Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 12 Reasons To Attend A Syracuse Game At The Carrier Dome

Had a slow day today and wasn't hungry when lunch came around so I figured since everyone LOVES my top 12 lists, I would do another. I hear people talk about building new facilities even though I love the old one myself. So in honor of the Carrier Dome and it's history, here are my 12 reasons for everyone to enjoy going to the Carrier Dome.

12. The Dunk & Bright Recliner Shot

11. Being spotted in Club 44 which will establish you as the coolest of cool and make you the envy of all of your friends.

10. You never know when you may spot a Syracuse player (or former player) in the stands, including pregame or playing with the band.

9. Only you can prevent the wave and spread the awareness of how 1980 that is (and for the record, I hated it back then too).

8. Tully's on Erie Blvd. is less than 4 miles away for your pre or post game meals.

7. Orange Cheerleaders/Dance Squad for the guy and athletic men with above average abilities for the ladies.

6. The chance to dance before thousands and maybe even make the scoreboard cam when they play Cotton Eyed Joe.

5. A Dome Dog, a cold beer and a sea of Orange.

4. The awesome student section (including Otto's Army and Sour Sitrus Society).

3. Unedited Coach Jim Boeheim expressions which only get better as the game goes on and have to be enjoyed in person to appreciate.

2. The team has shown that they can rise up and "Shut It Down" when it becomes The Loud House.

1. It's where tradition lives (Coleman, Pearl, GMac, Melo, McNabb, McPherson, Freeney, Johnston) and aren't we all tired of seeing this program losing more and more of it's tradition every year.

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