

This weekend is not only the start of the glorious Orange football season but the start of the LFL as well and I plan to check it out when I can.


And funny video of the week (besides Sean's video which was in the last post) is a shot out for those of you who hate when telemarketers call your house:

Orange/Syracuse Videos Including Video Of The Year Contender

If you don't like this video, then your Orange fan card is rescinded and you must check yourself for a sense of humor. From Sean at, we bring you a sad tale of those who suffer and looking for Syracuse confidence.

I love this video, check out the police escort and bodyguards around Carmelo Anthony and Coach Boeheim essentially fending for himself(though I would have enjoyed it more had we actually heard from Melo and not just screaming kids, at least I think those were the kids).
Carmelo and Boeheim at Wilson Park

Syracuse high school product Dorsey Levens also at the park opening and you can actually hear him speak. He may not be Orange but you have to love a guy from the area who did good.
Dorsey Levens in Syracuse