Monday, November 17, 2008

A Quick Note From The Editor

I want to make one thing perfectly clear to those who have read my blog posts previously and those who will see my many posts about the issue of the termination of Coach Greg Robinson, it is not a personal issue. I don't know the man personally and probably never will, this is just my view as a fan of a program that is bleeding. Do I blame the downfall completely on his shoulders? Absolutely not but in college football, its about recruiting and winning and this team has struggled with both more times then not and that comes back on the man who has the ultimate job of doing those two tasks. If Coach P was fired because you wanted to do better then 6 and 7 win seasons and blowout in bowl games, how do you justify 4 wins in your best year and no bowl appearances? I understand what effect losing a job can have on a person, their family and those around them as I have been laid off and even fired once myself. I also understand that if I do not perform my job to a certain level, the company has a certain expectation of my work and will replace me with someone who will meet those expectations. When you are paid millions of dollars to turn around a program and in 4 years, it is still struggling, I am sorry but it's time to consider another direction. I understand his dream was to be a head coach and who knows, maybe somewhere else he will succeed but this was just not the right fit for everyone involved. And as far as my beloved Orange and their football program and facilities, if they are in fact sub par and outdated, maybe some of that war chest that has been brought up when funding a new coach should be used to help with that so that the next coach has more to work with and help make this program competitive. Do I expect them to meet Florida and USC levels within the next 2-3 years? Of course not but at least show me some progress and make it competitive so that I, as an Orange fan, can have pride in this program that I love and not be the laughing stock of sports. I will always bleed Orange and if I die, I hope I am buried in an Orange suit (or my 44 jersey) and an Orange casket and so is it wrong of me to believe that I should also want to be proud and have faith that this team can win more then once or twice a season? I wish Greg Robinson the best of luck in the future but I think it's time we all move on and do what's best for both sides.

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