Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Could TNA Do Better By Going A New Direction?

As a TNA fan, I sometimes wonder how much this company would be if they tried something new. I think they are too similar at times to WWE or WCW but have the potential to be better. The following are the things that I believe will improve the overall product and attract a broader fan base.
The biggest step is to concentrate less on storylines and more on wrestling. Establish a top ranking system for all titles and publish them so everyone can follow along. This also makes the storyline simpler in that it’s about the winning and losing involved trying to work your way to a title shot.
Along those lines, only top contenders should get the title shots which will make the matches more special. I would also make the title matches exclusively for pay per view or on rare special occasions. The champion can still wrestle but his Impact matches will be non-title matches. A non-title match is, in my opinion, one of the most underutilized assets in wrestling today to establish a top contender.
The other thing I find to be not used as much as it should it the time limit draw. This can be used to build anticipation for a rematch while also displaying how competitive both sides were that evening.
Emphasizing rankings also allows for less goofy skits and more concentration on the ring work. You can still show personality using short interviews to build up the match. Now you also have more time saved that can be either for more matches or longer ones. TNA definitely has the talent to make this a huge attraction to fans looking for more action.
I believe these steps will not only improve their shows but give it a more realistic feel. MMA draws millions of fans just to see who the best fighter is and wrestling can do it as well. This also now makes a pay per view more special and might entice more fans to tune in because they can’t’ see title shots on regular television but Impact is still important because you see them earning their shot.
WWE is determined to continue to promote entertainment so I think TNA should concentrate more on the wrestling. There are fans out there that are just waiting for more ring action and this will bring them to the show along with your current fan base.

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