Friday, February 12, 2010

Tully's Be Like Heaven On Earth

Tully's, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
And share why I look forward to you every single day.
I walk inside and Syracuse history on walls all around.
Like a dream man cave with TV's and surround sound.
Free popcorn on the table and drink orders placed too.
Done with work so I ordered some cold Labatts Blue.
The choice of what to eat requires little brain matter.
"Please bring me a delicious Tully's Tender Platter."
Ah, those tenders which are prepared to perfection.
One bite and you will feel an immediate satisfaction.
It will melt in your mouth and never in your hand.
It's the best value for your money on air, sea or land.
And if it proves to be too much for one meal to eat
Take the rest home and lunch tomorrow is complete
So stop in for yourself and get your money's worth
And you will see, Tully's be like Heaven On Earth

1 comment:

SyracuseSoldier said...

I'm now on my way to Tully's, Thanks again - @SyracuseSoldier