Thursday, February 5, 2009

SU Football Coach Marrone Introduces The New Recruits

I personally have little expectations for this class as it is hard to recruit when you only win 3 games last season and your program has been downhill for so long. I also prefer to see how a recruit is measured when the game is played but for those curious, here is Coach Marrone talking about the 2009 recruiting class for the Syracuse Orange football team courtesy of , which if I am not mistaken is the pregame chat he gave before the West Virginia basketball game last night for fans who wanted to see the progress. I will give Coach Marrone an A+ so far in how he has decided to allow the fans to be more involved and informed on what moves he is making.

SU Football Coach Marrone introduces the New Recruits

I also found this video of Kevin Maher and Rishi Barran breaking down the signing day on WTVH 5.

SU football signing day special

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