Sunday, February 22, 2009

THE Ultimate SU Fan

Since I have been posting videos of the ultimate SU fan, I had to point out this article to the man who wins the contest hands down. Meet Neil Gold, a 1970 SU grad who has a house in Manlius that is mostly for when he is in town to watch Syracuse games. He owns a business on Long Island and does not live their primarily but I doubt he would have a hard time finding Orange fans who would love to hang out there after a game with him and enjoy all the Orange items he owns.

The sad part is, I have seen many people commenting on this story who really need to get over themselves. The man worked hard to make a business successful and earned the right to live as he wishes. My wife and I are both about to be laid off in a couple of weeks and there are very few jobs out there for us but I am not bitter towards those who did well for themselves and enjoy life. He travels with the team for away games and maybe if some of those who have the passion to dislike this guy gave the efforts they do to show that and put it into something resourceful, maybe their situation would be better off too. I am so sick of this theory of "I have nothing so everyone else should be miserable and be without like me".

Congratulations to you Mr. Gold and your wife and I hope you enjoy the games and thank you for showing the passion in Orange sports that I wish many more would feel as well in the community.

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