Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Fired Up Orange Fans, Georgetown Is In Our House

Orange fans should not need to be pumped up for Georgetown playing in our Dome on OUR court and making as much noise as they can. In the event some think this is just another gave, I give you some inspirational videos to show you the importance of Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry and why this is more than just a regular season game. This is why players come to wear the Orange jerseys and Orange fans wear their Shut It Down orange shirts with pride. This is as big as it gets, this is Syracuse and Georgetown and we will not just sit idly by and let this be another game. We will walk around and carry the big stick and remind those Hoyas who the hell we are. We are Syracuse and this is our house. Now let's get going and show Georgetown who the hell is running this place and why the Carrier Dome was nicknamed the Loud House and was once the most feared place to play. GO ORANGE!

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