Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Syracuse Orange Beat Seton Hall 100-76 And I Got Links To Prove It

Not able to see the game, I did participate in a fun chat with the Idiots and got to follow most of the game (I missed some, didn't I Rush?). And as usual, when I miss the game, instead of game analysis I choose to give you the links so you can get a better idea from those who did. Enjoy and Go Orange!

syracuse.com gives us an always reliable breakdown of the game and gives Andy his props:

ESPN has the game stats for your Orange butt:

The Saltine Warriors say Andy has one thing in common with Pacman Jones, he knows how to make it rain:

Yahoo/Rivals have the AP story from John Kekis:

And of course Brent Axe with his recap and quotes:

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