Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Big Orange Bloggin Chuck's One Stop Shop

This is a column that for now at least, i will call my One Stop Shop where I will discuss numerous stuff that don't need a full piece themselves or allow me to make quick sarcastic statements for my own enjoyment. Here is the first edition for your pleasure, enjoy.

  • Recently the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners fired their current managers and which team seems to be benefiting the most. Well in a head to head match up so far at Shea Stadium, Seattle has been easily the most impressive(dang it) though last night the Mets did at least get a consecutive streak going. Yeah, two members of the Mets team were tossed in the same game over the same incident. Let's Go Mets and let's hope the spankings end soon.
  • A few quick hockey notes for my fellow puckers. Barry Melrose is back on the bench and which is more likely, the Lightning make the playoffs or he brings back that mullet he had back in the day? Will Evgeni Malkin stay with the Penguins or sign a blockbuster deal to be a star in the new Russian League CHL set to start up soon and what will the NHL do to prevent more possible huge offers to contracted talent? And last but not least, will Mats Sundin end up next year in a Rangers uniform as a loud weeping sound is collectively heard from Toronto fans who also saw him allowed to talk with Montreal previously as well? With the Rangers as successful as they were in the NHL playoffs this past season, the true question is does he want to win the Cup or remain a Leaf?
  • Hey Shaq, Sheriff Joe apparently doesn't appreciate your freestylin gifts now does he? Hey, how many records did you sell when you tried that career previously, well besides the one I bought(I was young and naive and stupid)?
  • Imus is in the news yet again for his foot in mouth disease. I have a question, is anyone honestly shocked at this, please raise your hand if you are(just don't get caught because as I can verify first hand, raising your hand at computers makes the family give you weird looks)? Don't they have a saying for this? Something like fool me once.....?
  • After my previous posts merely hours ago, Portland decided to buy a draft pick from New Orleans and they now also have the 27th pick in the draft. Donte if he falls, maybe?
  • My non-sport stop of the day is in the world of country music. Is it just me or is Taylor Swift becoming a tame country version of Alanis Morissette with her hit after hit about guys who did her wrong and paying for it? And how many of those guys are kicking themselves right now for it?
  • For my wrestling freaks for watched Raw this past Monday night, am I the only one who really fears the spear now more then ever? Seeing Batista and Edge literally going head to head still gives me a huge headache and can't even imagine the ones they had when it was over. And why couldn't I win at least $100,000, dang?
  • Recently I have noticed how many women are working at ESPN and love it. My question though is why with all this great female talent, is there not one lady with her own show, especially on ESPN Radio? You don't think replacing Mike and Mike with Bonnie Bernstein and Erin Andrews would increase the ratings, especially the televised portions? I know many fill in at times and do quite a bit of feature work but hopefully someday soon maybe we will see one of these talented women get their shot to shine.
  • Speaking of talented women, how many of you know that this could possibly be the last year for women's softball in the Olympics? I was watching Real Sports and they had a feature on this and became even more angered by this decision by those geniuses at the IOC. Now this topic I could spend a whole article on but it would be profanity laced, especially if I thought the IOC was making a political statement with this move while saying people should not boycott the China Olympics due to the political atmosphere in China. I will be honest, I love the view of women's softball but I also know they have a talent I could never do. Jenny Fitch could pitch me 100 softballs and I might foul off one.
  • Belated shout out to the Syracuse Orange men's lacrosse team for their national championship. Since I just started this blog, I couldn't really do it much sooner. Thank you Coach Desko for a great season. Also much love to the Orange women's lacrosse team who went deep into the playoffs as well. Nice to see one of the Orange programs are still successful.
  • And last but not least(though I hope you enjoyed this feature), in the world of MMA, who do you think holds the lead in the world of MMA, Elite XC who has a deal with Showtime and CBS or UFC who has their deal with Spike and offers some star studded pay per view events? UFC may be the bigger name but my personal choice is Elite as I enjoy all the matches I have seen from them so far and like their play by play guys better as well.

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