Saturday, January 30, 2010

12 Reasons Why The Sports Fix Should Be Live Streaming

There has been a debate off and on for a while now about a Syracuse friendly show, Matt Mc's Sports Fix having the ability to do online streaming. The host, Matt McClusky, has a very good show but the problem is, unless you live in the Watertown, NY AM region or download his podcasts later, not enough people can hear how good his show is. So in his honor, I made a list of 12 good reasons why they should start streaming their channel online. These are in no particular order because many are just as good as the other but all very valid (or at least I think so).

12 Reason Why The Sports Fix Should Be Live Streaming Online

12- The ability to appeal to a broader audience base in other cities or states. This would also open it up to more guests who may be more attracted to a bigger audience. There are people spread out all over this country who were either raised in the area, stationed there or went to school there who want to keep up with things. The fact that part of Matt's show pertains to Syracuse sports means it will appeal to Syracuse grads who I assure you are spread out all over the country and even the world and would stream his show if they could.

11- You now allow for deployed service members at Fort Drum or local businessmen traveling the ability to follow the station and not miss out. I can tell you first hand as a veteran, nothing feels better when you are away from home than a familiar show that reminds you of home and keeps you up to date on what is going on. How can you say no to our men and women in uniform? Are you a communist sympathized or something?

10- You can include live links into social networking to allow viewers to tune in, especially if you update periodically throughout the show and the subject is something they like.

9- The ability to expand show topics since you will have more people listening. I know Matt can handle more subjects as well as educate the listeners by bringing in guests in many different sports.

8- Many company computers allows access to online audio streaming but do not allow radios in the office. So if I want to listen to the show at work, my only chance is to go to the website and stream it, with headphones on of course so the boss won't know.

7- The entire station will benefit, not just The Sports Fix. If I like to listen to Matt's show, there is a very good chance I will listen to other programming as well since I know the streaming works with his station. I would be more tempted to check out other programming as opposed to switching back and forth between stations, especially if at work and too busy to change it at the moment.

6- Now that you have a broader audience, you can now appeal to more advertisers. You can be see as an avenue for national companies (or those hoping to expand in the future) and even online companies more.

5- Allows the better real time debate and participation with the show. This also will allow for more opportunity for breaking news in other areas and others to consider you a reliable source since you now have a bigger audience.

4- Open up options for live remotes which will allow more people to interact with the show. I know that in the Charlotte market, I have seen many who like to show up for such events whether it is for charity or just for something fun but it makes them feel like a bigger part of the show. By streaming online, people may be able to make travel plans in advance to join if they may be out of the listening area for AM radio but close enough to make the drive.

3- The ability to market and possibly even add affiliates to those who carry the show. Doesn't everybody win when people realize how good Matt is and other stations want to carry his show as well? More money, more advertising revenue.

2- People in Kentucky will finally get to participate and see what kind of sweet nicknames they can find for Matt. Ah, that Fab Melo will forever haunt their dreams.

1-Merchandising! How can you not want to see that face above on t-shirts and bumper stickers all over this great country of ours? A campaign centered around the slogan "I Need My Sports Fix". The women will go wild and the guys will want to be him. Not to mention, WNER plastered next to his face (heck, put it on his forehead if you want).

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Yup number 11 is my reason.