Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Top 12 Syracuse Fantasies

I may have a couple interviews in the works over the next couple weeks and even a couple ideas finally I can get around to now that I have adjusted to this computer but in the meantime, here is a fun top 12 list to enjoy to help you pass the time(also please enjoy the newest edition to the page, an awesome sketch by @MBorkowski).

Top 12 Syracuse Fantasies I Have Had Over The Years:

12. Running into a SU coach in public and saying Go Orange! (the only one actually accomplished years ago when I ran into Coach P at BJ's back when he coached SU football and the guy was awesome).

11. Nickname a child either Pearl or 44.

10. Sex anywhere in the Carrier Dome but would settle for a wedding proposal if I ever got married again which I am not thrilled at the prospects of doing right now.

9. Interviewing one of many SU sports figures from my childhood for my blog (Sherman Douglas or Pearl would be the tops).

8. Winning the lottery so I can get season tickets for every SU sport and bring along some fans who otherwise would not be able to get tickets.

7. A Syracuse based TV show that uses a lot of Orangemen either current or past (maybe an Otto based Saturday morning cartoon teaching kids moral lessons every episode).

6. Having Otto or something SU related painted onto my car or my house.

5. Becoming a celebrity just so I can receive a honorary degree from Syracuse University.

4. Winning one of those Dunk and Bright orange recliners during a Syracuse game.

3. A Syracuse tattoo (which I may do one day if I can decide on the right design and location).

2. Tully's opening up a sports bar in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and keeping the Syracuse sports layout.

1. Being Otto for a game.

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