Saturday, September 13, 2008

Top 12 Signs Your Addicted To Professional Wrestling

12. You have more wrestling t-shirts then any other shirts in your closet.

11. Even though you have a TiVo or DVR, you can't miss a show no matter what the occasion is and if its a pay per view event, you have pizza and wings and nobody best disturb you.

10. You hear a conversation at the store or among co-workers about a wrestling show or storyline and your laughing to yourself because you already read the wrestling websites like and know exactly what is happening and fight the urge to look psychic and ruin the show for them.

9. You use words like shoot, mark, heel and slobberknocker in your everyday conversation.

8. Wrestling is in town tonight and you take the whole day off so you can not only prepare your signs and other things but get there early to stand outside the arena in the hopes you can catch a glimpse of the wrestlers as they enter.

7. Sometimes as you walk into a room, in your head you hear what your entrance music would be and consider acting what out your entrance if you were a wrestler.

6. You have been married and witnessed the birth of your children but the most emotional moment of your life was when you favorite wrestler retired.

5. You spend time when you are alone or in the shower working on your promo as if you are part of the story line on the next show and maybe even cut a promo on your pet.

4. You constantly rewind and replay that split second you and your sign where shown on television and if anyone else is around, you love showing it to others.

3. You inform your boss or wife that if they don't do as you ask, you will give them a stunner and flip them off which probably just cost you a job or sex for a long time.

2. You refer to people as peeps, rooty poo candy asses, jabroni, brother or even for the really hardcore fans, slapnuts.

1. You can actually list 12 signs and know exactly what they all mean and probably have actually done many of them( unfortunately guilty as charged).

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