Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The National Anthem and Pledge Of Allegiance For Orange Nation

Some anthems are offensive or bring religion into the classroom. While I decided to come up with my own anthems of sort that will not offend anyone and should be recited every morning in every Syracuse area school, including SU themselves. I may even start a petition to make these mandatory for game days in the Carrier Dome itself. Here you go, please enjoy and pass along while memorizing before your next class.

Pledge Of Allegiance:
I pledge allegiance to the Orangemen of the University of Syracuse and to it's awesomeness for which it stands. One college, in central New York, excelling in education and sports for all. Go Orange!

Nation Anthem For Syracuse Basketball (2010 version):
Oh say did you see, that Wes Johnson slam dunk. What so proudly we hailed, Andy Rautins D and hittin' 3's? Whose Arinze Onuaku And Rick Jackson inside the paint fight, o'er the excitement we watched as Kris Joseph come off the bench? And the Triche and Scoop show, sharing the point guard, gave proof thru the season, that our faith in them has paid off. Oh say does that Coach Boeheim piss yet excellence. O'er the land of the Orange and the home of the Dome.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Coach Boeheim On Dan Patrick Talks NCAA Expansion And I Give My Solution

Jim Boeheim argues for NCAA Tournament expansion - Dan

While listening to the above clip, I was left wondering if Coach Boeheim is right or I bleed Orange so much that I would agree to jump off the Carrier Dome if he shouted "Jump". Suddenly I had an epiphany that could revolutionize the sport...well not really but it would be a possible solution that utilizes something that is already in place and just make it more relevant.

Every year, the NCAA takes 65 teams and places them into the tournament. Some get the bid because they won their conference tournament and some get it because they proved to be among the best during the season. I do think often times, good qualified teams are left out so there has to be some way to address that issue at least (as Syracuse fans will remember well having quality teams making the NIT because their bubble was burst).

My solution is to use the NIT as a pre-NCAA tournament qualifier using any conference tournament winners who would not have otherwise qualified and at large teams that were on the bubble. Not just big conference teams either as you now can select that team who went 26-1 all season but is in a smaller conference and lost a close game in their conference tournament(or with more seeds open now, you can place them in the big dance). The winner of the NIT then becomes eligible for a seed in the NCAAs. This also allows the NCAA to be the best teams who earned it during the season and you can now use those automatic seeds to put in those quality teams. This also adds significance to the NIT and proves to be the expansion coaches like Coach Boeheim seem to support. Most people do not watch the NIT now unless their team is in it or it is on when nothing else is on so this fixes two problems in one. And the NIT already has an agreement in place with MSG for their finals so you have a big stage for that as well.

What do you think? Is 65 enough or is Coach Boeheim right and we need 96 teams?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tully's Be Like Heaven On Earth

Tully's, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
And share why I look forward to you every single day.
I walk inside and Syracuse history on walls all around.
Like a dream man cave with TV's and surround sound.
Free popcorn on the table and drink orders placed too.
Done with work so I ordered some cold Labatts Blue.
The choice of what to eat requires little brain matter.
"Please bring me a delicious Tully's Tender Platter."
Ah, those tenders which are prepared to perfection.
One bite and you will feel an immediate satisfaction.
It will melt in your mouth and never in your hand.
It's the best value for your money on air, sea or land.
And if it proves to be too much for one meal to eat
Take the rest home and lunch tomorrow is complete
So stop in for yourself and get your money's worth
And you will see, Tully's be like Heaven On Earth

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monster Moment Proves Driver Has A Monster Heart

My name is Chuck Fiello Jr. and I was recently hired to work for the NASCAR Technical Institute. This is only my second week there and though my job may seem minor to some, I enjoy it and look forward to working there for many years.

You may ask why I am not posting as "Orange Chuck" and why this is even relevant to anything sports wise. Well I would like to take a couple moments to explain why this is not only a sports topic but something I had to share because it touched me to the point that I was not only proud to be there to witness it but proud to be alive in general.

You see, the NASCAR Technical Institute (and their UTI campuses in general) once a year host an intimate experience with Monster Jam. Today was that day and Dennis Anderson who drives Gravedigger ( was on hand to sign autographs. I must admit, I have watched it once or twice but I was not a huge fan of the sport. However today, I became a huge fan not only of Monster Jam but Dennis Anderson in general. I know many do not understand it or have it labeled based on their impressions of it but I would ask that you try to keep an open mind and truly witness what I did today and not be a fan.

I witnessed first hand the generosity of this man. I stood near him while he signed autographs and took pictures with fans of all ages and any item the fans wanted signed. He never once displayed anything but a positive attitude and the only thing he asked for was more pens to help keep signing (well I did ask him once what he needed and he replied "a winning lottery ticket" but don't we all need one of those). He had nothing but the most positive attitude the entire time.

He truly earned my respect however when during one of his question and answer sessions, a boy and his mother stepped up to ask him a question. The boy had cerebral palsy and asked his question through his mother. Dennis answered his question throughly and respectfully. He then took him to the front of the autograph line and had his picture taken with him (which is embedded below). This was not enough though as Dennis and others worked to help this young man and his mother get something they never imagined. This young man was a huge fan and you could tell not just by the shirt and hat he wore with Gravedigger on it but by the genuine smiles he had whenever Dennis was around him. The details are still being worked out but not only did the young man get those rewards but there is a lot more that will put more smiles on the faces of him and his mother, who was genuinely in tears at how much they were doing for them. This woman had saved up money just so they could go see Monster Jam and Gravedigger and Dennis and crew made sure that she can keep her money for other things as he will receive a once in a lifetime fan experience courtesy of them.

I don't know this fan or his mother(sorry that I did not catch your names). I had never met Dennis or anyone involved prior to today. I have to admit however that witnessing up close the emotion and chills I felt, they will forever be a part of my heart. Dennis could have simply answered his question and moved on or simply just went back to the autograph table and just given him an autograph but on this day, this man decided to make an impact in the lives of a dedicated fan and yours truly. Look at his smile below and tell me, how would you feel watching a man who is doing something he loves in life, go out of his way to not just give an autograph or even free tickets but make it a more personal, intimate experience for a fan?

I am sorry if today I left the Orange Chuck persona at the door and became more real but I think sometimes, we need to see moments like this in sports to counter all the negativity we see. Dennis did not do this for attention and does not even know this will be posted on the internet for others to read. He did it because he genuinely saw a fan who looked up to him and wanted to make his experience something the fan and his mother would enjoy. He did this because the man who I met today has a monster sized heart and made me a fan of his today.

Thank you Dennis for allowing me to witness firsthand this honest and sincere moment of humanity at it's finest in a time when we are surrounded by negative news and many athletes only noticed for their action in sports or when they do something wrong. This afternoon made me a huge fan and thankful to be around to witness one of the most selfless and kindest acts I have witnessed in my entire life. Go Gravedigger!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NYSportsGuy(aka James) Interviews SU Incoming Recruit CJ Fair

picture courtesy of

Every now and then I will be having a quick sit down interview with incoming recruits. These will not be hard hitting breaking news questions, just some info to help us average SU fans get to know these student athletes before (or as they’re coming into school). I am always open to suggestions on who you want to hear from, or some new questions. Check the bottom of the page for info on how to get me your suggestion.

I was lucky enough to catch up with CJ Fair, who agreed to do a short Q&A session with me. If you don’t know who he is yet take this as a small introduction to one of the guys that will be force on the SU basketball team for the next 4 years. Some quick background info:
CJ plays for Brewster Academy in Baltimore MD, He is a 6’7” SF. Ranked #111 in the nation, #23 at his position and is one of four top 150 players coming to Syracuse in the fall. CJ is currently averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks per game.

James- First off CJ thanks for sitting down and answering some of my questions, how is your season going down there?
CJ- Its going good, having a pretty good year up here at Brewster

James- Have you been able to catch many SU games on TV or any in person this year, and any thoughts on this team?
CJ- I haven't gotten to see any games in person, but I’ve been following them on TV. They are shocking the country this year on how they play, just gets me excited watching them and cant wait to join them next year.

James- Feel like making a NCAA tourney prediction for them?
CJ- I’ve got them going to the final four and winning the whole thing.

James- As much as I like that last statement. That’s enough with this year’s team, let’s talk about next year. What do you plan to bring to this team?
CJ- I plan to bring versatility to SU and stretch the floor out, and be all I can be.

James- I’ve seen some impressive dunks from you on vid, so this is a must. Dunk contest between you and Wes Johnson, who wins?
CJ- That’s going to be good battle, I think I can take him in a dunk contest. lol.

James- With SU losing Andy, AO, and more than likely Wes after this season. Do you think you will play significant minutes next year, minimal playing time, possibly red shirt, or have absolutely no idea right now?
CJ- I think if I just work hard in practice from day 1, I will be good as far as playing time.

James- For those that haven’t seen you play at all yet, who would you say your game resembles (Pro or Cuse player)?
CJ- I like to compare my game to Melo. Cause he has a great mid-range just like me. Also like to post as well as shoot well from outside. So I watch a lot of his films to elevate my game.

James- What made you choose SU? Other than our warm winters and sandy beaches of course...
CJ- SU seems to fit me the best on how they run a lot of their offense through the forwards. I like Coach B’s style of play and what he has accomplished throughout his coaching with players success. SU is a great place to play, and I've seen the success with the history that it's been through

James- Plans to attend any camps over the summer, AAU ball, ect…?
CJ- No I don't plan on doing any camps or anything, just working on my game and body, and getting ready for SU.

James- Some final words?
CJ- I want to give a shout out to the whole SU family and they can follow me on twitter, and check out my highlights. (Editors note: highlight video posted below)

Again CJ thanks for the sit down. Hope you finish out your senior season strong, and we all look forward to seeing you, Dion, Baye, and Fab Melo up here next year and the years to come.

Highlight vid:
Follow CJ on Twitter @cjfair.

Look for more sit downs with incoming basketball and football recruits in the near future. If there are any recruits you would like to learn more about you can comment here with your suggestion(s), or twitter @theNYsportsguy and I will do my best to get in contact with them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which Orangeman Are You: The Office Edition

Have you ever dreamed of the day when Coach Boeheim and his staff scouted you out and recruited you to be part of their team? Dreamed of that chance to put on an Orange jersey and run out with the team to 30,000 strong at the Carrier Dome cheering you on? 99.9% of us will never get that opportunity in life unfortunately so some of us love to live vicariously through our favorite players.

Some simply go with the stars of the team while others simply find someone they can relate to the most. If you are searching for that one player who you can identify with, let's do a test to see who is your equivalent. For this analogy, will will break down how you are in the work place in relation to how the Syracuse players are on the court. Here are the breakdowns as I see them and let's see which player you seem to resemble the most.

You Might Be Wes Johnson If: You are transfered to this office from another branch with high expectations and you exceed them. You are the superstar of the office that every office wants to have and will be getting some huge offers your way soon. Even though you are the big guy in the office, you have no problems helping others when they need it and are genuinely happy to see the whole office succeed. You don't seek out the attention but because of your skill set, you get it regardless.

You Might Be Kris Joseph If: You are the person everyone in the office loves and makes sure they say hello to every time you pass them by. You make and the superstar make the office a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. You may not have had this expectations and were under estimated coming in but you can pull off that huge move that will have you co-workers asking how you did it. Sometimes you take the background until the boss calls your name but when he does, you step it up and show you are just as valuable as anyone else in this office.

You Might Be Andy Rautins If: You are the guy whose father was one of the best years ago and people simply added the pressure of meeting his success and put it on your shoulders. Instead, you built yourself over a period of time to be your own, very effective player. You are the example of what a hard work ethic can do people look to you when times get tough. You may not be the office hero every day but on any given day, you can be and even on your worst days, you are still efficient and contribute in other ways.

You Might Be Arinze Onuaku If: You are the gentle giant with a bit of a Hulk complex. You carry yourself as though you are easy going but when the pressure is on and you are needed, you turn on the intensity and dominate any situation. When the rest of the employees see that look, you can easy become the go-to-guy and take the pressure of everyone else. If the elevator was stuck between floors, you are the guy they want in the elevator to get the doors open.

You Might Be Rick Jackson If: You are the person who can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You can write the presentation or give a strong delivery of it if it is needed. You can balance the books while also making the sales. You are the person on any given day could slip into any of the above personalities, all depending on the situation and the right timing.

You Might Be Brandon Triche/Scoop Jardine If: You want the ball all the time and love to direct traffic. You are the point of contact for every project. If you are not on your game that day, you have no problem letting the other guy step in and prove yourself tomorrow. The person who did the job before you was well loved did the job better than most so you are trying to provide that same appeal although with your own personal touch. Every task is a lesson learned and experience gained and you will be better for it.

You Might Be Mookie Jones/James Southerland/ DaShonte Riley If: You are a good contributer from the bench. You are new to the office and trying to find your role but have the potential to grow into very productive employees in time. Sure, you probably could be a bigger player in other offices but you know that if you wait it out and grow, you will see your role improve and you and the team will be better for it.

You Might Be Brandon Reese If: You are the guy nobody expected to get the job but everyone enjoys seeing you given the ball, even if it usually is only when there is little on the line. You may mostly be in the background and some may not know your name but you do work quietly behind the scenes to help everyone do better when it's time to make the sale. You are the IT guy who helps fix things and the office assistant who puts the PowerPoint slide show together so that when the others are ready to present, you helped to prepare them for their job.

You Might Be Mike Hopkins/Rob Murphy/ GMac If: You are the assistant manager that the employees enjoy working with and act as the go between for them and the big boss. You have a knack for spotting the talented players and do your best to make sure the manager knows who they are. You are the boss who will give the "Thataboy" smack on the butt and calmly sit down with the employees to show them how to improve their role next time. You are equally supportive of both the main man and the employees and do your best to bridge that gap effectively.

You Might Be Bernie Fine If: You are the Senior VP with many years of experience working for the main boss. You are the guy he relies on and knows exactly how he likes things. You give advice when it is needed but also know when to keep your opinions to yourself. You are known to be just as much of a face of the company by many on the inside as the manager but with less of the credit and blame.

You Might Be Coach Jim Boeheim If: You are the CEO/Manager who not only knows how to handle every situation but are a great motivator as well. You can be a bit rough and your temper may show at time while displaying some very colorful language but at the end of the day, you care just as much for the well being of your employees as you care about the success of the business. Your years of experience have shown you know exactly how to put people in the best position to be successful and that is why your plaque hangs in the Hall for all to admire.

You Might Be Otto If: You are the morale person in the office. You are the one who walks by everyone smiling and offering cookies to the whole office. Your office is surrounded by company posters and you always wear the company shirt everywhere you go, even your car has their bumper stickers and is the same colors as their logo. You are the one at every meeting who stands up and says, "Go Team!" hoping it will help inspire people. You flip off the competitors as you drive by their offices and even once when you were drunk, urinated all over their sign.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 12 Reasons To Attend A Syracuse Game At The Carrier Dome

Had a slow day today and wasn't hungry when lunch came around so I figured since everyone LOVES my top 12 lists, I would do another. I hear people talk about building new facilities even though I love the old one myself. So in honor of the Carrier Dome and it's history, here are my 12 reasons for everyone to enjoy going to the Carrier Dome.

12. The Dunk & Bright Recliner Shot

11. Being spotted in Club 44 which will establish you as the coolest of cool and make you the envy of all of your friends.

10. You never know when you may spot a Syracuse player (or former player) in the stands, including pregame or playing with the band.

9. Only you can prevent the wave and spread the awareness of how 1980 that is (and for the record, I hated it back then too).

8. Tully's on Erie Blvd. is less than 4 miles away for your pre or post game meals.

7. Orange Cheerleaders/Dance Squad for the guy and athletic men with above average abilities for the ladies.

6. The chance to dance before thousands and maybe even make the scoreboard cam when they play Cotton Eyed Joe.

5. A Dome Dog, a cold beer and a sea of Orange.

4. The awesome student section (including Otto's Army and Sour Sitrus Society).

3. Unedited Coach Jim Boeheim expressions which only get better as the game goes on and have to be enjoyed in person to appreciate.

2. The team has shown that they can rise up and "Shut It Down" when it becomes The Loud House.

1. It's where tradition lives (Coleman, Pearl, GMac, Melo, McNabb, McPherson, Freeney, Johnston) and aren't we all tired of seeing this program losing more and more of it's tradition every year.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Citrus TV Videos Of The Week(Including Cincy Preview)

What Is The Best Nickname For Kris Joseph?

I am going to start this post by saying thank you. Thank you for all the recent support for the blog, though I am sure the majority of it has something to do with a talented writer making recent submissions(I am referring to @TheNYSportsGuy of course). And it is due to this increased interest that has led to the idea I had this afternoon. Let's have some fun and see if we can come up with a great nickname for the guy who is running away with twice as many votes in the poll for favorite player as everyone else, Kris Joseph.

I knew KrisJo was well liked but I have to admit, I was shocked to see it that much of a differential. And yet, many of us Syracuse fans have listened to broadcasts and seem to be bored with the Air Canada reference. So I wanted to know, what do you think would make a great nickname for the guy?

Referencing Strange Brew? Something else from Canadian culture? Maybe try something university related that is relevant to him?

Hozer Hater? Canadian Bacon? The Flying Elk? Maybe reference him and Wes as Orange Shake and Bake? What do you think it should be?

I will post all submissions into a poll sometime next week that you send either through commenting on here, DM on Twitter or emailing me at . Let's keep in mind that this does not mean it will become his official nickname because let's face it, this blog is not exactly a trend setter but let's have fun with it and who knows, maybe we find one that people seem to like. And I will also have a No Nickname option for those who may think we do not need to give him one(even though again, please keep in mind this is all in good fun and no anything that will legally force us to refer to him as the winning name).

And for the record, the winner will win nothing except the honor of being the person to come up with the name and I may even post it on here if it is an overwhelming winner. I will post all results in a poll next week so everyone has at least a week to think and contribute.

The Five Big Obstacles Before Villanova

The Five Big Obstacles Before Villanova

By theNYsportsguy

We all need to take a step back for a minute. Yes everyone is bringing out their inner child and getting all giddy about the huge meeting between the #3 (#1 in our hearts) Syracuse Orangemen and the #2 Villanova Wildcats. It’s already sold out to a tune of 34,616, eclipsing the previous record set in ‘06 for Gerry’s final game in the Dome (which also just happened to be against Nova). There are even dueling T-shirts in production already:


The thing some are forgetting is there are 5 games before that meeting of the giants of the Big East. So I’m here to bring everyone back to earth a little, and give a preview of those 5 games, and some predictions. Including one against what some say is our main rival, UConn. Those fans need to get it straight, our main rival is Georgetown, get over it. See HoyaSuxa for more info.

@ Cincinnati Bearcats: 2/07/10 14-8, 11-1 at home

Cincy is somewhat of a bubble team as of right now. They are looking for a signature win to give them that push over the edge they may need to play past the Big East Tournament. They’re coming off a loss at Notre Dame, so they will be hungry to get back to winning. There are some that feel Cincy could pull the upset including Seth Davis and there may be some truth to that. They are 11-1 this season at home, and last year SU lost at Cincy. Led by Lance Stephenson (12.0 ppg, 5 rebs), and Deonta Vaughn (11.9 ppg) they average 71.3 ppg and allow 65.4 ppg. This game will not be a wall to wall blow out, but I feel SU will still walk away in the second half to a comfortable win. SU 79-CIN 66.

Connecticut Husky’s: 2/10/10 13-9, 0-5 on the road

Where to start with UConn… Their coach left because he didn’t want to be apart of a losing team… I mean he left because of “health issues” that haven’t been made public (This is where we need, but the timing of his leave just seems too coincidental. They look to finish strong after a lackluster first ¾ and need to finish strong going into the Big East tourney. This will be the first meeting between SU and UConn since the epic Six OT game (, and you can bet there is still allot of players on that side that have a bad taste in their mouth because of it. UConn has 4 players averaging double figures, Jerome Dyson (19ppg), Stanley Robinson (16.5ppg, 7.6rbs), Kemba Walker (13.5ppg 6asts), Gavin Edwards (10.8ppg). They average 14.6 turnovers per game so look for Andy to have a good game on the defensive end, and the trap to work wonders. This game always worries me, no matter how bad UConn seems to look, but this year I have no problem calling a blow out. SU 91-UConn 71.

Louisville Cardinals: 2/14/10 14-8, 1-5 on the road

This is the one that should worry everyone. I consider them the most unpredictable team in the Big East. They have 8 losses but if you dig deeper into it you’ll see a loss to Pitt in OT, loss to Nova by 8, beat Uconn by 13, and took WVU to the limit. Add in our recent troubles with them and you have the makings for an upset. We lost to them twice last year including in the Big East tourney, and we are 0-4 against them in the last 3 years. Their top scorers are Samardo Samuels (15.5ppg, 7.3rebs) and Edgar Sosa (13.6ppg). Even though it worries me I’m giving the Orange the edge, but not posting a final prediction as of right now.

@ Georgetown: 2/18/10 16-5, 10-2 at home.

I think we all learned everything we needed to know about the hated Hoyas last month. They can not be allowed to get out to the type of lead that they did here at the Dome, if they do the conclusion will more than likely be much different. There will be a healthy Orange following down there, including myself and a party of 14 others. We will do everything in our power to get the Let’s Go Orange chants going but will be drowned out by the Hoya faithful, or as I like to call them ’Future convicts’.

@ Providence: 2/23/10 12-10, 8-4 at home

This may be the shortest preview ever. Although we lost to them at Providence last year, we beat them by 17 without Wes for nearly the full second half last week. If it wasn’t for an ugly 4 minutes it would have been 20+. No matter what we must come out the gates strong and finish strong, SU needs all the momentum we can get going into the showdown with Nova.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You Greg Robinson (Debut Column From The NY Sports Guy)

picture courtesy of

With national signing day rapping up yesterday in the college football ranks, I thought I would keep it on the same page. SU signed 31 new recruits, a class that ranked 55th in the nation, 6th in the Big East, and 47 spots better than last years recruiting class. But I’m not here to talk current recruits and the state of Syracuse football as we now know it. I’m here to give my thanks for former head coach Greg Robinson.

That’s right ladies and gents; I would like to do something no other Syracuse fan has done. Thank Greg Robinson for his time as Master and Commander of Syracuse football. Before I get into Greg’s short tenure as a head football coach, let’s look at his predecessor, Mr. Paul Pasqualoni. At the end of his career here in Syracuse most thought it could only get better, and that we needed someone to “save” the once proud Syracuse football organization and the fan base. Even with Paul leading us to bowl games 2 out of his final 5 years, and posting a record in those years of 26 and 23. SU football was falling from grace quickly under him… Or so some thought.

As we would all learn with the departure of Paul and the entrance of Greg, it turns out that we more than likely would have been better under Paul if he stayed.

Safe to say everyone knows what happened to Syracuse football under Greg Robinson, but I will still throw out a few ‘fun’ facts. SU went 10 and 37 (that’s a .212 win %) under Greg’s lead. Attendance dropped to a pathetic level. We saw Rutgers, UConn, Temple, San Diego State, and Florida Atlantic, among many others jump ahead of SU in recruiting. Not to mention become not only the laughing stock of the Big East, but a joke in most, if not all NCAA football circles.
No one including myself will say his time here was well spent, or happy that he was ever here. We’re not proud of the records he posted, but those same records are one thing I’m thanking him for. Without posting those horrid records, and being as bad as he was so quickly we would not have Doug Marrone, his great work ethic, love for Syracuse University, and thighs that may scare small children and pets if they don’t watch out when walking past him. Because of Greg Robinson we now have a head coach who would rather be here than at the Super Bowl with his former team.

So thank you Greg Robinson, you may have saved Syracuse football after all, even if you did take the road less traveled to do it... You know, that old logging road that no one has been down in 40+ years, has 4 foot puddles of water every 50 feet, downed tress lying across it, a few dead bodies buried next to it, and after driving on it for 3 years you drive straight off a cliff.

Now that I’ve shown my appreciation for Greg Robinson I would also like to add that we all still wish you nothing but bad luck in your coaching career, hope someone flushes your gold fish down a toilet, and never want to see you in the great state of New York ever again.

Syracuse football national signing day news conference

video courtesy of