Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Contest For Free Powerade

Everybody loves free stuff so let's have some fun with the Syracuse Orange football head coach carousel. Post a comment below and the person who posts the name that wins the head coaching job, I will mail them a certificate for a free 32 oz. Powerade. Please note, if there is a tie, I will award it to the person who posted it first. I know it's not much but hey, it's free and I will even pay the postage haha. So post the name below and good luck because right now there is a lot of speculation but still no name. And make sure you name it before it's announced because entry deadline is when more then one reliable source names the coach and it is confirmed (I just want to have some fun guessing), though it seems as though the NFL Network does not count since they have been proven to be unreliable about this issue. Good luck and Go Orange.


Russianator said...

I'd like Turner Gill, but I'll cast my vote for Skip Holtz

Orange Chuck said...

I could not agree with you more 100% and Skip Holtz is off the board to the Russianator. I love the idea of Turner Gill and I think if he doesn't beat Ball State, he is not as popular and signed but that win got the attention of Auburn and I am sure others. I also choose to ignore the "he will leave in a few years" chatter when if he establishes a winning program, I won't care and Syracuse could fight to keep him later.
Who is next? Come on, Powerade is awesome and totally worth it, I love those 32 ounce Orange Powerades myself. I know we got someone out there willing to bet on Marrone and Gill or is everyone already into the hype that this is Skip Holtz's job to lose.