Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You Greg Robinson (Debut Column From The NY Sports Guy)

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With national signing day rapping up yesterday in the college football ranks, I thought I would keep it on the same page. SU signed 31 new recruits, a class that ranked 55th in the nation, 6th in the Big East, and 47 spots better than last years recruiting class. But I’m not here to talk current recruits and the state of Syracuse football as we now know it. I’m here to give my thanks for former head coach Greg Robinson.

That’s right ladies and gents; I would like to do something no other Syracuse fan has done. Thank Greg Robinson for his time as Master and Commander of Syracuse football. Before I get into Greg’s short tenure as a head football coach, let’s look at his predecessor, Mr. Paul Pasqualoni. At the end of his career here in Syracuse most thought it could only get better, and that we needed someone to “save” the once proud Syracuse football organization and the fan base. Even with Paul leading us to bowl games 2 out of his final 5 years, and posting a record in those years of 26 and 23. SU football was falling from grace quickly under him… Or so some thought.

As we would all learn with the departure of Paul and the entrance of Greg, it turns out that we more than likely would have been better under Paul if he stayed.

Safe to say everyone knows what happened to Syracuse football under Greg Robinson, but I will still throw out a few ‘fun’ facts. SU went 10 and 37 (that’s a .212 win %) under Greg’s lead. Attendance dropped to a pathetic level. We saw Rutgers, UConn, Temple, San Diego State, and Florida Atlantic, among many others jump ahead of SU in recruiting. Not to mention become not only the laughing stock of the Big East, but a joke in most, if not all NCAA football circles.
No one including myself will say his time here was well spent, or happy that he was ever here. We’re not proud of the records he posted, but those same records are one thing I’m thanking him for. Without posting those horrid records, and being as bad as he was so quickly we would not have Doug Marrone, his great work ethic, love for Syracuse University, and thighs that may scare small children and pets if they don’t watch out when walking past him. Because of Greg Robinson we now have a head coach who would rather be here than at the Super Bowl with his former team.

So thank you Greg Robinson, you may have saved Syracuse football after all, even if you did take the road less traveled to do it... You know, that old logging road that no one has been down in 40+ years, has 4 foot puddles of water every 50 feet, downed tress lying across it, a few dead bodies buried next to it, and after driving on it for 3 years you drive straight off a cliff.

Now that I’ve shown my appreciation for Greg Robinson I would also like to add that we all still wish you nothing but bad luck in your coaching career, hope someone flushes your gold fish down a toilet, and never want to see you in the great state of New York ever again.

Syracuse football national signing day news conference

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Matt said...

Very nice debut, Mr. Sports Guy. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

I know you only mentioned recruiting as a side note, but these rankings make me say WTF? We're #55 on but had us in the high 70s, and on we're 7th in the BE w/ a grade of C-. Although it seems we got a top 25 QB in Jonny Miller, so I am psyched about that. I guess we'll just have to see how things unfold on the field over the next couple years.

That said, I agree w/ you about HCDM. However it was that we ended up getting him (i.e., sinking to the lowest depths the program's ever seen) I'm glad he's here. It's clear he's got us moving in the right direction at last, and I appreciate his genuine love for the 'Cuse. This is not some Lane Kiffin/ Nick Saban mercenary type who's going to jump ship as soon as something better comes along.

I also wish G-Rob bad luck wherever he goes. I'm surprised Michigan hasn't fired him already.

James (TheNYsportsguy) said...

@Matt, I completely agree. The last thing we needed was a Saban/Kiffin type who was just here for the money. Yes they're both great coaches but there's no way they could have done what HCDM has in one year. With his pinky he pulled the community back to Syracuse football, and gave our players back some of the respect they lost over the prior 6 or so years. Not to mention won 4 games with a team of mostly leftovers from the GRob era and 12 new recruits. HCDM isn't just our HC, he is Syracuse football.

As far as rucruiting and the different numbers... I honestly have no idea why their so different. Let's just think it's because everyone who either didn't go to SU or live in Syracuse, hates Syracuse. haha.

Thanks for the kind words, hopefully Chuck will have me back soon with more.

Orange Chuck said...

Like I said, you write something fun to read and I will do my best to post them. Offer is open to anyone, just email me at