Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Donte Quick Post

  • So I am sitting here in frustration and know that if I go to bed not at least listing something I worked on, I will not sleep. In summary, I will give a quick bulletin about what I discovered when researching some of the NBA teams drafting in the teens that could potentially pick up Syracuse Orange forward Donte Greene.
  • First off, Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune lists Donte going to Golden State in his mock draft with Portland drafting Brandon Rush of Kansas. However he did state that if Rush is gone, he lists Greene as a possiblity at this slot and quotes Portland's GM Kevin Pritchard as saying, "Greene, Pritchard says, can help an NBA team right away. He can certainly help the interior-challenged Warriors."
  • Then we have Paul Cozo of The Arizona Republic who also believes Greene will go at #14 to Golden State and even agrees Rush will go to Portland. Cozo uses this quote to support his pick of Greene, "The Warriors can never have enough big wing players. He is a proven shooter. He won't help their rebounding or defensive needs, but he's a safe pick with upside," the San Francisco Chronicle's Janny Hu said." So Donte will end up in Golden State, right? Read on.
  • Speaking of Janny Hu, on the San Francisco Chronicle website there is an article about the Golden State Warriors draft. In this piece, Hu uses quotes from Golden State Vice President Chris Mullin(former St. John Redmen) to imply Mullin is mulling over a trade(oh come on, you know that's funny, maybe not). Hu states that Mullin believes, and I quote Hu here, Golden State is "one good player away from being a legitimate playoff force, and with the draft unlikely to provide such a piece, he has two realistic avenues to secure one - trade and free agency. " Wow, not strong support for Donte there it seems and thats supposedly straight from Mullin's mouth. Or is it a decoy to keep teams from drafting the guy he really wants? Hmmm.
  • For the sake of brevity, let's just say that from what I have seen, Golden State is not the only one considering a trade in this area. Jeff Rabjohns of the Indianapolis Star says Larry Bird is looking to trade as well but not trade away his pick, get an additional first rounder as well. Rabjohns does not specifically name who they are targeting but says Bird knows who he wants at their #11 slot and thinks he will still be there but can Bird change things around by getting that second pick? They list point guard and post player as top two needs in this piece so how about a 6'8 1/2 forward who can also shoot from the outside? Who knows, I am so confused anymore.
  • The Sacramento Kings draft at #12 between Indiana and Portland and according to the Sacramento Bee and columnist Scott Howard-Cooper, they are looking at the forward position and have Donte listed at #3 at that position in his article behind Joe Alexander of West Virginia and Danilo Gallinari from Italy. Though if your feeling optimistic, let me share this quote with you and his description of Donte. Scott states, "Everyone raves about his range as a lanky perimeter-oriented weapon in the Rashard Lewis mode, but Greene made just 34.5 percent of his three-pointers at Syracuse and shot 41.5 percent overall." Dang those stats hurt though then again as many have pointed out, with Orange injuries, someone had to shoot the three and Donte was not afraid to take the shot.
  • I would research Toronto and Philadelphia but honestly, after those posts and my lockup, I just am scared of either losing this work or seeing more confusing details. Can you blame me? I spent almost 2 hours working on that and in a flash, it was all gone. I think what I provided may help as it is and if so, please tell me how it did because I did the research and maybe its just me but the only thing I learned is, on draft day I will see where he lands but for now, I have no clue. My brain is fried like I was just hanging out with Spicolli at Ridgemont High and the contact buzz was enough to make me crave pizza and Dew(those are a few of my favorite things, and the movie was hilarious too, oh man that Phoebe Cates was so hot). Wait, what was I saying. Oh heck, go watch the draft yourself, I have a sudden urge for some brooklyn style pizza and stopping by the video store. Which would you watch, Phoebe in her prime or guys in suits delaying me until I see where Donte goes and then I turn it off anyway? After all that above, I pick Phoebe. Hey Axe, if your reading this, please provide me with a great synapsis of Donte's selection and I promise, I will treat you to some Tully's next time I am in town or if you prefer, details about Phoebe as she is exiting the pool sllloowwllyy walking towards Judge Reinhold. Good night and Donte, on behalf of the positive Orange Nation, we wish you the best of luck in the draft and in the NBA for whichever team decides you are the best fit for them. Thank you for your hard work last season and God bless.

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