Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Official, Coach Robinson Is Fired As Orange Head Coach

Donnie Webb, who I respect immensouly, has reported this statement from Syracuse University:


I have made the decision to move our football program in a new direction and have informed Greg Robinson that his tenure as Syracuse's head coach will end at the conclusion of this season.

Coach Robinson worked very hard to try to establish a winning program, one that could eventually compete for the conference championship on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the progress we expected to see has not occurred.

Greg has been professional and honorable in how he has handled his responsibilities as head coach. He has been dedicated to teaching and guiding the student-athletes in his charge, and passionate in wanting Syracuse to be a quality and successful program.

I thank Coach Robinson and his entire staff for creating a highly competitive culture in which our players never gave up, and for his development and leadership of our student-athletes in the classroom and community. His commitment to community service was outstanding. He leaves the program with a solid base on which we will continue to build. We wish Greg and his family the very best moving forward.

The timing of this announcement allows us to end rumor and speculation and provides us ample time to hire a head coach who has shown the capability to produce a winning football program that the Syracuse nation can be proud of. That process will begin immediately and will remain confidential until a selection is made.

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