Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monday January 25th-Otto And the Syracuse Orangemen Do it Doggie Style And Screw The Hoyas

That right Orange fans, at 7pm EST on Monday the 25th, the Syracuse Orange will return to the Carrier Dome (broadcast on ESPN as well as streaming on Orange All Access, which you can find on where they were victorious today against Marquette (for a great breakdown of the game check out Axe's take here ). Obviously this is a day that will be remembered for all who attend. Georgetown is the most hated rival for many Orange fans but I ask one thing while we kick their butts on the court and bend them over like only certain officials have been able to do with Syracuse (oh and please stop the LeMoyne references because it was a practice game that counts for nothing). Please let's not have a repeat of this:

This was an embarrassment to Orange fans everywhere. If there was ever a team I disliked and who's players even when they went pro hate to succeed, it was Georgetown but we have to use better tactics to defeat them and have our heads high. We should not sink to their depths of ignorance as I am sure some of them were anything but innocent. I also understands sometimes heated discussions happen in these games and it comes with the rivalry involved but there is nothing worse than tuning into ESPN and the highlight they comment on the most is this display of ugly sportsmanship, well the lack thereof.

Orange fans, show up and be heard. Bring back the legendary Loud House and have faith in your top 5 team who could possibly be a #1 team in the near future as long as they can keep winning. Wear your Orange (hopefully some Shut It Down gear) and be proud but show them we have class (maybe not Club 44 class but we still have some). I don't mind if Hoya fans are intimidated to come to the Dome but it should be because Syracuse fans are passionate but with morales and because the team on the court will handle its business. STAND UP AND LET PEOPLE KNOW ORANGE FANS CARE AND THIS IS OUR HOUSE!!! Now, enjoy the victory for a few hours but remember, Monday is a day where legends are made in a rivalry that may not be big to certain ESPN jackasses but is huge in the hearts of Syracuse and Georgetown fans. Go Orange!

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