Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let The Doug Marrone For Coach Of The Year Campaign Begin Now

Last night on Twitter, I noticed a movement that during this political environment, I can fully endorse. I am not sure who to credit first but noticed that @Live315, @asmcnama and @PJASchultz all were being RT'd in this matter so I will let them fight out out either in some mud or a steel cage, whichever they see fit. No matter who started it though, I think many should start to support their idea and that is, Syracuse Head Football Coach Doug Marrone should be a leading candidate for National Coach of the Year.

This is not just Syracuse Orange fans drinking the Kool-Aid or some hyperbole based on one big win. After reading Brent Axe's posts on with this one ), I realized he had the stats to justify this contention. According to Brent, "Syracuse is 6-2 for the first time since 2001, when they finished 10-3.Syracuse is 3-1 in Big East play for the first time since 2004. Syracuse beat Cincinnati for the first time since 2004. Adding to a streak of beating South Florida for the first time ever and beating West Virginia for the first tine since 2001." And Sean at noted that Coach Marrone is now 10-10 as head coach at Syracuse and noted it took Coach Robinson 4 years to achieve that goal. Greg Robinson finished his 4 year tenure at Syracuse with a record of 10-37 overall and 3-25 in the Big East and yet, Coach Marrone has those 10 wins already in only his second season as head coach and matched those 3 BE wins this season alone with 4 more games to go (3 of them in the Big East) and the toughest part of their schedule in their rear view mirror and I do not foresee them sleeping on the rest of these games either with Coach Marrone at the helm.

How many of you have heard the little snide remarks from people when they talk about Syracuse being bowl eligible and having a shot at a BCS game should Pitt fall a bit and they win out? My first instinct is to boycott their sorry shows and write them a long email about it but then I remembered, they are finally talking about Syracuse being relevant again, even if it is while laughing. The fact that the fans and media are talking about this after how far this program fell is reason alone to mention Coach Marrone's name whenever someone wants to discuss who has done the best job coaching this year.

According to the experts, Syracuse has to win one more game in order to be bowl eligible, which hopefully they can do at home against Louisville this upcoming weekend. If this team goes from the obscurity to playing in a bowl game, to me that is more worthy of being coach of the year than those who were expected to win a BCS championship meeting expectations. Coach Marrone and this staff and players are above and beyond what most expected to see this year (I predicted 8 wins but expect now they could even surpass that and made my predictions from the heart, not my head).

As you may have read in earlier posts, I personally campaigned and even almost started up a website with my support for Turner Gill when Robinson was fired. I sit before you humbled and ask Coach Marrone's forgiveness as he has demonstrated he deserved this job beyond a shadow of a doubt. He won me over with the speech posted on my blog yesterday but continues to amaze me every game even still with his coaching on the field and his demeanor off it. And now I think it's time he win over the rest of this country and be awarded this honor for restoring a program many buried only a few short years ago. So Syracuse fans, show your pride and let's spread the word that in this election year, we want to see one man who deserves our vote get it and that is "Doug Marrone For Coach Of The Year".

Go Orange!

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