Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Do Tullys, Axeman And Jonny Flynn Have In Common?

Do you give up? This Sunday at noon on WTVH 5 in Syracuse, there will be a pregame show taping live from Tully's Good Times in Liverpool at noon EST. The show will include taped interviews including one with Jonny Flynn about his status next year with Syracuse and a segment or so with the Axeman Brent Axe (who will possibly find it hard to talk with Tully's Tenders in his mouth). Sounds like a great show and dang it if I am not craving those tenders myself all the way from North Carolina. Axe talked some about it on his show today and I was reminded when I found the clip below of the Flynn interview. Enjoy your tenders and I hope you think of me when your eating them. I have got to find a way to get them to open one of those in the Charlotte market someday soon. Maybe I should start a campaign online with a logo like "Will Work For Tully's Tenders". Anyway, those of you still living in Syracuse, be sure to check it out on WTVH 5 at noon or be there and be part of the show and hang out for some tenders and Orange basketball as Syracuse plays Villanova at 1pm EST.

SU’s Jonny Flynn talks about his future plans

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