Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Post Game Speech If I Were In The Syracuse LockerRoom After SU #BeatCincy

Today, we are one win away from being bowl eligible. Today we are 6-2 overall and 3-1 in the Big East conference. Today we celebrate our third Big East road victory this season(all of which were homecoming games for our opponents). Today we will head to Varsity and flip another banner. Today is another day for those who believed in this team and wore their Syracuse Orange with faith even when they were mocked for doing so. Today is a stepping stone on our way to rebuilding our program and regain the respect and dignity this program once had. Today is a day fans will look back on this team as more than a fluke or a lucky win but instead see into their hearts and determination and know they are worth your love. Today is for every fan who didn't leave early out of disgust or make negative comments publicly when times got rough(though at times were discouraged because they knew we could do better) knew that when SYRACUSE football was back, our faith would be justified. Today is the day Coach Marrone and his staff show those who doubted they could do it, thought they didn't have the resume to believe in, or doubted his emotion in leading this team were proven wrong (including myself who campaigned heavily for Turner Gill until Coach Marrone won me over with this halftime speech during basketball season).

Today, we the fans say thank you again for your blood, your sweat and your tears when many "experts" picked you to finish last or next to last in the standings. Today we hold our heads high, party like a rock star and know in our hearts that we bleed Orange and will enjoy our lives today because of you. I have said it before but you can never say it too much when you truly mean it and today I say to you Syracuse University, Coach Doug Marrone and the staff and players on this football team...THANK YOU!


And now today's party song:

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