Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kiffin To Clemson? is a link to an article by where they discuss that Clemson has already talked to not only Lane Kiffin about their head coaching position but Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables as well. If Syracuse truly is interested in Kiffin or Venables, I would say make a change soon or deal could be done for both before you even have the chance to discuss it with them. Kiffin is already on the record stating he would be interested in the Washington coaching position and you can't blame a guy for checking with them all to see why his best option is. Unless the reports of a consulting firm is true, every day Syracuse waits, is a day someone makes a generous offer to a coach you wanted to at least chat with about the job and much like many presidential and other elections, you are simply forced to choose the best of what's left.

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