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NYSportsGuy(aka James) Interviews SU Incoming Recruit CJ Fair

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Every now and then I will be having a quick sit down interview with incoming recruits. These will not be hard hitting breaking news questions, just some info to help us average SU fans get to know these student athletes before (or as they’re coming into school). I am always open to suggestions on who you want to hear from, or some new questions. Check the bottom of the page for info on how to get me your suggestion.

I was lucky enough to catch up with CJ Fair, who agreed to do a short Q&A session with me. If you don’t know who he is yet take this as a small introduction to one of the guys that will be force on the SU basketball team for the next 4 years. Some quick background info:
CJ plays for Brewster Academy in Baltimore MD, He is a 6’7” SF. Ranked #111 in the nation, #23 at his position and is one of four top 150 players coming to Syracuse in the fall. CJ is currently averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks per game.

James- First off CJ thanks for sitting down and answering some of my questions, how is your season going down there?
CJ- Its going good, having a pretty good year up here at Brewster

James- Have you been able to catch many SU games on TV or any in person this year, and any thoughts on this team?
CJ- I haven't gotten to see any games in person, but I’ve been following them on TV. They are shocking the country this year on how they play, just gets me excited watching them and cant wait to join them next year.

James- Feel like making a NCAA tourney prediction for them?
CJ- I’ve got them going to the final four and winning the whole thing.

James- As much as I like that last statement. That’s enough with this year’s team, let’s talk about next year. What do you plan to bring to this team?
CJ- I plan to bring versatility to SU and stretch the floor out, and be all I can be.

James- I’ve seen some impressive dunks from you on vid, so this is a must. Dunk contest between you and Wes Johnson, who wins?
CJ- That’s going to be good battle, I think I can take him in a dunk contest. lol.

James- With SU losing Andy, AO, and more than likely Wes after this season. Do you think you will play significant minutes next year, minimal playing time, possibly red shirt, or have absolutely no idea right now?
CJ- I think if I just work hard in practice from day 1, I will be good as far as playing time.

James- For those that haven’t seen you play at all yet, who would you say your game resembles (Pro or Cuse player)?
CJ- I like to compare my game to Melo. Cause he has a great mid-range just like me. Also like to post as well as shoot well from outside. So I watch a lot of his films to elevate my game.

James- What made you choose SU? Other than our warm winters and sandy beaches of course...
CJ- SU seems to fit me the best on how they run a lot of their offense through the forwards. I like Coach B’s style of play and what he has accomplished throughout his coaching with players success. SU is a great place to play, and I've seen the success with the history that it's been through

James- Plans to attend any camps over the summer, AAU ball, ect…?
CJ- No I don't plan on doing any camps or anything, just working on my game and body, and getting ready for SU.

James- Some final words?
CJ- I want to give a shout out to the whole SU family and they can follow me on twitter, and check out my highlights. (Editors note: highlight video posted below)

Again CJ thanks for the sit down. Hope you finish out your senior season strong, and we all look forward to seeing you, Dion, Baye, and Fab Melo up here next year and the years to come.

Highlight vid:
Follow CJ on Twitter @cjfair.

Look for more sit downs with incoming basketball and football recruits in the near future. If there are any recruits you would like to learn more about you can comment here with your suggestion(s), or twitter @theNYsportsguy and I will do my best to get in contact with them.

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So he is going to beat Wes in a dunk contest and compares his game to Melo? I'm excited!