Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exposing Syracuse Bloggers And Twits

My name is...well let's just say my name is Greg for now. I have hacked into this account and I am writing this because of stuff I have read over the past couple years on these "blogs" and "tweets". These Syracuse "fans" displaying nothing but their arrogance when we know they have skeletons in the closet as well and frankly, I am sick of it. Let's see how they like being called out while in the public eye and get a dose of their own medicine.

My response to this blatant and uncalled for exercise in ego is to one by one, call them out. I will research all of you within the Syracuse community who dares to snub your nose at others and expose them for the frauds that they are. Today, I plan to start with this genius who calls himself "Orange Chuck" which to me resembles the lack of imagination and intelligence that his blog shows on a regular basis.

After interviewing a few solid sources and reading this crap he refers to as a blog, it is my contention that this person is actually a high school freshman (and not even an intelligent one at that) who works part time as a busboy at the Tully's in Liverpool, NY and not the 37 year old North Carolina resident he portrays online. Have you read his stuff? He is probably in a 6th grade level English class struggling to get a D for a grade.

I can confirm as well that pictures he post online actually belong to his father that he found posted on a dating website called He constantly mentions Tully's in the hopes that one of his managers will see his determination and promote him to a waiter position. Even pictures of him eating a delicious Tully's Tenders Platter was merely his father there to support him on his first day of work there he hoped to use to make your mouth water so bad you would have to stop in for your own plate. And whilst on the subject of his father, I may also point out that his father is a janitor at one of the adult bookstores in the Syracuse area who is under investigation for making more of a mess than he actually cleans daily.

So as you can see, he is a fraud and I refuse to sit idly by while this perpetrator judges others while living these lies. Please take these facts into evidence the next time you read one of his blog entries or see him post anything online.

And as for the rest of you out there with your blogs and your Twitter pages, I have not forgotten about you either. I will surpass whatever lame passwords he uses (OttoLikesThe69, what the hell kind of pass word is that anyway?) and post other investigative findings I have on them here as well. I already have a few items on some but I am awaiting confirmation of my sources before posting them.


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