Sunday, August 30, 2009

Otto Called Bizarre And I Consider Getting Rid Of AOL

Bizarre School Mascots - AOL Living

So I am searching for some jobs to apply to this afternoon when my father instant messages me. He says, "Hey, I see you beloved Otto was named as a bizarre mascot." Now, I love Otto and he knows it so I asked for the link and was even more shocked to find that it was a site supported by the same email carrier I have had since I switched from Prodigy in like 1999. If you click on the arrows in the link and go to picture 4 of 7, you will find them disrespecting Otto by labeling him as bizarre. Yes, I know Syracuse is not known for their Orange orchards but if that is the argument then we can talk (and we have even discussed in the past on this blog and others about other possible names for the program but it could be worse and be a large salt shaker I guess). As long as Syracuse is called the Orange or Orangemen (Orangewomen), then having a giant orange as a mascot makes sense and he is not bizarre, he is our friend and I am sorry some jackass in an AOL office does not appreciate it as such.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiger Woods Video At Turning Stone

Thanks to Steven J.Pallone from for posting this video.
Tiger Woods at the Skins Challenge at Turning Stone

Moose Talks Chemistry, Cowboys, And Carolina

WFNZ - Darryl "Moose" Johnston

For those of you who are fans of Darryl Moose Johnston, I have a link to an interview he did with Mark Packer aka The Packman on WFNZ radio. One of the most successful fullbacks in Syracuse history and one of the analysts for Fox NFL Television has a few things to say about various topics and some of you will enjoy it. I know others are not huge fans of his work but I enjoy some of it and respect everything he accomplished in his career (I don't think Emmitt Smith would have finished with half the yards he had if not for Moose leading the way).

Photo courtesy of

Floyd Little May Finally Get Into The Football Hall Of Fame

Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little Are Seniors Nominees for Hall of Fame Class of 2010

I was strolling through my Twitter when I found this headline posted from the guys @Fanhouse about a story I had seen earlier but never got the chance to follow up (I had to run some errands and got side tracked with other stuff or this would be under the junk links at least). If you follow this blog and do not know who Floyd Little is, I will not ridicule you but simple ask you to google him or watch the ending of The Express because that is who Ernie Davis passes the #44 jersey to after he leaves the program. He is part of the #44 trifecta along with Davis and Jim Brown that helped support the idea,no matter how stupid I think it is, to retire the 44. He also is the greatest running back in Denver Bronco history and if he had a better offensive line, may have even surpassed Jim Brown's rushing record (as many have speculated). I also remember he was a part of a chat Axe did before he got his start at WNSS. My hope is that both men (including Dick Lebeau) finally get the respect they are long overdue and get into the hall soon.

8/25 Edition Of The B.O.B. Junk Drawer

Lets start off this edition with some Greg Paulus articles and as some have pointed out, avoid them if you hate hearing about Paulus at the expense of negative Syracuse comments about their past few years.
Can Ex-Dukie Greg Paulus Save Syracuse Football? - NESN University -

Just Win Baby: Why Greg Paulus Is The Man For The Job in Syracuse Bleacher R

I wanted to add this for those of you who enjoy writing and have a passion for college basketball and want some exposure for your work. Trust me, writing for B/R has it's privileges.
Announcing The Bleacher Report College Basketball Season Preview Bleacher Re

Now onto some contests like an autographed football from Fanhouse and of course, racing.

I'm Driving One II


Are you a TNA wrestling fan or would love a trip to LA for their Pay Per View and think you have some awesome video taping skills? Show the world you are the ultimate Awesome Kong fan, which I would do if I had any video skills whatsoever.

Not sure if you have seen this show before but I found it the other day and the only reason I had to turn it was I found myself being so jealous that I could not see straight.
Man Caves : DIY Network

My first wrestling column on in a long time but since I love the work those guys do, I wanted to give them first options to post it or not and the fact that they did, means a great deal to me. So if you want an idea that could make professional wrestling more interesting to more people, check it out.

And I had to end it with a laugh, which I may do more often so enjoy a good video that may remind you of your college days.

Monday, August 24, 2009

MMA Fans With HDNet, Check Out Inside MMA

Grandpa Greg, Your SU Starting QB On Dan Patrick Show Today

Greg Paulus says that he's ready to start at QB for Syracuse - Dan

Greg Paulus appeared on The Dan Patrick Show today to talk about the other Syracuse football players calling him an old man or "Gramps", his prep work for the position, talking to Coach K and why he thinks he is better then his brother Mike, who is slated to play QB at UNC this season. Also discuss was the anticipation of Paulus at QB when they play UConn because some fans there seem to not appreciate the Paulus name (like we give a damn what UConn fans think).

By the way, I have been witness to many conversations over the past week or so here in North Carolina with people at my son's football game and in line at stores where people speculate that Greg Paulus is simple a PR move. I keep my opinions to myself unless asked only because sometimes it is more amusing to hear them make their arguments based on nothing but their theories in life and have never seen the guy throw a football. He was one of the best football players to come out of central NY with football scholarship offers to many division 1 schools but chose to play basketball at Duke instead. I would say to wait until he plays before judging him but any football coach who wants to win will not simply name a QB for PR reasons but because he wants the most effective way to win games and I think right now, with all I have heard, Greg Paulus is that guy. This also gives Ryan Nassib and Charlie Loeb a chance to learn the system for next year to be more effective in the new package (I laugh at that package quote every time I think about it).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Syracuse Head Football Coach Doug Marrone And His Expanding Package

So while on my daily search of all things Syracuse Orange, which of course starts with, I found an interesting and very "uplifting" quote about the progression of the Syracuse football team. Donnie Webb, who is the man when you want Syracuse football news, posted an article this morning about how well the Syracuse football team is developing which included quotes from Doug Marrone himself. If you would like to read the entire piece, you can click Syracuse expanding its offensive playbook; Marrone pleased - Orange Football B but for the best quote on the page, check out how "excited" Coach Marrone is about his offensive playbook.

Coach Marrone on the playbook said, and I quote from Donnie's piece, "Obviously, I'm not going to talk about some of the packages we're going to, but we are expanding the packages to where I think ... packages that will give us a better chance - I'm going to talk offensively for now - packages that will give us a better chance to be more efficient on offense and score."

Obviously this is very optimistic news and I could stay here all day using some fun words like arousing and pondering if it is in fact offensive to discuss offensive packages. Instead, I figured I would aim at the advertising market and tell you that unofficially, this quote is brought to you by the great folks at Extenze, the people who simply would love to help you expand your male package.

UPDATE: I was reminded of this song and I just had to give that additional meaning to the quote and added laugh.

Thursday, August 20, 2009 and ESPN's Pat Forde Videos Of Paulus, Lichtenstein,And Long

Teleconference with Greg Paulus

Coach Boeheim On WFAN Talking Cancer Testing, Team USA, And Some Syracuse Basketball

WFAN - The Fan - Jim Boeheim

I found this link to an interview that I believe was earlier today on WFAN radio in NYC with the Boomer and Carton show (Carton is an SU alum himself). I found it to be a fun interview and the stroll down memory lane of Syracuse and Big East basketball past felt good as well as made me feel old for it. Coach Boeheim also discusses his opinion on the whole Memphis scandal and a coaches role in the procedure.

The Return Of Oscar The Syracuse Football Psychic

Due to the overwhelming popularity of his last session (well, nobody said they disliked it), I have found our resident Syracuse psychic, Oscar Terrance Theodore Omanishitz. He was hanging out at the Tully’s on Erie Boulevard as I have been told he likes to do so I just called him there and the bartender recognized him immediately. Since Oscar hates cell phones because he swears they cause brain damage, this is my only way to catch him (and yes, he still uses pay phones which is how I got him last time). In light of some breaking news within the Syracuse football program, I had to talk to him though and get his opinion. So without further ado, let me get to the man, the myth, the legend (in his own mind at least), Oscar.

Me: Oscar, glad I could catch you. People seemed to enjoy your take on Syracuse football and with all the news as of late, I had to get your take on some of the issues.

Oscar: I felt like you might call soon, although that may have just been this rash I just developed itching again. She told me she had not been with a lot of guys but…

Me: Oscar, can we please get to the subject at hand. First, I am hoping for your take on Greg Paulus being named the starting quarterback to begin the Syracuse football season. What is your reaction to the decision?

Oscar: Ahh, Mr. Paulus, didn’t I tell you he would have a good year last time we spoke? I was told by the bartender that according to Wikipedia, Greg Paulus was born on July 3rd, 1986 which would make him a Cancer. The Cancer is also known as the Crab which means they can maneuver around in numerous directions successfully. Cancers are also known to be gentle, conservative, nurturing and have strong survival instincts. And if nothing else, he shares the same sign as Pamela Anderson and Sylvester Stallone so maybe he can blend Pamela’s ability to always stay in the headlines with a Rambo style field generalship.

His Chinese sign would be Tiger of Fire. In light of that, may I recommend some Survivor to be played as he enters the Carrier Dome? You know Eye of the Tiger? I don’t care who you are, that was funny right there but regardless. I feel he will do well and help this team more than hurt it in the long run. He has a leader quality about him and that will help his progression as a quarterback and allow the younger guys to learn more about what Coach Marrone expects from his quarterbacks and his system for next year.

Me: I can understand that and before you choke yourself on one of those delicious Tully Tenders laughing at your own jokes, let us move on to my next question. Speaking of Coach Doug Marrone, he has defended his actions in regards to players leaving the program in large numbers but what do you think about players leaving so often before the guy has even had a chance to coach one game?

Oscar: There is a quote in the Bible about this and it states that “the weak shall inherit the Earth.”

Me: Actually, I hate to interrupt you but the Bible states that “the meek shall inherit the Earth” which is meant to mean those who are obedient to his Word will follow in his footsteps.

Oscar: Well sorry Mr. Biblical Scholar, I didn’t mean to make a mistake. Anyway, I think that it simply means they were not fit specifically for what Coach Marrone wants to accomplish with this team. It does not make them bad players as I feel like some of them may prosper elsewhere. And for those left on the team, it is human nature that where one person is replaced, another must step up to take their place. Better for them to leave now than later on when their hearts were not in it and the team suffers. Jim Brown wanted a more physical, hard hitting team and I feel like that is what Coach Marrone is trying to accomplish. It is like I always say, “Hit hard and prosper.”

Me: That would be “live long and”….you know what? Never mind! You gave me another lead in there because I am wondering how prosperous this team will be in the future. Not sure if you heard or not but Syracuse has signed on to play in the new Meadowlands against USC in 2012 and Notre Dame in 2014 and 2016. What do you see happening and will Syracuse lose a home game just to be embarrassed in front of more people for what I am sure will be higher ticket prices?

Oscar: Do I look psychic to you? Oh wait, I am huh? I am fine with the situation because I was scared to see what they would charge me for that ticket to see USC and now I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

I see this team gradually building up but I would not look for a huge upset over USC but in three years, I truly see it being more competitive then it would have been. Notre Dame on the other hand, by the time 2014 rolls around will have been through a couple more coaches before they realize their dominance of college football was a century ago and I think Syracuse takes those games. I do foresee a chance Notre Dame are either in the Big Ten or Big East by then due to the horrible records they will accumulate over the next few years. I see the initials BE but there is a large 10 that keeps trying to block it out and an old lion face smiling saying he told us so.

Me: I am not sure how many beers you have ordered since you got to Tully’s or what you have grown in your garden lately but I will just ask one more thing and then let you continue your cold beer marathon and convincing ladies at the bar that their futures include you cooking breakfast in the morning. You went off on The Axeman last time we spoke but I wanted to know what you think about social networking and blogging, especially since you are now having your words out there for everyone to read on a blog.

Oscar: My attorney has advised me against further comments about that Axe person so I will no longer speak of him but I have been told there is a guy named Mike or Matt McClusky in the Watertown area I can listen to when I need my sports fix.

I have done some researching of this issue since we talked last. I have checked out this Twitter sensation and some of the blogs and I must say that for the most part I am impressed. I could never do it myself; it makes the government able to track your every move just like they do with library cards and those discount things grocery stores ask you to use for discounts. Big Brother is watching you people, be careful what you do.

I did a search on the internet and found this NunesMagician website, which I think is supposed to be some form of sarcasm and tribute to that great SU player Troy Nunes. I do not understand most of his humor though but it could be that I feel that I do not need to lower myself to bathroom humor to amuse myself. I mean anyone can point out others errors and make a joke out of them but seriously, why is that funny? When did he become so perfect? Look at me; I’m a funny jokerman always taking shots at Syracuse. If I want humor, I will just play my old Cheech and Chong albums and listen to such classics as Sister Mary Elephant or Dave.

Me: Actually, I have listened to you enough now and trust me in the fact that compared to you; Sean (the guy behind is like Eddie Murphy while you have the comedic attributes of a Tom Arnold sitcom. So he should subject everyone to stoner humor 24/7, what the heck kind of a blog would even find that stuff funny?

I like interviewing you for my blog because sometimes you seem to have some good insight to issues pertaining to Syracuse football but trust me; your sense of humor sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. And actually, Sean is alum so I think he paid enough money in tuition and other expenses to give an opinion that he feels will help out his alma mater, which we now know you just could not keep you pants on or stay sober long enough to manage to accomplish for yourself. Go back to the cold beer and maybe, just maybe we will talk again soon but I do hope you are more respectful to people if we do.

Oscar: Fine, may your stars be aligned properly and may Syracuse finally return to its glorious form soon. By the way, I predict Syracuse 38-Minnesota 36 for the opening game in case we do not meet again before September 5th. I feel a good sensation about everything but then again you would too if you had been drinking beer since the doors opened here and had the scenery I have with all these hot future Syracuse grad students sitting near me.

Don’t run off ladies, I am clairvoyant and can tell your future.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Post Standard And Writer Donnie Webb Explains Why Greg Paulus Is The Starting QB

I was going to write a post about this issue but honestly, Donnie is a great voice for Syracuse football and says it appropriately enough himself.

The Post-Standard's Donnie Webb on Greg Paulus as Syracuse University football's starting quarterback.

Contest Corner 8-18

Trailer Choir : Dover International Speedway : Racin' the Beer Gut Sweeptakes
My contractual obligated racing contest entry actually revolves around a group I like because I have heard the song, "Rockin The Beer Gut" which is actually about a girl who has one and found it entertaining. Anyway, check out this contest for a way to check out a free trip to some racing and some country music all in one trip.
Is for the gamers who want a chance to win Madden NFL 10 and a Sony Playstation.
I also like to find free trips to Vegas so this one fits perfect, especially if you like the rodeo. Trust me, any trip to Vegas is worth trying for.

Nestle The Kid In You Sweepstakes
Ever want to try your luck at a fantasy camp? This one will allow you to pick the sports fantasy camp of your choice.

If you want some baseball tickets, try this one and see if it helps.

My Coke Rewards
And last but not least, I am not sure how many of you drink Coke products which includes Powerade but this is a great website that I have featured in the past. I am reusing it because they are currently featuring ultimate fan contests for a lot of college teams (though unfortunately not Syracuse, sorry) as well as the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs. All you have to do is register and enter your codes from the under the bottle caps and you will have a shot at those and many other contests or save up for free things, including drinks for 24 points a piece.

Why Greg Paulus Starting As SU QB Could Equal Dan Patrick Playing SU Basketball?

For those who have not heard, Syracuse football head coach Doug Marrone has named Greg Paulus as the starting QB to start the season. And while I was pondering this, I was also listening to The Dan Patrick Show and a discussion broke out about his basketball eligibility. Because he was a walk on player at Eastern Kentucky and never did anything but sit the bench his whole two years there, he may still have some eligibility. There was talk because he likes Coach K at Duke that he would give up his job and leave to play one year in the NCAA if someone like Coach K gave him an offer. Coach Boeheim's name was also mentioned as he is a frequent guest on the show and it left me wondering something. In light of the publicity Paulus has brought to Syracuse with his move, what about Dan Patrick playing one year of NCAA Division 1 basketball at Syracuse?

I know at first you may scoff at this proposal but he could help with both the team and Newhouse. He would be the most popular bench player in the history of NCAA basketball. He could handle the reporters questions on any subject. Dan could possibly have the sources to make this into a regular column in SI magazine about his journey, which in turn is a regular column about Syracuse basketball and life on campus. Occasionally, he could jump over to the announcers table and call a game with Matt Roe and Matt Park but keep his jersey on so if Coach Boeheim needed him, he could go in from there.

The possibilities are endless as to how this could benefit the program and the university. If not for Bret Favre unretiring yet again (unretiring is now called Doing The Favre), Greg Paulus being named a starter is all over ESPN right now with frequent people commenting on the impact of the situation. Dan was at one time good enough to make a team and maybe his experience has made him a wiser player and who knows how good he could be until you give him a try. And who knows, maybe Syracuse becomes a location for anyone with notoriety to come and get some playing time, especially with programs like Newhouse on campus to consider.

Sure I am being somewhat sarcastic with this article but I bet at least some of you who read this wondered the possibilities yourself and you have to wonder what Dr. Gross would think of such an option as well as Coach Boeheim.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cris Cyborg Beats Gina Carano By First Round TKO

For those who did not watch the Strikeforce card last night, here is the entire Carano/Cyborg fight. It was brief but very entertaining as well even though my prediction was way off (I had Gina Carano winning by decision). If you would like to see the entire Strikeforce card, which I highly recommend if for no other reason then to watch Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi in a very impressive showing that should have people wanting to see more of his fights in Strikeforce, check out Showtime this week and I think it should be on Showtime on Demand by Tuesday according to what I read on Twitter earlier today(sorry, I forget who the source was).

I am now excited to see what Strikeforce will do with Fedor and Mousasi as well as do they jump on the rematch bandwagon with Carano/Cyborg or what. I personally think that unless CBS says they want the rematch soon on primetime network television, then both Carano and Cyborg should fight at least once before they try it again. I also hope to see Fedor against Bret Rogers in October. I think that is a tremendous fight that has to happen one day soon and Rogers has the perfect charisma to build interest and the ability to pull it off.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top Five Rules For Entering Contests

Since I run a Contest Corner, I thought this would be a good time to share some things I have learned about many of them. For the record, I have won several local radio/television contests that include concert and movie tickets, cds, dvs, and a variety of other things as well. Being laid off of work right now, I have plenty of time on my hands and sometimes need a break from work searches and Twitter and this is a fun way to do it. Without further ado, here are my top five rules you should consider before entering contests.

Rule 1: Always Make Sure You Are Eligible To Win/Willing To Do What It Takes To Retrieve The Prize.

This may sound silly but you would be surprised to find out not only are certain contests limited to a particular age group or residential area but many require you to show up to their offices in person to claim the prize. I have a few local radio stations I follow because between my wife and me, we listen to various kinds of music and the stations are 45 minutes from my house usually. Well, is a movie poster really worth driving that far for? Or a CD?

You should also consider the timing of the prize. If you plan to enter a trip for the World Series but October is the busiest month of the year at your company, maybe it is best to leave that one alone. Or if you are on a tight budget and the trip is to last 4-5 days, what will you do for food since many do not come with cash/food allowances.

Rule 2: Be Prepared For Possible Junk Mail

Many of these contests are run by companies trying to reach out to potential new customers. One way they may do that is by adding you to their mailing lists so you can see what features they have you might be interested in pursuing. And in some cases, it may actually turn you into a favorite customer of theirs like the photo above helped me to love Powerade (even though I gave 12 cases to my son's football team).
If you are like some of my family members, you may have more than one email so designate one simply for the possibility of junk mail when you enter the contest. Just like the traveling thing, if you think the reward is worth the price, enter away but be aware you could be emailed daily or weekly by the company.

Rule 3: The Prize Could Come With Taxes You Are Responsible To Pay Yourself

Sometimes, when you claim a prize, the company will ask you to sign a form verifying who you are and that could include a tax form in case taxes apply to the gift. I have never won a major gift where that applied (though it is possible my big one from this year could get me at the end of the year). Apparently they will take the estimated value of the prize and that will be the tax liability. I have been told that there is an amount that you must meet in order to meet such requirements but that could be a state or local thing as well so it is worth checking into at times (I was told by a radio station that anything over $500 in a calendar year must be filed here in Charlotte at least). Just something to consider before you enter a contest and might make you want to read the rules before completing the entry form.

Rule 4: The More You Enter, The More You Win

I have had people tell me how they never win stuff but then you find out that they rarely take the time to enter. I have numerous websites saved that feature contests and check them often to see what has been updated and what is worth entering, I do not just pick one and become a winner. Heck, I play the lottery often too but have never won millions of dollars and yet, I still try. Many radio stations and such run numerous contests daily and somebody has to win them so why not you? Some come simply by joining their online club or by being a certain caller but if you sit back and complain while everyone else is entering, your odds go from maybe to never. I have never won a prize or got a job simply by sitting around the house and hoping someone shows up (even Publishers Clearing House required registration before knocking on your door). So take the rules and stuff under consideration and if you are interested, enter and enter often.

Rule 5: If You Win, Thank Those Who Gave You The Gift

Ah, the thank you note. It is the simplest way to show gratification and appreciation. I have won stuff before and been told, "You know, you are the only person who has ever thanked us for it." It is networking at it's best when a quick and simple email can not only make someone feel better about awarding you the gift but it also could help with opportunities you may not now realize. And seriously, they just gave you something more then likely for free that either you would have had to pay for or is a rare chance in life to experience so why not take a couple minutes to say "Thank You." Maybe take a picture of yourself enjoying it and send it along or Tweet on Twitter about your experience and allow them (and others) to follow along. I have given away some of my prizes to family and friends who I thought would enjoy them more or I am too low on money to do something else for them and it feels great hearing someone say those words to you.

Jonny Flynn's Summer League Warmups Video

I found this video on YouTube today and though it may not be earth shattering coverage(since when did I post anything like that on this blog anyway) but it is entertaining to see Jonny Flynn making half court shots and self-passing dunks. There is even a cameo of Paul Harris stretching while he points out the big dunk is about to happen.

Syracuse Fan Fest Video Courtesy Of

It feels so good to see so much excitement around Syracuse football again that I will soak in and enjoy every minute of it. The only problem I had with the video though is the fact that they play the Syracuse fight song and it made me think someone was calling my cell phone. Well that and it also made me wish I was there for the event in person. Let's Go Orange!

Syracuse Football FanFest 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Junk Drawer-Orange Edition

Unfortunately, we start off today's junk drawer of links with another Syracuse football player departing before the season starts. I am left wondering if they will end up playing iron man style (both sides of the ball) if it continues at this rate.

Linebacker Derek Hines leaves Syracuse football team -

Some interviews courtesy of from Coach Doug Marrone and Greg Paulus which I found to be interesting and looks to be a regular feature in the future as well.

Orangecast: Football Edition -- Media Day interviews with Doug Marrone and Gre

Net up, it seems as though the Big East bowl games could be lining up already and that is good news to me because I think it is only a couple years away before we can contend for the #2 and #3 spots in the Big East (that and I enjoy the bowl system).

Source: Big East nears deal for No. 2, No. 3 slots with Champs Sports Bowl, Su

For those who have not tried his show before or his morning links, I highly recommend it. Especially today when he has Andrew from T3I on there talking Eagles/SU football.

Sports Fix

And speaking of those lovable Orange Idiots, check out why they heart Doug Marrone and their take on Vick becoming an Eagle.

Three Idiots on Sports

Sean also has some breaking news on such hot button topics as the return of Kenny Haas and why we should fear the Maine Bears.

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician - The Syracuse Orange blog that cares.

And some other links for today include this annual contest for parents who would like to register their kids to take an NFL player with them to school.

Register for the Take a Player to School - NFLRUSH

As well as this link for those of you who love football and hot women. The LFL is starting soon and if you have not seen it yet, you should check it out before you judge it. Go NY Majesty!


MMA Fans, Carano/Cyborg Is Hours Away

Tomorrow night at 10:30 pm EST on Showtime, it is finally time to see two women headline an MMA event on a major network. Strikeforce will present a card headlined with the much anticipated fight between Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg for the women's 135 pound belt. Michael David Smith of has an interview up with Gina for those interested as well, which you can find here I know many praise the UFC, and they are a great organization, but those who mock Strikeforce should also note they not only have Fedor but also a talented roster of fighters who would impress you if you gave them a chance. Here is a video to help prepare for the big fight.

By the way, those who try to tell me that Strikeforce being limited to Showtime hurts the chances of average MMA fans watching it, I would ask that you compare the cost of a monthly UFC card verses adding Showtime to your cable or satellite provider. My hunch is, you will find out that Showtime is not only a lot cheaper but also comes with movies 24 hours a day and some boxing as well.

This Is Why The Offensive Line Will Be Improved

Syracuse football's Ryan Nassib and the offensive line.

I have said all along and I will say it again, Syracuse University hiring Doug Marrone will definately help one area of weakness Syracuse football has had of late and this video proves why the offensive line will be better. For those who remember when Coach Marrone played here at Syracuse, he was an offensive lineman and a very good one at that. I hear all the time how a good quarterback can make a team better and a great one will make a team an elite one but without the proper offensive line, even the greatest of quarterbacks will fail more then succeed. Coach Marrone, as you can see in the video, is not content to let this line be a soft spot for this team and is working with them as well as working to find the right mix that will help reestablish Syracuse as a football team to be feared. I look for this line during the progression of the season to vastly improve not only upon last years standards but what many think they are capable of doing. Can you imagine what Delone Carter and the running backs can do behind a good line or Nassib or Paulus will be able to do with Mike Williams and others running routes and they have the time to get them open? I have never been shy to admit that I was really pushing for Turner Gill from Buffalo to get the job when it became open but I have to admit, every day I drink more and more of the Orange Marrone-Ade and I am hopeful of the direction of this program and hope all SU fans are as well.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Contest Corner 8-11

For the NASCAR and Dale Jr lover, you will get no better then this, a chance to hang out in his garage and pit in Charlotte and more.

:: Dale Jr's Great Giveaway ::

If you want to watch NASCAR in Atlanta and like country music, this one is for you brought to you by CMT.

Atlanta Motor Speedway: Jason Michael Carroll: Diamond Rio: Fast Cars & Countr

Ever want to meet Kobe Bryant? Well, here you go basketball nutjobs, enter now.

Kobe Bryant

Sharpie wants you to go back to school with their marker and hope you win a chance to meet Mr. Soccer himself, David Beckham.

The Pen of the Month - David Beckham Sweepstakes - Home

Michael Jordan and Hanes want you to experience a trip for two to the 2010 MJ Celebrity Invitational in Atlantis, Paradise Island.

Hanes Presents: MJ Mini Golf

And last but not least, it seems as though the WWE is trying to reach out to the fans but this time, it could win youa trip to Wrestlemania. So what you waiting for brotha, enter now if you smell what the Orange Chuck is cookin.

WWE: Play & Win > Sweepstakes > Pepsi Max FANstay Superstar Sweeps

Orange Spirit Squad

Football Media Day: August 10, 2009

Doug Marrone Talks About Responsibility

Greg Paulus on Media Day

Timberwolves Greg Kahn Talking about Jonny Flynn's new head coach Kurt Rambis and explains again why he drafted Flynn and Rubio:

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Psychic View of Syracuse Sports

I know many of us are wondering how Syracuse football will be next year under the new head coach Doug Marrone. I have a poll on the page and many seem optimistic but some still seem uncertain. So in looking at that, I thought I would try to help which is why I decided to ask a psychic. Not just any psychic mind you but one very familiar with Syracuse who is actually a former student who burned out after only a couple years on campus.

His name is Oscar Terrance Theodore Omanishitz and he says he can help provide valuable information about the school and its athletic programs with a specialty in football. When I spoke with him earlier, he seemed a bit excited for the chance to talk about the Orange but also a bit, how shall I say this, not in the best frame of mind. Regardless of this, I was curious to see what he had to say and thought I would share it with you. If it turns out he is close to correct, I may just have my spies track him down on Erie Blvd again and get some more nuggets of advice for us all. Anyway, here is the transcript of our conversation as it happened earlier today.

Me: Hello Oscar, how are you today? I have been told you have a certain knack in foretelling events that surround Syracuse University, is this true?

Oscar: I am as lovely as a clear sky on a moonlit night as the angels sing to me.

It is true that I do occasionally have visions that surround that school that I formerly attended before I found out that not all natural herbs were acceptable on campus. I was simply feeding off of God’s many blessings he bestowed upon the Earth and doing my best to replant to help the greenhouse effect I was so often lectured about.

Me: Anyway, Oscar, can we please get to these visions that you see. How does this work? Do you use tarot cards or leaves or what?

Oscar: No man, I just see visions. For instance, I can tell you that I have numbers just rolling around in my heard right now with Orange colors. I would say the lucky numbers for football 1,2,3, 24,47,97 and 5 though the visions are cheering for 5 and it is not shaped like a jersey so that may be the total of wins this season.

Me: So you are saying Mike Williams (1), Greg Paulus (2), Delone Carter (3), Max Suter (24), Rob Long (47), and Arthur Jones (97) are the lucky numbers for this year and that the team will win 5 games this season?

Oscar: Yes, I think so. Of course, it is also possible that those were in fact the lotto numbers from last night still stuck in my head.

Me: Well, what do you think of the new head coach Doug Marrone?

Oscar: Ah yes, the prodigal son has returned. I can tell you that Coach Doug Marrone is in fact a Leo. Leo’s tend to be bossy and intolerant but also faithful, broad minded, generous and creative, which judging by last year’s record, he will need to be very creative to avoid those horrendous numbers. I have not seen such low numbers since my sophomore year when I took political science and that communist professor found my theories on the moon landing being a fake to be insulting and I showed him right then and there a real moon after answering only one question on the exam.

Me: Well OK then. Are there any teams you think we should be worried about this season?

Oscar: Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my.

Me: Well we do have the Nittany Lions on the schedule as well as the Bearcats, Black Bears (Maine), and I am not sure what a Wildcat is but that could be a tiger of sorts. We should fear Maine though, really?

Oscar: Heed my warning no matter how silly the task. But worry not, for there will be success with such themes as the Zippers, the Gophers, the Cardinals, the Mountaineers and those Knights of the Round Table.

Me: You mean the Akron Zips and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights?

Oscar: Do not question my logic though yes, I think that is exactly what I meant. The season will start with a big bang and the fans will embrace more than just their beer bongs after their first game this season. I must run shortly, do you have any other issues I may help you with before I go?

Me: One more question I guess and then I will let you enjoy the view of the Syracuse streets as I hear you love to roam them shouting your prophecies on a daily basis. My cousin told me one time you stopped him to tell of a certain Axe man terrorizing the area only to find out his radio had Brent Axe on, causing you to flip out, calling him the Voice of the Orange Evil simply because you blame him for Coach Pasqualoni being fired. Anyway, do you think the fans will be more active now that there is a new coach in place and the hope exists that this program can return to its prominence among college football‘s elite?

Oscar: First off, that man is pure evil and just because I listen to his show every day on ESPN Radio 1260 WNSS does not make me a hypocrite. I listen to keep data for one day when I call in and call him out for his outrageous antics.

Now, the question you asked is, if you build it, will they come? Yes, I fully expect a very packed house for the first game and that momentum from the win will carry those drunk co-eds into a great season watching the improvement on the field, at least those who will be sober long enough to see it. The locals will come back and proclaim this their team again without hiding behind those bags that covered their faces. This team will no longer be the laughing stock of cable broadcasters but instill pride back into a program with a rich history. I foresee an Orange Out for football this season and think it will be the Rutgers game but I am a bit blurry on that one but it may be the herb helping that one, I have been smoking for quite a few hours now.

Me: Well, I guess we will see how good you are soon enough, thank you for your time and maybe we can chat again sometime in the near future. Please go back and enjoy the scenery of Euclid Avenue, Bridge Street and Erie Boulevard with your Orange pride showing through.

Oscar: You are very welcome. Anytime you want to know about anything Syracuse related, please let me know. I can see a lot of things in the future and I can be very helpful.

And stay away from the Axeman as he is a danger to our streets and the minds of our children. One day I will find the right ammunition and call in and show him to be the fraud I know him to be.

The moon has reached its apex now though and I must make haste, I have an appointment before it disappears. I do not believe in fuel operated vehicles so my Schwinn and I must get a move on if we hope to make it on time. May there be a glorious peace within all of you (and if not, drink another beer and you will be at peace soon enough) and Go Orange.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cleaning Out The Junk Drawer-Weekend Edition

I have noticed a few things this weekend and since I have plenty of time on my hands and want to share these with you, I figured I would give you the links to enjoy updating yourself on some Syracuse sports and other topics.

Donnie from has an in depth interview with Coach Dough Marrone on his expectations as far as recruiting for the Syracuse football program right now.
The link above was passed on by Anish Shroff on Twitter and since I don't have ESPN Insider access anymore, only those of you who have it can read the entire thing.
Joe Fields may have a chance to see some playing time for the Carolina Panther this season after spending last season on the practice squad. The article has quotes from Fields talking about how he thinks new defensive coordinator Ron Meeks could have the perfect playbook for Joe's skill set. Best of luck to Joe who had a good preseason last year but due to a heavy roster and healthy players, never got the chance to show it during the regular season.
This is a generic link but it will help those of you curious about some of the basketball tournaments that will start later this year including Syracuse/Florida for the Big East/SEC Invitational in December.
I am not sure how many of you are Buffalo Bills fans but I know we have some who check out the website from time to time and so this one is for you. It is a contest to determine the ultimate Buffalo Bills fan, though I think since Brent Axe officially works for them, he will not be allowed to enter. You cold win a year of Perry's Ice Cream, Bills season tickets and an invite to a tailgate party with Jim Kelly or at least be one of 11 finalists to win tickets to the season opener and a 50th anniversary jersey.
If you are a WWE fan, you may want to check out this link about the home of their show WWE Superstars which occasionally features contest and other things. If you do not get WGN, according to you can now check out the shows on Hulu as well.
If you prefer MMA, then I recommend you check this site about, especially if you want to keep up to date on the August 15th Carano/Cyborg fight card and the changes being made due to some injuries already.
Hey all you Matt McClusky Sports Fix fans, check out Matt's work here as well in the Coaches Corner segment as he interviews the coaches and players on video nonetheless for the Watertown Red And Black Semi Pro football team.
Any classic rock fans will appreciate this tribute to Bob Segar playing golf on their weekly Fat Guy Friday segment. The man made some great music back in the day and is obviously enjoying the good life now.
For anyone curious where I find the majority of my sports contests and others that may not be sports related, this is the main website. I highly recommend checking it out if you are like me and don't mind filling out the forms for some great prizes.
My last junk item is for those of you who either live in Charlotte, NC or those who may visit and are looking for good, quality pizza. This is my favorite place in the area and I highly recommend my favorite combination of a slice of Brooklyn Bridge, a slice of Buffalo Wings pizza with a nice cold Mountain Dew to rinse it down with. They have a wide selection of prepared pizza in a case that they will reheat for you in their ovens when you choose it or you can order your own pie and some knots or wings if you like. Living closest to their Brooklyn Boys outlet in Mooresville, that is where I choose to get my pizza if I have a choice but they have two other franchises in the Charlotte area.

Orange Moment In History Trivia Answer

For those who were curious about the trivia question I posted on Thursday, the correct answer is:

Total cost of construction of The Carrier Dome=$26.85 Million Dollars

The Carrier Corporation donated $2.75 Million for the naming rights to the Dome.

Data and picture courtesy of