Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which Orangeman Are You: The Office Edition

Have you ever dreamed of the day when Coach Boeheim and his staff scouted you out and recruited you to be part of their team? Dreamed of that chance to put on an Orange jersey and run out with the team to 30,000 strong at the Carrier Dome cheering you on? 99.9% of us will never get that opportunity in life unfortunately so some of us love to live vicariously through our favorite players.

Some simply go with the stars of the team while others simply find someone they can relate to the most. If you are searching for that one player who you can identify with, let's do a test to see who is your equivalent. For this analogy, will will break down how you are in the work place in relation to how the Syracuse players are on the court. Here are the breakdowns as I see them and let's see which player you seem to resemble the most.

You Might Be Wes Johnson If: You are transfered to this office from another branch with high expectations and you exceed them. You are the superstar of the office that every office wants to have and will be getting some huge offers your way soon. Even though you are the big guy in the office, you have no problems helping others when they need it and are genuinely happy to see the whole office succeed. You don't seek out the attention but because of your skill set, you get it regardless.

You Might Be Kris Joseph If: You are the person everyone in the office loves and makes sure they say hello to every time you pass them by. You make and the superstar make the office a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. You may not have had this expectations and were under estimated coming in but you can pull off that huge move that will have you co-workers asking how you did it. Sometimes you take the background until the boss calls your name but when he does, you step it up and show you are just as valuable as anyone else in this office.

You Might Be Andy Rautins If: You are the guy whose father was one of the best years ago and people simply added the pressure of meeting his success and put it on your shoulders. Instead, you built yourself over a period of time to be your own, very effective player. You are the example of what a hard work ethic can do people look to you when times get tough. You may not be the office hero every day but on any given day, you can be and even on your worst days, you are still efficient and contribute in other ways.

You Might Be Arinze Onuaku If: You are the gentle giant with a bit of a Hulk complex. You carry yourself as though you are easy going but when the pressure is on and you are needed, you turn on the intensity and dominate any situation. When the rest of the employees see that look, you can easy become the go-to-guy and take the pressure of everyone else. If the elevator was stuck between floors, you are the guy they want in the elevator to get the doors open.

You Might Be Rick Jackson If: You are the person who can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You can write the presentation or give a strong delivery of it if it is needed. You can balance the books while also making the sales. You are the person on any given day could slip into any of the above personalities, all depending on the situation and the right timing.

You Might Be Brandon Triche/Scoop Jardine If: You want the ball all the time and love to direct traffic. You are the point of contact for every project. If you are not on your game that day, you have no problem letting the other guy step in and prove yourself tomorrow. The person who did the job before you was well loved did the job better than most so you are trying to provide that same appeal although with your own personal touch. Every task is a lesson learned and experience gained and you will be better for it.

You Might Be Mookie Jones/James Southerland/ DaShonte Riley If: You are a good contributer from the bench. You are new to the office and trying to find your role but have the potential to grow into very productive employees in time. Sure, you probably could be a bigger player in other offices but you know that if you wait it out and grow, you will see your role improve and you and the team will be better for it.

You Might Be Brandon Reese If: You are the guy nobody expected to get the job but everyone enjoys seeing you given the ball, even if it usually is only when there is little on the line. You may mostly be in the background and some may not know your name but you do work quietly behind the scenes to help everyone do better when it's time to make the sale. You are the IT guy who helps fix things and the office assistant who puts the PowerPoint slide show together so that when the others are ready to present, you helped to prepare them for their job.

You Might Be Mike Hopkins/Rob Murphy/ GMac If: You are the assistant manager that the employees enjoy working with and act as the go between for them and the big boss. You have a knack for spotting the talented players and do your best to make sure the manager knows who they are. You are the boss who will give the "Thataboy" smack on the butt and calmly sit down with the employees to show them how to improve their role next time. You are equally supportive of both the main man and the employees and do your best to bridge that gap effectively.

You Might Be Bernie Fine If: You are the Senior VP with many years of experience working for the main boss. You are the guy he relies on and knows exactly how he likes things. You give advice when it is needed but also know when to keep your opinions to yourself. You are known to be just as much of a face of the company by many on the inside as the manager but with less of the credit and blame.

You Might Be Coach Jim Boeheim If: You are the CEO/Manager who not only knows how to handle every situation but are a great motivator as well. You can be a bit rough and your temper may show at time while displaying some very colorful language but at the end of the day, you care just as much for the well being of your employees as you care about the success of the business. Your years of experience have shown you know exactly how to put people in the best position to be successful and that is why your plaque hangs in the Hall for all to admire.

You Might Be Otto If: You are the morale person in the office. You are the one who walks by everyone smiling and offering cookies to the whole office. Your office is surrounded by company posters and you always wear the company shirt everywhere you go, even your car has their bumper stickers and is the same colors as their logo. You are the one at every meeting who stands up and says, "Go Team!" hoping it will help inspire people. You flip off the competitors as you drive by their offices and even once when you were drunk, urinated all over their sign.

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