Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Couple Great Links For Orange Fans

First off, TNIAAM, the greatest blogger in the history of blogging or at least Orange Nation anyway and the guy I credit along with Axe for getting me started has this great report I enjoyed reading in response to Turner Gill as a candidate for the SU football head coach.


And Axe has a great break down on the recent Richmond/Syracuse match up and if you don't read Axe's game analysis on a regular basis, you should. He also discusses the disgusting accusations about an Orange player's possible assault on a female, which if proven true, will be a huge reason I will never root for this guy ever. I know accidents happen but assault of any kind on a woman by a guy is unacceptable but to be fair to Eric, the police lacked evidence to press charges and he deserves the right for the process to work itself out.

And an entertaining look at the game by the Idiots who make blogging amusing as they do it "24" style with a minute by minute breakdown, how ever not as you may think.

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