Sunday, August 31, 2008

Orange Spotlight-Tully's Good Times

A new feature I am presenting is one titled Orange Spotlight which will show something Orange friendly(either selling orange colored products or actual Syracuse Orange supporter whether it be officially or not). My first installment is my favorite stop when I am back in Syracuse and that is Tully's Good Times with nine locations throughout upstate New York(and I hope one day soon one in the Charlotte,NC area as well). If you have never been, I highly recommend you try it and go with either one of my favorites which are the Philly Cheesesteaks or the Tully's Tender Dinner (or the Tully's Tender Salad for you salad folks). I won't name names here but I know people who either left the Syracuse area and miss the tenders or people in the area who say every time they go there, they have to get them and I will gladly concur. It is also inexpensive for the portions you get and if you eat there, you will find out that the tender dinner is very well proportioned and the soft drink glasses are huge as well.

You can find them in Batavia, Fairmont, Rochester, Buffalo(Clarence), Vestal, Liverpool, North Syracuse and Erie Blvd East(in the heart of Orange Country). For more information on exact locations and even access to mapping them out, go to (the link is also listed under my Extras area titled"Top Place For Orange Eating") and click on locations. You can also find copies of their menus, purchase gift cards and find out about charity fund raisers through their website. As someone who loves this place so much that he wrote about them in his book, I can also tell you first hand that the people who run these places are some of the best people to deal with that I have ever dealt with from marketing to individual managers(though in all honesty, I have only been to the North Syracuse and Erie Blvd. locations so far). They also contain game rooms and many televisions(over 70 according to the website) to watch sports including Orange games. So come on, stop into a Tully's today and if you don't live near one, do what I did and ask them when they plan to put one closer to you. One day I will convince them how successful their franchise could be in the Charlotte/Concord North Carolina area so I can eat there daily, if my wife let's me. Just like the card above says, Tully's, Great Food And Good Times.

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