Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One More Non-Sports Related Post

How many of you have ever written a nice, long story that you are proud of all the work you did, only to get so close to finishing it and BAM, your computer locks up on you and all that work is all for not? Well, I had a nice, long, well thought out piece on Donte Greene's draft possibilities and thats what happened to me. It was worded exactly how I liked it and was summing it all up in the end only to have this crappy thing lock up on me and it is all in cyber land and will never get read. It's almost 10:30pm and I am trying to get to bed at more decent hours now so re-writing it tonight is out of the question, I will simply moan about how dumb I am. Anyway, tomorrow I will post a sports related blog but not sure now if I want to go back and find all those sources I had(yes, like an idiot, I deleted them as I finished using them). Besides, I am not that big of an NBA fan anyway although Donte is Orange even if it was only for a year, he still gave us a good year in Orange. I am off now to soak in my own misery, well not really but still not happy either. See ya tomorrow.

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MariusJanulisForThree said...

Arg, I rip my hair out on those.