Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Minor Changes To This Site

After further consideration, I have decided that I will no longer post any items on this blog pertaining to the Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Penguins or New York Mets (though don't think I have done much of anything about them anyway). Instead, I will concentrate mostly on Syracuse University sports as well as minor league teams in the Syracuse and Charlotte area and still mix in wrestling and MMA occasionally as well. Looking down the page, you can almost tell that I am moving that direction anyway so why not just commit to it. I will admit however that if someone with those organizations or other sports is willing to step up and participate in the 12 Reasons Why segment and I think it's an interesting person, I will do that regardless. I know that has been missing lately and I plan to work harder in the near future to secure more people interested as I was anxiously waiting on a couple people I thought would work out instead of continuing on to find others. My object is not to be the first to report something but try to bring you something you may not find as easy elsewhere or viewpoints not always found, especially those with jobs in or around sports. Anyway, for you faithful readers, I thank you and hope I don't lose anyone because of it but honestly, its so hard being back to work and trying to find news and stuff on so many various teams. Going back to work is making it harder then I thought to maintain this but I will continue to do my best to provide you unique ideas as often as I can or occasionally just share my view on certain topics. Thank you again and Go Orange.

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