Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Latest Poll, Orange Fans Unite

For the fun of it, I decided to run a poll until December 7th to determine who is Orange public enemy #1. So if you get a chance, please vote and remember, I did allow for multiple votes so if more then one of them upsets you equally, vote for them all. I personally chose Pat Dye because I will never forget the tie that cost Syracuse it's national championship. The Hoyas and Smart are tied for second but I added a couple other things to make it a bit more interesting since I see many think of Gottlieb and Cowherd as Orange haters. I personally don't listen to either of them anyway so I don't know what they say, I like my ESPN Radio on 1260 from 3-6 pm with Brent Axe when I am home to hear it and sometimes Mike Tirico too. By the way, I am sure I missed something and if its major and we have enough stuff, maybe I will do another one or a runoff later. For now, enjoy the win over Florida and the high from the Notre Dame victory (or am I the only one still in awe and loving every minute of it).

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