Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WTVH Discusses Greg Robinson's Final Press Conference

Here is the WTVH 5 version of the final press conference of Greg Robinson's tenure as head football coach at Syracuse University. Love or hate the guy, if you don't at least respect him, you are missing out. I know I have not been a fan of the on field performance of his team but it's only because as an Orange fan, it's heartbreaking to see it being more predictable to pick against them then have enough pride in your team to root for them. You can go to or for the 3 part full session but I chose to simply post WTVH version here because not only is it shorter but I like the way they presented it (that and they hooked me up with a special birthday wish to my grandmother the other day on short notice for their early morning show and I am forever grateful for that since living out of the Syracuse area, I have limited resources on these things). So enjoy and Go Orange and I will repeat again, I wish nothing but the best for Greg Robinson and his family.
Greg Robinson says goodbye to SU

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