Thursday, April 22, 2010

The SOB's Continue As I Present To You: Best Junior

Thank you for the hand off Jameson.

If you followed the link here, you know what this post is all about. We, the bloggers of Syracuse University sports, are awarding those associated with Syracuse basketball with our annual awards (though this is my first time involved since I have a tendency to cease to exist when they come around). I pondered long and hard how to make this a fun build up with suspense and excitement but the truth is, I have the Best Junior and with all due respect to Rick Jackson who had a good season, the voting was unanimous. The winner and new Junior champion with 12 votes is...Wes Johnson.

Here are the blogger comments as to why they all voted this way:

Sean at TNIAAM started it off by saying: "Wes Johnson - What can you say about the Big East Player of the Year that hasn't already been said? Wes was a star, capable of taking over when he wanted but playing team ball as much as possible. A consummate teammate and the kind of guy you love rooting for. He will be missed."

Syracusan from Cuse Country compares Wes to Carmelo with this explanation: "Wes Johnson was first team All-American and third in the national POY voting. Both of those honors exceed what Carmelo Anthony received. Granted that says more about how poorly the national media and awards institutions handled Melo's accomplishments than it does about Wes, but it's enough to make this category a no-brainer."

Andrew from The Three Idiots shared this very poignant and brief statement: "Wes Johnson. No explanation needed." Indeed sir, indeed.

Brian from CuseOrange says: "Wes Johnson - it's not often that a lottery pick arrives via transfer, and we were treated to a magnificent season by The Corsicana Kid. The recovery from his fall took longer than I thought it would, but I'll remember Wes for his highlight-reel plays, crazy leaping ability and efficient scoring. It's sad to see him go but I can't wait to see him flourish in the league."

The Glaude from HoyaSuxa shares his view as only the legend can: "WESGODDAMNJOHNSON: The dude pinwheeled over a Providence player and didn't die. He defies medical science and human physics. Plus, he has excellent teeth."

Dan "Cheesehead" Lyons from Bleacher Report gave this view from his seat (and this is from a game who never missed a game at the Carrier Dome that I know of): "Wes Johnson: Not even a contest, Wes was our best player all season, even with some injury issues, and played some lights out basketball all season. He can run, he can board, he can shoot, the man does it all. Without question the most efficient offensive player I've seen in recent memory, I really wish he would've looked to score a little more at times. I'd love to have Wes for one more year, but we all know that we got our fill in 2009-10 and should be thankful."

Brian Harrison, the man from Orange 44 who could close down a Syracuse bar almost as well as any other blogger (if Glaude is home sick) stated: "Wes Johnson: Easily the best player on the floor most nights versus most teams. He could put up big numbers even though he only shot the ball a few times a game. When he was healthy almost the entire court was in range for him, and he had a surprising ability to get teammates involved in the scoring with some nifty passes. Easily one of the top college basketball players this season."

Jameson from Bleacher Report, who with his great work should be picking whatever job he wants after graduation, was accurate as usual with this assessment: "Wes Johnson: It's a shame he didn't injure his hand and lower body because he could have had one of the best seasons in Orange history."

DA from Orange Fizz tries to get all technical on us like this: "The NCAA's transfer eligibility rule. Not technically "a junior," but without it Wes would've been a member of last year's Orange team. Could you imagine how poisoned he would've been trying to share the floor with Devo and Paul Harris? Our nice guy from Ames would've been standing on scorer's tables and whining about minutes. "

Steve from CuseOrange says he was infected or something or other: "Wes Johnson. When healthy there was no one better. Maybe could have been POY had he not been brought back to earth in the Providence game. Played with a joy that was infectious."

Josh from Cuse Country defends Rick but just like the rest of us, knew who the better junior was: "As solid a season as Rick Jackson had, there is no possibility that anyone other than Wes Johnson goes in this slot. What a treat he was to have around. Undeniable talent, a great work ethic and (by all accounts) a fabulous teammate. The first guy since 2003 to show up in his first year and be *better* than advertised"

That is all for the comments about this issue. Please start off your day tomorrow at 9 am by visiting the Idiots we all love...Three Idiots on Sports who will present the award for the Best Photo. Good night and thank you for stopping by. Go Orange!

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