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12 Reasons Why.....Being A Sports Talk Show Producer Can Be Fun But Hard Too

Over the years in my passion for writing, I have thought about how cool it would be to do interviews with people and find out about them. I did one a few years ago for a wrestling website and enjoyed it so much, I always said that if I could start my own site someday, I would do it again. This time I had an idea that maybe instead of athletes (though I wouldn't turn them down either), why not get some insight into those behind the scenes. My first interview for example is with someone who I don't think he would be offended if I call him a personal friend but then again, if you ever meet T-Bone, I am sure you will see it takes a lot to offend him anyway. He is a producer of a highly rated sports talk show in Charlotte, North Carolina called The Mac Attack which can be found on 610 AM WFNZ if your in the area or from 11am until 3pm every weekday. Below you will find the interview with the man who besides being addicted to women who are addicted to saying no to him and Nick At Nite programming(trust me, don't test his knowledge on Full House or Saved By The Bell), works hard and helps to give some great entertainment to the listeners. You can even find a small bio of T-Bone on if you look under personalities and click on "The Mac Attack" and scroll down. They do also have podcasting for those who can't listen at the time of the show as well. I hope you enjoy this interview and not only learn about T-Bone but his job as producer of the show.

12 Reasons Why...Being A Talk Show Producer Can Be Fun But Hard Too
1. Introduce us to the man they call T-Bone please?

First off appreciate you calling me “man” that’s not often said! Im producer/comic relief/whipping boy for the Mac Attack on 610 AM WFNZ in Charlotte. Airs Monday-Friday 11am till 3pm, you can check out the best parts of show on podcasting on WFNZ.COM. My parts arent usually on there because ya know….they are not the best parts!

2. What is your educational background and what specific programs or schools did you attend, especially the ones that helped you get your current job?

I made honor roll in 6th grade. After that it was downhill! I attended a small broadcasting school in Charlotte called the “Carolina School Of Broadcasting” and from there landed an internship with WFNZ in 2005 and I have been there ever since.

3. What is your job title and give us a sample of a day in your work shoes?

Im producer of the show. I usually start out my morning by checking email and then nudie sites. Don’t tell the bosses. I get to work around 8am or so and get the guests booked, make sure the open for the show is done, get audio clips. My producer duties are a little different than most producers because Im pretty much the de facto co-host when it comes to pre show stuff. I spend hours talking with Mac about topics, going over stuff we are going to debate on the show. People don’t realize how much time goes into a show. it’s a lot more than 4 hours. Although some days it seems like we put about 4 minutes into it!

4. What made you get into sports talk radio?

Well as silly as this will sound, it started when I was about 4 years old. I used to do wrestling matches with myself and pretend I was the wrestling announcer. I wanted to be Howard Finkel! Someone out there has to know who the Fink is! My Dad was a big influence when I was younger, I was so far advanced in terms of sports knowledge we used to debate stuff over cheerios when I was like 7. Im from Connecticut so every time I was in the car my Dad would have Mike and The Mad Dog from WFAN in New York on and I knew from a young age I wanted to do what they do. Im still a long way away but we will get there someday.

5. For those not familiar with The Mac Attack on 610 am WFNZ in Charlotte, tell us something about the show and why we should listen to it everyday from 11am until 3pm and can even stream it online at .

This T-Bone guy on there is tremendous, that’s really the only reason. In all seriousness the show is only 18 months old and its already the highest rated mid day show in WFNZ history. It just keeps getting bigger day after day. Its very much caller driven, It can be very sophomoric at times but if your looking for a combo of sports, entertainment, and guy talk you wont find a more entertaining fast paced show. We also have one of the most talented guys in the business Chris McClain hosting. Being serious here, the guys amazing at what he does.

6. Who was your favorite interview or still is if its a regular contributor? Who is someone you hope you never do another interview with again or was a huge train wreck?

Well that’s easy, anybody that comes on the show is my favorite guest. I will just name you some of the guys that are easy to deal with (not naming our regular weekly guys because obviously those guys are at the top) and then one that wasn’t.
My favorites.
Clark Kellogg CBS NCAA Basketball
Steve Lavin ESPN
Tommy Smyth ESPN Soccer
Spencer Tillman CBS NCAA Fooball
Ed Cunningham ABC/ESPN College football

Stephen A Smith.

7. Who is the one person you have never had on the show but would love to hear interviewed one day?

Roy Williams from UNC. Never been on our show and with the all the Heels fans we have out there I think it would be a great interview for the show. I put my hatred aside for that answer. Im now drinking heavily.

8. You can only follow one team ever again, which team do you pick?

New York Yankees. They are playing every day from April till October so it would still keep me busy.

9. What is it that T-Bone loves him some of? And what is something you could definitely live without?

I already got warned before I was sent this to keep it clean so my answer for number one has already been deleted. I love entertaining people. I don’t mean like dinner parties, I just mean I like making people laugh, I love saying things sometimes that get a “did he just say that?” reaction. I like being the center of attention and I think to do a good job in this business you have to be that way. I could definitely live without UNC, Carolina Panther, and Dale Jr fans. Can there be a reality show where we put all of them on an Island and one fan base cant return? I think Junior fans would survive, I have seen how they live at Race Weeks here in Charlotte.

10. You wake up tomorrow and are offered your dream job, what exactly did you just get granted?

My dream job is too one day host my own show but in a lot of ways Im living the dream right now. I just take it one day at a time, do the best I can and maybe one day an opportunity will present itself. Until then I will keep being the best I can be day in and day out. Keep in my mind my best isn’t very good.

11. After all this and listening to you on The Mac Attack and people are still wondering who you are, what do you hope people say to describe you?

Regardless weather you love me or hate I want to be described as entertaining. I also want to be a guy that people say “I met T-Bone last night and hes just a regular guy”, I pride myself on being the same person I was when I was bagging groceries at Food Lion. The day I get an ego is the day I leave the business.

12. Your Free Space to say anything you want with only one rule, keep it clean. So, what ya got?

I just want to say if any listeners read this we really appreciate the support and if we get a few new listeners out of it then its well worth my time. Couldn’t do what we do without you guys. We come into your lives 20 hours a week and you still want more from us and that’s a great feeling.
I will leave you with 3 sports predictions.
1.) Chargers get to the Super Bowl this year.
2.) Bobcats make the playoffs next season under Larry Brown.
3.) Coach K retires soon.

Well, what did we learn from this interview most besides I think everyone not at ESPN has little to no respect for Steven A Smith? Despite the fact that he took a shot at my Carolina Panthers and our fan base while working in Charlotte, he is still a fun guy who helps provide a very entertaining and amusing show along with the show host Mac. If you get the chance, please check out the show and show them some love like they showed us. Thank you again T-Bone and keep up the great work.

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BIG SEXY said...

Well T-bone does it well. I have never met anyone thats as down to earth as T-bone and no one you can call a better friend. Anyone that ever wants a job in radio should definatly strive to be like T-bone. When it comes down to the Mac Attack show they sure do there job on making people laugh. I'm not big on sports talk but i will listen to The Mac Attack just about any day for a good laugh! Keep it up yall! Maybe one day someone will want to interview lil ole me lol jk jk.