Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You Syracuse

I was going to do my first video ever but have decided to put it off for now until I work out a few details. Instead, I will write here what I had planned to say.

Thank you to those of you Syracuse fans who have stuck by this team through thick and through thin. Those who did not look for every chance to bash them after a loss but understood sometimes a team loses a game and it's not always how we want it to be. Those who check out the blogs and Twitter and make being a Syracuse fan fun. And thank you to those who like me wore our Syracuse merchandise for the past few years and endured the abuse and ridicule who can now hold our heads high with a smile knowing we our headed in the right direction.

Thank you to the players on this team who work their butts off for us fans. You guys fight hard every game to bring two things back to this team many of us thought was missing, tradition and respect. I won't single out anyone or any side of the ball because I think it is a team sport and a team effort so thank you to all of you whether you start or not. I assure you that every single one of you is why I bleed Orange and I am grateful for your sacrifices and will support you with anything I possibly can.

Thank you to Coach Marrone and his staff who has brought honor and competitive football back to a once proud university that struggled over the past few years. Some might challenge your passion or your resume but the true fans know you are on of us and want this team to succeed even more than all of us. Anyone who watched this WVU game and still questions your passion was not a true fan to begin with because a true fan knew it that day you took off your jacket during the basketball game and spoke to us from your heart in the Carrier Dome.

I was raised in the Syracuse area. I have loved this team for as long as I can remember and over the years, done my best to support and defend them even when the times were tough. I bleed Orange to the point that surrounding myself with all things orange makes me feel more comfortable. When I die, it is my hope that I am buried Orange (preferably my 44 jersey my brother gave me years ago and I treasure every time I wear it).

I have experienced a lot of heartache in my life off and on for the past few years and even been fortunate in other things. The one constant is my enjoyment of all things Syracuse Orange. I believe all things happen for a reason and I believe we went through the pain to further appreciate the road we will begin to climb to restore this program into what we Syracuse fans know it to be. I believe that even when your team struggles, you stand beside them just as you do in victory. So on behalf of myself and hopefully many other Syracuse fans I say to Syracuse University and especially the current football players and staff, THANK YOU.

Go Orange!

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