Monday, September 1, 2008

Elite XC Returns To CBS on October 4th

As of right now, here is the card for Elite XC and their return to CBS primetime on October 4th:
Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Justino vs. Yoko Takahashi
Murillo Rua vs. Benji Radach
Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobald
Welterweight champion Jake Shields vs. Paul Daley
Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock

I am positive more fights will be added soon. I know there were talks of a possible rematch between KJ Noons and Nick Diaz, which I am sure many fans would love to see. However, Noons has reportedly not agreed to it as yet and according to and writer Loretta Hunt, Noons is more then willing to fight Diaz again but wants better compensation for the fight.

The more interesting aspect of this card could be the fallout when it's finished as far as where do they go from there? Could we see Ken Shamrock possibly facing his adopted brother Frank who will be ringside announcing the fight? Maybe Brett "The Grim" Rogers finally gets his wish and gets in the ring with Kimbo Slice? And could we finally see what could be the best female matchup possible in EliteXC if both Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg win their fights on October 4th? And could we possibly see EliteXC or some form of their parent company ProElite enter the pay per view world sometime in the near future or work to simply extent their deal with CBS?

I also want to address those "hardcore" fans who love to bash matches like Kimbo and Ken and say they are not only pissed it's on the card but cussing mad that it's the main event. Ratings dictate everything and Kimbo has proven in the past that he is a ratings draw so EliteXC would be the foolish ones to deny that and keep building up to that match as the night progresses like you would any main event. The Jake Shields/Paul Daley fight should be a great fight for those hardcore fans and stop being mad because it's not in the main event slot. Kimbo is a name brand and attracts the mainstream audience and let's face it, Shamrock is no slouch either so I completely 100% agree with their choice to make this the main event. When you are on TV, it is about the ratings if you want to remain on prime time network television, you do what it takes to draw the best ratings possible. And to give away Kimbo/Ken as the first fight because a certain fan base is upset is crazy and would cost CBS and EliteXC ratings and ratings equal money revenue. What's more realistic, fans tuning in to see Kimbo tuning out early when his match is over in the first 30 minutes or loyal MMA fans staying tuned for the whole card just to see what happens? Sometimes I wonder if the people complaining are simply diehard UFC fans looking for reasons to take shots at EliteXC because I think EliteXC is simply trying to bring a more rounded card to all forms of possible MMA audiences. I will admit, on occasion, I will watch UFC shows especially their free programming on Spike and they have some of the top talent in MMA but to me, EliteXC is more of what I like, a mix of hardcore technical fights and personalities. If you like it, October 4th turn to CBS and check it out and if you want to just complain, they invented multiple channels for people like you so take advantage of it or tune out when the main event starts if you want to send a message and hope enough people agree with you to make a statement but I doubt they will.

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