Thursday, September 25, 2008

Syracuse Ranked #89 For Class Of 2009

According to Scott Kennedy at, Syracuse University is ranked at 89 for the football recruiting class of 2009. The Big East is ranked sixth overall as a conference and of course, Syracuse is ranked last of the Big East teams. Take into consideration one thing though, there are only four players listed as recruits for them and one is listed as a soft verbal commitment. Of those four, there are no four or five star rated recruits but one listed as a three star. As you will see when I list the four, three of them are for the wide receiver position and the other is at linebacker. I usually don't follow recruiting too heavy, I like to wait until they prove themselves on the field but ranked 89 with only four recruits, that's a bit worth of being mentioned I think as we look at the future of this program considering many other teams already have at least five times that amount commited to attend their school. Here are the four they listed and if your reading this and you know the status of other, feel free to share the information but this is what I found on

-Derrell Person:Wide Receiver out of Coolidge H.S. in Washington D.C. who they ranked 61st overall at that position and is the only three star recruit on the list.

-Raheem Cardwell:Linebacker from Dematha Catholic H.S. in Hyattsville,MD who they ranked 58th at his position.

-Alec Lemon:Wide Receiver at Arundel Sr. H.S. in Gambliss, MD who is unranked

-Leavander Jones:Wide Receiver from Atlantic City H.S. Atlantic City, NJ who is also unranked and is the one considered to be a soft verbal commitment.

Well, at least we know the Maryland, DC area is well represented on our roster for next year. One has to wonder though, if a coaching change is made, how many of these young men will want to stay with their choice and how many other will they be able to convince to help change the program around,depending on the new system of course. I do have one issue though, why do I not see any Liverpool, C-NS, West Gennesee seniors on this list? Not one football player in the area good enough to play for the Orange?

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